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A New Tool: Treating Acutes Solely by Digital Device!

Written by Bill Gray

What do you do if you’re having an acute away from home and don’t have the necessary remedy? Homeopath Bill Gray, MD has come up with a solution!

All of us have busy practices, mostly focused on chronic conditions. We also get emergency visits and sudden phone calls from people suffering from acute illnesses or injuries. It’s amazing how often this happens at night or on weekends, or while the patient is traveling in a remote location. We do our best to come up with an answer, then deal with finding access to the remedy. Sometimes the patient has a kit, or they are near a health food store or pharmacy.

Now this challenge has a simple solution! Your patient can simply go to mdinyourhand.com Whether on cellphone or computer, your patient answers a few minutes of questions to individualize the pattern homeopathically. The expert system algorithm repertorizes the picture. Your patient is given the name of the chosen remedy and a link to a 15-second MP3 eRemedy. This is then played directly on cellphone or computer. “Doses” are played according to a standard protocol.

So far, about 95% of users report total relief within a few hours, and most feel a noticeable effect from the first “dose.”

To be honest, since launching this project I have learned to trust mdinyourhand.com even more than my own prescribing! When I am face-to-face with an acute patient, I can make some observations and ask the best questions I can think up. However, the algorithms in this system are so deeply thought-out that many more possible eRemedies are considered than the few more common ideas I try with my limited creativity in the moment. Even with patients I know well, the site’s choices frequently surprise me — and their relief is usually very quick!

… And, of course, by playing the eRemedy simply on the cellphone or computer, the task of acquiring the remedy at a pharmacy or health food store is obviated. This result is quick and efficient.

What is the basis of the technology?

The algorithms, of course, are derived from straightforward homeopathic sources. Each of the present 23 modules are drawn from studying common materia medicas and first aid books, plus repertorization for other eRemedy ideas. Questions are devised, reduced to minimal numbers, and graded. An Excel sheet is created in similar format to old repertory sheets we previously used prior to computers. Remedies are listed across the sheet with grades of their relevance to each question. Total scores are added up, and eRemedies are ranked accordingly just as we normally do in repertorization.

In case of tie scores, confirmatory questions and remedy grading are generated on another Excel sheet.

All this information is then placed into a PHP database for the website, which is tested for quality and optimized for speed.

eRemedies themselves are made according to methods pioneered by Jacques Benveniste in laboratory work in the 1990s and Nobel Laureate Luc Montaignier more recently working with DNA and RNA virus electromagnetic fields.

Many clinicians do not focus on the issue of our remedies actually being energy rather than chemical, even though we realize most of our remedies are diluted beyond Avogadro’s Number. The fact that homeopathic remedies are energy fascinated Benveniste, so in his experiments he devised a method of extracting the energy and converting it to MP3 files. He then simply played the digital files in his experiments and demonstrated the same effects as actual remedies in the laboratory!

As cellphones became extant, even in remote villages in developing countries, it became clear that Benveniste’s laboratory work could be applied to actually treat people with acute ailments — when combined with algorithms based on homeopathic knowledge. This is the basis of the patent-pending system used in mdinyourhand.com

Actual detection of signal was created by an electronic consultant who had worked for Agilent Technologies.

Bill Gray march2016

With this equipment, the process of creating a library of eRemedies is simple. Using mostly 30c (sometimes 200) from my own kit drawn primarily from Nelson’s 44 yrs ago, a single remedy is placed in a tightly-wound coil. This is connected to an analog-digital converter, then to an amplifier, and finally converted via a computer’s sound card into a .wav file and stored on computer disc. Because .wav files are uncompressed, further conversion was done to MP3 in order to enable audio streaming in remote villages with limited internet bandwidth. This was done with trepidation because crucial signal frequencies might be lost, but it has turned out to be completely effective in clinical use.

After experimenting with volunteers, it was discovered that only 15 seconds of play of the MP3 file as a “dose” is all that is needed.

Are you concerned about engrafting provings by people using too many doses? For this reason, the website is automated to play no more than 20 “doses” per purchase. Especially during an acute, this should obviate such concern.

What kind of conditions will modules treat?

Ultimately, the plan is to treat 150 or so ailments. We have begun with 23 ailment-modules for launch. Common acutes that we treat are

For Adults and Parents : Fever, Cough, Influenza, Diarrhea (especially Traveler’s Diarrhea), Bladder Infection, Back Pain (including sciatica and neck pain), Headache, Infant Colic, Teething, Toothache.

For Athletes: Bruising Wounds and Injuries (including sprains, dislocations), Head Injury (including concussion and post-concussion), and Bites and Stings.

For Childbirth, there is a Labor & Delivery module for complications that could be used by Midwives.

For Pet Owners (with more planned soon), we have Pet Cystitis and Pet Abscess.

All these have a market for Travelers as well.

Closest to our heart is work in Villages with Malaria, Typhoid, and Cholera.

One of the dreams of Coherence Apps LLC, the parent company of mdinyourhand.com , is to partner with homeopaths throughout the world confronting local epidemics to make more modules. Such partnerships could involve licensing arrangements and profit-sharing.

Some Case Examples and Testimonials:

Before we launched this site, the Ebola outbreak developed. It was clear that there were one or two genus epidemicus remedies. A nonprofit corporation was developed and fund-raising launched. Through Facebook, an energetic organizer in Freetown, Sierra Leone was contacted and was sent PPEs and infrared thermometers to treat Ebola. It turned out that political corruption blocked him out almost completely, Nevertheless, through complicated contacts, three cases were treated finally by eRemedies alone. One was very sick for 12 days and was rendered symptom-free within four hours. Another was so sick for 16 days that workers had already written his death certificate; he completely recovered within eight hours. Another case was a health worker just developing symptoms after making a mistake using his PPE; he was fully recovered within four hours.

A physician had been in an auto accident, causing a large bruise on half her forehead. She had even gone shopping to buy cosmetic to cover it. On the way home, she used mdinyourhand.com on her cellphone. Personally, I would have prescribed Arnica as a routine. The website came up with Lachesis eRemedy instead. By the time she went to apply the cosmetic, the bruising had completely disappeared!

A 40 year-old patient of mine: “i had a flu with muscle aches, runny nose, even chills, having to stay in bed for two days. I used the Influenza module, answered, the questions, then took the eRemedy as prescribed. The symptoms were gone by the evening, and I was completely fine by the next day. This will change the world!

Another patient of mine had an acute kidney stone requiring surgery. After that she was bedridden with suffering. Here is her response: “After surgery, I was in very great pain, no appetite, strong nausea even at the thought of food. Ars eRemedy given. Pain reduced dramatically, appetite regained, no nausea.”

Another patient got a severe bronchitis in the midst of extreme emotional upset:

“I finished the protocol, including the 6 hourly doses, finishing at 3:30 this morning.                     Coughed up a storm–loose cough–until then.

At 8:00 this morning I awoke feeling clear-headed, and able to take a deep                  breath.  The small amount of congestion in sinuses and lungs will go away.  The                  main point is that the flu or whatever I was struggling with has been wrestled to                   the ground, and I feel so much better.

Credit to all of the above goes to the app.  It is remarkable.

… As hard as I have tried to keep going, acknowledge the fact that I am grieving                  and angry, the grief and anger were too deep for me to handle all by myself.  The           app really helped.  Although I am one who places a high value on therapy, no           therapist could have gotten me through this illness or flu in record time, restored                  my physical and psychological strength, and given me the power to deal with my                 anger and grief.”

Implications for Homeopathy

As we all know, homeopathy spread throughout the world originally because of success treating acute ailments, even serious ones. Of course, the opportunity to scale homeopathy’s service is limited by the need for practitioners. Nowadays, in this era of ubiquitous cellphones even in most remote regions of the planet, there is a tremendous Nexus between centuries-old homeopathy and modern digital technology.

You have an opportunity to try this in your practice! For acutes, simply give people this link and let them try it. Modules cost only $5, so this is not a burden. You can even ask them to try the algorithm and you can validate the eRemedy choice yourself.

About the author

Bill Gray

Bill Gray MD is Founder and Chairman of Coherence Apps LLC. Also in private classical homeopathic practice for 45 years, he currently lives in Los Gatos, CA. After graduating from UCLA and then Stanford Medical School, Dr. Gray studied with George Vithoulkas for 3 years. Throughout his career, he has continued studying, including the work of Lou Klein, Rajan Sankaran, and Massimo Mangialavori. After training with Vithoulkas, Dr. Gray lectured on Classical Homeopathy throughout the US and Europe, co-developing homeopathic schools. Dr. Gray published Homeopathy: Science or Myth? in 1999. He received the first Henry Williams Award for service to the homeopathic profession in 1999, and represented North America at the Hahnemann Second Celebration in Munich.

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