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The Difference Between Homeopathy & Nanotechnology

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Written by Christina Munns

Christina Munns, author of books explaining dark phenomena, quantum gravity and Unified M-theory, offers that nano particles may not be the explanation for homeopathy, as has recently been suggested.

It is important to understand that the science of homeopathy is NOT the same as the science of nanotechnology. Wikipedia defines nanotechnology as the following:

Nanotechnology (“nanotech”) is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. The earliest, widespread description of nanotechnology referred to the particular technological goal of precisely manipulating atoms and molecules for fabrication of macroscale products, also now referred to as molecular nanotechnology. A more generalized description of nanotechnology was subsequently established by the National Nanotechnology Initiative, which defines nanotechnology as the manipulation of matter with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers.

The intention of nanotechnology is to manipulate particles from 1 to 100 nanometers in size with the goal of manufacturing materials. As a professional homeopath, it is not my intention to manipulate particles in order to fabricate some other material. My intention is to heal my clients using potentised substances – i.e. diluted and succussed (shaken vigorously) substances.

It is important to understand the difference between nanotechnology and homeopathic substances (and I agree that the difference is a subtle one!). Nanotechnology deals with very tiny particles – i.e. nanometer size. Homeopathy deals with potentised (i.e. succussed and diluted) substances where the molecular size does not change. In nanotechnology, the nanoparticles are not succussed and diluted. In my personal opinion, it is important for the general public to know that homeopathic medicines are not classified under the heading of nanotechnology. I believe that the particles within homeopathic medicine are not nanoparticles, but rather the same sized molecules as the original substance. These molecules are sequentially diluted until such time as the dilution rate reaches a point that there is no molecule of the originating substance present – i.e. Avogadro’s number or 12C potency.

In homeopathic substances, the ratio of molecular substance to water becomes increasingly smaller with each subsequent level of potentisation. The level of dilution of a substance is an entirely different process from having nanometer sized particles in the solution. This does not occur in homeopathy – there is merely a decrease in the NUMBER of molecules but there is no decrease in the SIZE of the molecule in homeopathic substances. In this regard, I assert that homeopathic medicine does not fall under the category of nanotechnology.  Here is a diagram showing how a homeopathic medicine of 6X potency is prepared:[i]


Figure 1 – Succussion and dilution process of 6X potency

I am writing to clarify the difference between the science of homeopathy and the science of nanotechnology and to ensure that the science and art of homeopathy is not labelled incorrectly in the public’s eyes. The public are already confused enough about our healing medicine, and it is important to continue to educate the public with information that is scientifically accurate.

[i] Lockie, Dr Andrew, Homeopathy Handbook, Dorling Kindersley, London, 2001

About the author

Christina Munns

Christina Munns is an Australian homeopath, independent scientific scholar and meditator. She is the author of a series of seven books called Principia Unitas. Written in an easy to understand style, these books explain many of her discoveries including: the solution to dark matter/energy, quantum gravity, supersymmetry, cardiocentric cosmology and a Unified M-theory model. Thinking “outside the square" has enabled her to make the connections between ancient Indian wisdom and modern day physics. She is passionate about teaching the scientific community and the general public about Unified Field Theory and its implications for humanity.


  • Yes, the public already is confused. Also Homeopaths because abhors to mix with another sciences. This is a mind construction. No one can understand the quantum phenomena despising the Hyperphysics where the nanotechnology is just a branch. “Homeopaths are not so open minded as they think they are”, said Harry van der Zee. Why this fear from nanotechnology which (as the homeopathy) is in the cloudy universe of the quantic things where our scattered knowledge is just a scratch. See about Epigenetics. There are many quantum physics and chemical phenomena totally ignored by Biology.
    No offenses, please! Just remember “specialties are islands without proper communications in between them.” This is just arrogance and we homeopaths don´t need it once the world already is full of it.
    Cordially yours

    • You seem to have missed the main point of the article which is that homeopathic medicines do not contain nanoparticles but rather fewer number of molecules in solution. Nanoparticles are smaller particles of a substance. I am proposing that the molecules of the originating substance in homeopathic remedies are not present in nanoparticular form but rather in reduced number.
      It is true that the homeopathic community generally does not understand quantum mechanics – and that is to be expected – we can’t all be specialists of everything! I do think however that there is scope for discussion between homeopathy and quantum physics – to bridge the islands of speciality of the two areas.
      I think the fear regarding nanotechnology comes from the engineered/man-made nanoparticles – that are not naturally occurring and thus introducing a new set of substances into the already chaotic world environment. As a species we need to be learning to harmonise with nature not creating more synthetic substances.
      The reason for writing the article was to clarify some previous statements by scientists who have claimed that homeopathic remedies are composed of nanoparticles. I do not believe this to be true (apart from some nanoparticles of silica from the glass container etc) and I propose that the originating susbstance exists in incrementally fewer numbers the more the substance is potentised.
      with best wishes

  • I find that you have explained well the difference between nanotechnology and homeopathy. But Nanotechnology has been used by the Homeopaths to defend the argument that there is no molecule or trace of the original drug used to make the Homeopathic remedy at higher potency than 6X.
    We as believer of Homeopathy have to find and explain how Homeopathic remedies work to cure certain ailment and what is the result of Succussion and dilution process.


    Davinder Marjara CANADA

  • As rightly pointed out there is difference between homeopathic dilutions and nanoparticles… But nanoparticles are means of saying tht there is something left of original substance, even after we cross avogadros number…

    Sticking to your argument of molecules not reducing, but there quantity decreasing as we potentise higher, goes with the idea of placebo science…

    There has to be something left behind of the original substance for the medicine to act distinctly.. The substance(or whatever is left behind in any form) has to be traced to develop the science…

  • 1st point: My intention, as ‘believer’ of homeopathy, was not attacking, reduce or defend it against the modern sciences such as nanotechnology: needless because it survived 200 years under all attacks. In countries such as Brazil and Russia, for example (large areas and almost no doctors,trained in Paris, rich families) where the ‘lay believers’ kept it ahead: treating slaves and eventually white people of the Great House.
    2nd: Within us is the “parallel universe” of the microcosm, especially in the brain, in which the exchange of electrons between different atoms in our ATP and DNA makes all the differences. There are studies of important Nobel Prizes some totally ignored by Biology.
    3th: Do not forget that Hahnemann himself mentions in 10th paragraph of the Organon (that one of the ‘high purposes of existence’) the “Vital Force” (autocratic) which Manish Bhatia explains through the laws of thermodynamics.
    4th – Jack Kruse, American neurosurgeon and researcher (not homeopath) refers that our diseases (including that one’s inherited (‘transgenerational’ or ‘miasmatic’) are the dance of electrons in our brain (the super quantic computer). So if we can put a quantum electromagnetic energetic imprint in water we can modify the effect cited and heal (improve, reverse) what we call diseases of our “autocratic” system. Hahnemann did it. Remember that in the posthumous 16th edition of the Organon he was studying the olfactory pathway to apply his remedies.
    Peter Chappel, MSc and English homeopath programed Homeopathic remedies through Hyperphysics which act beautifully healing (or improving) diseases such as AIDS and Down syndrome, for example, now available as sound imprint (energy through sound waves) as or more effective than the aqueous imprint – our beloved homeopathic remedies.
    Finally to say what the hpathy is not, we must firstly know what it is; which we do not know, yet.
    Sorry, I’m just an old Brazilian parrot, repeating what I read around.
    References: “The Second Similimum” – Peter Chappell –
    “Homeopathy for Diseases” – Peter Chappell, Harry van der Zee –
    Jack Kruse’s blog – http://jackkruse.com/energy-and-epigenetics-5-the-quantum-brain.
    “Lectures on Organon of Medicine” – Manish Bhatia.

    • Please read this: http://vixra.org/pdf/1312.0024v2.pdf It is my theory of how homeopathic medicine operates. It is as yet unproven but in time I am hoping that we can get some Xray photoelectron spectroscopy to test the different electron energy levels of different potency levels.

      I know I am ahead of my time, but I am hoping that eventually this theory and information of information transfer will be taken seriously. I have actually been able to discover the quantum dynamics of how water has a memory.
      with best wishes
      Christina Munns

  • Yes – this is exactly what I am saying and why I wrote the article to explain the fact that homeopathic remedies do NOT contain nanoparticles of the original substance but fewer number of molecules up to 12C (Avogadro’s number). Beyond 12C there are no electrons in the ground state, only electrons in the excited state… I am proposing that THAT is why homeopathic medicines have a higher energy because of the larger electron orbital shells that contain more electrons in the excited state. The higher the dilution the greater the electron orbital size and thus the greater amount of information stored in the solution.
    I have put forward a theory of how homeopathy works from a quantum mechanical perspective – i.e. how the process of beta decay works to transfer information at the quantum scale.
    Refer article here: http://vixra.org/pdf/1312.0024v2.pdf

    Not many people understand both quantum physics and homeopathy – that is why it is so difficult to explain – because homeopaths don’t understand what I’m talking about in quantum physics and quantum physicists don’t want to listen to me because I’m talking about homeopathy which they have a biased view that it is “pseudo-science”. The fact is, in my opinion, that homeopathy is quantum mechanical – not quackery!!

    For even more information please go to my volume “On the Quantum Mechanics of Homeopathy”
    on Amazon.com – I have deliberately made the book very low cost in order to encourage people to discover about it:
    with beset wishes,
    Christina Munns – Australia

  • Ok! Once you have laid your royal street flush on the table, game is over and I declare myself clogged. Nice to see people qualified doing serious research in hpathy. I’m rushing to your book at the Amazon.
    Greetings and success

  • Thank you Dr. Christina for enlightening the readers of hpathy ezine, homeopathy 4 everyone.

    You have done something I wanted to do for a long time now. homeopathy is not nanomedicine. The laws governing nanoparticles happen to be governing some aspects of homeopathy, but it is far from being a justification for calling Homeo remedies “nanomedicines”. because, terming it nanomedicine doesn’t explain the plausible mechanism, and even Nanoparticles have finite size as pointed by you. they are not known to behave scale invariably and infinitesimally self similarly like homeo remedies do. hence defining remedies as nanomedicines leaves the task of explaining the plausible mechanism separately, which is highly unlike a true scientific theory where internal & external consistencies are parameters of it’s universality.

    The Main question of why a nanoparticle of a substance should have an opposite effect from that of the original substance is miserably left unanswered by the “nanomedicine ” hypothesis. but I have made an attempt to explain this phenomenon with the “Hilbert space ” behavior of homeopathic remedies which is surprisingly consistent with quantum mechanics. you can access my modest article here : http://homeoquantummedicine.blogspot.in/
    where I have only partially revealed my findings that homeo cures are actually rotational transformations of vectors in an abstract vector space. the fuller explanation will also reveal how the plausible mechanism is perfectly in conformity with science.

    Your article has reinforced my conjecture. I am highly thankful and vehemently endorse your views.
    Homeopathic remedies are NOT nanomedicines.

  • Dear Dr Venkatesh,
    It is wonderful to read that you understand and appreciate my argument – thank you very much indeed!
    I have printed out your article in the homeoquantummedicine.blogspot and will read it in the coming days and get back to you.
    It is heartwarming to know that this paper on the differentiation between homeopathic medicine and nanotechnology is being acknowledged by others such as yourself. I know that it is only a matter of time till scientists will have to bow to public pressure to have the quantum states analysed of different homeopathic potencies of the same substance in order to prove that there is a differentiation at the quantum scale of homeopathic potency levels. This, I believe is the real answer to the vexed question of how homeopathic medicine works. The argument that nanoparticles are in some way involved in the curative process of homeopathic medicines is simply not credible, as my paper outlines.
    Thank you again.
    with best wishes
    Christina Munns, Dip. Hom.

  • Dear Dr Venkatesh,
    I have been inordinately busy of late but have not forgotten that I need to reply to you regarding your transformations article… I have to say that it has set off a whole train of thought about this and I plan to be writing a paper about what I perceive to be the transformations that are caused as a result of homeopathic medicine ingestion.
    I hope to be writing this paper in the next month.
    Please keep in touch via my email: [email protected]

    with best regards

  • Dr Christina potentized medicine is not diluted only it has been said to be taken into atomic level.
    Therefor only the homeopathic remedy work on dynamic level

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