Letters to the Editor – Feedback from the September 2022

Readers comment on the September 2022 issue of Homeopathy for Everyone.

From: Dr. Richard Moskowitz is interviewed by Katja Schütt.

Thank you Katja and Dr. Richard Moskowitz for this marvelous interview.  Richard has an ability to share experiences in a very personal and human way. He has a lifetime of adventures and learning that connect with everyone.
Alan V. Schmukler

From: Editorial  –  Homeopathy’s Magic Bullets -Alan V. Schmukler

EDITORIAL – Sept 2022 – Homeopathy’s Magic Bullets

Alan, I think I figured out why allopaths and hospitals will never learn anything. They’re invested in drugs! Literally. Invested. Dr. Matthias Rath has called allopathy an investment business in disease. I figured this out when I read that Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia sold its interest in the RotaTeq Vaccine for $182,000,000. I said, OMG! They surely don’t have an interest in just one item, that would be ridiculous. They’re invested in everything! How many drugs, that the hospital might have an interest in, might become obsolete if doctors knew to give Arnica? So this is why. And money has corrupted the entire profession. They lie about everything, just to get you started on a drug. Cha-ching!
Elaine Lewis


Well said Elaine.  Those drugs ads on TV talk about all the ways their drugs harm or kill someone, and they end with: “Ask your doctor if (name of drug) is good for YOU.  And they don’t feel embarrassed by that.  The don’t care how many people that drug harms.  It’s just money in their pockets.
Alan V. Schmukler

From:  Homeopathy: God Save the Queen’s Medicine – Dana Ullman

Absolutely fantastic article. Thank you, Dana! I intend to pass on as much of this stellar information as possible over the coming weeks, months and years! I’m the Executive Director and co-founder with my husband, Bill, of A Promise of Health. Please check out our organization and website if you haven’t already, often written about by Alan Schmukler.
Barbara Grannell

From: Homeopathy for Lumpy Virus Fever Disease in Cows -Dr. Manish Bhatia

I have no experience with cows, but this article is very helpful. It teaches us how to think about whoever is sick and whatever they are sick from. Thank you very much.
Maja Letić

Belladonna and Rhus tox have proven to be anti-viral in a Lab Study in the U. S. The virus in particular was Avian Flu and Newcastle Disease in Poultry.
Gopal Pandey

From: Hot water epilepsy in a pregnant woman of 28 – Dr. Navneet Bidani

Thank you Dr. Bidani for this unusual case and for the many insights into the different aspects of the Opium portrait.
Martin Earl

From: God, Soul and Substance: Aristotle and Homeopathy  – by Peter Morrell

God, Soul and Substance: Aristotle and Homeopathy

Thank you so much, amazing work!
Sincere regards El. Grazová

From: Cartoon -The Fully Autonomous Car – Alan V. Schmukler

Autonomous Car

Ha-ha! Boy that was funny, Alan! And by the way, excellent art work!
Elaine Lewis

From: Eczema in a Boy of Three –  Petr Zacharias

Thank you Mr. Zacharias for these very instructive cases.  They are always worked so logically and following Hahnemannian principles.  I’m glad someone still practices classical homeopathy as it was meant to be practiced.
Martin Earl

From: Some Updates on Auto Immune Thyroiditis and its Relevance in Homeopathic Practice – Dr. Rekha Karnam Srinivasan

Excellent detailed and clear presentation. Thank you Dr. Srinavasan.
Alan V. Schmukler

Lida Mattman, PhD was a researcher who found that there is no such thing as autoimmunity. The immune system isn’t stupid: it isn’t attacking its own body, it’s attacking tiny bacteria hidden in the tissues. These bacteria are Cell-Wall-Deficient (CWD). Normal antibiotics work by destroying the cell walls of bacteria so they don’t work when there’s no cell wall to attack. CWD bacteria take months to show up in a lab culture. Their cells are so tiny they’re more the size of virus cells. Dr. Mattman also found that when a disease is treated with antibiotics, not all the bacteria cells are killed. Many are simply turned into CWD bacteria which can also be passed from mother to baby for generations. That sure sounds to me like what Dr. Hahnemann found 200 years ago. The American Medical Association (AMA) always claimed that this pleomorphism didn’t exist but I think they have recently admitted that it does. When syphilis is treated with chemicals, whether it was mercury in Dr. H’s time, or antibiotics in current treatment, the result is the same: many of the bacteria simply pleomorph into CWD bacteria and then go on to infect the body in a slightly different way, often causing a similar illness. Again, this is what Dr. H found himself.
Linda S.

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