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Revisiting: Five-Year-Old Saved by the Aggravation Zapper!

Elaine gives the answer to the last quiz of 2010.

Shana, we are finally back to our old format!

So, no more “completely different” quizzes?

No, Shana, the whole thing seems to have backfired!  People went screaming out of the building!


It may be the best way to clear a room ever devised–better, even, than yelling, “Fire!” in a crowded theater!

I had no idea!  I’ll have to try it sometime!  So, if we’re back to normal, does this mean you have another case?

Indeed, Shana, I do!

Whose case is it?


Me again?????!!!!

Shana, think of yourself as a valued asset to the homeopathic community!  Now, it all started just about half an hour ago.  You were in the potty…..

Bathroom, mom, bathroom; I’m not five years old anymore!

Are you sure?

Mom!  OK, let me help you with this because you’re taking too long!  I was in the bathroom and I called out to you and said, “Mom, can eating spicy food give you diarrhea?” And you said, “Yes, it can.”

So, I came running in with a dose of a remedy in the 30C potency.

But it didn’t do anything.

So, I came in again and looked at you.  Actually, you were hard to miss; you were completely bent over!  Your back was parallel with the floor!  I said, “What the heck is going on here?”

And I said I was having sharp pains.

With that, I came back with ______________________200C, one pellet.

It actually made me worse!!!

Yes; and while that would have caused your average homeopath’s head to explode, I knew exactly what to do!

I remember!  You said, “This is a job for….THE AGGRAVATION ZAPPER!”

And you said, “What the heck is that?”

Well, what is it?

It’s totally Diane Fuller’s invention!  I went to the kitchen, turned on the cold water, took out a medium size disposable cup, filled it with water, dropped in a pellet of what I gave you, ________200C, waited a second, then dumped it out and refilled it with water 12 times, then gave you a sip of the 12th cup!  In about five minutes, you straightened up, sat normally, peed, and it was all over, case closed!

Then I went back to watching “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”.

“How The Grinch Stole Christmas”?  Hey, you said you weren’t five years old anymore, and I believed you!

If anyone knows what the remedy was, write to my mom at [email protected], the answer will be in the January, 2011 issue of the ezine–see you next year!

I knew you hadn’t stopped being five!

Mommmmmmm!!!!  By the way, I think I’m feeling better.  Is it safe for me to have my pizza now?

P.S. I thought about whether or not to even include this, as it has no bearing on the remedy selection; but, what do you do when a case relapses?  Well, that’s exactly what happened!  A few minutes ago, Shana was back in the bathroom again!  I said, Oh no!  What to do now?  The last dose aggravated, remember?  But, I still had the antidoting cup sitting on the counter–I hadn’t thrown it away!  So what did I do?  I stirred the cup with a straw and gave her another sip.  Guess what?  It worked right away, no aggravation!  On her way out of the bathroom, Shana said, “Can I have my pizza now?”





So, how did we do?  You can see by the vote count above that not too many people participated but those who did were not fooled!  The overwhelming majority went for our winner, Colocynthis!  Maryam from Pakistan was right on target when she said:

Hi Elaine!
Hope you are fine,
I feel good to contact you after approximately one month.
My answer is Colocynthis for the striking symptoms SHARP PAINS IN ABDOMEN WHICH COMPELS THE PATIENT TO BEND DOUBLE.
Hope I am right.
Maryam from Pakistan.

Thank you Maryam; yes, you are right!

Our friend Eva not only got the answer right but knew which remedy I gave first–Nux Vomica!  I decided on the basis of this that Eva is my twin!  I have since confirmed this by verifying the following: My favorite color? Green.  Eva’s favorite color?  Green!  Next: I have confirmed that Eva and I both like the Rolling Stones!!!!!  And finally, Eva has a kitchen, and I have a kitchen!  Coincidence?  I think not!

Now, was it enough getting the remedy right in this case?  Noooooooooo!!!!!!  Because it aggravated!!!!!  Is this a good thing?  Nooooo!!!  Unavoidable sometimes, yes.  But should people have to suffer when there’s something you can do about it?  Noooooo!!!!  So, the Aggravation Zapper is a very important part of my practice!  Wouldn’t you rather impress people with how you can handle things rather than saying dumb things like, “It’s good for you!”  You know what’s great about the Aggravation Zapper?  It only antidotes the aggravation, not the remedy!  Now I’m going to explain this again very quickly:  Take one pellet or one drop of the potency that aggravated, drop it into a medium or large disposable cup of water, turn on the cold water faucet, dump out the cup–yes the pellet will be dumped out too–refill, dump out, refill, dump out, refill, dump out, do this a number of times, 10 times for example, and then have a sip.  For more details on this method, see “The Aggravation Zapper”:

Shana, who are our winners?

Our winners are…..

Maryam, Eva, Lucio, Sebastiano and Anirudh!

Congratulations, everybody! …. See you next time!

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  • Hi Elaine!
    I also knew that the first remedy you gave was Nux.Vom,but I didnt mention it 🙁
    Anyways! I am soooooooo glad to hear about my favorite Elaine’s coming interview in the next ezine.If it will come in March ezine then my happiness will go double because of my first wedding anniversary in March 🙂

  • OMG! Maryam, are you saying that you also knew that the first remedy I gave was Nux vomica??? OMG, do you know what that means? Triplets! I am one of a set of triplets, separated at birth! Wait a minute…do you like The Rolling Stones? Do you have a kitchen? What’s your favorite color? Fingers crossed!!!!!

  • Oh yes!!
    I am your confirmed triplet…
    you have two eyes,I have too
    you have a single nose,OMG!!! I also have a single nose
    you have two ears,two hands,two legs,hair on you head,teeth in your mouth and bla bla bla…
    My goodness!! I too have these… 😉
    So Elaine!
    When will you come Pakistan to meet your triplet???

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