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Readers comment on articles about the safety of naturopathy, secrets of a healthy house,management of pneumonia, homeoprophylaxis, dental abscess, emotion-cancer nexus and more.

Thank you very much for the free library!

Muhammad Yaseen


From:  QUIZ: What Remedy Was Dr. Martin Luther King?- Elaine and Shana Lewis

The introduction to the quiz was a valuable primer on an important aspect of American history, written with the wonderful clarity that Elaine brings to all her articles.  It’s useful for young Americans and anyone from other countries who wants to understand this part of U.S. culture.

Alan V. Schmukler


From: Is Naturopathic Treatment in Australia Associated with an Increase in Mortality and Morbidity Risk? – Robert Medhurst

Robert Medhurst has offered a wonderful, quantitative response to all the phony propaganda against naturopathy.  By crunching the numbers, he shows that Naturopathy is very safe and conventional medicine is very dangerous.

Martin Earl


From:  Tips & Secrets – Dr. Sneha Thakkar

Thank you for all the valuable tips!



From:  Dr. AsimShaikh,  Chairof  World Homeopathy Awareness Organization is interviewed by Alan V. Schmukler

A lot of Thanks to Dr. Asim Shaikh for doing Homeopathy Awareness. It is really needed at this age. I appreciate most you and WHAO.

Best regards

Dr. JashimuddinPh.D ,MD, DHMS,BHMS- Dhaka Bangladesh

Thank you. It is very good to know about WHAO and Dr. Asim Shaikh and these events.



From: Some Secrets of a Healthy House – Alan V. Schmukler

Thank you so much. I live in an Allopathic environment where Homeopathy etc is considered ‘placebo’, ‘scam’, ‘freaky’ and so on. Reading your editorials gives me a sense of kinship and bolsters my faith in myself and my chosen methods of healing. I will indeed check out the things you mention.


Alan, very uplifting editorial! I have a Champion juicer too, bought it decades ago–I could probably never afford to buy it today! Fortunately, the average decent juicer costs around 100 dollars and should be considered indispensable for anyone who’s got a disease.

Elaine Lewis


From: Homoeopathic Management of Pneumonia in a Child of Two Years

A very interesting and well presented case.Thank you Dr. Rakesh Gupta!

Tatyana Dembitska


From:  Emotion – Cancer Nexus -Dr. Sujata Naik

Great article-insightful!

Radhika Agarwal

I liked your article; I’d like to see the clinical evolution after treatment. Thanks!

RogérioDiniz de Oliveira


From: Prophylaxis within Homeopathy – Some Points Necessary to Understand – Cathy Lemmon

This is a very comprehensively written article, and we should be indebted to the author who spend a lot of time and thought on this subject. I want to comment on her well presented terminology.A medicine, be it in crude or potentised / dynamized for becomes homeopathic by its selection according to disease-symptom -similitude.Bearing this in mind, a homeopathic prophylaxis is only possible in situations, where the symptoms of the expected disease are exactly known. then and then only a potentised medicine becomes a homeoprophylactic, and is capable to prevent the onset in an individual.Using nosodes from vaccines, or disease, when selected on names is Isopathy, therefore the correct term should be something like: ISOprophylacticthis shall not be mistaken as Homeoprophylaxis.The use of a prophylactic potentised medicines unrelated to the actual disease-symptom-picture by similitude is not homeopathic and can lead to suppression — that happening if the expected disease will not take hold in a such treated individual.

Hans Weitbrecht – -consultant homeopath

Cathy Lemmon’s work is particularly important at this point in time, when states in the U.S. are pushing to make toxic vaccines mandatory for all children, and soon for adults as well. Homeoprophylaxis offers a safe alternative and an argument against giving vaccines that can cause terrible side effects.

Alan V. Schmukler


From: Tidbits 60: Elaine Cures A Dental Abscess–Again!- Elaine Lewis

It’s so miserable having an infected tooth or gum so GOOD JOB, Elaine! You’re a beacon of light, an intelligent role model, for all of us who prefer to DIY rather than trust the allopaths. (And may I suggest you buy some more blades the next time you’re out because, clearly, we never know what might hit us next!


Years back I read in Boericke’s mm thatsilicea is the remedy for gum boil/abscessesand since then I have used it in my casesand have found one or two doses are enough to remove the boil.


Dr C S Gupta


From: Homeopathic Medicine for Weight Loss & Obesity Treatment – Dr. Manisha Bhatia

A well written comprehensive article.remedies indicated by Boenninnghausen in TT 1846 are:grades in brackets–

Agar (3), Ambr. (2), Amm-m (2), Ang(3), Ant-c(4), Ant-t(2), Arn(2), Asaf(3), Bar(2), Bell(3), Bor(2), Bry(2), Calc-c(5), camph(2), Canth(2), Caps(5), Cham(3), Chin(2), Cic(2), clem(3), Cocc(3), Coloc(2), Con(3), Croc(3), cupr(4), dig(2), Euphorb(2), Ferr(5), Graph(3), guaj(3) hell(2), Hyos(3), Iod(2), Ipec(3), Kali(2), Lach(3), laur(2), Lyc(4), magn(2), Merc(3), mur-ac(2), nat-c(3), n.mosch(2), oleand(3), op(2), plat(2), plumb(2), Puls(4), rheum(2), Sabad(3), sars(2), seneg(3), sep(2), sil(3), spig(3), spong(3), stram(2) sulph(4), thuj(2)verat(3), Viol.od(3)

Hans Weitbrecht


From:  Herpes Zoster in a Woman of 46 – TasleemKalawadia

An interesting case and I’m looking forward to many more such cases.

I like the way you have analysed cases with different sources.

Dr. GaurangGaikwad

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