Dr. A. U. Ramakrishnan

Written by Alan V. Schmukler

An interview with A. U. Ramakrishnan by Alan Schmukler. Read this fascinating interview with A. U. Ramakrishnan about his life with homeopathy.

AS: Welcome to Hpathy. We feel honored to have you with us. You treat some of the most difficult cases. How are you able to remain positive, optimistic and encourage your patients? Do homeopaths need to have a spiritual dimension in their work?

AUR: To work with Homeopathy is the most fascinating experience one can imagine. It reveals to you the extraordinary potentials in the human being, the power of the Vital Force …that supreme Curative energy. Hence, I always remain positive that I can do something to elevate his/her status of health. That doesn’t always mean a cure. I am not unaware of the Pathology, which quite often is irreversible. But Homeopathy can give him an edge over whatever the prevailing circumstances might be.

I have so many times taken a patient who is told that he has got only two more weeks to live (or die) and I have kept them going for 8 months or 9 months thereafter, not in agony and pain but giving an extended quality of time. These are the things that make me feel positive in difficult cases. I know the realities, I explain to the patient’s relatives and try and work the best under the circumstances.

As for Homeopaths having a spiritual Dimension….It’s of utmost necessity, and that I feel for any physician, homeopathic or otherwise.

AS: You are one of the world’s leading experts in treating cancer. How did you come to learn so much about that disease? Is “cure” a realistic expectation in some cancer cases?

AUR: I don’t know if I am an expert, but I have been battling with so many (thousands) of cases in the last 20 years, and that has at times given me an edge in curing those cases…. and quite often chastened me. To sum up, in stage 1 & 2 there is a very optimistic situation, and even in stage 3, there is more scope for optimism than I used to believe some 10 years back. On the whole I feel we can definitely make a useful contribution.

AS: You have said: “For the cure to be successful, the patient must have knowledge about his inner self and must attain an inner balance”. How, specifically, do you help the patient accomplish that? How much do you involve yourself in the patient’s life?

AUR: I try to give a long session whenever possible and get to know their lifestyle and give my suggestions. Sometimes it makes a big difference. There are also times when the person can’t make any shift, due to certain compelling circumstances. Life is not that simple, but we have to tirelessly keep trying.

AS: It is generally assumed that early diagnosis is a factor in successful treatment. What blood tests or other diagnostic means do you rely on, to detect early stages of cancer? Are there certain blood parameters that indicate a pre-cancerous state?

AUR: I rely on the same tests as the Oncologists do….certain things like the Prostate CA can reveal in a blood test ahead of the actual occurrence…PSA level in blood, a pap smear can reveal ahead of a cervical cancer. Sometimes a routine stomach wash can show CA of stomach. That is why a routine annual checkup is very useful, especially after age 40, with tests like endoscopy of upper G.I. and colonoscopy.

AS: The newer schools of thought in homeopathy put even more emphasis on the mentals. One perspective suggests that a remedy which deeply addresses the patient’s life conflict will be sufficient to deal with the tumor. Could you comment on this?

AUR: I believe what you say is true and that is what I do in all cases, except in cancer. In cancer the pathology progresses fast and spreads to other areas (metastasis) and hence we are compelled to use a technique that can address the pathology immediately. That is the reason for the organ related remedy.

AS: When diagnosed with a life threatening illness, even homeopathic enthusiasts often rush to the conventional ‘specialist’. Therefore, fresh cases of cancer often don’t turn up at a homeopath’s door. Most cases that we get are terminal, where the conventional doctor has given up. Out of the total cancer cases that you see each year, what percentage is of ‘fresh’ cases?

AUR: You are right. That is the reality and that is why, out of the 12,000 and odd cases that I have seen (kept count of but could be more ), over 9000 were in stage 4. However, that doesn’t mean you can do nothing. It’s not that every case you take up must be cured. What is most rewarding is that you give them extended quality time.

I have had cases which were discharged from hospital to go home and die in two weeks. With treatment they have lived for nine months in reasonable comfort and not in constant agony. The relatives are often so grateful and tell me that the last months under homeopathy were the best time the patient had since the diagnosis of cancer. I feel that is a great service to the sufferer rendered through homeopathy.

AS: What is it that brings a ‘fresh’ case to you instead of to a conventional practitioner?

AUR: Word of mouth through a relative or friend who has gone through the conventional route and tells them of his bad experience. That makes a fresh case to research on alternative routes and can bring the patient to your door. And let me tell you, it is not so infrequent!

AS: Patients often ask, “‘can you cure me?” If you say “no”, you don’t get to treat treat them. If you say “yes”, you can soon land in a legal soup. How do you deal with the patient’s questions and expectations? How do you give a prognosis to such cases?

AUR: I tell them that in the realm of medicine, there are no guarantees. Even it’s a common cold or a rash, there is no 100% assurance. Actually the doctor is supposed to do well if he gets an 80% cure. That being the case, I can only try my best.

AS: If a seemingly “curable” and “young” case does not respond to your treatment and passes away quickly, the relatives can threaten with legal action. Has this ever happened to you?

AUR: No, thank God. But I get a letter of release signed by the patient. That is an additional suggestion and is in no way obstructing the conventional method and all the possibilities have been explained.

AS: You often fly to other countries to see cancer cases. In most countries homeopaths cannot legally ‘treat’ a cancer case. How do you deal with the dilemma?

AUR: I go as a consultant with the consent of the attending oncologist, that he has tried all the possibilities and has no objection to my treating the patient. Hence, it’s on an individual basis and I am not going there to set up a practice.

AS: Is there a place for radiation, chemotherapy or other allopathic methods? Do they interfere with homeopathic treatment?

AUR: They do interfere with homeopathic action, and hence my first choice is not to have them at all, except for surgery which I strongly recommend.

But the reality is that we have to work with the patient undergoing chemo or radiation, and that is where my “plussing method” is of great help. In the face of chemo I am able to make our remedies work!!!

AS: What are some of the problems and cautions in using homeopathy where there is tissue damage, for instance, in Parkinson’s disease.

AUR: This is where understanding the pathology is helpful and you are able to give the prognosis as to what extent one can expect results even after vital stimulation.

AS: In the U.S., naturopaths treat cancer through detoxification, using special diets, herbs, colon cleansing etc. Do you incorporate any of these in your work or refer patients for such treatment?

AUR: I definitely don’t incorporate…..nor do I refer patients. But when my patients are already on these treatments or ask me if they can do it, I have no objection, since they feel it can do good,

AS: Sometimes the constitutional remedy is difficult to find. In a cancer case, is it absolutely necessary for cure?

AUR: Though it may not be necessary to get started initially, eventually it is very important. During the process of several months of treatment and several sittings, the constitutional remedy most definitely emerges.

AS: When choosing an organopathic remedy, do symptoms of the remedy have to match the patient, or is location of the tumor sufficient indication?

AUR: Location ( origin) and symptoms are both important.

AS: In cancer cases, how long does treatment continue after the tumor is gone?

AUR: At least for a year and some times more, but not so aggressively, no plussing . Sometimes a review once in 3 months may be needed for a 2 to 3 year period thereafter…sometimes just a year…it depends.

AS: Is there ever a problem of proving the remedy, when repeating it four or more times in a day?

AUR: That is the advantage with plussing the dose. You don’t come across proving if administered by the plussing method especially in a cancer patient. What it would be to do plussing in a “normal” individual, I have never tried.

AS: How do you distinguish side effects caused by the tumor from meaningful symptoms?

AUR: From the location and the relevance of tumor-pressure.

AS: You and Catherine Coulter collaborated on the book “‘A Homeopathic Approach To Cancer” (reviewed in this issue). What kind of feedback have you gotten from readers of that book?

AUR: Catherine Coulter was my scribe and she gave me suggestions as to the format of the book, layout of chapters, English language etc. , where as all the thoughts, concepts, cases, management and philosophies are entirely mine. The feedback has been extremely rewarding and hundreds of people have said that the plussing dose method has been a ” savior”. I have saved dozens of letters complimenting me, and it is a huge source of inspiration and satisfaction for my professional career

AS: Death is inevitable in some cases. How do you deal with the death of a patient?

AUR: That is a reality that is glaring in our face, especially in a stage 4 case. It’s just a question of giving them “an extended quality time”, and you endeavor to do your best to accomplish that. To give them longer and make them much more comfortable. If you work , accepting that as a reality, death does not disturb your balance.

AS: Thank you Dr. Ramakrishan, for spending this time with us. Your knowledge and spirit inform us, and give hope to many.


Dr. Ramakrishnan M.B.B.S., MF Hom, PhD, is an internationally known medical doctor from India. He travels the world lecturing on homeopathy and treating difficult cases. Some areas of his expertise are Cardiac Disease, Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Arthritis and Diabetes. He is also the homeopathic physician to the president of India

Dr. Ramakrishnan has been presenting papers at International Congresses since 1981. Along with Catherine R. Coulter, he is the co-author of A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer. (See a review of the book in this issue of the Homeopathy for Everyone)

Visit his website at

He can be reached at 22 Rajarathnam St., Madras, India 600 010.


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Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


  • I want to add some notes for reader of this article and seems they are convinced by him, I want to add notes:
    DR A.U. RAMAKRISHNAN (Homeopath), from Chennai. HE IS A CHEAT.
    I have heard that homeopathy is for poor’s in India and we have Mr high priced in here. ramakrishnan. I have asked for consultation for Glaucoma treatment of my father and he asked that first I have to pay him 6000/- INR( 100$) without knowing his ability or any reputation. can he give any guarantee to make any improvement of glaucoma patient?
    Country where majority of population lives below poverty line and even this greedy dr ramakrishnan may belongs to that community.
    Many thousands of Drs of Homeopathy works non profit in India and many do this as charity everyday. and can be easily found every part of India. and he is eating flesh of people.
    Because he is claiming only illness which supposed to un treatable only; Cancer, Glaucoma etc. and he knows that people will pay him as patient has no other hope around and he can fool everyone by the name of Homeopathy.
    People agreed with my opinion are requested to share this article with Facebook or other sharing platforms.

    • I had undergone his treatment for Giant Cell Tumor and Paget’s Disease of Bone. He charged me Rs.15000/- per month (only two tablets per day). After three months of treatment (spending over Rs.45000/-), it is found that the tumor just kept growing. Thereafter, I stopped taking his treatment, as I cannot afford this meaningless experiment.

      The important thing: initially his staff (a lady) refused to give the Receipts for the payments I made. Only after insisting vigorously, calling many times over phone, she gave the Receipts. (She said that only up to Rs.5000/- will get a Receipt– strange!)

      I have seen many scholarly articles written by/ about him. But I have doubts about him.

      God bless those who are under treatment of him.

      • Thank you for sharing your experience Nath. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2013 and have been researching Dr A U Ramakrishnan. I wanted to see if anyone had anything negative to say about him. He wants to charge me $750 for filling in the questionairre, and giving his recommendations, and then $350 every two months thereafter. I would pay this if he were as good as his book. Something makes me nervous about him. Why would a man as important as he answer me so fast when I contacted him to make an appointment? Why would he charge me before I have a chance to voice my doubts and fears about him treating me, and ask him some questions, and why of all the homeopaths I have known all my life, and the works of the great masters of homeopathy all say that chemo will destroy and surgery will spread the tumors, would he advocate both? I am surprised. I have one question if you don’t mind answering it. Did you personally see him, and is he the same A U Ramakrishnan that wrote the book with Catherine R Coulter, A Homeopathic Approach to Cancer? The reason I ask is because when I called him and had a brief conversation, his voice was much higher than the voice of the man on the U Tube video explaining about the plussing method, plus his accent seemed thicker and it was harder to understand him that the man on the video. Also did he tell you to use the plussing method that he is famous for? Lastly, I hope you are doing better. My best wishes to you. It is a very hard road to walk for me and I have just started.

  • Jean,

    Sorry, I couldn’t check for some time what was the response to my post. My observations:
    He charges heavily, which is illogical and unethical. Only greedy people (doctors) will do it in India. If it is in UK or USA, this might be ok. India has lot of values (I am not saying other countries do not have values). This overcharging is against it; even though he is a good doctor or might have spent a lot of money for experiments. Over all this is just homeopathy not allopathy. In my case, his office’s refusal to give receipt (though later on given), combined with overcharging, itself makes him unclean. What is more I have to say.

    He might have quickly replied to your request for appointment due to the advance in modern communication system. You can doubt it or not, up to you. In my case it was not so quick.

    Now come to questionnaire. Filling the questionnaire for $750 — stupid, he is greedy for money. He has not taken any questionnaire from me, though mine is a complicated issue of different diseases and a good doctor will never leave any bit of information for the sake of good treatment !

    About chemo. I have observed that he on and off advises for all what is being done by allopathy– surgery, chemo, etc. In my case also he told me go for surgery, after that the medicine will work easily (somewhat like that). This is also casting doubt about him. Three points arising from this: 1. the doctor himself has disbelief in his system. 2. misconception that surgery, chemo, etc. are all ok. 3. his is a fake; he wants other system of medicine to cure his patient’s disease and take credit of it.

    About him: he is the same Ramakrishnan who wrote the book The Homeopathic Approach to Cancer. I asked him for a copy. He told yes, he got a few copies in the clinic itself and the price of the book is approax Rs.2000/- (I thought he would give it to me as a compliment). Since the guy with the bookself key was left for the day I could not get a copy. But this is the same Ramakrishnan. I have seen his video on YouTube, his is the same guy. His voice is same as I hear from the YouTube video. No doubt in that.

    On Plusing method. I have seen the extracts of his book (and YouTube video). His “highly acclaimed plusing method” did not use on me! He just gave me medicine to take directly. I always thought, if plusing method is advantageous, then why it was not used on me! You can see many homeopaths advertise their own methods for publicity, such as Banerji protocol (Banerji of Kolkata), Rajan Sankaran’s Sensation Method (Rajan Sankaran’s of Juhu, Mumbai), Praful Vijaykar’s Predictive Homeopathy (Vijaykar of Mumbai) and A U Ramakrishnan’s Plusing method. God knows if there is any truth in these “publicities”.

    Yes, Ramakrishnan’s voice is a little harder or crisp. The YouTube video, if it might have recorded from some distance, would be a little softer.

    My suggestion to you: Please don’t take the risk.

    Approach an allopathic doctor. If you come across a genuine alternative therapy practitioner, approach him also. I search in the Net. I never come across anybody who had been successfully treated by Dr A U. I visit him at his Chennai (India) clinic all the way travelling around 1000 kilometers by train. Yes, I have seen a couple of patients sitting at his clinic and he works/lives in posh locality and posh bungalow. He is also a board member of many institutions in Chennai. But I still find some anomaly in his letterhead.

    My condition now. After Dr A U (three months treatment), I visited another homeopath and undergone treatment of her (a lady MD Homeopath in Mumbai). Again failed (after five months treatment). Thirdly, tried another male MD Homeopath — also started herbal medicine in between, from a tribal herbal practitioner in Westen Ghat rigion in South India — it worked. My tumor is shrinking. Now it is almost three months with the third homeopath. Earlier I had twor major surgeries by allopathic doctors. Now I have hope. My best wishes to you.

    Personally, I have a few suggestions. Keep mentally strong and joyous. Cancer is not death. Change food habits. Practice body cleansing therapy, to get rid of toxins. Use liquid foods also. Every morning, wake up early and pray, meditate. Don’t think much.

    I have seen, the line of treatment by Adivasi’s (tribal people’s) herbal medicines (herbs from the deep forests) who stay in Western Ghat (hill area between Kerala/Karnataka/Tamilnadu states of India), is extremely promising for cancer patients.. This what I use along with homeopathic medicines from the third homeopath (a small scale doctor, not high flying like Dr A U). Search google for “Centre for Adivasi’s Ottamooli Treatment in Wayand” you will see one such centre. Also search “Adivasi’s Ottamooli Treatment” for more information on Net. (It may be difficult to reach this place from your place). Good luck.

    (My comments are my personal ones; not intended to hurt, harm or insult anyone)

  • He charged me 3000 rs just to say I need to go for a surgery which I already knew. I was in a lot of pain and mental trauma and felt cheated.

  • He is the worst doctor in the world. He is never available. Tours abroad for teaching and even when he is here he will not give u ta time of the day to listen to ur complaints. He will immediately prescribe. I did the biggest mistake of gng to him for my depression and my condition only got worse. And then he charges a bomb for every visit even if his Meds harm u more than heal u. He is not a doctor. All he is interested is money and fame he gets from publishing articles in fancy magazines which is proudly displayed in his swanky clinic built from our blood money. Looking here in the comments page it is evident none of his patients are happy with him. Don’t go to him even if he is the last doctor in the world. Medicine us abt healing and compassion. He has neither.

  • For brain cancer listed in order of frequency you use plumbum iod, baryta carb, aethusa,baryta iod and zinc sulph. Dr Prasanta Banerji uses ruta and calc phos.
    why would this be, for the same condition, 2 different protocols?? thank you Anthony von Moger

  • There are many medicines for single for someone perfectly but not at all on others its not a confusion.i am a homeopath student i was really inspired after reading his books and plussing method but later i found all is fake. About homeopathy i would say .. its too superior is some ailments. In some it may not ..( personal practice view )……
    Medicines for brain cancers are bell . Baryta carb baryta iodatum ..plumbum iodatum and many 10 to 20 medicines ….. But i would say in cancer homeopathy could also be superior but there is very lacking research on the topic i have seen case reports of cancer by homeopaths of stage 4 cancer cured. But mostly not in every case ..generally approach for stage 4 is relief and prolonging life not to cure a patient ..homeopathy has potential i can recommend homeopathy for cancer but visit homeopath who must has experience of 10+ years of practice. And good response from patients and satisfied in clinic. Ask him about chemo radiation. Treatment duration cost etc show him reports .. analyze his response and patients satisfiction .is docter really interested to take your case does he has listen to you properly ..i have some reports of brain tumer cured by just single dose of bell 1m . In 3 months …which is very unbelievable but it happens …i would not recommend chemo radiation etc if homeopathy work for your case there will be no need of chamo etc i medicine suits you then cancer will get cured just like it was an inflammation and yes it really happpen.. not a very rarelly event .just find good general homeopath ..looters are every where .some docters will collect blood sample and test for typhoid hepatitis malaria dengue etc for general fever patients they dont suapect these disease nethir want to comfirm they will just want to make money by test same is the case about him i believe

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