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Class Action Against Purveyors of GMO

Our plant doctor, V.D. Kaviraj reports on a class action suit against Monsanto, the FDA and the USDA.

Editor’s Introduction :

In this article, our plant doctor, V.D. Kaviraj, reports on a class action suit against Monsanto, the FDA and the USDA. Monsanto of course is the company that brought the world genetically modified organisms, which are now found in some 80% of all food in the U.S. They were approved by the FDA based on a 90 day rat study, even though the study found that the rats developed problems with their blood, kidneys and livers. Approval came despite warnings by FDA scientists. The policy chief at FDA back then was the former attorney for Monsanto, and he was subsequently appointed America’s food safety Czar!

In the U.S. hundreds of farmers have been sued by Monsanto and in India, thousands of farmers have committed suicide when their GM crops failed. GMO expert Jeffrey Smith states that multiple chronic illness nearly doubled in the nine years after GMO’s were introduced in the U.S. One of the world’s leading biologists, Dr. P. M. Bhargava, stated that GM foods in the US are largely responsible for the increase in many serious diseases. GMO’s in food constitute the largest experiment ever conducted on a human population.

Where does it all end? Apparently it doesn’t, unless millions of people and scores of consumer organizations join hands in supporting this class action lawsuit. One of the bases of the lawsuit is the Nuremburg Code, established after World War II. It forbids experimenting on people without their consent.

Here is the mission statement from Dr. Kaviraj :

Mission Statement
Class-action against Monsanto and the USDA , FDA (hereafter known as Monsanto Cs)


To stop the research, production, sale and spread of GMO seeds and other GMO products as developed for animals, around the world.


Monsanto, in conspiracy with the USDA and FDA (hereafter known as Monsanto Cs) have defrauded the public about GMOs, and have sought to force these frankenfoods upon the consumer through racketeering, without the evaluation of their dangers, this notwithstanding the warnings of both USDA and FDA scientists and the large body of evidence that these products are a danger to health, both of the public and the animals fed with them, plus the devastation to agricultural lands and the contamination of the general food supply. They are inclusive of all GMOs used by, in and for animals, such as the milk hormone rGBH

Damages caused and compensation sought:

1. Monsanto needs to pay all the farmers and consumers that have been damaged by their products in sufficient amount to compensate for damage done to self, family, land and livestock, plus treatment already received and to be received in future as a result of their consumption.

2. Monsanto has to hand over all GMO patents it holds, inclusive of those held with other parties from both industry and government bodies and be prohibited to produce, research, sell and implement any of these products to farmers, research bodies and/or companies engaged in said research.

3.Monsanto Cs has to hand over all non-gmo seeds acquired through legal and illegal means and distribute them free of charge to all farmers concerned and declare all contracts they have with any farmer or food producer null and void.

4. Monsanto Cs has to compensate the families devastated by their policies and contracts, such as those that have committed suicide as a result of inability to pay the exorbitant bills associated with those contracts. This compensation shall amount to 400 billion dollars minimum, (to be distributed equally among the litigants) and is exclusive of all other costs arising from the health problems associated with GMOs and any future costs inclusive of treatment as a result.

5. Monsanto has to compensate all famers whose lands have been confiscated through illegal means, such as declaring theft of intellectual property held by Monsanto Cs, due to cross-pollination of non-GMO crops by means outside the control of the farmers that grew them. Their lands shall be returned to them and Monsanto Cs shall compensate those farmers to the amount of $50.000 per year, or part thereof, for the duration of the period they lost their lands. Monsanto shall also compensate all those sued under “theft of property” clause since Monsanto deliberately sells mixed seed -GMO is mixed in, so they deliberately entrap the customer.

6. A moratorium is demanded by the litigants of the research, sale and production of GMO crops in all countries of the world, beginning immediately on the filing of the lawsuit, pending the outcome of this suit. This shall include the sale, production and promotion of rGBH and all other genetically produced products momentary for sale, researched and in development for use in, for and by animals and humans.

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About the author

V.D. Kaviraj

V.D. Kaviraj is a Dutch homeopath, author, researcher and pioneer in Agrohomeopathy. He is also Vice President, World Homoeopathic Association UK Chapter. He has written textbooks on various aspects of homeopathy including "Homeopathy for Farm and Garden", which is now available in seven languages. The revised and enlarged edition with 376 pages has just been published :


  • I wonder if we couldn’t have a document in support of the action suit against Monsanto Cs. I would sign it eagerly and so would everybody who reads Hpathy I am sure.

  • Thank you so much. I am so glad to hear someone in the homeopathic community speaking out about GMO’s. GMO’s pose a threat to the world’s food supply which is only beginning to be seen.


  • I agree with the suit against Monsanto. Why is this not in the media? Surely, someone has the courage to report this in the national news.
    Where are the petitions? These, I believe, are effective. Help us sign them online and send them to the White House, Congress, media, news organizations, social media, etc. Spread the word that our food is contaminated and growing worse.

  • I am 100% in agreement with a class action suit. I am one of the ones injured by GMOs. I have been doing a ton of research and have every reason to believe that the intestinal, muscle and tendon damage I have experienced, that is now permanent, is due to consuming GMO food that I could not digest. We are not lab rats. We never agreed to being part of this experiment. That is the point. They did not have the right to gene splice our food with bacteria, fungus, and genes from other species, creating foods that are actually toxic and that could evolve on their own past what they were intended to be. I hope people will join together and sue them. All of them.

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