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Homeopathy: A Functional Programmatic Medicine

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Written by Andres Amado Zuno

Andrés Amado Zuno Arce discusses key concepts from his book Homeopathy and Informatics.

homeopathic remedy w pelletsHomeopathy handles not only energy itself but structured information, energy flux programs. The active element in a homeopathic remedy is not energy but the information that energy has and transports, and this produces a reaction in the central nervous system (CNS) through the nerves. Hahnemann himself said that homeopathic remedies act on nerves, although he never mentioned the central nervous system (Organon; paragraphs 16, 272 and 247. “The Chronic Diseases” Pages 45 and 49). The CNS is the system that manages energy fluxes in living organisms. The information in homeopathic remedies has been proven by Benveniste, Ennis and Montagnier. For a deeper understanding of this I have written this document: Programatic Medicine; Homeopathy Is Programatic Medicine.

Everything is energy, but its essence is how it moves, and the way we can see it and intellectually comprehend and handle it is by naming it a “program”.

What is Homeopathy?

In order to correctly typify homeopathy it is necessary to go beyond the traditional concept of Homeopathy, commonly seen as a form of energetic medicine.

In the homeopathic remedies we do not only find energy, but the movement of energy, that is information. We do not handle energy-force but programs of energetic flux, and that is the “healing program”.

To say that homeopathy is an energetic medicine is insufficient, as all therapies use energy: allopathy uses chemical energy; chiropractic uses mechanical energy, and so on. So, establishing homeopathy as a form of energetic medicine, does not give it its proper place and status, which is in fact, different from other types of medicines.


The important thing and which gives identity to everything in the universe, is how energy moves: on one side, the overall program and in the other side, the particular program for each individual or entity.

How does this happen? A flower is formed with carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur, and a large number of other elements, all of them placed in a peculiar way… iron here… sodium over there… and copper further… so forth. A deer and a flower are organized the same way. So the important thing is how energy flows in each part of the whole system, in the energetic flux which we name a flower, a deer or whatever.

The form in which the elements are organized, and how the energy settles down and how it becomes evident, is what has been recognized as “intelligence” or “spirit”, that is, what integrates the program of how the whole and each part functions. And that structure is not only energy in itself but how it becomes evident to our intelligence. A heart is that same thing, energy flowing, and also the stomach and every other organ, tissue and cell.

Now, a disease is not about a balance or imbalance in the Force; it is a problem in the energy flux in the organism. The important thing is that energy must flow where it “should be moving”, and for that there must be a program, and so we can talk about a “heart health program”, another for stomach and for each organ on its own, but also one for the circulatory apparatus, another for the digestive one and the same for each system and/or apparatus.

By necessity, those programs must be processed and controlled by a control center: the central nervous system-computer. In other words, living beings are highly complex systems so we must think that their energy fluxes run through determined routes, which are controlled in a command center.

Thus, we have to understand that we do not handle energy-force but programs.

The phenomenon of life apparition in the germination process and the importance of the program in the seed


In the phenomenon of germination we can clearly see the importance of the program in the emergence of life itself. Let’s imagine a dried seed, inert, something with latent life, and being only a real life possibility. It is a capsule with the total information of how energy has to move plus the chemical elements, and with a bit of heat and water it will produce the wonderful experience of life. A tree was once a seed that did not contain all the energy that tree has, but it had the necessary information, the program of genetic information and based on it the plant was constructed and thus produced the motion of energy which we call “life”… just by adding water and warmth to the seed.

The program in the human body and in all the neuronated beings (those that have neuronal structure and a control center)

As I say in my books (sorry, only in Spanish) and lately in this document, in the superior animals there must be a program for each system and in the entire structure, one for each organic part of them. In the circulatory system there must be a heart function program, another for the veins and one for arteries, and in this way for the entire circulatory system. In the digestive apparatus there is a program for the stomach, another for the intestines, and in that way, for the entire digestive complex.

These programs, working properly, produce good health. When they work wrongly, different from what the health program established, a disease is produced, and in this case, the body has prepared the necessary programs for the normalization of the functioning, which brings us to the presentation of disease.


In previous posts I have said that disease is a dysfunction of the central nervous system (CNS), or the control center of the energy flux in living beings. However that definition was insufficient, because though it is so in some cases, the important aspect is that the program is behind each and every disease, and in some cases, the program is badly processed by the brain, because of a dysfunction of it, or because the program is not working right.

Then we have these aspects of the programmatic medicine: we cause influence directly on the control centers of living beings in order to jump-start the correct healing programs. In other words, the correct functioning of the program is the final goal, not just the control center (the brain in neuronated beings). That is the reason why I use the term: programmatic medicine.


Programmatic medicine is the one that aims directly at how programs (software) operate in living organisms, beings with a central nervous system or a similar control center, such as the apex of the roots (see the work of Stefano Mancuso) or the membrane of the cells (see the work of Bruce Lipton).

We are talking about highly complex functioning processes that require participation of millions of variables and elements: temperature variables, minerals, electricity, and so on. A simple cell is in itself a highly complex universe.

Acupuncture as a therapy or allopathic chemical “medicines” have not this wide field of action..



Homeopathy is programmatic medicine, as it mobilizes energy in order to correct and reestablish the normal function of life and health programs. To say that homeopathy is energetic medicine is insufficient, because the energetic concept forgets information, and the most important of it, structured information: life and health programs.


The author’s book is Homeopathy and Informatics

Andrés Amado Zuno Arce. Lic. (México) is Associate Professor. Universidad Candegabe de Homeopatía y Escuela de homeopatía del Instituto Hahnemanniano Internacional – Argentina

Below are informal comments by various homeopaths and educators on        Andrés Amado Zuno Arce’s book : Homeopathy and Informatics. (note: the translations or rather rough)

Dr. José Alejandro Almaguer González, director of Traditional Medicine and Intercultural Development in the General Direction of Planning and Development of the Ministry of Health ([email protected]), Mexico:

“Congratulations …I think you hit upon how to figure out the mechanism of cure of Homeopathy, a deeply transcendent situation, since not even Hahnemann, knew how… ”

Dr. Paolo Bellavite: (“Paolo Bellavite” <[email protected]>) Author of one of the most famous books in the topic, in the world: “The emerging science of homeopathy” North Atlantic Books, Teacher and Investigator of the University of Verona, Italy:

I “agree on 90%, but the brain cannot be compared with a computer”

Néstor Brizuela: (“Néstor Brizuela” <[email protected]>, ) Former President of the Hahnemannian International Institute (Argentina) Director of the Center of Homeopathic Studies of Argentina “Farma Green”, creator of the theory of the Psiconosodes.

“I find important your informatics work and that you are 100 years ahead in the scientific knowledge. In and of itself the Center already disaplays your theories and it makes the following recognition.. (The Center honored me with an Associate Professor degree laureate)

Dr. Marcelo Candegabe. Director of the Candegabe University, Argentina. (www.universidadcandegabe.org) Presenter and exhibitor of hundreds of works and papers in congresses, courses, symposia, forums. Author of 5 books. “… I agree with you in almost all the concepts; however I see…maybe some summations a little forced as that of the “Software of the human body”. In any way I coincide fully in that what homoeopaths denominate “immaterial” is the information implied in the implied order of the universe like David Bohm wanted it. I have the full security that the enlightening road of the homeopathy goes with these concepts. I thank you again for the effort, for the publication of this work that I don’t doubt it will illuminate others in the same sense. As I make it in my school, recently in a course in Spain I mentioned your book. Your book is not the Bible, but there is nothing like it”

Dr. Minerva Castro Sotelo: (Phone; 33- Guadalajara, Mexico) Homeopathic Doctor, Graduate in; Hypnosis Eriksoniana, Alfabiótica, Family Therapy, Psicoenergética, Atty. in Social Work: “my personal impression is that it is a brilliant work”

Dr. Victorio L Contento.. (q. p. d): Argentina. Author of several dozens of books on homeopathy, Founder of the Hahnemannian International Institute, Argentina:

“Your discoveries have also surprised a strong group of professional friends of mine that send without exceptions their strong congratulations to you”

Dr. José Dorazco Valdez: (“Jose Dorazco Valdez” <[email protected]>) Professor of the Faculty of Medicine, Universidad de Guadalajara, México. Author, allopath:

“Audacious postulates, speculative-in the term that each wants to give to the term-disturbing ones, in a word, revolutionaries”

Dr. Guillermo Esquivias Leaño: Former Director of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Guadalajara, U. DE G. author of numerous works, allopath pos graduated in Germany:

“You are opening a way…it is a revolutionary book”

Dr. J. Trinidad González Gutiérrez: (Q. E. P. D) author of 6 books, the students’ of medicine of the University of Guadalajara Dean, former professor of full time of the Faculty of Medicine and of the School of Infirmary of the same University: “A new interpretation of Medicine. Interesting”

Dr. José Raúl Guerrero Campos: (“jose raul guerrero ramos” [email protected]) Author of 4 homeopathy books:

“never in such a clear, overwhelming and intense way I have read and assimilated a book, your book; you approach the topic in a doctoral way: your analogies are worthy of the most conversant, precise and concise, still the more ones “me boy” can understand them easily, in and of itself for you my most sincere recognition, lawyer, doctor in sciences, researcher… your positions, now hypothesis, I wait tomorrow a new theory for the homeopathy; they should originate a peaceful revolution of medicine”

Dr. Carlos U. Häubi Segura:( “Carlos Haubi Segura” [email protected]) Author of the “Stewart’s Acid-basic Theory” book, allopath, researcher in the Universidad de Aguascalientes, México:

“This book (Homeopathy and Informatics) will help to open the black boxes of the operation of the organism which is not more than an enormous system of cybernetic regulation”

Dr. Agustín Huerta Carrascosa. Homeopathist doctor. Professor of several homeopathy schools among which the most important is the School of Homeopathic Doctors of the State of Jalisco, Mexico, and co-founder of this school. He said at the end of a conference to 26 doctors of the aforementioned school: “If Mr. Hahnemann had been here, he would have been agreeing with the head to all that you have said”

Dr. Luis Ramón Luja Alvarado: Former a full time professor of the National School of Medicine and Homeopathy of the National Polytechnic Institute, México (University) author of 6 homeopathy books:

“In my book “Scientific Practice of the Homeopathic Therapy” 1(1996) I said; “the homeopathy is essentially the great regulator of the neurovegetativ functions” You go notably deeper in the topic. I wish you advance in your investigation”

Dr. Vidal Macías: Former a full time professor of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Guadalajara, allopath:

“When several years ago you commented to me your ideas that illness is a dysfunction of the S. N. C. and that to cure could consist on inferring somehow in this system, I told you that it sounded like science fiction theories. Now, after reading your book I can say that I like it and that in general the concepts I find there are with scientific basis.”

Dr. Gabriel Medaglia: Professor of the Paschero School of Homeopathy, Argentina, comment to Néstor Brizuela:

“Che, very good your friend’s book” and he sends you greetings. He told me “very praiseworthy what had made that man.”

Dr. Gerardo Morriello.( “gerardo morriello” [email protected]) Professor of the Escuela de Medicina Homeopática Argentina:

“I received it in my hands, thanks to my friend Dr. Sergio Rozenholc ([email protected]), the book Homeopathy and Informatics written by Andrés Zuno Arce in Mexico, explaining the relationship of the computer with the human body; I found correct reflections. For that reason I share them with my dear readers” www.elhomeopatico.com.ar


Mayo/Junio 2007 – Number 33 – Year VI

Dr. Rigoberto Ortega Gutiérrez: Author of several books. One of them; Scientific concept, Psicofilosófico of the Why and How the Homeopathic Therapy Works to Improve the Health of the Human being. (Concepto Científico, Psicofilosófico del Por Qué y Cómo la Terapéutica Homeopática Acciona para Mejorar la Salud del Ser Humano) “I congratulate you for what you have achieved in your book. It is a genius work”

Dr. Félix Paredes Legoff ([email protected]): allopath, homoeopath, acupuncturist, practitioner, professor:

“I made an analogy of homeopathy with the fuel injection systems, for the work of the computer in the handling of the operation of the motor. We coincide totally. You made a sensational work”

Dr. Gustavo Pirra ([email protected]): Former President of the Homeopathic Medical Association of Argentina, congress member, journalist, teacher in the same Association. “You approach the illness topic wisely. For me in fact the whole effort of Hahnemann, the one that I agree with, was to demonstrate that disease is an immaterial phenomenon of physical manifestation. That is to say that we only perceive the manifestation of the immaterial underlying morbid process that thinks about outside of the matter-energy. Thank you to bring closer to us so much information!”

Dr. Sergio Arturo Ruiz Zamitiz (q. p d.): Former – President of the College of Medical Surgeons and Homoeopaths from Mexico: “In the chapter VI we find a never develop a theory mentioned for the homeopathy…after reading it, the whole weekend it left me thinking… ”

Dr. Guillermo Sierra Martínez: (“Guillermo Sierra Mtz” [email protected]) Former full time professor in the Faculty of Medicine. Universidad de Guadalajara, Former director of research in it:

“Interesting reading…. it is read until it ends…. it is a book that has to have echo”

Dr. José Antonio Ugartechea M. (“Jose Antonio Ugarte chea” [email protected]) President of Homeopathy of Guadalajara, A. C.:

“I like your approach… also my dad (José A. Ugartechea García de León, author of six homeopathy books) thought this way but we never wrote it.

Dr. Raúl Vargas López: (“Dr. Raúl Vargas López” [email protected]) Former Dean of the Health Sciences University Center (Centro Unversitario de Ciencias de la Salud); Former Director of the Faculty of Medicine; Former a Full Time Teacher, and former Vice Rector, all that in the University of Guadalajara, México, allopath: I “believe that your book is of importance and that it should be read by the doctors of all the tendencies, as well as for all hard-working person in the health sector and students”


Antonio Villa Herrejón: Founder of the School of Homeopathic Doctors of the State of Jalisco, Mexico, and exhibitor in dozens of symposia, congresses, and forums; (Same place): “It is “a very contemporary interpretation. And guessed right”


Dr. Rosalía Villoldo Pérez ([email protected]): master in homeopathy, member of the AMHA, organizer of the 2009 and 2010 homeopathic Virtual Congress, Argentina: “you are the scientist and the philosopher that contributes to the homeopathy with new thinking”

Dr. Eduardo Ángel Yahbes: President of the Homeopathic Medical Association of Argentina, Founder of the Federation of Argentinean Homeopathic Associations, joint author of two homeopathy books, teacher of the Homeopathic Medical Association Argentina and former director of Post Graduate degree of the same one, awarded-laureate by the University of Buenos Aires: ” a new paradigm for Medicine… an indispensable book for homeopathy and medicine in general… ”

Luis Zepeda Castañeda: Author of twenty-seven books, seven of homeopathy: Co-founder of the College of Homeopathic Doctors of the State of Jalisco, Mexico, and of Homeopathy of Guadalajara, A. C. (Same place): scientifically correct theories”

About the author

Andres Amado Zuno

Andres Amado Zuno Arce is Associate Professor of the "Universidad Candegabe de Homeopatía" Argentina, and also of the "Escuela de Homeopatía del Instituto Hahnemanniano Internacional" also from Argentina. He is author of two books about homeopathy: "Homeopatía e Informática" and "Acupuntura y Homeopatía.


  • Enhorabuena Profesor Andrés Amado Zuno Arce …
    Toda mi admiración y respeto reciba un cordial saludo …
    Ma. del Consuelo Olvera Cuellar

  • Homeopathy is a natural medicine developed by a German physician Samuel Hahnemann, He discovered that the same substance that could cause a reaction in a person could also be a treatment for someone suffering from similar symptoms.homeopathic medicines are safe and better than allopethic medicines so we should always use homeopathic medicines instead of allopethic medicines.

  • Dear friend Anuj: Homeopathy is not a natural medicine, is man made. Master Hahnemann made it up. Homeoremedies are man made and we do not find them in nature.
    Now, from my Programmatic Medicine approach the molecular way homeoremedies act is not the most important aspect of homeopathy, but what they produce at the end, and that is triggering to work healing programs through a nervous system reaction of the information homeoremedies have. The question is now: how this molecular aspect of homeoremedies infers in nerves producing the CNS- brain healing reaction? Let’s remember Master Hahnemann knew the homeoremedies influence in nerves: Organon; paragraphs 16, 272 and 247. The Chronic Diseases; Pages 45 and 49

    Best regards.

  • Hola Andrés,
    Me ha parecido realmente interesante tu propuesta programática. ¿Dónde puedo conseguir una copia de tu libro Medicina Programática?
    Narain M.H

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