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A Reduced Cost Acute Care Homeopathic Clinic is Growing in Oakland, CA

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Homeopath Adjoa Margaret Stack talks about her reduced cost homeopathic clinic in Oakland, California. Adjoa formerly worked in Ghana, where she developed a school-based prevention program for preventing Malaria

Since July 2018, on two days each week from 4 pm to 8 pm, “Homeopathy Happy Hour” has been in full swing at my Oakland office. Specifically, walk-in low cost acute care consultations are available. It’s a quick way to introduce people to Homeopathy via affordable and, frequently, speedy resolutions. Successful, short-term homeopathic care can noticeably decrease recovery times from injuries and/or short-term illnesses, while boosting overall wellness. Clients not only report feeling better from the circumstance that brought them in, but also report feeling healthier, stronger, and more resilient overall.

  • My clinical experience began in 2004 during the 3rd year of my homeopathic studies, but my practice took off once I traveled back to Ghana (where I had been a Peace Corps volunteer in the 1980’s) and started two clinics focused on treating Malaria. Those clinics were open seasonally and operational for eight consecutive years (2006 to 2014) allowing me to treat over 500+ people. The treatment data revealed a surprising discovery—the remedies prescribed for Malaria lined up as a genus epidemicus grouping. Armed with that information, I developed a school-based prevention program that utilized the top two prescribed remedies as possible preventatives. That portion of the project ran until 2015 and prophylactically dosed more than 6000 children, effectively protecting them from debilitating episodes of Malaria.
  • Unfortunately, when funding opportunities dwindled, the project had to close after the 2014 season. Since then I’ve regrouped and have officially opened my homeopathic practice in Oakland, CA. Needless to say, my clinic no longer focuses on Malaria, but offers treatments for basic accidents/injuries and the nagging short-term illnesses that many times send people to emergency rooms.

By focusing on acute care, my clients can quickly experience using and benefiting from homeopathy. What I learned from the Ghanaians who I treated for basic illnesses is that they recovered faster and became healthier overall. Short-term care is a reliable way to bring attention to how homeopathy works with the body to heal, while simultaneously strengthening the body’s immune system. Many times, a quick fix can be a great personal educator, especially when it relieves pain and suffering. So, by offering the powerful acute healing lesson of homeopathy, I hope to introduce clients to this unique system of medical therapeutics, whereby they can make informed choices about their future medical interventions. I have regular office hours offering both acute and chronic homeopathic treatment and I intend to introduce an informed consent-based prophylactic flu protocol for individuals who might not want the vaccine or can’t take it. Lastly, as my practice grows, I hope to develop a training program based on Dr. Hering’s book “The Domestic Physician” as a way to educate and empower people to utilize basic Homeopathic first aid and home remedy kits.   Office: 431 30th Street, Suite 210-B      Oakland, CA  94608 (U.S.)  [email protected] 510-985-1419  Homeopathy Happy Hour – Mondays & Wednesdays from 4 pm to 8 pm

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Adjoa Margaret Stack

Adjoa Margaret Stack, CCH is a graduate of the Institute of Classical Homeopathy in San Francisco. She has a private practice in Oakland California and offers low cost acute care two days a week. Previously, from 2006 to 2014, Adjoa ran two Homeopathic Clinics that operated seasonally in Ghana, West Africa focused on treating acute Malaria. Those overseas experiences cemented her commitment to offering affordable acute homeopathic care to San Francisco and East Bay residents in California.

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