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Homeopathy Clinical Tips and Important News – July 2023

Homeopathy clinical tips and important news. Tips on artificial intelligence, tips from Drs. T.F. Allen and E.A. Farrington.

Warning on Artificial General Intelligence

80 artificial intelligence scientists and more than 200 other notable figures signed a statement that says “mitigating the risk of extinction from AI [artificial intelligence] should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”
Lead signatory Geoffrey Hinton, often called “the godfather of AI,” resigned from his job at Google in order to speak more freely about the dangers associated with AI. Asked about the chances of the technology “wiping out humanity,” Hinton warned that “it’s not inconceivable.”

AI Could Lead to Human ‘Extinction,’ Nearly 300 Experts Warn

Tips from Dr. T.F. Allen

Oxalicum Acidum
Angina pectoris, with numbness, pains < least motion, like short stitches, confined to a small spot, lasting a few seconds; sharp darting pain in l. lung and in the heart, with forced expiration.

Has proved valuable in obstinate hiccough on the slightest provocation, talking, laughing, eating or any motion.

Cough is usually < night, after lying down, often ending with choking and vomiting and with cold sweat, sometimes provoked by tickling in larynx as from a feather

A peculiar fancy that another person is sick in the same bed has been verified in many cases of low fever.

Bufo Rana
Epilepsy coming on at the time of the menses.

Phosphoric Acidum
A feeling as if a bone were scraped with a knife.

Cicuta Virosa
Convulsions from injuries, chorea-like, epileptiform, tetanic, puerperal, from worms, from indigestion, with insensibility, jerking of eyeball, muscles of the face and whole body, face red hot, sweaty or with violent opisthotonos, tetanic rigidity of the whole body.

Apocynum Cannabinum
Cases of hydrocephalus have been cured; patients do not have the screaming out which characterizes Apis.

Intermittent neuralgia of right eyeball, extending to forehead and temple, < afternoon.

Baryta Muriatica
Some remarkable cases of aneurism have been reported cured by this drug; one particularly of the descending aorta, in which death seemed inevitable, entirely cured in six months

Cadmium Sulphuratum
Black vomit of yellow fever or of other diseases.

Chromicum Acidum
Epithelioma of tongue

Digitalis p.
A sudden crashing noise in the head, with frightened starting up, has led to the use of Digitalis. Cerebral meningitis, state of effusions, albuminous urine, slow or feeble and irregular pulse, cold sweat.

Dioscorea Villosa
Colic from the passage of gall-stones, pain shooting into chest and arms, with terrible eructations. Colic from passage of gravel from kidneys, pains shoot up into kidneys and down into testicles and legs.
T.F. Allen – Handbook of Materia Medica

Tips from Dr. E.A. Farrington

Glonoine, we find to be our best remedy for the effects of heat, whether the trouble arises from the direct rays of the sun, from hot weather or from working in the intense beat of a furnace, as in the case of foundrymen and machinists.

Apomorphia causes and cures vomiting. Now this vomiting is not the kind for which you give Ipecac. It is a reflex vomiting usually from the brain. Yon may utilize this effect of the drug in vomiting of cerebral origin.

Helleborus is similar to Digitalis in the slowness of the pulse. The respiration is also slow and the temperature of the body is greatly diminished, often being as low as 95° or 96° F. There is generally cerebral disease,

Spigelia has sharp pain shooting through the heart to the back, or radiating from the heart and down the arm or over the chest and down the spine. Palpitation worse from any movement of the arm, thrilling or purring sensation felt over the cardiac region.

Stramonium is indicated in scarlatina when we have violent symptoms present, something like those seen in Belladonna. The face is very red, prostration is excessive, skin is apt to be very dry and hot without as much of the hot sweat as we find in Belladonna.

Nux Vomica
Nux vomica is indicated for the bad taste in the mouth and the headache worse in the morning from excessive smoking.

A Clinical Materia Medica – Dr. E.A. Farrington

Susan B. Anthony and Homeopathy
Most of the 19th century feminists and suffragists were advocates of homeopathic medicine. It is therefore not surprising that Susan B. Anthony was a homeopathic patient. Her homeopathic physician was Julia Holmes Smith, MD, another activist in the social reform movement.

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