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Readers comment on last month’s issue of Homeopathy for Everyone. Comments on articles by Elizabeth Adalina, Elaine Lewis, Dr. Joe Rozencwajg and more.


From: Secale Cornutum: a Saggy Old Remedy or a Fundamental Life-Changing One? – Elizabeth Adalian

Secale Cornutum: a Saggy Old Remedy or a Fundamental Life-Changing One?


I enjoyed this paper as I do all of your work, which always shows us a new way of looking at something, expanding the horizons.

Alan V. Schmukler

From: Tidbits 103: Homeopathy is for the Birds!  – Elaine Lewis

Tidbits 103: Homeopathy Is For The Birds!

What a lovely and educational case!  You’ve taught your readers the basic concepts of prescribing and the result in this case is a constitutional for a parrot.  Who would have thought it!  Congratulations!

Martin Earl

From: Synergy of Methodologies: The Way of the Future, the Real Integrative Medicine – Joe Rozencwajg

Synergy of Methodologies: The Way of the Future, the Real Integrative Medicine.

This is every patient’s dream, to have their health problems solved using a plethora of modalities.  In many cases, more than one approach is needed. Nice work Dr. Joe.

Martin Earl

 From: Beryllium Metallicum by Dr. Tim Couzens

These are unique and wonderfully done remedy portraits with so much important detail!  Thank you Dr. Couzens!

Martin Earl

 From: Puerperal Breast Conditions and Homeopathy – Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma

Puerperal Breast Conditions and Homoeopathy

Thank you for this article, Dr. Sharma.  I’ve read your work before, and you have a wonderful grasp of how to approach cases of deep pathology.


 From: Acute Kidney Pain in a Woman of 81  -V. Guru Charan

Acute Kidney Pain in a Woman of 81

Great case Guru, nice confirmatory symptoms/remedy. It is satisfying to do good work. Well done.

Rebecca Marten

From: Severe shingles followed by postherpetic neuralgia in a woman of 86. – Gina Tyler

Severe Shingles Followed by Postherpetic Neuralgia

Thank you Gina for this excellent case.  It demonstrates the power of homeopathy in a painful and disfiguring ailment.  Imagine the incredibly toxic drugs that allopaths would have used on this elderly woman.

Alan V. Schmukler

 From:  Cystic Hygroma in a Boy of 5 Months – Jatan. J. Rajore / Sayali. S. Wani

Cystic Hygroma in a Boy of 5 Months

A nicely worked case Dr. Rajore and Wani.


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