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Career Day Contest–And the Winner Is…

Written by Elaine Lewis

Elaine announces the winner of the Career Day Contest.

Back in December I announced a contest:  Imagine you are speaking at “Career Day”;  you have to explain homeopathy to an audience, what will you say?  Well, the entries came pouring in and I had the difficult and unenviable task of picking a winner; I want to thank all the people who took the time to write; but clearly, due to her exhaustive treatment of the topic, leaving no stone unturned, the choice was clear.  I give to you, our Career Day Contest winner, the one and only, Vamsi Sudha, and her speech for Career Day!  Take it away, Vamsi!

Here’s what Vamsi says about herself –

vamsiI live at Hyderabad, India with my family. I completed my Masters from IIT, Madras in Building Architecture. Worked for 7 years in the software industry, but never felt the inner happiness. This was when my interests turned inward, to investigate the Human Architecture. I moved from Building Architecture to Human Architecture, with Homeopathy. Was amazed at the perfect architecture created by GOD…The Human Body.

Was greatly inspired and motivated with the works of Master E.K. on Philosophy and Homeopathy. ( http://www.worldteachertrust.org/publ_ek_e.htm, http://www.worldteachertrust.org/publ_ek_e.htm, )

Had read a lot of books on Anatomy before I delved into the ocean of Homeopathy.  Later on read works of Hahnemann, James Tyler Kent, E.B.NASH, H.C.Allen and various other authors. The search for real happiness, ended at homeopathy. Am very passionate about Homeopathy and admire the greatest healing art founded by Hahnemann.

I am helping my kith and kin with homeopathic remedies, and also look forward for social service, by helping the poor and needy with homeopathic remedies.  I am a regular reader of Hpathy.com Journals and articles. Other than homeopathy, I enjoy painting, carnatic music and reading philosophical books.

VAMSI SUDHA ( [email protected] )


Good Morning! I feel privileged to express my views. I will be focusing my speech on…

a.       What is Homeopathy?

b.       What is a Disease?

c.       Philosophy of Homeopathy ( The Vital Force, INFLUX and OUTFLUX. aka “Hering’s Law”)

d.       Advantages of Homeopathy

Let me briefly explain what homeopathy is before I try to pass on my views regarding this miraculous system of healing.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a holistic form of healing formulated on the rule ” Similia Similibus Curanter “  meaning   “ Let likes be treated by likes“. This system of holistic healing was founded by a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).  He was not at all satisfied with the state of therapeutics of those days and discovered “Homeopathy” (the “Law of Similars”) quite by accident while translating a medical text and finding what he thought to be an error regarding the treatment of malaria.  The author claimed that Peruvian Bark was curative of malaria because of its astringent qualities.  Hahnemann found this to be suspicious as there were many astringent plants that had no effect on malaria.  He decided to do something very unusual; namely, take Peruvian Bark himself to see what would happen.  Incredibly, he broke out in malaria-like chills and fever!  This was Hahnemann’s “Newton’s Apple” moment!  “Peruvian bark treats malaria because it’s LIKE malaria!” he proclaimed.  Needless to say, he wondered if this could be a basic principle of healing and began experimenting with other plants in the same way to confirm that likes really are cured by likes.  Homeopathy was born!

In Greek, “Homois” means Similar and “pathos” means “Affection” or “suffering”.  In other words, the word “homeopathy” means “the medicine is like the disease”!  Hahnemann explained his new method of treatment and the theory behind it in a book he called The Organon of Medicine published first in 1810 with the final, 6th edition, published long after his death in 1921.  He was a great visionary and despite the many hardships he faced due to opposition from established medicine, he stood steadfast in his discovery. He was also the great founder of what he called the “Vital Force”, which other cultures have termed “qi” and “prana”.

What is a Disease?

Before we talk about methods of treatment and Homeopathy, let’s discuss what is meant by “Disease”.  “Dis+Ease” is a condition where the person is “Not at Ease”.  It may appear that a single part or organ is afflicted; but in truth, the individual as a “whole” feels the discomfort.  “A single symptom is no more the whole disease than a single foot a whole man,” says Hahnemann. (Organon, Aph. 7b)  It is the complete “I” which feels the pain, the “I” or the “Vital Force” (which would be referred to as “VF” as we go forward).

Here I need to make mention of standard medical practice; or, Allopathy, as it is termed (a Greek word meaning “other disease” or cures not by similars but by something “other”). The practitioners of Allopathy treat individual organs and body parts as separate entities. They specialize in each organ, and in doing so, lose focus of the “I”.  There is no “I” in Allopathy.  Their philosophy of treatment is like “Divide and Rule“; whereas Homeopathy treats the body as one, as there is the “One Soul” which resides in this corporal tenement. The totality of symptoms of the whole body is always recorded at any stage for medication. No organ is seen as a separate case. Homeopathy believes in “Unite and Rule“.

Vital Force – The Backbone of Homeopathy

VF is the “Power” behind all that is created. A true follower of Hahnemann must have a vivid conception of the VF before he can understand the rationale of the great Healing Art propounded by the immortal Master. To explain VF ——

The very stone has a life within it, as does the living body of man which is the highest, noblest and the most complex divine creation.  The difference lies in the degree of manifestation and complexity of the organism.  From amoeba, to ant, to the complex human being, the same force acts through development and final decay.

The VF in man keeps him in wonderful order and harmony regarding all parts and organs, a wholesome co-operation reigning amongst them. When the organs and parts work in unison and in harmony, man does not feel the existence of his “body parts”. The onset of deviation of health is in the “feeling”.  The individual starts to feel a ripple of discomfort for the first time when the body has lost its harmony. It is the disease force that creates the disturbance in the unfettered course, and the individual begins to feel a discomfort in the operation of an organ or part, which he was hitherto wholly unconscious of.  This is the first sign of vital disorder, technically called Disease which literally means “not at ease”.  To quote Hahnemann, “In the state of health, the spirit-like vital force animating the material human organism reigns in supreme sovereignty.  It maintains the sensations and activities of all the parts of the living organism in a harmony that obliges wonderment. … Without the vital force, the material organism is unable to feel act, or maintain itself. … Without the vital force, the body dies ….”  (Organon, aph. 9 and 10)

Now the question arises, why should disease occur?  Hahnemann explains, “When man falls ill, it is at first only this self-sustaining spirit-like vital force everywhere present in the organism which is untuned by the dynamic influence of a hostile disease agent. … What is [this] dynamic influence?  We see that the earth causes the moon to revolve around it in twenty eight days … by some invisible mysterious force, and that the moon, in its turn, produces in the ocean at regular intervals alternating tides of ebb and flow….  We see this and are amazed, becasue our senses do not realize how it happens.  Obviously this is not produced by material means or by mechanical contrivances….  And we see about us a great many other events caused by the action of one substance upon another without being able to detect any visible sequence of cause and effect.  Only a cultivated man accustomed to comparison and abstraction can intuitively form an idea of this phenomenon: upon reflection he sees it to be beyond material and mechanical influences.  He terms it the dynamic, virtual action of forces that which takes place by the absolute, specific pure power that one force exerts upon another.  In the same way, the dynamic force with which pathogenetic influences act on healthy individuals and the dynamic force with which medicines act upon the vital principle to restore health are nothing but a contagion devoid of any material or mechanical aspect. … In a similar way, a child who has smallpox or measles will transmit them to a healthy child by approaching him, even without touching him.  This contamination takes place invisibly, dynamically, at a distance with no more transmission of any material particle from one to the other than from the magnet to the [piece of] steel.  A specific spirit-like influence communicates smallpox or measles to the child nearby just as the magnet communicates magnetic force….”  (Organon, aph. 11).

I hope you held your breath through that one because what Hahnemann amazingly said was that disease is communicated energetically and picked up, not by body parts, but by an invisible force (the VF) that animates and organizes the body; and it is this now-untuned life force that precipitates a dis-ease in the body; the point being that it can, therefore, only be a spirit-like “medicine” that can undo this damage and restore health, not a strong chemical medicine acting directly on the body part that’s been secondarily affected.

Hahnemann says, “These medicinal substances capable of acting on the organism exert their nonmaterial (dynamic) influence only on the spirit-like vital force. … The influence of medicines upon our organism is exerted dynamically, as if by contagion, without the transmission of the slightest particle of the material … substance.  … [The] smallest dose of the properly dynamized medicine … exerts far more healing power than a strong material dose of the same medicine.  This very subtle dose, which contains almost nothing but the spirit-like medicinal force released and freed, can bring about, solely by its dynamic power, results impossible to obtain with crude medicinal substances, even in massive doses.” (Organon, aph.11)

You have to think about how revolutionary this concept is:  disease is a force, like that exerted by a magnet; it interacts with the force that animates the body.  To stop the disease, the medicine used must exert a similar invisible force.  It’s all about energies, in other words.  The medicine must be in the form of an energy!  You have to wonder, how did Hahnemann know this?

Symptoms by the VF

Ever since the commencement of disorder, the VF has been crying for help by means of “signs and symptoms” being exhibited. These are otherwise known as “Nature’s language, asking for help to restore order and harmony”.  The voices of nature are not be to suppressed or muffled by material doses of drugs, as done by Allopathic medicine.  It’s like killing the messenger who comes to the tell the king that his country is being invaded by enemies. The king, in order to feel safe, kills the messenger. But on the other side, he is invaded by armies and the whole kingdom goes into the hand of the enemy.  Similarly, the Allopathic way of treatment, kills only the messenger– i.e. the symptoms–with no concern for the King (the inside “I” ).

Every means of suppression (killing the messenger) will have its repercussion in the form of a worse disease.  Worse still is when the individual does not seek to restore order and rejoices, instead, in excessive animalistic desires and indulgences; the above disorder is sure to be a hundred times intensified. He is absolutely out of tune, and the body which was produced for the transitory lodgement of the all pervading SOUL, becomes unfit for its habitation.  At such a circumstance, when the body is beyond repair and the higher purpose of life is not fulfilled, the VF ceases to ask for help by putting out symptoms, but hastens the process of degeneration, decay and death of the clay tenement.  As the purpose and the aim of life is thus defeated, the degenerated body has no longer any ability to live, and so it must be then decomposed or resolved into its primary elements.

“Neither is health a matter of chance, but it is a careful obedience to the laws of nature”.

“Disease is the product of man’s past action and past behavior.”


What is Influx and Outflux? Influx is “In-to- OUT”, or, center-to-periphery; Outflux is “Out-to-In”, or, periphery-to-center).

Influx (center-to-periphery) is natural law, maintained by the VF, when we are in perfect health. The Influx is so prominent, that for example, when we have food poisoning, the VF tries to maintain a balance by throwing out the poisonous substance in the form of vomiting or diarrhoea. The VF works promptly to maintain absolute health. This influx is disturbed when we are diseased; this reversion may be brought about either by our own wrong-doing; that is, by breaking natural law, or by some drug-force administered.  An anti-current is brought into being, technically a disturbance in the vital force. This condition is what we call a disease.

Homeopathy works on the “natural” principle of Influx (In-to-Out), but not as Outflux which is artificial, hence inimical to the natural flow.  Allopathy medications works on the principle of Outflux which is artificial and detrimental (periphery-to-center). This is suppression of symptoms, as the VF tries to push the disease out in the form of symptoms.  The allopathic medication works the other way around. The result is that Nature’s voice, the beneficial expression of symptoms, is permanently hushed (the messenger is silenced). The Influx is killed and outflux established.  Owing to this suppression, the disease force is directed inwards, with the result that the internal organs are assaulted, deranged, giving rise to worsening disease with new names and various denominations, which can hardly be cured.

Auto-Immune Diseases

“Auto” means “self” so, autoimmunity means your immune system takes aim at itself.  Our Immune system is the security system, which is hardwired to differentiate between what belongs in the body and what doesn’t.  When it spies anything harmful, such as a virus, bacteria, or parasite, it shoots to drive it out. Unfortunately, the system turns imperfect when it targets its own healthy tissues.

What is the reason behind this and why are autoimmune diseases on the rise? The reason behind this is the “induced immunity” by means of Vaccination. The body has a Natural Healing Mechanism called the VF (Natural Immunity). The VF is the Natural Law of Inside-to-Outside. With Vaccinations, artificial immunity is created from Outside-to-Inside (against Nature’s Law). The number of vaccinations being used is on the rise, the artificial immunity is augmented in the body. When the artificial immunity overpowers the VF, the Natural Immunity gets confused as to who are its enemies. Autoimmune disease occurs. The Artificial Immunity will fail to identify its own body and starts destroying its own cells and tissues. There is no cure for Autoimmune disease, as it is against Nature’s Law.

It is like a kingdom going into a “Military Rule” when the army powers are increased drastically, ultimately overpowering their own King (the Ruler). Here I signify the “Military” (Acquired Immunity by Vaccinations), King – (VF- Natural Immunity).  Homeopathy works only on the VF (Natural Immunity), and strengthens it and ensures that the kingdom (our body) is under the King’s Rule. That’s the reason a person on a homeopathic medication from childhood does not need any Vaccination at all, and can remain healthy physically as well as mentally.

Germ Theory

Most of us believe that we suffer from disease because we are attacked by germs.  By and large, these germs cannot attack the person who has a high immunity. Immunity is nothing but the VF here. The germs cannot thrive and cause disease if they do not find a proper medium to grow in and multiply. It’s a fallacy to think that disease can be cured by killing the germs, or by the use of antibiotics.  The problem is that the host is inviting the germs in through improper and unnatural living.  The correct way to treat is to treat the unhealthy condition of the body, that way the germs will fall off like dead leaves. The VF is amplified by a homeopathic medicine wherein the healthy condition prevails and germs find no hospitable terrain.  The antibiotic way of killing the germs is more likely to kill the patient.

Course of Treatment and Symptoms of the Disease

All symptoms are, in reality, the curative action of the VF.  They are produced to cure the patient of the disease.  Natural forces of the body always strive to rid the body of the inimical influences which are known as disease, and in doing so, certain conditions such as fever, cough, pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, etc. are the result. The fever, cough, pain, etc. are created by the VF to impede the growth of the germs and get rid of the poisons. Thus fever is produced by nature as a defense, as germs do not thrive at high temperatures. Vomiting and diarrhoea are produced to get rid of the poisons in the body.  “PAIN” is created to ensure that you don’t move the part that is affected. Thus, the concept of symptoms have to be understood differently than the way we are accustomed.  When you suppress them with drugs, you are working against your body, your immune system, your vital force.

If we understand the above theory, that symptoms are curative reactions, it will be seen that the orthodox treatment is working contrary to the course of curative action taken by the VF.  Medicines are provided in allopathy to stop these symptoms, thus defeating the purpose of Nature and, once again, shooting the messenger. The correct way of treatment will be to follow the way Nature has taken.  This is what homeopathy does; the medicines agree with the symptoms, as they are similar, and support the symptoms.

There can be no Effect without Cause. Homeopathy works at locating the Cause, rather than the effect. Allopathy and other medications never work on causes; neither do they believe in the VF. They work only on effect, that’s the reason the cause remains unattended and cure remains elusive.


This is the Great Law founded by Hahnemann on which the whole philosophy of Homeopathy is based.  Hahnemann, by observation and study, found that a medicine taken in large doses produced a certain group of symptoms and when taken in small doses, that same medicine, cured any disease which showed a similar set of symptoms. This is the theory of Homeopathy: “Similia Similibus Curantur”  that is, “Like cures Like“.

Homeopathy when administered in small doses helps Nature to cure the disease in a natural, easy and permanent way. Homoepathy works on the same lines as Nature, not contrary to it.


Dr. Hahnemann found that even a drop of medicine which he considered a low dose, compared with the 20 to 60 drops, which Allopaths are accustomed to give, gave a rather severe reaction despite curing the disease.  So he began to subdivide the drop of dilution and he found that the more he subdivided the dose, the “less was the untoward reaction” and the easier and more certain was the cure. As he went subdividing, he found that he could cure without any untoward reaction at all; the cure was more speedy and satisfactory the more the dose was subdivided. This is the method of “Infinitesimal Dose” (aka, “potentisation”)

If one drop of medicine is mixed with 99 drops of alcohol, it represents the first dilution, a “1C”, as it is called. If a drop of the 1C is mixed with another 99 drops of alcohol and shaken a number of times, it represents the No.2, or 2C, dilution and so the dilutions go forward, upwards of 200; 1,000; 10,000, etc.  These are stated as “Potencies” in Homeopathy.

The awesome force of the split atom has been vividly demonstrated by the disastrous “Atom Bomb”, but Homeopathy uses this concept to create medicine in its energetic form, which acts on the energetic vital force, which alone can cure disease, as it was its mistunement that caused it in the first place.  While Allopathy aims it’s harsh drugs directly at organs and makes the patient sicker in the process, Homeopathy aims its energy medicines at an invisible force that animates the body and in doing so, effects a complete cure.

More Advantages of Homeopathy

1. Homeopathy is easy to learn and it does not require extensive study of Anatomy and Physiology to attain a working knowledge of the system.

2. You can jump in with a homeopathic remedy at the earliest sign of discomfort and not have to wait for the manifestation of a pathological lesion which is generally when Allopathy steps in.

3. The cure is generally rapid and the convalescent period is short. The purgatives, the sedatives, diaphoretics which are commonly used by Allopathy may have rapid effects too, but their effects are temporary and they debilitate the patient with a tedious convalescence.

4. Homeopathy is less expensive.

5. Homeopathic medication has no deleterious after-effects on the sick person, whereas in Allopathy, a medicinal disease is often left behind.

6. Homeopathy not only cures existing disease but can also prevent a communicable disease that is in the area and going around. Example: Vaccinum and Variolinum are not only preventive, but also abortive of smallpox.

7. Most IMPORTANT: The homeopathic drugs are proved (tested) thoroughly on healthy people and their findings carefully noted and confirmed. The Allopathic way of testing drugs is on animals.  As animals don’t have a “mind”, the mental state is never recorded, only the physical symptoms are recorded and the mind is neglected.  Homeopathy, on the other hand, records all the mental and physical symptoms of the drugs being used. Homeopathy believes that in many, or even most cases, “the Mind is the seat of all Diseases.”  When the mind is at its best, we are at health.

8. The medicated sugar pills in Homeopathy are much liked by children and animals, unlike the allopathic medicines which children and animals dread to take.

9. Homeopathy medicines come from nature and do not contain any sort of chemicals.  Thus, they are very safe and have no side-effects.  They are made of energy, as has been stated before; but, any substance, even homeopathic remedies, can be misused; the difference is, Allopathic drugs are unsafe even when used as directed.  Correctly-prescribed prescription drugs kill over 100,000 Americans each year according to JAMA itself, suggesting that the real number might actually be higher; so, that’s quite a distinction between homeopathic remedies and allopathic drugs.  See below this article from the Washington Post:

Prescribed Drugs’ Toll Is Among Deadliest

By Rick Weiss
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, April 15, 1998; Page A01

More than 2 million Americans become seriously ill every year because of toxic reactions to correctly prescribed medicines taken properly, and 106,000 die from those reactions, a new study concludes. That surprisingly high number makes drug side effects at least the sixth, and perhaps even the fourth, most common cause of death in this country.

The analysis, the largest and most complete of its kind, suggests that one in 15 hospital patients in the United States can expect to suffer from a serious reaction to prescription or over-the-counter medicine, and about 5 percent of these will die as a result.

If the findings are accurate, then the number of people dying each year from drug side effects may be exceeded only by the numbers of people dying from heart disease, cancer and stroke, and may be greater than the number dying from lung disease, pneumonia or diabetes.

Experts said the study, which appears in today’s issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, is stronger than previous ones because it looks only at cases in which drugs were taken correctly.


10. Last but not least, Homeopathy is based on the principle of Non-violence. The allopathic mode of treatment relies on “Violence”.  Allopathy believes in killing the germs and suppressing the symptoms, whereas homeopathy believes in influencing the VF, whereby the germs just leave, finding the terrain no longer friendly.

I have no doubt that Hahnemann will be universally recognized as the greatest medical philosopher the world has ever produced, and homeopathy recognized as the greatest medical system capable of curing disease in the most Non-Violent manner possible. The admirers and followers of Mahatma Gandhi (a champion of Homeopathy) will soon find in Homeopathy the most reliable and suitable system of medicine.

True Homeopathy is the way of Love, Peace and Order. Homeopathy fulfills our life’s mission, Man’s highest aim, which is to know himself and his creator.  Homeopathy with its high and highest potencies can prepare the body and mind for such a desire to float up within him so that he can follow the onward path of self-realisation, the highest aim and object, the only mission of human life.

As Stated by Hahneman in Organon of Medicine – (Preface – Third Edition, 1824)

 I rejoice at the benefit Homeopathy has already conferred on humanity, and look forward with intense pleasure to the not distant time when, though I shall be no longer here below, a future generation of mankind will do justice to this gift of a gracious God, and will thankfully avail themselves of the blessed means He has provided for the alleviation of their bodily and mental sufferings.

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Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
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  • Really inspiring one for all who do not have any idea on homoeopathy . Soo … Good examples to explain the superiority of homoeopathy . Great …

  • I am thankful to both, Ms Vamsi sudha and Ms Elaine and certainly to the platform Hpathy.com for the interface in so much abundance that a person like me, a beginner has access to all the information needed to pursue the interest further. I already have high regards for Elaine. I have special reason to make my comments here, as basic philosophy of homeopathy ‘like cures like’ … I noted that Ms Sudha originally belong to other line but being spiritualistic has developed interest in homeopathy and pursued religiously. Real creation does not require formal education in the subject, rather what some individuals have found with their observations around and preached became the subject of philosophy. In my case, though by my basic nature, I wanted to become scientist from beginning ….. however became Engineer …… got into prestigious BARC, Mumbai as trainee Nuclear Scientist … later joined in commercial functions of National Oil Company of India i.e ONGC….. and working for last many years … even in commercial department using my thought process is same … think scientifically …. still not satisfied at heart … and looking for real knowledge … the knowledge of life ….. the perquisite for this is ‘sensitivity’ to the others’ pains & environment ….. this is the knowledge beyond science …… Science is what we already know through explanations …… that is very little of total knowledge …. to realize the things in its whole perspective is perhaps the Total Knowledge …. this requires spiritual efforts …… to my little knowledge ….Homeopathy is another branch of spiritual effort … through experiments we know that it works …have many theories … still not sure how it works …. one can be a good professional ….. it requires endless efforts to be the real knower. I have developed notion … a spiritualistic person can prescribe better homeopathic solutions without going much in detailed analysis because of the sensitivity to the symptoms two and it should be true otherwise also…..that is why, perhaps well selected medicine does not work and a simple remedy is successful in certain cases as I have read from cases.
    Anyway, I am a beginner and I got triggered to say something on the issue, hope my friends will understand and forgive me, if my comments are of no relevance being out of place or otherwise … Thanx and best wishes to all.

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