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Hope, Heart & Homeopathy: Some Experiences with Omicron, a Variant of Covid-19

Dr. Gyandas G. Wadhwani, having treated more than 6000 Covid cases, reports on recent successes in treating patients with the Omicron variant. Ten brief case summaries are presented.

On 26 November 2021, WHO designated the variant B.1.1.529 a variant of concern, and named it Omicron.  This decision was based on the evidence that Omicron has several mutations that may have an impact on how it behaves, for example, on how easily it spreads or the severity of illness it causes.

While researchers in South Africa and across the globe are trying to figure out the transmissibility, effectiveness of available vaccines, diagnostics and available conventional treatment protocols, homeopathic physicians are already treating them with the fundamental principles or Simili (Simillimum), Mono (Single remedy) and Mini (Minimum dose).

After having treated more than 6000 Covid cases since the onset of pandemic, the only thing I can say with utter humbleness to fellow professionals and humanity at large is that homeopathy is a far more cost effective and gentler therapeutic method (no side effects) in preventing, treating and curing this pandemic. Ours is a noble profession indeed!

It is also observed that the effect of homeopathic medication on the diseased patient can be observed within 12-24 hours of intake of medicines. This was explained by Hahnemann in the following aphorisms:

  • 250: When, to the observant practitioner who accurately investigates the state of the disease, it is evident, in urgent cases after the lapse of only six, eight or twelve hours, that he has made a bad selection in the medicine last given, in that the patient’s state is growing perceptibly, however slightly, worse from hour to hour, by the occurrence of new symptoms and sufferings, it is not only allowable for him….
  • 253: Among the signs that, in all diseases, especially in such as are of an acute nature, inform us of a slight commencement of amelioration or aggravation that is not perceptible to everyone, the state of mind and the whole demeanor of the patient are the most certain and instructive. In the case of ever so slight an improvement we observe a greater degree of comfort, increased calmness and freedom of the mind, higher spirits – a kind of return of the natural state. In the case of ever so small a commencement of aggravation we have, on the contrary, the exact opposite of this: a constrained helpless, pitiable state of the disposition, of the mind, of the whole demeanor, and of all gestures, postures and actions, which may be easily perceived on close observation, but cannot be described in words.

Footnote § 253: The signs of improvement in the disposition and mind, however, may be expected only soon after the medicine has been taken when the dose has been sufficiently minute (i.e., as small as possible), an unnecessary large dose of even the most suitable homoeopathic medicine acts too violently, and at first produces too great and too lasting a disturbance of the mind and disposition to allow us soon to perceive the improvement in them. I must here observe that this so essential rule is chiefly transgressed by presumptuous tryos in homoeopathy, and by physicians who are converted to homoeopathy from the ranks of the old school. From old prejudices these persons abhor the smallest doses of the lowest dilutions of medicine in such cases, and hence they fail to experience the great advantages and blessings of that mode of proceeding which a thousandfold experience has shown to be the most salutary; they cannot effect all that homoeopathy is capable of doing, and hence they have no claim to be considered its adherents.

In the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity of treating a few (pre-diagnosed) Omicron cases telephonically from Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, UK & India, a few of which I am sharing with my colleagues.

Case no 1: A 62 year old male consulted for persisting cough, shortness of breath (SPO2 86-88), loss of sleep, profound prostration and subnormal temperature (97-98F). There was an accompanying headache with a sinking empty feeling in epigastrium. Every attempt to eat solid food triggered shortness of breath. The patient was a nervous wreck with a near complete loss of sleep. Besides conventional treatment, he had been prescribed Arsenic alb, Bryonia, Hepar sulph, Spongia and Sulphur. Nine doses of Kali phos 200 (TID) provided instant relief starting with more than 12 hours of continuous sleep (after 2nd dose). Tested negative on day 5.

Case no 2: A 58 year old female complained of low-grade fever, persisting cough with dipping SPO2 since previous 7 days. Each cough had a pronounced rattle and there was profuse yellow expectoration. There was low appetite and thirst with, yellow coated tongue and desire for open air. Every forced intake of steam inhalation made her stuffy nose worse and triggered pain in sinuses. After failure of corticosteroids, nebulisation and antibiotics, Kali sulph 200 provided instant relief within 12 hours. Recovered and tested negative on day 6.

Case no 3: A 29 year old man consulted for persisting fever (101-103F) with shaking chills (wanted to be held down), drowsiness and constant inclination to yawn and sleep. He also felt a heaviness in the occipital region, with a persisting cough, difficulty on breathing, running fluent nasal catarrh, hoarseness. After symptomatic relief with conventional meds, Gelsemium 1000 provided instant cure.

Case no 4: An 18 year old male consulted for shaking chills with shortness of breath (SPO2 90-92), gradually worsening prostration and elevated temperature (101-102F). There was an accompanying body ache with running nose and sore throat. There was also a strong craving to drink hot soup. A few doses of Calcarea ars 200 provided instant relief in the shaking chills and later on a few doses of Calcarea ars 1M led to a complete cure. Tested negative on day 6.

Case no 5: A 28 year old lady consulted for persisting fever (100-102F) with tired achy feeling in muscles all over for last 4 days. She had been prescribed a course of antibiotics after testing positive along with other conventional drugs. She was, however, intensely bothered by constant irritation in her throat with intense burning as if from coals of fire with hoarseness. Much against the wishes of family members she used to steal cold water to drink since that was the only thing that provided relief. A few doses of Phytolacca 200 relieved and cured her.

Case no 6: A young chap was feeling feverish and tired and in spite of numerous office colleagues testing positive, he just wanted to sleep it off, without informing his family members about it. When his wife contacted for his medicines a couple of days later, after finding his temperature hovering around 103-104F and dipping (SPO2 89-90), she also informed that whenever the family woke him up, he just wanted a have orange juice. A few doses of Acid phos 1000 jolted him out of his slumber and he recovered.

Case no 7: An anxious septuagenarian lady reached clinic on testing covid positive. Her hot palms, circumscribed red hot cheeks, persisting cough followed by eructation, and dipping (SPO2 89-90) were the indications amongst usual covid clinical features, which pointed out Sanguinaria canadensis. A few doses of 200 and later 1000 potency cured her and she tested negative on day 5 of treatment.

Case no 8: A lady in mid-thirties, working with the health ministry of Govt of India, developed high fever along with excessive body ache, running nose, intense throat pain. She had tested positive after a few of her colleagues had been diagnosed with Covid. She had lost her appetite and strength. She only craved for a warm room, warm compresses and she could only retain a little bit of warm drinks inside. Her tongue was smooth and devoid of papillae. When I enquired about her home, she pointed out that her bedroom has a leaking roof and some fungus on the wall with a foul odor. 3 doses of Pyrogenium 200 were all that was required to improve her health and result in her testing negative 5 days later.

Case no 9: A businessman in his mid-thirties travelled to Israel and on return felt intense shooting pain in left anterior half of head along with ipsilateral eyeball, with marked photosensitivity and intolerance of any sudden movement. A few hours later he developed sore throat with intense post nasal drip, body ache and fever with chills, which triggered some restlessness and anxiety. He lost appetite and there was a foul taste in his mouth as if he had taken something rotten. He also preferred being in a quiet place and lying with head elevated. After feeling worse with conventional medications over two days, he received a few doses of Spigelia antihelminthica 200, which relieved him of his misery after the very first dose.

Case no 10: A retired corporate employee, suffered with intense sore throat and fever (100-101F) after a few days of partying at a family wedding. There was too much of liquor, binge eating, late nights, dancing and his tonsils were swollen. Rhus toxicodendron in 200 and later 1000 potency relieved his symptoms. However,  while visiting a colleague in hospital (who was later diagnosed with Omicron) he developed high fever and profound weakness, with intense coughing. There was also marked sore throat and the pain only subsided with a few sips of hard liquor. Also, the fever reduced with perspiration that stained his undergarments yellowish. A few doses of Selenium 200 relieved his symptoms and he tested negative on 8th day.

About the author

Gyandas Wadhwani

Gyandas G. Wadhwani M.D.(Hom) Consultant Homeopathic Physician & Inde-pendent Researcher Holistic Homoeopathic Clinic & Research Center, New Delhi, India. Member Aude Sapere groups: South Africa & New Delhi Editorial board member: American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine Former Chief Medical Officer (NFSG) (Homeopathy), Directorate of Ayush, Govt of National Capital Territory of Delhi, India. Former Senior Lecturer Organon of Medicine & Homeopathic Philoso-phy, Dr B R Sur Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Govt of National Capital Territory of Delhi, India. Email: [email protected]


  • Having just recovered from the Covid virus I feel slightly less energetic but generally fine after three weeks. I took Gelsemium, Nux Vomica and Chelidonium. However I have lost my sense of smell. Have you found a remedy for that please?

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  • Great examples showing how identifying the characteristic and striking symptoms leads to the curative remedy. Thank you for sharing.

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