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The Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy

Written by Louise Barton

The Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy

VCCH was formed in 1989 by then principal Denise Carrington-Smith (original founder and member of the Australian Federation of Homeopaths). The college curriculum was developed along traditional classical lines – teaching Hahnemann, Kent, Boenninghausen, Hering, Allen, Roberts etc. Grant Bentley took over as principal and senior lecturer in 1994.

The college only taught homeopathy, unlike many other colleges in Australia which teach other modalities (naturopathy, Chinese medicine, herbalism etc). In 1999 the miasm project began and by 2001 facial features were incorporated into clinical prescribing. The work was applied in both the private and student clinics associated with the college. In 2003 Grant Bentley published his first book Appearance and Circumstance, which detailed his observations regarding miasms and facial analysis. A further book (a companion guide to Appearance and Circumstance – Homeopathic Facial Analysis) was published in 2006.

In 2008 VCCH finalized its undergraduate study program to focus solely on the development of Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA) at a post graduate level. The college holds open clinics, workshops and seminars teaching homeopathy to students and practitioners who want to learn more about Homeopathic Facial Analysis (HFA). The college is planning an online course in 2009.

Postal address
PO Box 804
Mt Eliza
Australia 3930

Clinic/training address
172 Main Street
Australia 3140

Telephone – +613 9873 0567
Fax – +613 9787 5145
Email – [email protected]

College – www.vcch.org
Soul & Survival – www.soulandsurvival.com
Facial wizard – www.soulandsurvival.com

About the author

Louise Barton

Dip Hom Prof Memb AHA AROH regd

Louise Barton has been in clinical practice since graduating in 1996. She was involved in the Australian Homoeopathic Association (Vic) from 2001, both organising seminars and as President from 2002 - 2004. She teaches at the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy and has been involved with miasmatic research and the production of her partner Grant Bentley's book Appearance and Circumstance and Homeopathic Facial Analysis.

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