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Donald Trump’s Homeopathic Remedy

donald trump

Homeopath Jerry Kantor finds Donald Trump embodying Fluoric Acidum.

Summary: Connecting the dots between a love of property and glamour, obsession with building walls, tendency to superficial relationships, compulsion to fire his servants, cupidity and ruthlessness, Fluoric Acidum is unmistakably Donald Trump’s indicated remedy. This discussion utilizes miasmatic and Sense Dimensional Analysis theory (derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine as presented in Interpreting Chronic Illness).

Trump’s numerous interviews, frequent appearance in political debates, pronouncements on social media, vivid relationship and business proclivities makes ample display of a temperament inviting to study (also see for some of the basic facts about his life). Although details of the Republican Party’s nominee’s medical history are scant, a particular remedy Fluoric Acidum recommends itself as holding up a mirror to the Trump psyche.

The Fluoric Acidum Remedy

What follows is a sampling of Fluoric Acidum materia medica adapted from a master homeopath, Rajan Sankaran. The remedy is described as connecting the dots between the following features:

* A demand for glamour

They will push anything and anyone aside in the all-absorbing desire to shine and glitter. They love to be the big macho guy for everybody to look up to. They want to draw the attention with their big car and high position in the glamour world. They are very ambitious, want to climb up high and earn lots of money.

* Tendency to superficial relationships

Fluorine is the lightest, the most active and reactive, forming and breaking relationships very quickly. This can be seen in the symptomatology of Fluoric acid. The remedy state is flirtatious, has many acquaintances but no deep relationship. The term “buoyancy” has been used to describe it. The word is derived from “buoy,” a conical object that floats on the surface of the ocean and never sinks or reaches any depth. The feeling of being in a fluorine state is abnormal for a human being, at any time.

* Immorality

Aversion to responsibility, sexual desire increased; attracted to strangers, and increased energy. A naive psychopath, prone to serious gambling

* Delusion servants, he must get rid of

In other words, “You’re fired!” Fluoric Acidum is the only remedy in this rubric.

* Mental buoyancy

 * Isolation and narcissism

  • Cupidity (overt demand for sexual experience)
  • Dependency on property
  • Ruthlessness

*Compulsion to break of taboos

Illness susceptibility:

Comes into play in regard to ailments of the bones, mucous membranes and epithelium, complaints of old age, and premature old age; sexual exhaustion, weakly constitutions, sallow skin, and emaciation.


The origin of Donald Trump’s Fluoric Acidum remedy state directs us into complexities of homeopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory now related in condensed fashion.  A more expansive account can be found in my book Interpreting Chronic Illness, The Convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Biomedicine: http://rightwhalepress.com/interpreting-chronic-illness/

Fluoric acid’s sphere of influence, extending to the bones, kidneys, bladder, epithelium, sexual function, and general vitality pertains to the Water phase in Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Five Phases system. My own reworking of the Five Phases, called Sense Dimensional Analysis designates Water as the Sense Dimension pertaining to the sense of Hearing.  An existential conundrum is embedded within Hearing. It pits Entropy versus Consolidation. What does this mean?

In brief, entropy means our physical dissolution upon death. This is “opposed” by the energy of consolidation, evident in the bones whose hard and dense tissue endures through time. Entropic dissolution of our body upon death is similarly opposed and triumphed over by the reproductive function: enduring characteristics that are conveyed into the future via inheritable DNA.

Trump’s handshaking phobia and obsession with building a wall

These well known Trump traits reflect a germophobia feature pertaining to the syphilitic miasm within which Fluoric Acidum belongs.

An issue pertaining to boundaries expressed within the Sense Dimension of Hearing is reflected in the softness and moisture of epithelium on the one hand, and the hardness and dryness of bones on the other. Despite opposing textures and function both tissues demarcate boundaries within a “permeability versus structure” spectrum. The “permeability versus resistance” conundrum’s infiltration of the subconscious produces angst: existential questions evoking the quandary of the outsider. These include:

“Am I granted entry or am I to be kept out?” “Am I a club member or must I transgress a boundary in order to belong?” “How do I secure my physical body from the intrusion of unwelcome germs?” As we have seen, the latter question reflects the syphilitic miasm’s keynote germophobia feature.

The syphilitic miasm and the Sense Dimension of Hearing

A syphilitic delusion is embedded within Hearing. It fuels a belief that permeability is suspect and only rigid structures can be trusted.  Borders must be fortified. Walls must be built to stave off contamination by foreign elements such as Muslims and Mexicans. Trump’s disdain for permeability betrays terror of what lies on the on the nether side of the life and death boundary. His fears render him suspicious. His flight from fear–failure to resolve entropy versus consolidation–compels short-term thinking and gratification; superficial pursuit of wealth, property, glamour and sex.

Homeopathy’s foundational notion of the syphilitic miasm is Hearing’s core conundrum inflamed to the point of consolidating syphilis’s influence within familial legacy. In homeopathic theory the remedy Donald Trump needs, Fluoric Acidum displays a mentally buoyant, ruthless and transgressive strain of the syphilitic miasm.  Donald Trump’s inherited legacy displays the dilemma of an overcompensating outsider. Congenital difficulty facing up to entropy draws him and those within his line toward consolidation: over-reliance on defensive structures such as walls; materiality and “time compressed” pleasures such as sex. Conjunct with illness susceptibilities described, this is the remedy Fluoric Acidum.

A nuanced alternative, Aurum Fluoratum

Pierre Fontaine suggests a nuanced alternative, Aurum Fluoratum. The Aurum part, a syphilitic grief remedy on its own terms speaks to Trump’s grief over the loss of his older brother. It also fits with how Trump takes good care of those in his charge (unless he is suddenly, as per the indicated Fluoric Acidum delusion compelled to fire one of his servants!) The slogan Make America Great Again stands unmasked as an excess of responsibility in keeping with Aurum. It happens that there exists far more materia medica on Fluoric Acidum than on Aurum Fluor. Alas, we have at hand only one Donald Trump to treat in absentia! With two we could try out both remedies to see which is better.

Implications for our understanding of Trump

  • Trump’s apparent heritage of transgression invites continuance of transgressive behavior. This reflects what to a homeopath appears to be a syphilitic legacy. Though conventionally viewed as compensatory of insecurity (sexual or otherwise) Trump’ bluster serves to thwart congenital outsider status.
  • Regarded through the lens of Fluoric Acidum, Donald Trump will continue to shoot from the hip. Attempts to behave in a more presidential manner do not guarantee his transforming into a leader capable of long-term or well-considered policy.

About the author

Jerry Kantor

Jerry Kantor, Lic. Ac., CCH practices and teaches at Vital Force Health Care in Needham, MA. He is the author of an integrative medicine text: Interpreting Chronic Illness, the Convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Biomedicine; and a homeopathy book, The Toxic Relationship Cure, Clearing Traumatic Damage from a Boss, Parent, Lover or Friend with Natural Drug-Free Remedies and Autism Reversal Toolbox: Strategies, Remedies, Resources. Jerry Kantor is also author of
“Sane Asylums, the Success of Homeopathy Before Psychiatry Lost Its Mind.”
www.vitalforcehealthcare.com / www.rightwhale press.com


    • Agreed. Where is Ms. Clinton’s remedy? I thought homeopathy was non-partisan. I am a centrist so want to hear both sides.

      • Denise and M, good question about Hillary! What remedy is she? It’s not as easy as finding a remedy for Donald. Well, what do we notice about her? She’s very prim, neat and fastidious in her hair and clothing. If you look to see where all her time, energy and attention has gone, it’s gone into acquiring a vast amount of money–10’s of millions of dollars. She’s a pro-corporate Democrat, taking money from Monsanto, Fracking, Private Prisons…she appears to have no strong “beliefs” and will say anything to secure votes, including that she’s against something she used to be for, such as the TPP. If I had to guess a remedy, I think I might have to land on Arsenicum. The fastidiousness- her hair is never out of place, her outfits, so perfectly tailored, her need to amass vast amounts of money (as you know, Arsenicum feels very insecure, never feels she has enough money, enough wealth)… Arsenicum is in rubrics like: Deceitful, corrupt; Love of power; Rich, desires to be–there are only 4 remedies in that rubric! So, this is what I’m thinking for her right now–Arsenicum alb.

        • It simply astonishing how many females hate women. Tho it’s a common trait amount the oppressed minorities.

          • Helen, I just saw your comment. I don’t hate women at all! I don’t think I said anything about Hillary that’s not true. I like her, actually; but, as a president, well, let’s put it this way, when the Sioux Indians were out protesting an oil pipeline that could affect their drinking water, Bernie stood up for them, but not Hillary. Later we find out that one of the investors in that pipeline was none other than Goldman Sachs–the investment firm Hillary had given very lucrative speeches to. So, if the corporations own you, you can’t speak or act on behalf of ordinary citizens. That was the problem with Hillary.

  • Wrong remedy, you’ve successfully attributed hyped media propaganda to an imaginary persona. And you even embellished and falsified his character traits.
    Trump’s handshaking phobia and obsession with building a wall.
    He doesn’t have a phobia for building walls, he has only ever talked about one wall, out of political necessity and handshaking, is a normal practice in everyday politics and business. I read your all your references and quite bluntly Jerry I think you just took a cheap shot at a public figure and worse still you tried to hind behind homeopathy to do it, very unprofessional Jerry very unprofessional.
    Aversion to responsibility, how do claim this one Jerry
    Sexual desire increased, 2 wives both long term relationship with children, and women from his past who denied negatives and spoke well of him, what’s your source
    Attracted to strangers, and increased energy. Where oh where did you get this one, come into the office some time Jerry I can help you
    A naïve psychopath, prone to serious gambling. Hahha oh Jerry wow how long did this one take
    Go see Hillary jerry she needs “medical” help, not a politically weighted homeopathic diatribe.

  • I thought he might be a phosphorus! Some of the opinions of his personality are just that, opinions. Maybe he is trying to really help America not striving for glory. Just opinions but he is or was handsome and voice quality and charismatic and seems to come and go in his strength or drive.

  • You can think in different way also, may be all his actions are towards hatrance to injustice, he hates injustice happening to the US people, He is pissed of the government work in US and so he is doing all to give justice to US people. So in this sense causticum is the right remedy.

    You are seeing whatever is seen to outer world, but there can be reason behind all these and that reason is injustice.

  • Jerry, a good choice. My choice- bombastic, sarcastic,
    controlling, angry, charming, draws you in, suspicious,
    (paranoid),loquacious, (very) sensitive to any criticism,
    ready to “attack” with and w/o provocation, hating you
    if you disagree with him in any way, cruel, hurtful, all fit
    his narcissistic & sociopathic ways- a snake remedy—
    Black mamba

      • Dear Elaine,
        A while ago, I proposed here that Donald is a very clear book-case Lycopodium. Two disastrous years later I take it back. You were right, this is a fully blown Lachesis state. In my defense, however, these two are very closely related remedies, quite easy to confuse, and probably one is often mistaken for another in clinical practice. It is also accepted that Lachesis is, generally, very devoted to their family and do not cheat on their spouses. At least, George Vithoulkas states that; but maybe it is a female Lachesis who is very faithful, not a male one. Lachesis, of course, has a very strong syphilitic component, it is not all sycotic. It decomposes the tissues. This is why the author here insists that he is in a Fluoric acid state—which is wrong.
        I know Lachesis people intimately; my family is full of them. My mother is a confirmed Lachesis as it cured her leukemia from which several of her cousins perished. Thank you, I accept your sympathy.
        Elaine, you paint a colourful picture of this true human monster, but I believe something is sadly missing in your paper. What is the etiology of his pathology? It is pathology, after all; there are thousands of Lachesis patients out there who are completely healthy on the mental level and, therefore, do not display any of these gruesome characteristics which are like poltergeist set loose at the WH. The reason Lachesis is so drawn to lash out is their deep internal insecurity (also why I confused him with Lycopodium). There is the Delusion they, themselves, are attacked and need to be defended at all cost. There is also a strong feeling of being wronged (Lach is 3 in MIND, Delusion, Persecuted) which may blossom into a full psychotic paranoia or lead to suicide.
        They need to constantly tell people how great they are only because they actually do not feel like that, and so they are intensely envious of those who are successful, celebrated, strong, or possess something they don’t have. As if they are forever struggling to convince their parents that they are more worthy of love than their siblings. It is quite possible that one of Donald’s parents, probably his mother, is a Lachesis too and he had been constantly unfavourably compared to his siblings (and it is patently obvious that he does this to his own kids, out in the open, forcing them to bend over double begging for his praise and attention—which ain’t so easy as they all possess rather poor intellectual abilities, pedestrian upbringing, and mediocre education). It is also well-known that when one child dies yearly, this child often becomes embedded in their family’s narrative as the One and Only Perfect Kid. The dead child always behaves well and never fails anything. You cannot compete with your dead brother, ever.
        Another note (from much personal experience), they do not attack all of a sudden and for no reason—though it might seem like that to their victims—but there is always an emotional trigger. The attack can also happen when there are very hungry (which is often); they are vicious when their blood sugar is low or when they just woke up and did not get enough sleep or just back home from an exhausting day. Lachesis a Liver drug. The attack is always extremely intense and, naturally, in the children, at whom they lash out, it engenders an equally intense sense that their life is in danger. They then feel their ‘pedagogy’ is very successful as everyone in the family is constantly trying to appease them (yes, like a drunken Nux). I’d suggest one way of differentiating Nux’s and Lach’s violent behaviour is to inquire how they seem after the attack. Lachesis will experience a visible high, almost like an orgasm, as they discharged themselves by screaming obscenities. All other people are usually shaken by a fight; Sepia, who’s got an impressively nasty tongue, or Aurum would feel overwhelmingly guilty and exhausted.
        I also think that many people who reach the Lachesis’s mental pathology have their brain wires seriously tangled up and more often than not end up on the autistic spectrum, often as high-functioning. And, indeed, Lachesis can have the opposite of loquacity, they may be very tongue-tight and not able to express themselves. Add to that their inability to stay on the topic of conversation or concentrate at all—and you get a perfect ‘Aspie’ picture: you can never quite follow the rambling road their mind takes them on. Donald is both, on the spectrum and in the early stages of dementia; he can barely express the thoughts that are burning a hole in his mind at 3 in the morning.
        One question still remains: how can Donald stand those ties squeezing his throat?

        • Very interesting, Helen. Yes, not shaken after a fight, just moves on like nothing happened whereas the other person in the argument is visibly shaken and very upset; in fact, if a 3rd person were to walk in the room, they would see Lachesis warmly greeting them while you would look like you had some sort of personality disorder! If Lachesis is “faithful”, you have to look at the rubric Lascivious, Lustful; Lachesis is in bold. Remember, I wrote that the “forked tongue” concept of the snake remedy can be interpreted as them being devout during the day but at night are out gambling and carousing. I believe it’s also in bold for Bi-polar disorder; so, I’m not too surprised that Donald is a cheat.

          • This rubric, ‘Lascivious, Lustful’ only states—in this warped 19th century way—that a person has a high libido, nothing else. Lyc for example, becomes impotent in a relationship or a marriage, so he ‘lusts’ after other people’s partners; he can only get aroused with a new lover, for a quickie. But a lot of people with strong sex drive still maintain their desire towards a long-term partner, Aur is one of them, for example. That’s why Lach is not listed in this other wonderful 19th century rubric, ‘Libertinism’ but Lyc is there. Lachesis people get strongly attached to a partner, put a choke hold on them, in fact; they feel their family members are their property and no one else but them can ‘possess’ them. So, if Donald is indeed a Lach, he is an exception, not a rule. As are his ties that grip his neck so tightly. Also, since Donald constantly has to compete and prove himself, maybe that’s his way of doing this too. He is all show, no substance, no insight. And he was married to Ivana for quite a while. And look how faithful Ivanka is, she is his mirror image. It is also possible that, since Lach is so greatly affected by the function of the ovaries, the humans who lack them (Donald) are different from the classical MM written mostly for Lach females.
            As I mentioned, Vithoulkas states that Lach is very faithful in a marriage—and if he says so, it’s a homeopathic fact. There is nothing in Kent about Lach being ‘promiscuous’ either.

            *where is it in bold for a bipolar disorder?

      • You know, Helen, they are very jealous, stalking their girl friends/spouses, reading their mail, listening in on their phone calls–so sure they’re cheating! And why? Only a cheater would be so convinced that his wife was having an affair!

  • Since there is no in depth homeopathic taking the case where Donald could express his fears, delusions, ambintions and history from his point of view, his complaints and so on. There is nothing to base a well pre-scripted remedy on. I agree with earlier comments…. the campaign and media creating a fake personality. One could, on base of the things he said in his public appearances, argue as well that he is Lycopodium. Bloated, bluffing, dictatorial, lying and so on. But since we do not know what is the cause that he is doing things this way, and only he can tell us, it is a guess. This all could be very well a, maybe failing, political strategy and have nothing to do with his real personality.
    Excuses for my English, it is not my mother tongue.

    • I knew someone would say Lycopodium; but, he can’t be; he has no deference for peers or superiors, no fear of public speaking, no fear of embarrassment or humiliation. He has such a huge following because he is fearless, doesn’t back down, doesn’t salute and fall in line. Lycopodium is very fearful and only shows his strength to inferiors.

      • Dear Eliane, I think you missed my point. I do not say he is Lycopodium (although I have found in practice many patients that responded very well on Lycopodium with any trace of the fears you mention because they are more in de sycotic miams stage where the overcompensations suppresses the fears).
        One could argue that he is one as well as you can find arguments for fluoric acid, lachesis and many other remedies. The point is we do have the information from himself about his state of mind, or his delusions nor of his compensations. So the whole argument about the remedies has no ground. Choosing a remedy on public appearance and a limited impression of someone in the media is not the the way our profession should be practised. Read the organon about case taking…. And I think it is not helping us to be taken serious in the medical world.

      • The corporate world is filled with Lyc CEOs (they caused the market crash). Mussolini was a Lycopodium. EVERYONE for them is an inferior. Only his supporters can see him as “fearless.” Do you know how many journalists he is suing? Is that not severe insecurity? There are several well accepted published works in homeopathic literature where public personae are being analysed and “prescribed,” so far it hasn’t created any backlash against us. It is also an accepted and popular case analysis in psychoanalytic literature, using both public figures and famous literary characters. It must be so troubling to be a US citizen at the moment.

  • Donald Trump 270 Isotope of Bohrium
    Hillary Clinton 230 Isotope of Thorium
    Either way – expect pretty interesting outcomes.

    • Maybe Sankaran should run for president? And Scholten for his sidekick? Then everyone would enter their delusional world, not just their poor students. While homeopathy would be accepted woldwide.
      How, in the word, do you prove a radioactive isotope? And where would you get it from?
      Unless you are being sarcastic, dear Sonya?

  • I am a Classical homeopath. I am so horrified at this article. Being a classical homeopath means being a healer. Who should be very careful and HUMANE. Did you diagnose a man based on his SLOGANS? Based on a political game controlled by dirty games and an unfair challenge?
    This has got nothing to do with homeopathy. You are just confirming the allegations that homeopathy is quackery if this is the methodology of homeopathic practice.
    What do you know about Trump’s “general symptoms”, and his “head to toe analysis”? If you consider his slogans are a health condition, what is the “etiology” based on which you confirmed the choice of remedy? If you are a Trump supported are you going to consider this “a problematic health condition” or that would be a normal state of mind?
    One last question; what is your prognosis for this case? How will Fluoric Acidum help cure Trump and his followers?

    • “head to toe analysis” should not be conflated with “classical homeopathy.” We do not always prescribe on the totality. In fact, not that often at all.
      The etiology here is quite evident, his DNA and his relationship w his dad. Why would this article portray us as quacks? Not at all. Donald’s health problem? Due to being obviously overmedicated, probably for hypertension and libido difficulties, he is increasingly becoming senile. His brain is jammed, not his slogans.

    • Wow! THANK YOU, SARAH! I only saw your comment while scrolling upwards!!!! As an admirer of President Elect Trump, why would I need a ‘cure?’ Surely it is the delusional followers of HRC – who did more harm to health care, both orthodox and alternative btw – that need healing, starting with detox!

  • Hey everyone, lighten up, and don’t take this
    so seriously.It’s about having some fun, &
    speculating on his “presentation” in the media,
    as all of his antics are “trumped up” so to speak.
    It’s all hype for the big one.
    BTW, often I’ll watch older tv programs or older
    movies, of the characters I know, “without the
    sound on”, just to catch nuances of their behavior,
    expressions, mannerisms & movements to sharpen
    my observational skills. Then later I’ll watch it again
    with the sound, to see if there’s a match.If we only
    listen w/o sharp observation we may miss some
    key points.

    • I take my work very seriously. As a pioneer from the days when very few had heard of Homeopathy, to the present where most people think it is interchangeable with ‘holistics,’ I consider it vital that we maintain the highest standards of integrity and professional probity.

  • With all due respect to this well-written and argued article, I completely disagree with the prescription. Trump presents a very clear and very typical picture of male LYCOPODIUM. Not that I think that miasmatic analysis is very important, but even using that note that tho Lyc is mostly psoric it has syphylitic component too, especially evident in deeper pathological states. Every symptom Trump displays, especially being a bully with utterly low self esteem, is straight from Lycopodoum Materia Medica. Cannot be clearer. He should be studied in home schools.

    • President Elect Trump is no bully. He is a kind and compassionate man, and has intel on certain parties that will horrify us if they get past the media ‘Berlin Wall.’

      For authentic Hahnemannian Homeopathists, how was your practice during the Obama years?

  • I find this article, offensive, superficial and antithetical to everything that Dr. Samuel Hahnemann stood for.
    It is also unprofessional.
    While experience and training allows me to, say, step on a bus, and immediately suss out the possible or probably remedies required by half of the passengers, I would never, ever presume to 1. publicly ridicule, disparage or reveal negative symptoms, or, 2. consider my observations a definite diagnosis, ie, correct remedy selection without objective analysis and corroboration by the presenter – even though, in such confined circumstances, one is up close and personal with the party concerned.

    As for President Elect Trump, has Jerry Kantor any personal experience with him, or is he analysing through the filter of the biased and perfidious media?

    Personally, I find it inutterably refreshing to observe a brilliant mind at work uncluttered by drugs, alcohol or disease.

  • Now that a year has passed and we’ve had time to observe him in action, I’m sticking with my original Rx for Humpty Trumpty. He needs Anacardium.

    • Larry, why anacardium? I mean, I can understand: low self-esteem coupled with anger; probably abuse in childhood as his father was a Klan member. Some call Anac. a conglomeration of Lyc. and Nux v. But why did you pick it specifically?

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