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Homeopathic Remedies for Breast Cancer

breast cancer cause symptoms treatment
Written by Robin Murphy

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About the author

Robin Murphy

Dr. Robin Murphy studied at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) where he was awarded the Hahnemann Scholarship. While at the school he studied with Dr. Ravi Sahni and Dr. John Bastyr. He directed the homeopathy program at NCNM from 1980-1984 and also taught at Bastyr University. He published the Homeopathic Medical Repertory in 1993 which is now in its 3rd edition and the Lotus Materia Medica in 1996 which has been updated three times and is currently titled Nature's Materia Medica. He is currently the director of the Lotus Health Institute, a health education, publishing and research organization dedicated to the promotion of Clinical Homeopathy and Prana Medicine. Dr. Murphy sponsors seminars around the world and has produced over eighty books, audio tapes and papers ranging from M.M., Repertory and Organon studies, to Ancient Biological Cycles, Egyptian Medicine, Herbal Alchemy and Qi Gong. Visit www.LotusHealthInstitute.com for more information on Dr. Murphy and his Clinical Homeopathy Certificate Course.


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  • very useful article an exhaustive work with valuable clinical tips. I profoundly thank HPATHY for publishing this treasure

  • An excellent quick glance of possible remedies to deal with specific issues. I also found reference to Sabal. A remedy I have recently been trying to get more information on.

  • I do not have the right program to open this. If I knew what it as I would download and be able to view? Can someone tell me what the program is?

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