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Homeopathic Facial Analysis

Written by Grant Bentley

An article describing facial analysis, reactions to stress and miasms.

HFA started from my personal attempt to answer the question – ‘what is a miasm?’ At the time I was teaching undergraduate homoeopathy but was not using miasms in any practical way.

Miasms are given a number of different interpretations

  • An inherited disease engrafted onto the body due to mismanagement and suppressive treatments
  • This suppressed disease is then passed on to future generations – generally in a latent form

Hahnemann researched his chronic disease (miasm) theory for 12 yrs and concluded that all chronic disease is caused by three underlying chronic miasms.

The reason Hahnemann needed to research the miasms was because the similimum was not as successful in chronic disease as it had proven itself to be in acute disease

  • “Why, then, cannot this vital force, efficiently affected through Homoeopathic medicine, produce any true and lasting recovery in these chronic maladies even with the aid of the Homoeopathic remedies which best cover their present symptoms”

»         Chronic Diseases

Hahnemann believed the reason the similimum was not as effective in chronic disease was due to an underlying layer of pre-existing disease that needed to be included into the analysis.  A proper analysis of the similimum could not be achieved by repertorisation alone – only by learning and understanding the miasms .

Hahnemann sorted remedies into miasmatic classifications.  His theory was that an underlying pre-existing disease was the cause of a patient’s current chronic disease.  If the selected homeopathic remedy did not cater for this underlying causative state it could not be considered a true similimum.  Hahnemann concluded that a prior infection with one of three chronic contagions was the cause of all chronic disease.


Hahnemann believed psora was suppressed and transformed leprosy

Psora is the oldest and most altered of all the chronic diseases

Hahnemann believed psora was the cause of most chronic disease and suffering

In Hahnemann’s Chronic Diseases he left no doubt as to what he believed was the original psoric disease and it was NOT scabies.  In Chronic Diseases Hahnemann makes the assumption that scabies, along with a number of other skin conditions such as tinea capitis are external manifestations of internal psora.  He concluded that leprosy has been internalised into psora. The vital force creates skin lesions such as tinea and scabies as a way of externalising the miasm.


Hahnemann believed sycosis was suppressed and transformed gonorrhoea


Hahnemann believed the syphilitic miasm was suppressed and transformed syphilis

Hahnemann concluded that infection with one of these three diseases left a pathological legacy that was transferred down each generation

According to Hahnemann the vital force is unable to eradicate these diseases

“…they are diseases of such a character that, with small, often imperceptible beginnings, dynamically derange the living organism, each in its own peculiar manner, and cause it gradually to deviate from the healthy condition, in such a way that the automatic life energy, called vital force, whose office is to preserve the health, only opposes to them at the commencement and during their progress imperfect, unsuitable, useless resistance, but is unable of itself to extinguish them, but must helplessly suffer (them to spread and) itself to be ever more and more abnormally deranged, until at length the organism is destroyed; these are termed chronic diseases. They are caused by infection with a chronic miasm”

Organon 6th Edition

“The action of the stigma is to debilitate the life force, to deform the body, to dull the intellect and to upset reason.  The miasms are destructive in every way, of both the mind and the body, and they tear at the very spirit of man”

Herbert Roberts – The Art and Cure of Homoeopathy


There is one MAJOR problem with Hahnemann’s miasm theory – it contradicts evolution, ecology and genetics.

It is not in a species best interest to pass on any destructive trait that limits health or reproduction.  Nature strives to evolve the best and most perfect species for its environment.

“Natural selection is the process by which heritable traits that make it more likely for an organism to survive and successfully reproduce become more common in a population over successive generations. It is a key mechanism of evolution”


By survival of the fittest, nature breeds out through adaptation and immunity any consistent threat that has the potential to destroy a species.  Creatures that fail to adapt to environmental change, attack by predators or biological invasion become extinct.

Three protective mechanisms

  • When a disease or stress is pushed out of the body or out on to the skin the internal organs stay protected.
  • When disease is trapped and imprisoned in a cyst, wart or tumour or captured by inflammation or mucous, the body is protected because the germ or poison is stopped from becoming systemic.
  • When energy is withdrawn into the interior the body conserves strength, which increases its ability to withstand long term stress or disease.


It is not the disease that is pushing an invader out to the surface of the skin, encapsulating a poison or conserving vital internal energy but our response to disease – this is our survival instinct

In Homoeopathic Facial Analysis miasms are not diseases but reactions to stress, disease and danger.  This different foundation means Homoeopathic Facial Analysis cannot be compared against any classical or contemporary model that uses disease rather than evolutionary protection as its base.

Evolution or devolution?

Classical miasmatic theory is based on devolution and each generation becoming progressively sicker and increasingly more immuno-compromised.  Nature’s job is to pass on traits that are beneficial and effective.

It is not psora the destructive disease that is passed down the generations – but outward motion as a stress response.   It is not sycosis the destructive disease that is passed down the generations – but circular motion as a stress response.  It is not syphilis the destructive disease that is passed down the generations – but inward motion as a stress response.

In Homoeopathic Facial Analysis a miasm is an inherited instinctive unconscious reaction to stress, disease or danger.  There are a number of different miasmatic stress responses because we have faced different dangers.

When Hahnemann used medicines according to their outward, circular or inward character, his success with chronic disease increased dramatically.

Hahnemann or Kent?

If Hahnemann was NOT removing a layer of inherited disease like he believed – why did he see such dramatic improvement using anti-miasmatic remedies?

The answer is found NOT in Hahnemann’s philosophy, but in Kent’s philosophy.  Constitutional treatment improves resistance and vitality. It does not work like an anti-biotic by killing or eradicating disease.

“If we believe an organ is sick and alone constitutes the disease, we must feel that if we could remove the organ we would cure the patient”

“It is a man that is sick and to be restored to health, not his body, not the tissues”

“Unless people lead an orderly life they will not be cured of their chronic diseases”


Hahnemann saw chronic disease as an infection.  Kent saw chronic disease as a constitutional weakness. Hahnemann’s treatment plan was based on removing infection. Kent’s treatment plan was based on building up the internal strength of the body.

If each approach is opposite then which one is right?  The answer is Kent.

The origin of life onset chronic disease

Life onset chronic disease encompasses all chronic disease that is not congenital or a genetic disorder present from birth.  All symptoms irrespective of disease are worse when stressed or when tired because energy in the patient is at its lowest. Symptoms return when patients become stressed or over tired for an extended period.  The more tired or stressed a person becomes – the worse their signs and symptoms. Life onset chronic disease generally has an energy drain preceding it such as

  • Emotional upset
  • Childbirth
  • Overwork
  • Worry
  • Financial loss

The survival instinct

In Homoeopathic Facial Analysis miasms are understood as a survival instinct. The survival instinct uses force to either repel or trap stress – or to conserve its own internal energy.  These three forces form the basis of psora, sycosis and syphilis.

When our system is stressed it is important to select a remedy that has the same response as our patient’s survival instinct. If a person is yellow (psora) and their survival instinct is designed to push stress out there is no use giving a remedy like Thuja that tells the body to encapsulate.


Internal force – external structure

The internal force of every creature and substance is reflected in its external appearance and structure.  When we select a remedy based on facial structure, the remedy we are choosing shares the same internal force as our patient. By selecting a medicine that has the same internal force as our patient, we increase available constitutional energy.


Chronic disease is an outcome – not an infection.  It results from the survival instinct being dominant too long.  Chronic disease is chronic stress or chronic exhaustion due to energy depletion.

The role of the survival instinct

The survival instinct’s role is to keep us alive.  Nature has designed our homeostatic mechanism so the survival instinct’s needs are met first in situations involving stress – all else comes second.  When the survival instinct believes we are in mortal danger all available energy supplies are given to it

The human body always has areas of weakness.  When these weak links are denied the extra energy they need for optimal functioning – for too long a period of time – chronic disease begins.

  • Chronic disease caused by stress is also aggravated or ameliorated by stress
  • The more a chronic disease fluctuates with energy changes the more it can be influenced by our medicines

Chronic disease of this type always has a biography to match.  There will be a biography of

stress or exhaustion

Energetic Feedback

The survival instinct like all systems of the body is regulated by strict levels of hyper and hypo put in place by nature.  It is regulated by energetic feedback (because it is energetic) and it is designed to respond to energy.  When energy levels are too low or erratic the survival instinct becomes dominant and instinct takes over from conscious thought.

The survival instinct works by remembering stress and danger. By remembering danger the survival instinct can secure the present and future by having in place a set of programmed reactions ready and waiting


The three forces of motion

  • Outward motion
  • Circular motion
  • Inward motion

These three forces of motion move and construct all matter both organic and inorganic.  Universal force in one of its forms is the energy that exists inside everyone and everything.

Universal force is what makes remedies interchangeable with us. The vital force is locked into matter where it stays until it is released.

In organic life the vital force animates its host in a struggle to stay alive.  In organic life the vital force becomes a survival instinct.

The three energies that form all matter

The physical universe is three dimensional

  • Height, width and depth
  • Up, down and around
  • Forward, backward and circular
  • Time, space and matter
  • Proton, neutron and electron
  • Psora, sycosis and syphilis

Electron – Outward Motion – Psora

Neutron – Circular Motion – Sycosis

Proton – Inward Motion – Syphilis

Nature uses the three primary universal forces to build the physical world.  Human beings use these same forces as a way of defending ourselves against danger.  These are the miasms or in Homoeopathic Facial Analysis – the survival instinct responses.

We see these forces in our remedies (Boericke).

  • SulphurThis is the great Hahnemannian anti-psoric. Its action is centrifugal-from within outward-having an elective affinity for the skin, where it produces heat and burning
  • Thuja – The main action of Thuja is on the skin and genito-urinary organs, producing conditions that correspond with Hahnemann’s sycotic dyscrasia, whose chief manifestation is the formation of wart-like excrescences upon mucous and cutaneous surfaces-fig-warts and condylomata
  • Baryta Carb – Specially indicated in infancy and old age. This remedy brings aid to scrofulous children, especially if they are backward mentally and physically, are dwarfish, do not grow and develop

Inherited unconscious memory

A miasm can now be seen as an inherited set of unconscious memories and a set of instinctive reactions to protect us against danger.  The survival instinct and the miasm are the same thing.  The more an event is charged with emotion the more it is retained as memory.  The more a circumstance or event is repeated the more it becomes an unconscious survival instinct reaction

The survival instinct uses vast amounts of energy.  The longer we remain stressed or exhausted the greater the chance of chronic disease developing.  The survival instinct works by remembering stress and danger.  By remembering danger the survival instinct can secure the present and future by having in place a set of programmed reactions ready and waiting

Traditional Roles

Traditional roles are the human expression of the dominant primal force.  Each primal force imparts qualities that manifests as natural talent.  Each talent provides the basis for a service or skill that is valuable to the group.  These skills are called traditional roles and they form the foundation of human culture.

Human beings can only survive by living in groups.   Our survival instinct is specifically designed to keep us important to the group.  Traditional roles are how we contribute to the group

The more indispensable we can make ourselves the more protected against famine and consequent expulsion we have become.  Famine makes us compete for resources.  The less energy we have the more we compete with others.

The three energies as colour

Outward – yellow – heat, sun

Circular – red – cycles of nature, planets

Inward – blue – gravity, cold

Outward/circular – orange – resistance

Circular/inward – purple – division

Outward/inward – green – reaction

Outward/circular/inward – brown – unity

Yellow – Progression

Outward motion – Development – Expansion -Travel – Exchange

Red – Growth

Circular motion – Productive – Contained – Fertility – Work – Improve  – Cultivate

Blue – Stability

Inward motion – Endurance – Simplicity – Passive – Nurture – Protection – Management

Orange – Resistance

Outward/circular motion – Determination – Win or lose – Hold steady – Duty – Service

Purple – Division

Circular/inward motion – Space – Intuition – Supernatural – Charity – Devotion – Care

Green – Reactive

Outward/inward motion – Acute senses – Adaptable – Alert – Adrenalin – Intellect

Brown – Unity

Outward/circular/inward motion – Harmony – Perfection – Precision – Balance

Our survival instinct incorporates four systems

  • Emotions
  • Immune system
  • Nervous system
  • The face

The Face

Our face is the way the survival instinct expresses itself.  The survival instinct uses facial features to suit its best interests and to achieve its needs.  Facial features can be used as a diagnostic tool to identify the character of the survival instinct.

Facial analysis is about shape, size and placement. It is not about looks or expression.


Homoeopathic Facial Analysis is not related to race, gender or age.


Facial features are formed by universal forces.  This means the shape and nature of physical matter is representative of the internal force that shaped it.


Facial structure

The three energies that form all matter form the basis of facial analysis

  • Electron – Outward Motion – Psora (yellow)
  • Neutron – Circular Motion – Sycosis (red)
  • Proton – Inward Motion – Syphilis (blue)


Pushing out – light – heat

Yellow facial features are aerodynamic formed from constant outward motion. From comets to rockets to ships, all are streamlined for effective movement.  Yellow facial features have this same streamlined appearance – sloped and down-turned – small – thin – multiple lines


Colour Image descriptor Text
Yellow Yellow features relate to psora – they are small, sloped and/or angled.  They have an aerodynamic quality that represents outward motion.
1 Hairline shape peak The hairline sweeps back from a “peaked” position in an M or widows peak shape
2 Forehead shape angle – straight > 12 degrees The forehead is straight but is angled at greater than 12 degrees making an aerodynamic shape
3 Eyes shape downturned The eyes slope downwards from the centre of the upper lid to the outer canthi at an angle that is approx 45 degrees
4 Ears position – angled backwards The ears slope backwards at an angle greater than 20 degrees – another example of outward motion
5 Chin position – receding backwards The chin is recessed behind the bridge of the nose and/or from the mouth – this structural shape is aerodynamic and is formed from outward motion
6 Lines two between the eyes Multiple lines are yellow or psoric – they come from the dryness that outward motion creates

Once inside the body outward motion tries to expel any stress or invader to the periphery.  Outward motion combats emotional or environmental stress in the same way it protects against microbial invasion – same force – same strategy

Detachment – Independence – Domineering – Determination


Trapping – barrier – neutral

Red facial features are round because of circular motion and linear because of the universal task of providing a wall or barrier for matter to form. Other energies are accumulated and trapped with circular motion until they become equal in force.  In this way the physical universe accumulates mass.  Large, straight, full and round features are red.


Red Red features are sycotic – they are large, round, full and/or straight.  Red is circular motion and will be seen with circular shape and/or straight shapes (which represent the continuous nature of a cycle)
1 Hairline shape – continuous arc The hairline shape represents the arc of a circle
2 Forehead shape – vertical to 11 degrees The forehead is vertical or very close to vertical which is a straight line
3 Nose – size – wide The nose is wide which represents the fullness of the circle
4 Lips – size – full The lips are full which represents the fullness of the circle
5 Chin shape – ball on chin Ball shapes are red. Balls shapes are often seen on the nose or the chin
6 Teeth shape – even (natural) Natural even teeth represent the straight line which is part of the straight nature of red

Circular motion works in our body by capturing stress and disease and imprisoning it in inflammation, tumours or cysts or mucous.  Circular motion combats emotional or environmental stress in the same way it protects against microbial invasion – same force – same strategy

Blank – Bonding – Controlling – Acceptance


Conserving energy – cold – contraction

Blue facial features are inward and recessed.  The blue survival instinct is defensive and energy is withdrawn during stress.  Blue is prepared to sacrifice the periphery in order to protect its vital interior.  This is why the syphilitic miasm has the reputation of teeth that rot and hair that falls early.


Blue Blue features are syphilitic.  Features that are blue are inward, pointed, curved, sharp and/or crooked.  Blue features are formed from inward motion
1 Hairline height high Receding hair is blue.  As energy is drawn to the centre from inward motion peripheral parts (nails, hair) will fall out
2 Forehead shape curved Curved shapes occur as inward motion draws energy to the centre similar to gravity
3 Bridge of nose indented Indented features are examples of inward motion
4 Eyes shape upturned Where the outer canthi is higher than the inner canthi with (both) eyes a blue point is given
5 Chin shape pointed Pointed shapes are blue as all energy is drawn to one point
6 Lines in cheeks (dimples) Lines which are deep are blue and develop from inward motion

Inward motion means everything is drawn to a point. Blue facial features display this action with pointed, inward and sharp features.  Symmetry is strength.  Because blue withdraws into the interior, peripheral facial features can lack vital energy.  Asymmetry and curved bones are the result.  Gravity increases with volume protecting the inner core. Pointed, sharp, asymmetrical, recessed/deep and curved features are blue.

Inward motion combats emotional or environmental stress in the same way it protects against microbial invasion – same force – same strategy

Withdrawn – Friendly – Obsessive – Detailed

*Number of facial features classified

Over a ten year period more than 70 features have been classified and clinically tested.  The above images are a sample of some of those features.


  • 2 similar diseases (energies) cannot live in the same body at the same time – the stronger repels the weaker – repulsion – positive to positive (magnets)
  • 2 dissimilar diseases (different energies) the stronger suppresses the weaker
    • Organon 6th Ed  – Hahnemann

Where a miasm is dominant it will rule the body.

Combination force

  • “2 dissimilar diseases (different energies)  of equal strength combine to form a complex disease”

»         Organon 6th Ed  – Hahnemann


Everyone has all three universal forces inside them but only one single force will be dominant.

Each universal force shapes our facial features to the magnitude of which it is capable.  We can know the internal strength of each universal force from the amount of facial features each force creates.  Facial features are created in the image of each universal force. The number and type of facial features is an accurate measurement of internal strength.

The more a universal force is dominant, the more the body comes under its influence.  When a universal force reaches a stage where its influence is stronger than any competitor it becomes dominant and it has full influence over the survival instinct.

When two universal forces are of equal strength, one cannot dominate the other but neither can the other one be suppressed.  The constant interaction of two or three universal forces creates what Hahnemann called a complex disease.

In Homoeopathic Facial Analysis a complex disease is an outcome of this constant interaction between two different forces


Every person has the survival instinct of one of these seven primary or combination forces – Psora, Sycosis, Syphilis, Syco-psora, Syco-syphilis, Tubercular (psora-syphilis) or Cancer (psora-sycosis-syphilis) – also called yellow, red, blue, orange, purple, green or brown.

When a patient’s dominant miasm is known (through their facial features) a corresponding totality remedy (from the same miasm or survival instinct) will bring the emotions and body back into balance more quickly and effectively than just using a totality remedy alone.

Our survival instinct is the key to our health and happiness and once it is understood and managed correctly (through understanding the role of energy in our lives and using the gift of homeopathy) we can flourish in our health and in our relationships with others.

To our readers – If you wish to know more about Homeopathy Facial Analysis, you can get hold of a copy of Grant’s book Appearances and Circumstances and Homeopathy Facial Analysis and you can also visit their website – http://www.vcch.org/index.html

About the author

Grant Bentley

Grant Bentley - Grant"™s qualifications include Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Clinical Hypnosis and a Post Graduate Diploma in Eriksonian Psychotherapy. Grant is the current Principal and senior lecturer of the Victorian College of Classical Homeopathy, a position he has held since 1995.

His book, Appearance and Circumstance (2003) details the nature of miasms and how facial analysis can be used to determine the patient"™s dominant miasm. Homeopathic Facial Analysis (2006) gives detailed descriptions and examples of facial analysis. Soul & Survival (2008) defines how miasms influence us in our daily lives and define our individuality.


  • Fascinating article. I find the implications for inherited psychological
    behavior disorders relevant to survival instincts passed on energetically based on family allegiance: “Human beings can only survive by living in groups. Our survival instinct is specifically designed to keep us important to the group. Traditional roles are how we contribute to the group”

  • Dear Sir, read with interest your new concept of classifying personalities with the help of the shape of the face. I am sure you have done lot of work to come to this conclusion which i expect to help sort out the case initially with much confidence. I thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. Regards

  • Sir,
    Your study is peculiar and fascinating. It may be termed as a wonderful approach in diagnosis, which can make Homeopathy more effective tool.

    It is, however, unfortunate that the hundred or so homeopaths whom I have seen/tried were never found making use of MIASMS.

    R C Nigam

  • As a past student of Grant Bentley’s I have been fortunate to begin my career as a homeopath with a sound working knowledge of HFA. I have used facial analysis in every consultation where the issue has been one of chronic disease. I have been practicing for 4 years and have witnessed many times the remarkable healing effect of homeopathy when a remedy is chosen from the correct colour group. Having facial analysis as a tool made my job as a beginning homeopath so much easier and I approach each new case with confidence regardless of the patient’s age or the complaint. The whole philosophy of HFA has made homeopathy so much easier for me to understand and apply.

  • sir,
    as still a student, i found your article interesting and i feel its a praiseworthy work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Dear sir,
    Thank you for presenting such an important and new direction of miasmatic diagnostic tool. I hope, the homeopathic world would be benifitted more from your research works.
    Lt. col Md. Azizur Rahman(Retd).

  • Very interesting article, thank you. It is mentioned though that the miasm theory contradicts evolution, as creatures/species that fail to adapt to environmental change become extinct. Well, that is EXACTLY what is going to happen to the human species. WE have only been around for about 50,000 years and we are rapidly destroying ourselves and the planet. This ABSOLUTELY confirms Hahnemann’s miasm theory 😉

  • I like the way and the reasoning behind the idea that the miasm is the instinctive survival instinct to an external circumstance. It is exactly the idea behind Sankaran’s Sensations method, and I like it. Sankaran’s ten miasms can be summarized by key words:
    Acute – Sudden, instinctive reaction
    Typhoid – Crisis
    Psora – Deficiency
    Malaria – Intermittent, unfortunate
    Ringworm – Struggle, trying
    Sycotic – Fixed ideas, cover-up
    Tubercular – Hectic, trapped
    Cancer – Control, chaos
    Leprosy – Isolated, displaced
    Syphilis – Destruction, despair

  • A very interesting article. Thought provoking too.

    If used correctly, it could be a valuable tool in finding a good remedy for the patient.

  • Genetic diseases show that even diseases are devolved as are the vital force countering those. Evolution and devolution both are correct. There is no existence without devolution also. Even the tendency to evolve is devolved in the organism. Kent and Hahnemann both are true. There could be no disease without infection and constitutional weakness working simultaneously in the body. Both are faces of the same coin. The writer is one sided in his approach.

  • Hello Dear Mr. Gunther Benkenstein

    Thank you so much for your smart and helpful comments and for mentioning the 10 miasms from Dr.Snkaran’s view.

    I wish complete health and happiness for you and Dear professor Grant Bentley and all human beings to overcome all miasmatic diseases to have balanced constitutions to create the Heaven of Eden on the Earth in this Golden Era. Amen, and it is so.

    Best Wishes and Warmest Regards,
    Dr.Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi

  • I love reading anything Grant Bentley writes. He’s brilliant. I doubt I’ll ever let go of Hahnemann’s concept of miasms being (usually) inherited diseases, though. Modern-day researcher, Lida Mattman, PhD found that when a disease such as syphilis or lyme disease is treated with high dose antibiotics, the bacteria disappear from the blood but it isn’t because they’re all dead. It’s because they have pleomorphed into “stealth” or “hidden” Cell-Wall-Deficient (CWD) bacteria. These CWD bacteria then go infect other places in the body. She says that’s why there’s “Post Lyme Treatment Disease Syndrome” and there’s no such thing as an “autoimmune” disorder because the body isn’t stupid. It isn’t attacking itself—it’s attacking the hidden CWD bacteria. I think that’s what Dr. Hahnemann figured out but he didn’t have the high-powered microscopes or genetic testing used nowadays to prove his theory, at least on paper. Still, it makes sense that the miasms could be the result of our reaction to stress. Maybe we react a certain way to stress because the CWD bacteria of a certain miasm are already there. Maybe that’s what’s really calling the shots. Anyway, thank you, Grant Bentley, for sharing your thoughts! Please write more articles for us!

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