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Letters to the Editor January 2009

Letters to the Editor January 2009

Dear Dr. Bhatia and Alan,

A hardy and hearty congratulations to you and your team for this month’s special issue on the use of homeopathic potencies to heal and help plants and crops.  Although some of us know the value of using homeopathic medicines for plants, I bet that your issue on this subject introduces more people to the benefits of these medicines for plants.

Some of your articles made reference to controlled scientific studies that have been conducted, some of which have been published in peer review journals, below is a list of what I know will be of further interest to people exploring this subject (they are not listed in any particular order):

Trebbi, G., Fantino, M.G., Dinelli, G., Marotti, I., Burgio, G., Nani, D.,& Betti, L.  Effects of homeopathic and mineral treatments on dark leaf spot caused by Alternaria brassicicola on cauliflower. Poster presented at Cultivating the Future Based on Science: 2nd Conference of the International Society of Organic Agriculture Research ISOFAR, Modena Italy, June 18-20, 2008.

Lucietta Betti, Grazia Trebbi, Daniele Nani, Vera Majewsky, Claudia Scherr, Tim Jäger,  and Stephan Baumgartner,  Models with Plants, Microorganisms and Viruses for Basic Research in Homeopathy, in Leoni Villano Bonamin (editor), Signals and Images:  Contributions and Contradictions about High Dilution Research, The Netherlands: Springer, 2008

Nani D, Brizzi M, Lazzarato L, Betti L. The role of variability in evaluating ultra high dilution effects: considerations based on plant model experiments. Forsch. Komplementamed 2007; 14:301-305.

Brizzi M, Lazzarato L, Nani D, Borghini F, Peruzzi M. A biostatistical insight into As2o3 high dilution effects on the rate and variability of wheat seedling growth. Forsch Komplementarmed. 2005; 12:277-283.

Betti L, Borghini F, Nani D: Plant models for fundamental research in homeopathy. Homeopathy 2003;92:129-130.

Baumgartner S, Heusser P, Thurneysen A: Methodological standards and problems in preclinical homoeopathic potency research. Forsch Komplementärmed Klass Naturheilkd 1998;5:27-32.

Betti L, Brizzi M, Nani D, Peruzzi M: Effect of high dilutions of Arsenicum album on wheat seedlings from seed poisoned with the same substance. Br Hom J 1997;86:86-89.

Betti L, Lazzarato L, Trebbi G, Brizzi M, Calzoni GL, Borghini F, Nani D: Effects of homeopathic arsenic on tobacco plant resistance to tobacco mosaic virus. Theoretical suggestions about system variability, based on a large experimental data set. Homeopathy 2003;92:195-202.

Brizzi M, Nani D, Peruzzi M, Betti L: Statistical analysis of the effect of high dilutions of arsenic in a large dataset from a wheat germination model. Br Hom J 2000;89:63-67.

Dana Ullman,

MPH Homeopathic Educational Services


Well done team. I learned a lot. It seems encouraging does it not?

Mark Moodie


I was very much impressed about the work you are doing for homeopathy….. Thank you very much for the valuable information… nov Ezine the article presented by dr. jagannath chatterjee was very good….. I got new information about vaccination…..Thanks to homeopathy and to my father [he is a homeopathic practitioner] I haven’t recieved any vaccination in my childhood………. cases about autism also very good………….

Thank you very much…

Dr. Sridevi Reddy


Dear Alan Schmukler:

I always look at this mag but it is so very full of good articles that I sometimes put it aside until later . Sometimes later never comes. My only “excuse” is that I am usually reading something else on homeopathy, often as a board member of homeopathic organizations.

I plan on getting time over the next few weeks to go back and read further those articles whose titles were of great interest.

In the meantime, I have to say, after seeing the piece on agriculture that a friend of mine frequently used a spray of a remedy (pills dissolved in water) on her plants — she had a lot of fun seeing good results, and just thought “how interesting”. Now I wonder if we are at a point where we need to look at this more seriously.

Thanks for your input.

Jean Hoagland


It was intresting to get knowledge about vaccination with homoeopathic approach.

Sandeep Srivastava


I read your article about Dr. Isaac Golden and his work and it was very interesting.

Thanks, Einat Elbaz


Dear Dr. Bhatia,

Going green with agro homeopathy by Dr Alan should be read by evry homeopath in the universe. Surely, homeopathy is not just about prescribing pills to patients and it should go deeper to investigate the contamination of the food we eat in this era, where dangerous chemicals supposed to be pesticides are used by ignorant farmers to cultivate the vegetables etc into poisonous food! However, most of the citizens every where are now aware of these so called pesticides and are now into organic products albeit slowly. And homeopathy & doctors like you & alan will no doubt spread this message globally through homeo remedies of harmless pesticides.

Best Wishes



Dear Sir

I am really and extremely delighted to receive your Dec 08 Newsletter having most valuable articles specially many articles on Agro-Homoeopathy (Homoeopathy in Agriculture) with immense knowledge. For years I was looking for something very special and knowledgeable articles regarding homoeopathy in the field of plants and today I am so happy to receive such articles of great value. I must thank you very very much for providing such a valuable knowledge about agro-homoeopathy. You are really a great help to homoeopathy in promoting in every nook and corner of the world and I pray to Allah to bless you, your staff members and the authors of various commendable articles. My special thanks to Dr. V.D. Kaviraj for his articles and for his excellent work in the field of agro-homoeopathy and also for sharing his knowledge and experience with us.

With best regards

Dr. Sayeed Ahmad


Thank you for your magazine. Alan Schmukler’s “going green” is more informative. his interviews of kaviraj gave us much information about agriculture aspect too thank you once again and thank you one and all at H’pathy

I wish you all success during the PUSHKAR at TUNGABHADRA river. I also wish you all a great CHRISTAMAS

V. Hari Hara Prasad


Dear Editor, I have understood that needs push the people to research and create what they should to have to solve their problems. Isaac Golden also is one of those good researchers especially about “HEALTH”. His book “Vaccine Damaged Children” again shows distinction between Alopathy and Homeopathy. Finally homeopathic remedies treat those symptoms which vaccines cause, such as “convulsions”. Here is a great admiration for all homeopaths who try to develop all aspects of homeopathic remedies. Isaac used word “damaged”, this means the very immense problem, “side effect” of alopathic remedies that helps parents and homeopaths to chose the right way and best option between Vaccination and Homeophylaxis(HP). Interview with Dr. Richard Moskowitz shows that vaccinations’ suffering are not gonna be solved and released easily and this need more time and work until other pathies look out side their atmosphere from another window that is called homeopathy, on the other hand, by giving information to our population with all the ways that we can to know homeopathy. But the best situation is when we treat patients that nobody could nothings for them except homeopathic remedies.

Jafar Vakili


The nov issue on vaccination was superb and very relevant. Right here in Tamilnadu, I have heard of fatalities after vaccinations. Surely, one has to be very careful in deciding whether or not to go in for vaccinations in one’s family. I enjoyed reading Alan Schmukler on this subject.

Best wishes



Every month I read the website magazine with interest and I always find to learn a lot from some valuable articles. In this Nove Issue I have found the articles on Vaccination especially educative. Dr. SK Banerjee is also very relevent as usual. I am still going through the issue. Wishing you all the sucess.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Ajit Singh Tanda


I take a lot of benefit by reading hpathy every time. Last time, when the theme was vaccinations, i saw my self being absolutely magnetised and focused until the end with all the presented material. Most of the writers are very experienced, well eduacated, and conscious health care practitioners. I learned by reading their experienced knowledge and i aslo kept few notes which i passed to few ‘new’ mothers in order to involve them and inform them. I am grateful to hpathy and to all these hard working homeopathic practitioners who share the knowldge with all of us.

Margarita Segkou


Love the ezine and have recommended it to others.

Cathleen Dolman


Thank you for your excelent issue of Homeopathy for Everyone. as always I willread it eagerly. Congratulations.

Un saludo

Eugenio Aguilar


Its excellent and i request you to continue the same for the benefit of other homoeopath and farmers.

P. Sivasankra Siva


Thank you for this great informative newsletter! It is exactly what I needed to keep up to date and regain my enthusiasm for homeopathy! I especially loved the articles on Autism by Fran Sheffield. Keep up the good work.

Debbie Handley Australia


Dear Editor,

Thank you for sending the Newsletters. I have read them with enjoyment and anticipation of the next one.

The interview and comments by V.Kaviraj have interested me greatly.

I am in the process of buying his books to further my interest.

Thanking you again and wishing you and yours the compliments of the season.

D. Borlase


wow what an interview = my mind is blown

Rox Roe


I was only drawn to a couple of articles but they were very interesting.

Pam Howells


Was a great magazine! Very useful.

Margaret Connell


Once again and insightful, interesting and helpful issue.

Mary Grace


I had requested more information on gardening homeopathy. Most of it seems to be for corporate use in producing and protecting crops. Flower pot farmers need help also to protect and fertilize our plant pets. The last article from a lady in Mexico with a short list of remedies was helpful although she seemed to be dealing with farming. Diagnosing plant ills in the garden is a lot more difficult for me than dealing with human or veterinary complaints. How about finding a plant Dana Ullman to write a book Homeopathic Gardening for Dummies? Many thanks for all of your efforts. I recommend your site as often as possible. Happy New Year to all and a healthy prosperous 2009 —

Love, Jan


This issue was so interesting that I took a copy to my alternative practitioner since her husband is an organic farmer. Wouldn’t that be a blending – farmer husband, homeopath wife. Happy New Year!

Chas. & Pat Regensburger


Marvelous coverage !! Amazing in it’s scope !!

Robert L. Robinson


Your is very useful and hv helped many to enhance their Homeopathic knowledge and specially Tips and secrets link is very useful for using medicines in different scenario. Pls keep up this good work and yr efforts will bring awareness in Homeopathy around the world.


Sunil Sharma


Dear Sir,

This is to let you know how much I have appreciated your last two publications on Vaccinations and Agro Homeopathy.

As a result of these publications I have purchased books and material from the authors.

Being a biodynamic and agro homeopathy farmer and a teacher of Homeopathy the last two publications have been a tremendous help to me.

Keep up the good work,

Bob Luzader


Decr 2008 articles were a change in creating young generation homeopaths.Keep up.the publication In the high cost area of fertilizers,manures, mud,vermiculture,compost and farmers face innumerble cost push and a help from Homeopathy will definitely encourage him in growing fruits,vegeables,horticulture crops etc. by using homeo drugs.

Even flouriculture is a encouraging area and export oriented.Preservation is important.Willyour goodself exert for a series of articles. I Request Dr Kaviraj. I have been in my younger days reading articles published by HMAI

Venkateswaran RR


I enjoy every article and find alot of useful information in every issue.

Ronda Jones ND


Most interesting issue yet! Keep them coming!



I enjoyed, as always, for the December issue of Homeopathy 4 everyone. Thank you for it and my best regards for the New Year.

Doina Pavlovschi


Here in Britain there is now a big movement towards growing your own food, and many people are turning their gardens over to the production of vegetables and fruit.

I liked this issue very much – I have recently purchased Dr. Kaviraj’s book ‘Homoeopathy for Farm and Garden’ as I want to start to use homeopathy on my vegetables. Can’t wait to try out some of the ideas!

Liz Brynin MSECH, MARH


Happy New Year! I have not received in time the December issue of Homeopathy for Everyone, but I enjoy to read it now. Excelent and very interesting! As chemist and teacher of ecology, maybe I shoud open some research in the field of Agro-Homeopathy. I think it’s a domain with great future! Thank you for all the issue you send to me, your job is wonderful!

Best regards,

Mariana Albulescu, PhD


I was given Homoeopathy for Plants for Christmas and have sent copies to two professional biodynamic gardening friends asking them to conduct trials this coming year. If those of us who grow organically could do this and keep a record to add to the data, it could significantly add to the data of using homoeopathy this way.

Jean Brodie


I really wasn’t that interested in the Agro theme. Maybe it was just me, but your other issues have had far more meaning to me, in continuing learning about Homeopathy.

As a practitioner I like reading your articles, especially on miasms, first aid, case taking etc, and new reasonably priced software programs.

I enjoy your articles for the most part, every month, and look forward to getting them. Just wasn’t that interested in this one.

Wyatt L. Gordon, PhD


I am new to the e zine and practice homeopathy with my family and friends only. I found the newsletter not real intuitive to navigate, and the ads within the articles I was interested in reading, disturbing. I will try again next month.


Barbara Kukla


Very impressive. Have to find time to read and assimilate . Thanks.

Dr. Jegadeesh


tips and secrets help me very much in prescribing the correct remedy. I am conservative homoeopath. I do not use patented medicine. Homeopathic doctors must be capable of finding the least reaction of drugs they prescribe to patients. Then only he can determine whether the medicine acted favorably or not. Try to include experience of doctors especially in treating psychic diseases in the coming issues.

Thanking you Sd/-


Thank you for the articles on cured cases by Elaine Lewis. I enjoy learning the reasoning behind the choice of the remedy. Looking forward to more.

Sincerely, ROSE VICK


Dear Alan,

I am very happy to have found the Hpathy site. I first landed there when searching on LM potencies and read articles on your site by Little – this started me on the road to infinitely improved health – thank you!

I currently buy LM potencies from Thompsons in Toronto – they prepare remedies by hand, as per Hahnemann’s instructions. The proprieter does an excellent job, however, I am concerned that he may decide to retire soon. Would you know of other reputable companies you could recommend that prepare LM potencies by hand up to LM30?

Thanks again for your articles on LM potencies – I referred a friend of mine to them and she has had excellent results using them; better than any result either of us have had with C potencies – gentle, and with no aggravation! It’s too bad Hahnemann’s widow asked Baron von Boenninghausen not to publish material on them before she did.

Keep up the great work!

Zoe Alexendra


Thank you, Elaine, for your firm position on vaccines : Vaccinations: Just Say No .

In 1956, during the storm of the polio epidemic in France, I was a visiting doctor in the Polio clinic of the public health authorities in Paris. I had noticed that the patients who were most affected were those who had been vaccinated the month before, any vaccination, and in some cases only the polio vaccine.

We, the visiting doctors, were monitored for anti-bodies and we all carried antibodies against the three polio viruses; we had therefore been contaminated three times but none of us had been ill. I therefore concluded that vaccines undermined natural immunity and I decided never ever to vaccinate anybody. And that is what I did.

I told this to the president of the Official College of Doctors (Ordre des médecins) in Bordeaux during the trial of a colleague who refused to vaccine his parents, in support of his opinion. The president of the College told me: ‘We are well aware of the side effects of vaccines but it is not up to us to arrange these problems it is up to the pharmacies who produce them’ and he adjourned the trial.

This makes me think of the train drivers who took the Jews to the concentration camps. They said the following: ‘We only drive the trains, we are not responsible for the extermination.’

My colleague was found guilty and his licence to practice medicine was taken away from him.



Dear Sirs, Homeopathy in agriculture? This is truly a new and exciting concept and congratulations to the team for bringing together such a fascinating issue. We have the Monsantos with their interest in every field who create obstacles in every possible way to safeguard and promote their interests only. It is a tribute to the courage and pioneering efforts of Homeopaths like V. D. Kaviraj who have crusaded without compromises.

Muhammad Nisar.


Fabulous, absolutely fabulous. My gardens will be a complete research center this year – that is if the snow and ice ever melt.

Marylu Miller Peterson Faribault, Minnesota


Hpathy Ezine is fantastic – I’m a student and find it brilliant. Please keep up the good work!

Cathy Davies


Dear Colleagues at Thanks a lot for all your effective efforts by producing a very useful site .I have always found my answers in difficut cases .By the help of God I am healing and curing NIDDM and IDDM patients hear in Tehran-Iran in a very short period of time .One of my patients ,a 64 yr widow was cured in 60 days by her own constitutional remedies using low potency method .Some other Iranian Homeopaths are doing the same .We hope to cure as many Diabetics as possible in the future . I ‘d like to introduce the methodology in a conference to transfer my related experiences to my colleagues.

Best Regards and Wishes,

Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi M.D.


Dear Sirs,

Imagine the Sahara Desert blooming! The possibilities of using Homeopathy for environmental projects are now within reach according to the article about the use of Silicea for making desert irrigation possible. Wonderful article.

Moshe Kniznik


Dear editor,

Dec issue is unique in a way that dr kaviraj and dr moodie have flabbergasted us !

Application and wonders of homeopathy even in plants speaks of dr kaviraj`s beautiful mind. Great historical work !

Congratulations to you !

Rajib nain


Hello everyone of the team,

Many thanks for the opportunity given. All i hope now is that people start taking it up and put it into practise. The insights gained for human and animal homoeopathy are also not negligible. Who would have thought that homoeopathy has such wide application? I certainly had no inkling of that when i started.

Thanx again,




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