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Send us your feedback, views, comments and suggestions about various articles published in Homeopathy for Everyone and in general at [email protected]. Your feedback is very important to us!

I wanted you to know I really enjoy the monthly atrilces somethings they are very timely for someone in my practice! This month I enjoyed the list of tongue characterisitcs and the aritcle on renal failure. Thanks – Anonymous

Dr. B – Thank you for appreciation and feedback. Such words are what keep us going!


Just a quick note to thank you for including Dr. Singh’s article on benign prostatic hypertrophy in this issue; it was excellent, and IMO covered the subject very thoroughly, yet concisely. It is rare to find such an article that is written so that it is both easy for the layman to understand and yet contains sufficient technical information to give more than just a glossing-over of the subject. Very well done and, again, thank you for choosing to include it.

I’m new to homeopathy (and still admittedly somewhat of a skeptic with my conventional medical background, both culturally and as a medical transcriptionist in the U.S., where allopathic medicine reigns supreme), but have been very much impressed with your site in particular, and enjoying the beginner’s/introductory course you offer.

I would love to take advantage of some of the spectacular book prices, but I’m afraid the shipping overseas makes it somewhat prohibitive. I’m glad you are making the materials available for others, though.

So, this “quick note” is has taken a non-quick turn, I’m afraid, so I will close. 🙂
Chuck MATTSEN / Mahnomen, MN, USA

Dr. B – Dear Chuck, Thank you for your appreciation for Hpathy. We will continue to provide articles which not only provide knowledge abouth homeopathic therapeutics but also refresh the information about various diseases. Regarding books – you can still get the spectacular book prices by choosing the shipping mode as ‘International Surface Mail’ which is not very costly.


I just read David Little’s interview: it is poetic, playful, exciting and brilliant and his personality shines through!!

Gabrielle Traub



Dr. B – Elaine, Someone wants you here! Thanks Jane.



I have to say that I really enjoy your articles, and as I am a second year student in the Galway School of Homeopathy here in Ireland, they are wonderful to have as they are so varied.

But best of all is the recap that you send out. It sometimes makes me read something that I might have missed first time, or did not have time to read when first seen. So keep up the good work, as it is a great benefit to us all that are interested.

Monica Rigney

Dr. B – Hi Monica! The purpose of the recap was to remind people to read all the articles before the next issue is out. We are glad that you like the recap.



My name is Maura Heffernan, I am a 3rd year study of homoeopathy in Tralee Co Kerry with ICHM. I have passed on this web site to all students of the college as I enjoy it so much and find it very informative, interesting and clever!

I am wondering though if you could assist me with some information. My 4 year old son has VON WILLEBRAND’S DISEASE in a sever form. I am wondering if at some stage could you could print an article about this disease and maybe some useful remedies.

Many thanks for a great magazine


Dr. B – Thank you Maura. We will try to provide information about the homeopathic approach to VON WILLEBRAND’S DISEASE in near future and we also wish health to your son.


Nice article on prostate issues. This is the type of artile we need more of as homopaths in the west, as most of us don’t have any formal medical/scientific training.


Dr. B – Thanks Beth. At Hpathy we do try to keep a balance between classical homeopathic approaches and modern medical knowledge. We are glad that you find the information useful.


Hi All,

I have really enjoyed my monthly connection with this ezine. Thanks to all who make it possible. The whole collective seems to have a global feel, with articles and ideas from homeopaths working and studying in a variety of different manners.

It is endlessly valid to read of others experiences with any given remedy, providing a materia medica which is ever changing and evolving with experience. What I would like to see however, are some articles offering a picture of some of the lesser known remedies. To share such knowledge is our duty as the homeopaths of this time. Both the materia medica and the repertory must be seen as ever expanding and organically changing tools. Naturally we must all hold the essence of our polycrest remedies strongly in our minds, but yet there are remedies of ‘our time’ which must be recognised. Further more, there are numerous little known remedies which can provide the key to dynamic change, offering a deeper, evolving healing for our patients.

It is my opinion that if science and spirituality are viewed as one, then an individual journey of healing can be allowed to raise consciousness, offering a richer and healthier life, where the soul is nurtured.


Dr. B – Dear Fiona, Thanks for the feedback. We will try to provide more information about the lesser-known remedies in future issues of Homeopathy for Everyone. You are very correct in saying that we need to learn from others experiences and it is our duty to share our knowledge and experience with others. This is the primary idea behind Hpathy. If every homeopath in this world realizes this duty and makes use of Hpathy to fulfill it, the collective effort will take homeopathy and its practitioners many leaps ahead.


I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful site; for the email notifications, and the informative articles you produce!

Thank you,

Dr. B – Thank you!


Send us your feedback, views, comments and suggestions about various articles published in Homeopathy for Everyone and in general at [email protected]. Your feedback is very important to us!

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