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The Aggravation Zapper

Diane Fuller’s “Aggravation Zapper” is a homeopathic remedy you make yourself that can be used to stop an aggravation. A correctly-chosen remedy, if given too often, or in too high a potency, can result in a worsening of symptoms. Stop the remedy and follow the directions below to Zap the Aggravation.

   Black ink = Elaine  

 Elaine @ Sabrinas

Blue ink = Diane    


(Hint:  To see the directions quickly, just scroll down and read the large print that’s the same size as this.  Then you can come back and leisurely read the rest of the article.)


Diane!  Imagine running into you here in cyberspace!  What was the likelihood, who would have thought!?  

Didn’t I run into you this morning?  And didn’t you say, “One day I will come for you.  It may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow.  It could even be when you least expect it!  Or whatever’s good for you, who cares.”

I said that???  What was I on?!  Well, as you may remember, I interviewed you for the Aug. 2004 issue of the Hpathy ezine, and buried in that interview was a gem: your priceless “Aggravation Zapper!”  Ever since then, people have been swearing by it!  Clearly, it should not be buried in an interview but should have its own title so that people can google “homeopathic aggravation” and find it!  So, without further ado, I’d like to show you why we need to get this information out in the open and fast!

A colleague once told me she gave her husband Phosphorus 30C for an illness and he had an aggravation: he doubled over in pain and cried!  Of course, she antidoted the remedy right away!  When she told her practitioner about it, he said, “Why did you do that?  The remedy was working!”  (Grr!)  

I seriously have to wonder if anyone has read The Organon by Samuel Hahnemann!

Let me explain what an aggravation is:

Picture heavy-weight boxing champion, Muhammad Ali, getting knocked down in the ring by “high potency” Sonny Liston.  That’s an aggravation!

But Ali recovers, gets up, and comes back swinging!  Down goes the “illness” (Sonny) and that’s the curative response!!!!

Now, what happens if Ali never recovers, if you keep knocking him down or if you hit him so hard that he can’t get up?  Well, that’s what happens when you give too high a potency, or you keep dosing even when you know there’s been an aggravation.  Either way, no recovery is possible!  That is…until now!   

Now we have Diane Fuller’s “Aggravation Zapper” to allow Muhammad Ali to pull himself together and bounce back to his old self.  So, Diane, the floor is yours!  I’ll just be right over here.  Or here. 

Thanks, Elaine, for that informative segue into boxing!  I am still getting emails about our 2004 interview – many of them wanting to know how to antidote a remedy.
homeopathic remedies is such a simple process and it can save so much needless suffering on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, etc. –  that I’d like to begin by telling you about one of my first tries at antidoting an aggravation.

This isn’t going to take long, is it?  I’m supposed to be sky-diving at noon.

I’m sure you’ll be able to keep your sky-diving appointment.  I can’t remember where I read about this method…. but …It was in 1994.  I had given a woman 2 granules of Phosphorus 1M which matched her symptoms very well.  She was pleased with the results.  There was only one problem.  The diarrhea that she had experienced with the cholera she contracted while in India 10 years previously, returned.  That was a good sign, we thought, because of Hering’s Law of Cure (“return of old symptoms”).  She was going back through her past illnesses and was feeling much better in every way.  But after a month, the diarrhea was still there and she was becoming weak from it.  I decided that I had better do something to stop the diarrhea at that point.  So, I put 2 granules of Phosphorus 1M into a dropper bottle with some distilled water and vodka and told her to put 1 drop from the dropper bottle into a glass of water and take 1 teaspoon once daily (succussing the dropper bottle before each dose) until the diarrhea stopped.  Within hours, she noticed a difference, and by the third day, the diarrhea had gone completely.

Well, Diane, that wasn’t confusing at all!!!!!

I’ve simplified it greatly since then.

Thank goodness!

In fact, one of the most wonderful discoveries I have made during those years is that this method is not only useful for homeopathic remedies, but for “aggravations” from ANY SUBSTANCE (including toxins, drugs and allergens) as well.

For example, I have seen people who have had reactions to medications, take a tiny amount of that medication (scratch a few grains from the pill) and after diluting it in a large glass of water and dumping and refilling the glass several times (which is similar to diluting and succussing a homeopathic remedy) before taking a sip, will usually find relief from it.  But I am getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?

Oh no, not at all!!!!   But, let’s quickly give some specific instructions!

Good idea!

To antidote (“zap”) a homeopathic remedy, I usually put a granule or pellet of the potency that aggravated into a glass of water (about 10 oz) and then dump and immediately refill the glass, continuing this dumping and refilling until the desired glass is reached.  (Yes, the granule will be dumped out of the glass the first time – you don’t have to wait for it to dissolve – the remedy is already in the water as soon as the granule hits it.)  Then, take a sip.

Let’s just clarify that the patient is standing at the sink with the cold water running.  He has a medium-to-large cup of water (I would suggest a disposable cup, Diane, don’t tell people to use the good glassware for remedies, everything should be disposable!)

So, again, to be clear, you’re standing at the sink, cold water on; fill up a paper or plastic cup with water, drop in a remedy pellet, dump out the cup, refill with running water, dump out, refill, dump out, refill …. stop somewhere and take a small sip!  It could be the 6th cup, it could be the 12th cup or the 10th cup, pick one, probably any one of those will stop the aggravation!

Diane, what if you aggravated on a liquid potency?

Then drop in 1 drop instead of 1 pellet.  (Do NOT succuss or shake the liquid bottle first, I cannot say this enough times!) and continue in the same way as above.

If the remedy is in powder form, put a tiny amount – less than 1/8 tsp of the powder into the cup of water.  The idea is to put a tiny amount of the substance into a large amount of water, dump out and refill a number of times, then take a sip.

I tell people to “turn the tap on full blast”–but not so much of a blast that you get water all over the place.  When they are making an antidote in this way, the force of the water coming into the cup “succusses” the substance while the continued refilling of the cup dilutes the substance.  As you know Elaine, to make a homeopathic remedy, you have to dilute and succuss.

Right ………. .

Now, the best way to decide how many times to dump and refill the cup is by muscle testing!  Otherwise, you must just guess at how many cups you need to go to.  You could try the 6th, the 12th or 24th cup, etc.  If you can’t do muscle testing, just take one dose and see what happens, wait an hour, and then decide if another dose should be taken.  We can’t know these things in advance and every person is different.

I hasten to add that 99% of the time, the remedy is antidoted after one sip, but give it an hour at least.

That’s what I’ve seen too–that one sip is enough.

If nothing happens after an hour, you might want to double the number of cups and try again.  For example, if you have antidoted in the 6th cup and nothing happened after an hour, try going to the 12th cup.  I usually wait at least 1 hour before diluting the remedy again in this way.

This method also works if you have eaten something that you are reacting badly to.

Can you give us an example?

One woman had eaten some bread that for some reason did not agree with her and she felt very ill almost immediately!  She put a crumb of the bread into a glass of water and continued dumping and refilling the glass until she reached the 12th cup and then took a sip.  Almost immediately, the symptoms went away.

Amazing!!!!  No one would believe that in a million years!

Sometimes people feel sick after eating out or just eating a meal consisting of several ingredients, and are not sure what it was that has caused the problem.  I have often seen the symptoms go away very quickly if they just “spit in a glass” of water, and then dump and refill the glass several times to make a remedy.  Whatever is causing the problem is in the saliva and a small amount of it will make a homeopathic remedy to antidote the symptoms.

Diane, I know this is a fact because I tried it!  I hasten to add though, that on another occasion, it didn’t work, but the indicated remedy–Pulsatilla (ailments from fat)–did, so, don’t throw your remedies away, people; you still need them!  Nonetheless, I think what you’re saying here is truly a revelation!

Now, here’s a scenario for you:  After antidoting in the 12th cup, the person feels a little bit better only.  Should he wait?  Should he go to cup-24 or stay with cup 12 and take it three times a day for three days, stirring the cup before each dose?  In other words, how would you manage a partial improvement?

This is where a knowledge of muscle testing saves so much worry and uncertainty.  I wish everyone would learn to muscle test – not just remedies, but everything – herbs, vitamins, food, etc.

Well, I’ll tell you, Diane, let’s have you back in April and you can explain this to us in detail! 

UPDATE: click below for “Diane Fuller on Homeopathy and Muscle Testing”:

Homeopathy and Muscle Testing

So, if after the 12th cup, the person feels a bit better, he might want to wait 3 or so hours and then take another dose from cup 12.

Would you stir or do anything like that first or just take another sip from the same cup?

Yes, it would be good to give it a good brisk stir before taking another dose.  If you are going to need more than one dose, using a spoon is better than taking a sip because you are introducing whatever is in your mouth into the remedy.  If you are using a spoon, use a clean spoon for each dose.

(Good point, but, use a plastic spoon–and paper or plastic cups!  I always tell everyone, the remedy sticks to whatever you put it in!  If the remedy didn’t stick to things, it wouldn’t stick to the blank sugar pellets in your remedy tubes!  You don’t want all your good glassware and silverware turning into remedies every time you fill them with up water, right?)

If, after another hour, he still isn’t any better, he might try taking a dose from cup 24.  In my experience, these are all worse-case scenarios as the first dose of the zapper generally does the trick.

I’ve found that when repeated attempts at antidoting don’t work, it usually indicates that the person is not aggravating at all, that he either has an acute illness or has moved into a new remedy layer or experiencing return of old symptoms.  Diane, I think our work here is done.  Hopefully no one will ever let a patient suffer needlessly again!

And Elaine, I should add that this antidoting method only antidotes the aggravation, the good work of the remedy goes on!

Really!?  I think that about puts the lid on it!  You’re saying it’s literally an AGGRAVATION zapper, not a “remedy zapper”, per se.

I’m going to end with a case.  My friend, Shobi’s, mother, who was reasonably new to homeopathy had successfully taken Arnica for a chronic foot problem with a very long name which was very painful and too painful for me to try to spell.

Now, flying to London to visit her son (Shobi’s brother), she was worried about jet lag.  We told her to take Arnica on the plane with her.  Yes, Arnica is a good jet lag remedy too!  I’m going to let Shobi tell the rest of it:

Elaine, FYI, my mother was told she couldn’t take the Arnica water bottle on the plane with her – as you can’t, apparently, take opened (unsealed) water bottles on the plane these days for safety reasons.  So she panicked and decided to take two doses from the Arnica water before she got on the plane, hoping that would “cover” her until she got to London.

Well….After the second dose the pain in her foot flared up–which had been previously symptom-free!  So she waited over an hour with no improvement in the pain, so she went in the ladies room and did the Aggravation Zapper right then and there!  Your antidoting method saved her!!  I can’t believe she remembered how to do it or even thought to do it, because you only showed her how to do it once!  And she took the flight with no pain – and says she fell into a deep sleep on the flight.

Did I tell you that she says she has been sleeping better than ever after the Arnica?  She can’t believe it.  She is now trying to get my dad into homeopathy!!!  The first thing she did when she got to London was go to Ainsworth’s Homeopathic Pharmacy and get herself an Emergency Kit!  Normally, she would have been sick for days with jet lag and wouldn’t have been able to leave the house – amazing!

In terms of her foot, no pain since the antidoting!!  Her foot seems like it really is on the way to being totally healed.

Thanks for sharing that Shobi, so many lessons in that one story!

Oh, we’re in luck; this just in from Tracy:

Hi, Elaine –

Just letting you know that I just got off the phone with “D”, and he is doing MUCH, much better, and was even in a good mood!!

Earlier this morning I had spoken with him and he had taken one dose of the Bryonia 200C and apparently it was too high a potency because he had started coughing MORE, and had to blow his nose MORE than usual, but had felt a little better in general; so, I shared with him your secret of diluting and pouring out the cups, and asked him to try that (boy, was he skeptical about THAT).  But he did it anyway and took a sip, and reported that the positive effect on all his symptoms was AMAZING.

You see?  I told you that people I knew were swearing by this, this is so much a part of what I’m doing now that I can’t imagine how homeopaths are managing their cases without it!  End of story.  Now, pass this on to everyone you know!  See you again next time!


Diane Fuller is a former Registered Nurse who studied homeopathy with Misha Norland from The School of Homeopathy and completed Lou Klein’s Master Clinician course. She practices in Prince George, B.C. Canada and can be reached at [email protected] (This is Diane’s up-to-date email address.  Ignore the one farther down.)

Elaine Lewis is a graduate of Robin Murphy’s Hahnemann Academy of North America.  Elaine takes online cases, visit her website at https://elaineLewis.hpathy.com or email her at [email protected]

About the author

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at:
https://elainelewis.hpathy.com/ and TheSilhouettes.org

About the author

Diane Fuller

Diane Fuller is a former Registered Nurse who studied homeopathy with Misha Norland from The School of Homeopathy and completed Lou Klein"™s Master Clinician course. She practices in Prince George, B.C. Canada and can be reached at [email protected].


  • Hi Elaine and Diane,

    Basically what you are saying is the same as hahnemann instructs us to do in a case of low vitality, before selecting the LM potency. Since the LM will not show much reaction and is therefore difficult to asses as to the right remedy given, he instructs us to give a 30C in a case of low vitality and wait fro the aggravtion. Immediately on noticing this, we should put the LM1 in water and a dose should be administered. This will take care of the aggravation and establish equilibrium.

    Diane, you have, unwittingly perhaps, followed a footnote from the Organon. If my memory does not leave me in the lurch here, it is found in a paragraph after 269, where he begins his discussions on the production of LM potencies and dosing with them. I would say it is the footnote to paragraph 274. I have no Organon at hand, otherwise I would give you chapter and verse.


  • To antidote a remedy, I usually put a granule of the potency used into a glass of water (about 10 oz) and then dump and immediately refill the glass, continuing this dumping and refilling until the desired glass is reached. (Yes, the granule will be dumped out of the glass the first time – you don’t have to wait for it to dissolve – the remedy is already in the water as soon as the granule goes into it.) Then, a sip or a teaspoon can be taken as the dose.

    Do you mean empty the glass after you put a granule of the potency used and then refill the glass and repeat the process for 12 times.
    Why not just put a granule or a drop of the potency used in a 16Oz of water and succuss it to make wet dose, I tried that and it worked in an hour.

    • I can see that working too. I have also taken literally the exact same dose as what aggravated, like if one pellet of 30C aggravated, I would take one pellet of 30C to stop the aggravation. That worked too.

    ITIS A VERY GOOD ARTICLE EXPLAINING EVERY THING. IN SHORT YOU HAVE WORKED ON THE PRINCIPLE THAT LIKE CURES LIKE. AGGRAVation has to be treated as disease and haveyer potencies has to be made to eliminat the aggravation. do you think we should not antidotes given the books. PL LET ME KNOW

    • Yes, it really is an example of like cures like. The remedy in overdose has created a remedy disease which calls for itself as the simillimum.

  • Dear Dr. Shekhar,

    Thank you for your comment. I hope that you are able to try this method as it has worked very well for me and many others.

    When I have used this method of diluting the remedy which caused the aggravation, I have never needed to use the antidotes suggested in the books. Sometimes more than one dose of the diluted remedy is needed, and sometimes it needs to be diluted further. I find that muscle testing is the best way of deciding which glass to dilute the remedy to.

    God bless you,


  • Hi Diane,

    Thanks for your very informative article. I have a question…

    “Also, as I said earlier, when possible, everything you use here should be disposable: the cup, the spoon, and so on, because the remedy “sticks” to everything. Once it’s in a glass, washing it generally doesn’t “remove” it.”

    Has anyone ever made a remedy of dishwashing liquid soap?


    • Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for your email.

      I don’t remember saying that everything should be disposable. I have always just washed
      the cup and spoon with dish detergent or put it in the dishwasher and I have never had
      any trouble in all the years I have been doing this (over18 years now). I think the part
      about being disposable must have been added by an editor.

      I don’t know if anyone has made a remedy of dish detergent. It would probably be an
      interesting remedy!

      God bless you,


      • Hellooooooo!!!!! I’m the one who said everything should be disposable! Listen, if the remedy didn’t “stick” to everything–glassware, etc.–how would it be possible for us to make homeopathic remedies at all? Read below:

        “Semyon Nicolaevich Korsakov (1788-1853) was a modest landowner in the village Tarusovo near Moscow [2]. After 1813, he held a not-too-demanding desk job in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, enabling him to dabble in lay medicine. In about 1829, he converted to homeopathy and invented a quicker way of preparing high dilutions. The glass containing the remedy is shaken and then just emptied and refilled, and the dilution factor is assumed to be 1:100.” (from “The True Story of Oscillococcinum” by Jan Willem Nienhuys)

        EMPTIED AND REFILLED! If the remedy didn’t stick to the glass, you’d have nothing upon refilling, there would be nothing in the glass or vial but plain water.

        What this means is, if you put phos. 1M in a glass of water, dump and refill 12 times for the purpose of antidoting, and then wash the glass and put it back in the cabinet, the next person who uses that glass for water is going to very possibly get a dose of Phos. 1M! I think it is much safer to use medium sized paper or plastic cups for this, and plastic spoons for dosing and stirring.

        Here’s another example for you. My mother was taking Rhus tox 30C for some reason. She sounded the alarm that she was out of her remedy. (It was the Boiron blue tube.) I said, “No you’re not, Ma, just fill the tube up with water!” Well, she couldn’t believe it, but, it was back, and went right on working!

  • Thanks for the info I am actually really excited to try this though, I am a little scared. You see Diane, I suffered from eczema for years and after trying many remedies (prescribed by homeopaths and myself – I am a student in my final year) I finally found relief with Calc carb 1m. My skin was the best it had been in years but not completely healed and I got impatient and took 3 doses of calc carb 1m within a 3 week period. Over the course of 2 weeks I started to aggravate like you wouldn’t believe. First the original eczema symptoms then my whole body went bright red like sunburn, i got swollen glands under my arms that were really painful and eventually suppurated. My skin peeled off my entire body probably about 7 times (I have no freckles left) I got a severe ear infection in both ears, blood blisters on the tips of both pointer fingers, then small pimples over my entire body and now my skin has gone bright red in parts again. It has been 6 weeks since it started and I am so sick of it!! So as you can understand, I am extremely sensitive and eager to try any antidote (i did try antidoting with nit ac but it didn’t work) but also quite scared of what it could do to me. Could you offer any words of advice before I take the plunge in your antidoting method?

    Thanks, Kelly.

    • It doesn’t look like Diane saw this. If you want, I will tell her about it. But, here’s what I would suggest. First of all, 1M is a very high potency, you were lucky you didn’t aggravate on the first dose! I would put you on Calc. 6C, one dose in a bottle of water. Just wait for 24 hours and see what happens. Sometimes that’s all you need. However, it may be that you need to take Calc-carb 6C once a day with two succussions before each dose to keep the case moving forward. How often you take it depends on the results you’re getting. You have to adjust the dosing schedule accordingly.

  • Hi Kelly,

    I can see that you are probably very apprehensive about taking any more Calc carb 1M. If taking the 6C as Elaine suggested didn’t help, you might try putting 1 granule of Calc-c 1M in a large glass of water – about 10 ounces, and then repeatedly dumping and refilling the glass until about the 20th glass. Take a small amount – maybe 1/4 teaspoon. If you think you need to repeat the dose, wait 5 or 6 hours before repeating the dose, and it would probably be best not to take more than 3 more doses (a total of 4 doses altogether) from the original 20th glass, waiting 5 or 6 hours between doses.

    I hope it helps.

  • Hi Elaine,

    Kelly could stir the glass, but if she didn’t I don’t think it would matter. People often take the same potency in granules a few times.

    If she needed to take the remedy more than 4 times, then I think she should change the potency by stirring it or continuing to dilute a few more glasses of the remedy.

    Muscle testing is a great way to discover what glass is needed or how many doses to take. There is a lot of info on muscle testing on the Net – YouTube has some videos on it.

    There are so many ways of muscle testing, and some are easier for certain people than others. You have to find a way that works for you. And you need lots of practice. The main thing is to get your brain out of the way, and keep a blank mind or the muscle test will be the same as the conclusion you have come to intellectually. Your want your body’s reaction, not what you have already figured out, which may not be what your body needs. So, you need to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

  • Diane, should she stir the 20th glass/cup before each successive dose if she needs to keep dosing?

  • Please, tell me about my case. I was having insomnia before my homeopath took my case. She prescribed Carbo-veg LM 1 1drop in 1/4cup of water. I took 2 days once a day, after that I got aggravation. I was having panic attack and I couldn’t sleep at night(only few hours). I had suffocative feeling also from panic attack. My homeopath suggested to use Aconite 30c(dissolve in 4oz water and take 1tsp)but my panic didn’t go away. It was weekend so I looked materia medica and decided remedy by myself. I took also Kali-carb 30c and Pulsatilla 30c dissolved in water and used alternately. My panic attack was not going away still.

    After a week of battle, my panic attack was getting better but I still having problem with night time sleep(only few hours). I tried Carbo-veg LM1 with 20oz of water 3 dilution cups. It gave me huge relief but it didn’t last for long time(only few hours). I tried 2nd dose 12hours after. This time was 5 dilution cups. It gave me little relief but not a degree of I could go back to sleep.

    Do you think I should also try other remedies(Pulsatilla 30c and Kali-carb 30c Aconite 30c)while I was alternating the remedies? or should I try further more with Carbo-veg that I started my panic attack?

  • I have just been told about this link but this week. I antidoted an agg of a patient’s Sx from a 200C using 6C in 100ml water and told the patient to sip for 10 doses. It worked. Now will the original 200 potency still be working or have I taken the potency down to a 6. The symptoms have just gone back to what they were like when she came to see me and I was thinking of changing the Rx.

    • So you’re saying that the patient has completely relapsed back to where she was when she first came to see you? Let me see if I’ve got this right. You gave the patient a remedy in the 200th potency. The patient got an aggravation. You antidoted in the 6th potency. The aggravation is gone but there was no amelioration, the case is as it was on day-one. Well, it sounds to me like it was an aggravation from a wrong remedy; because, after the antidote, an amelioration should have been in evidence and I take it this didn’t happen. If you’re not sure, try a course of 9C, twice a day, in a bottle of water, with two succussions before each dose. If an aggravation ensues, stop the remedy. If there’s no improvement after a few days or a week, it’s the wrong remedy.

  • Nice to hear from Diane that washing up glasses leaves them fine to use and no need to worry about everything being disposable. Elaine is right that the remedy is carried in water. When a glas is filled an dumped it is still wet. When washed and dried there is no water left in the glass to carry the remedy. If you think about it: if glass retained water we wouldn’t use it for windows. Now is there a remedy for all of us that have been terrified by past homeopaths into thinking remedies can lurk forever in our kitchens?

    And I do wish homeopaths would realise remedies can be dangerous. The only way for them to be completely safe would be if they did not work at all. Diane said homeopaths cannot just cause harm and walk sheepishly away and make excuses. Unfortunately I have first hand experience of a homeopath who didn’t even do that. he caused much harm and then just ignored me. Although in fairness I felt extremely doubtful about his prescription and should have walked away (but that’s also something in my remedy picture that needed addressing!) so I accept the blame. If anyone knows of somewhere on-line that patients can leave feedback about homeopaths to help others find a good one and avoid the bad I would like to know. I won’t put his name here as that’s probably not allowed, but I feel strongly that more needs to be done to protect patients.

    • Maybe we need a registry of homeopaths who are 6th ed. Organon prescribers! It’s right in The Organon by Samuel Hahnemann:

      1. A striking improvement precludes further dosing.
      2. An aggravation precludes further dosing.
      3. Chronic cases should be started with a low potency, in water, with five-or-so succussions before each dose.
      4. Repetitions should be daily or as-needed.
      5. Adjust the amount of water, number of succussions, frequency of dose and potency on an on-going basis so that the case only moves forward without hills and valleys.
      6. Stop the chronic remedy during an acute, find a remedy for the acute, and return to the chronic remedy when the acute is over.

      This is the way Dr. Luc De Schepper prescribes, author of Hahnemann Revisited. You can ask your homeopath if he practices as per Dr. Luc. If he says, “No,” or, “Who’s Dr. Luc?” run for your life.

  • so if someone has aggravated badly on causticum 30c—————–would one of these 3 methods antidote it—————-taking it in 6c a few doses?

    taking one dose of 30c again? but if it has to be the exact same potency does it also have to be the exact same number of succussions which caussed the aggravation?

    diluting the 30c into many more cups or one large cup of water??????

    or dumping and refilling a cup of caust 30c?

    these methods work for sure?

  • ive trid it but it didnt work———i had asked diane if it would work if i had taken other remedies in between and she said it might not so i guess htat’s what is going on with me

    can i ask since homeopathic remedies can cause harm —can 30c’s or 200c causee things like cramping kidneys or appendix issues—————or can those only only come out if they were already an issue even if the person did not know it and it has never shown up in any tests in the past?

  • Like any medicine, homeopathic medicines can cause harm if misused. This is why people shouldn’t decide to become their own practitioners except in acute cases because, just like every household has aspirin and other common medicines, every medicine cabnet should have a homeopathic emergency kit and an acute prescribing book so that acutes can be knocked out quickly and not turn into chronics, which is where the trouble lies–with people trying to do chronic prescribing by themselves. You ask if remedies can cause kidney problems, etc. I imagine that anything is possible if you misuse remedies; but, if you have these issues, see a homeopath; and refer to the list I made above on choosing a homeopath. Maybe I’ll post it again here because I guess it can’t be said enough times:

    Maybe we need a registry of homeopaths who are 6th ed. Organon prescribers! It’s right in The Organon by Samuel Hahnemann:

    1. A striking improvement precludes further dosing.
    2. An aggravation precludes further dosing.
    3. Chronic cases should be started with a low potency, in water, with five-or-so succussions before each dose.
    4. Repetitions should be daily or as-needed.
    5. Adjust the amount of water, number of succussions, frequency of dose and potency on an on-going basis so that the case only moves forward without hills and valleys.
    6. Stop the chronic remedy during an acute, find a remedy for the acute, and return to the chronic remedy when the acute is over.

    This is the way Dr. Luc De Schepper prescribes, author of Hahnemann Revisited. You can ask your homeopath if he practices as per Dr. Luc. If he says, “No,” or, “Who’s Dr. Luc?” run for your life.

  • if a person receives a dose of a given remedy which helped first time and receives a 5 more doses of the same remedy of same potency without succussing each dose the patient becomes sicker than he was as hahnemann observed only true proving of remedy remains then after two years he was suffering how to reverse this proving. I could not find a process to reverse this remedy disease which is more harmful than natural disease please share more light on this issue. I have used this Diane fullers method of antidoting but it is not working at all.I think remedy has dumped the vital force like ali with a punch of other boxer.and the remedy was a true similimum and matched all the symptoms of a patient has.how to overcome this aggravation how his vital force runs again.another query is local homeppaths does not gives a remedy in a minute dose they are saying take 6 pellets everyday is they not harming the illetrates and becomes more sicker then he was it is not a wise to use homeopathy like this. hahnemann has observed all the tactics with the use of hpmeopathy . is this world empty without hahnemann he is not a super human he was jus;t like use and why we are not work like a hahnemann to save a humanity which is suffering for sake of s

    • My goodness! This is really the ultimate example of irresponsible prescribing! You see, here’s the problem. Everyone is so influenced by the dominant heath care model of prescribing drugs, that it infects our practice! We think you have to give the medicine every day just like a doctor, it’s as if we have nothing else to go on, no other mode of prescribing to model ourselves after. And you can see it’s all wrong! This is not the way to practice homeopathy. And it’s right in the Organon by Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy; but, apparently, no one has read it, for some reason. So, the sad part is, the remedy worked for this patient and all the patient had to do was stop taking it. But, no, he kept on taking it, and “proved” the remedy. Our remedies are double-edged swords. If you HAVE the complaint, the remedy erases it. If you DON’T have the complaint, the remedy CAUSES it! That’s why when the complaint is gone, you have to stop dosing! So now the patient has a remedy disease; but, two years have gone by! It is now resisting treatment, or perhaps there is some other reason why the patient is not responding, which I can’t speak to because I don’t know the case. So, at best, let this be a warning to other homeopaths and pseudo-homeopaths out there to practice responsibly, and my first suggestion along these lines is to purchase and read Dr. Luc De Schepper’s Hahnemann Revisited. It’s written so well, so easy to read, you will love it!

  • Thanks Elaine for your timely help and resolving the problems of suffering people.it was,a simple case of Nat mur. The lady was suffering from chronic headaches round a week she has contacted homeopath they gives her only migraine drops and something else no one is prescribing constitutional remedy these pseudohomeopaths has ruined this profession and others prescribe 5 remedies at a same time. Now the patient receives a constitutional remedy Nat mur her complaints overcome for a month but later what we see she was suffering Nat mur proving symptoms and she never was suffering from these symptoms belongs to remedy Nat mur
    She was suffering goitre and bulky overweight least exertion causes shortness of breath and when we contact a allopaths they gives her numerous medicines belongs to the disease. This case was then reffered to classical homeopath she also ptrscribes Nat mur because same symptoms the case was standstill not improving a bit only aggravates and antidotes not working.this is caused due to same unchanged dose of Nat mur. My question is how to overcome this issue which has ruined by a homeopath. Due to his lack of knowledge and the lady is suffering and she is not enjoying her life then .

  • Faheem, you said you antidoted Nat-mur but it didn’t work? How many cups did you go to, 12? Did you then try going to 24 cups? Diane says she once didn’t get any results until she got to the 60th cup!

  • I m taking Phosphorus 200c for past 3 months to cure my baldness.
    My doctor advised me to take one teaspoon from the mixture of 1 drop + 1/2 glass water.
    But since I was not seeing any good results so today morning I took 100 ml of that mixture(250 ml+1drop phosphorus 200c).
    So will this more amount of dose can cause any aggravation. It had been 4 hours and I am not finding any problem. what problems can happen in my case and if they occur what should I do to antidote them.. some doctors say that don’t take cofee, raw onions while medcation.. so can we use coffee and raw onion to minimize the effects of aggravation.

    • I apologize for replying so late. We don’t get notices when someone comments. You say you’re taking Phosphorus for baldness. Sushil, we don’t have remedies for “baldness”. If we pick a remedy for a person, it’s because it matches the whole case; and even so, since baldness isn’t a disease, there is absolutely no guarantee that Phosphorus or any remedy will work at all! More over, you are overdosing. One dose of Phosphorus 200C is quite enough. You have to wait a month after taking a single dose of 200C and then report back to your homeopath. I suggest you stop taking Phosphorus since, if it was correctly chosen, it should have helped by now. Sadly, more examples of very badly practiced homeopathy!

    • Thanks so much for your reply…
      One more question for you… I’ve been on this remedy my homepath hasn’t yet told me what it is but anyhow I was doing really well with the 25m drydose and a week later I didn’t realize how deeply it was working so I redosed with a 30m dry I’m 5days in with the 30m and I believe I over aggravated the remedy I feel like my symptoms have relapsed…I sent my body into super My nerves are starting to feel dead and again my brain won’t wake and Ive been having some very long lasting panic attacks I feel so far from my soul again I’ve done this previously twice with the 10m and a weak later I redosed with 10 m and everything was fine… So my question is I know I dealing with Niger potency so should I wait it out longer before redosing? And even tho I’ve aggravated the remedy am I still moving forward even tho it doesn’t feel like it? Oh and I do know I’m on some type of poison or venom not sure what tho

  • Oy vay! My first question would be, is there some reason you can’t call or email your prescriber and say, “Here’s what happened… I may have antidoted my remedy by repeating it while the last dose was still working, what would you suggest now?” Because if you can’t do that, you’re basically saying that your homeopath is of no use to you. But if that’s not the way you feel, and you want to continue with this person, tell him or her what happened. If I tell you what to do, it will be as if I were your homeopath–which is OK with me, but that’s your decision. If you want to keep your current homeopath then you have to give that person the opportunity to correct what’s wrong.

    • Actually my homeopath wants me to wait it out so maybe
      I don’t aggravate the remedy anymore… I just hope I won’t be proving the remedy on the next dose because of taking the dose so early and kind of just want to get second opinion? I may have to wait longer until the vibrations come down more… But I do absolutely appreciate your input you sound like a phenomenal homeopath…

  • Thank you, Mark. Well, to give a second opinion, I would have to have a case in front of me, which I don’t. I am quite sure I would have approached your case quite differently, as the whole 6th edition of The Organon by Samuel Hahnemann was dedicated to stopping and avoiding aggravations while still keeping the case moving forward. To do that, you have to do as Hahnemann says in Aphorism 270(f), namely, “… in chronic diseases, one can best proceed by beginning the treatment with the lowest degrees of dynamization [potency] and if necessary continue to the higher degrees….” And in aphorism 249, “There can never be any case in the practice of a well-trained, scrupulously careful physician in which he would have to give an antidote, if he starts–as he should do–with the smallest possible dose of his well-chosen medicine….” Let me ask you a question, Mark. Where did your homeopath go to school, what’s his education? I have an article called “Shopping For A Homeopath” you might like to read: https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/shopping-for-a-homeopath/ in which 9 homeopaths sound-off on what the qualities of a good homeopath are.

    • Mark, having said all that, I will say this. If you are having an aggravation? You should feel free to zap it, because the aggravation is not helping your case to move forward. Once you antidote, you might find that an improvement follows. If that’s so, no more dosing until you start to relapse. Keep in mind that “return of old symptoms” is possible when a remedy “works”, and you can be tricked into thinking you’re relapsing. You might do well to read this article I wrote called “What to expect after taking a remedy”:

      • yes what you just explained is exactly what happened while I was on the 25m and I just need to be patient about it but instead I jumped the gun with the 30m..my last question so my last dose was a 30m dry how bout putting 30m dry pellets in 8oz ofwater and one sip that shoud antidote if I’m correct?

        • One pellet of 30M into a medium sized disposable cup of water, turn on the cold water faucet, dump out the cup and refill 12 times, take one sip and wait and hopefully the aggravation will be antidoted, let us know.

        • Hi diane… I been on this new remedy now for about 15 it was way to intense from the very beginning and we just recently a month ago switched to the whisper dose and I thought I was able to take it more often this way.. My homeopath felt by me on this remedy not sure what it is but she calls it a building block.. So after dosing frequently with the whisper I pretty much put my system in complete overdeive… And today I did the aggravation zapper which seems to a lil but now my body is very panicky.. Is there any reason why the aggravation zapper doesnt work for me I feel like its way to light..and I’m also now on a 150m

  • Hi
    I was taking silicea 30 for tinnitus and it worked for a while. It then stopped working. So I switched to Silicea 1m. This did the job. My concern is, if Silicea 1m stops working, then what do i do? Can take Silicea 200? I want to for I don’t want to take Silicea 1m too often. Is there any other remedy that I can take for tinnitus? Its quite difficult to cure i believe.

  • James, since Silica 1M worked perfectly, my first thought would be that if you relapse, repeat what worked, namely Silica 1M. All you have to do is NOT repeat it aimlessly, just for the sake of it. If you relapse, you’re fully justified in repeating it. Yes, there are plenty of remedies for tinitus but only one will work for you, that is my understanding; so, if you were lucky enough to find a remedy that worked, stay with it!

    • Thanks Elaine. Silicea has been a lifesaver. I occasionally take it for my inguinal hernia as well. I have a medium size one on the right, and I am happily skipping through life with it. I discovered that it only pains if I lift anything above 5 kgs. After I discovered this fact, I rarely do any heavy lifting, and if I inadvertently do so, then Silicea 30 takes care of the pain right away.

      But can I switch to Silicea 200 for tinnitus was really my question, or even back to 30? Or, can I alternate between the two potencies to keep it ever fresh? For, I can see that I’ll need to be taking it often, for it’s really not a cure, but more of a management therapy. Tinnitus for now, at least for me, seems to get suppressed by Silicea, but springs right back after its effect wears off.

      • But so far it hasn’t sprung back from 1M, right? So you can’t assume that it will. It is just possible that 30C wasn’t the appropriate potency for this complaint. I can only tell you that I would stick to what worked. Everything else is guess-work. Even if I said, “Go to 200C if you relapse,” I’d be guessing. 1M we know about. That’s all I can say. However, do you know what the next potency is after 1M? Anybody????? It’s 1M in water! Remember that if 1M ever stops working.

  • I don’t even want to think about it. Silicea 1M not working, I mean. Besides, I am already taking it in water. So there goes my ‘take it in water’ next step. Which is why I am trying to go back …. to not burn out the last arrow in my homeopathic quiver. I think, I alternate in with Silicea 30, Hepar Sulph 30 … oh, I don’t know, to antidote it I suppose, say after a 5-day run … to keep it from dying on me. Any suggestions on antidoting Silicea 1M effectively to keep it ever-fresh? Thanks.

    • What’s the next potency after Silica 1M in water? Silica 1M in water with 10 succussions. Now, what was your question now? Because I don’t understand it. Something about antidoting Silica 1M to keep it fresh? Now you’re not making any sense. In a minute I’m going to suggest Arsenicum for anxiety about health! Why can’t you just be happy that you’re symptom free and start living your life instead of tampering with a working-remedy? I am taking out my Rx pad, and I am prescribing….A VACATION! A vacation from your problems! Go and have fun, do something you love to do, and you will be helping Silica to work!

  • Hi elaine I’m back again so here’s my new story my homeopath started me on a new remedy 2 months ago first 30c I was taking it weekly which only worked for 3 doses on the 4 the dose no movement so she jumped me up to a 200 I took frequently like the 30c and they both worked lovly… So we bumped up to the 1m about 2 weeks ago.. So a week passes by and I thought I should take it as frequent as the 30 and the 200… So I redosed a week ago again with the 1m and really aggravated I feel like lots of my symptoms are back… I didn’t realize how deeply the first dose of the 1m was working… Anyhow to my knowledge I felt like this remedy was truly amazing cause it was really working moving a lot of garbage out… And so my big question is did I antidote the 1m or or did I aggravated it??? And doesn’t seem like things are moving forward anymore do u think another tsp would move things forward???

  • Oy vay! Well, there’s something else Samuel Hahnemann said in The Organon that apparently no one bothers to read, and that is that any striking improvement precludes further dosing:

    Aph. 246, 6th ed.:

    Every perceptibly progressive and strikingly increasing amelioration during treatment is a condition which, as long as it lasts, completely precludes every repetition of the administration of any medicine whatsoever…

    So, it appears that if you are still aggravating at this moment? You have to do the Aggravation Zapper in the 12th cup with one 1M pellet. And by the way, I asked you to find out where this homeopath went to school, and who is deciding on dosing here, you or her?

  • Hi… Im pretty sure it was sensation method school with melissa Burch…. And no I’m not dosing on my own she just goes by what I tell her

  • One more question what happens after the aggravation zapper would be able to redose normally I’ve tried split doses in the past and they don’t seem to work for me

  • Well, it appears the “sensation method” doesn’t seem to be very high on case-management. After the aggravation zapper, you have to see where you are, see if an amelioration follows. If it does, no need to redose unless a relapse ensues. It’s this constant dosing through improvements that have gotten you in trouble. Once you improve, you’re supposed to stop dosing, otherwise you risk either antidoting your remedy or causing an aggravation or a proving. Someone said to me once, it’s like kicking a ball uphill, no need to kick again until it starts rolling back towards you.

  • HI,
    I gave my kid a Guna Allergy T , a combination of homeopathic remedies, because of the constant runny nose (I thought she had allergy like the rest of the family) . She vomited a few times after that, And then she had a fever….

    I then gave her Ipecac 30C to control the vomiting because she keeps on vomiting food and even water! Thanks God she can now eat and drink…

    We went to our homeopath and gave us Apis/Belladonna/Echinacea/Levisticum 6C combination for the fever, but since we did not notice her swelling feet then, that was all she gave us…and the mercurius vivus 6C. I did not give the mercurius because I do not see the need yet…

    And then that night, I noticed that her feet are swollen…we did not notice this in the clinic because she had her shoes on…

    When we got home, I gave the Apis/Belladonna combo..I noticed that everytime she takes the Apis/Belladonna/Levisticum/Echinacea combo, her feet will reduce in swelling…A day after, her feet are in a better shape…BUt then she does not have the energy like before…..after a few movements, she will lie in her stomach and put her hands and arms on the face to rest her face on..she got sensitive to lights also

    I also then noticed that GUNA Allergy T has an Apis mellifica 200X component…

    Does that mean that antidoting with the method of dianne bring back to her old self? I wanted to try that to her…A while ago I took the GUNa Allergy myself and felt dizzy…A few hour later, I tried the method of Dianne and experienced relief, promise, my dizziness is gone! SO I am positive that will work on her too…although she had already taken fer phos, apis/belladonna, ipecac after the GUNA Allergy T..

    Please help as our homeopath does not like to make any antidoting…I will not go to any homeopath here again! Can you please recommend an online doctor to go to if we have problems? Id like Dr Luc but he’s retired from practice and referring his patients to mS Farah Go….but the price is too high for me!
    thank you!

  • HI,
    Just want to make an update today on symptom of my kid…she is having diarrhea now, with fast heart beat! It’s like symptoms of Arsenicum ALbum, which is one of the remedies included in the GUNA ALLERGY T..
    Should I antidote with Arsenicum Album, or antidote using the GUNA ALLeRGY T?

  • You can only antidote the thing that was given. I sure don’t like the sound of what you’ve been doing/taking/giving. It’s not homeopathy. Just because you give remedies in potency doesn’t mean you’re doing homeopathy.

  • I have been given ‘Silicea 1M’ in the morning for more than a month regularly against toothache problems. After the pulse rate enhanced to 95-102, ‘Kali Bich 1M’ was given in the morning to reduce the pulse rate. I have just stopped these two medicines. In the meantime, I got treated by a physician and also in a medical college by a cardiologist. There is nothing wrong with X-ray, ECG, Eco-doppler, TMT, All blood tests, Thyroid, Procal blood test etc. Only ESR is 38 (High) and WBC (3200 cells/cumm) & RBC (3.68 millions/cumm), PCV=35.9%, MCV (97.6) are slightly lower than normal. Please help. SOS.

    • Biren, forgive me, but, I’m not sure what you want help with. Silica 1M taken daily is an irresponsible prescription which can only lead to aggravations and provings. A single dose of Silica 1M would have been sufficient. If it helped, the time to redose would have been when the 1M stopped working. And I’ve never heard of giving Kali bich. 1M (for who knows how many days) as a cure-all for fast pulse. This is just bizarre prescribing. I think you need to see a bona fide homeopath. I don’t know what country you’re in. If I did I could possibly suggest someone.

      • Hello Elaine
        I just want to be clear about the article. Once I put the aggravated food, pallet etc into the glass of water. I dump out ‘all’ the water or leave a little bit of water at the bottom of cup then refill?


  • Hello! Elaine, I have been reading through your website and now have a question for you. I had seen homeopaths for many years but recently stopped because my husband lost his job so am now trying to go it on my own. I didn’t know a remedy could be antidoted. A couple of weeks ago, I came down with very sudden stomach cramps, incredibly painful, and I was very weak and had diarrhea. I was in so much pain that the only remedy I could think of immediately was arsenicum album, though I knew I’d had a bad reaction (skin rash) to that remedy in the past when my homeopath gave it to me. I put a pellet of 30c in water, swished it around and took a sip. Within 10 minutes the pain and cramps were completely gone. Over the next two days, I took a sip whenever I felt the pain/cramps coming back, for a total of probably five doses. Five days later, I got a couple of mosquito bites. Over the next few days, these sores started to multiply all over my legs, ankles, back of neck, some on my arms. They were extremely itchy, bright red and round. They were not additional mosquito bites, I could watch one rise out of nowhere—though they had the same itchiness and look. They still itch sometimes, but are much better. Thursday, I came down with flu symptoms (chill, weakness, aches, headache) and have been sick since, though today feel better than yesterday. I just made a remedy using some of the yuck from my throat (which is greenish–an arsenicum feature I think) according to your instructions. Oh—I had also taken another remedy in the meantime (calcarea carbonica)—the day before I got the mostquito bite sores and before this flu. I was hoping to help my migraines, and secondarily, my foot cramps. Sorry this is long. The question is, should I try to antidote the arsenicum? Is it too late? Thank you SO much. You are providing a wealth of information here!

  • Greetings, and thank you for a most informative article! I am fairly new to Homeopathy, and was taught, (the Banerji method,) that to antidote a remedy, Camphor is to be used. Does this method you are so kindly sharing, differ from the Camphor method? Is one approach more beneficial over the other? Thank you and I look forward to your reply.

    • Kim, camphor might work but who has camphor in their house? I don’t! But chances are you’ve got the remedy that aggravated. Also, the aggravation zapper antidotes the aggravation but if the remedy is the right one, it will go on working. You may have seen that in the examples we gave, Shobi’s mother who had to antidote Arnica in the airport went on to a complete cure! She slept soundly through her flight and never suffered jet lag as she always had in the past. So the remedy went right on working! Not sure if that happens with Camphor.

  • I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! <3
    I had been treating both my kids, successfully, with Cina 30c. I was seeing wonderful improvements in the symptoms I was treating, but it seems that I went too far. Both started to have leaky, goopy eyes that lasted one week and then one had serious, frequent diahrrea and started screaming violently during his sleep while the other had his entire torso break out in red, itchy hives. As soon as they both had the eye thing, I suspected it was the remedy but I had never really witnessed a *new* symptom other than flu-like when using remedies. I excused it as "cleansing", though I did think it was odd they'd do it in the exact same way. It wasn't until the 4th night of screaming and itching [with me not sleeping] that I set out to learn all I could about aggravations and how to deal with them. First, I posted my story to a forum where a certified homeopath suggested what I believed, a "proving". She suggested camphor 200c, but I can't get that locally and it's Friday, so I'd have waited until late Monday to receive it! As a mom who has now inflicted this torture on her own kids, I couldn't really settle for that. 🙂 I had read about this method you described elsewhere, but was not clear on the details. You made it very clear exactly what was to be done, I did it and here we are, 6 hours later … the red, itchy rash is neither red nor itchy, but raised and slowly descending to look like normal skin. The other fitful sleep child had no real daytime issues other than a sometimes hurting stomach and bad gas. But, his face looks clear and his under eyes are flesh-colored. I know he's on the upswing! Probably the best thing that came from this experience and, specifically, your article, is that it forced me to learn to muscle test. I stopped visiting any allopathic doctors when i was 20 years old; the naturopath I visited did muscle testing. I was fascinated! Especially when she used it to show me that my teenage sister (at the time) was pregnant and not suffering from some healing crisis as we thought (imagine my suprise at that!). Some years after my family and I stopped seeing her, I worked with my mom on learning to muscle test. She seemed to "get it" and I just didn't. I have tried on and off through the years to do it … but I could never get over my own head. I never felt that the result was "true", that my feeling about what I wanted or expected the answer to be was tainting the result. The idea that I'd not know if I was doing this correctly without testing prompted me to dig deep, pray hard, EFT like crazy and get a reliable self-test going!

    I'm so glad that there is a comments area, too. I intended to email this story to just Elaine and Diane but found this comments section instead where someone actually mentioned the camphor (I didn't see this earlier today, at 3am!)

    So, tried and tested by a complete stranger, to everyone out there reading this …. THE DILUTION METHOD WORKS! Save your time and money from buying camphor … or a trip to your homeopath. Also, LEARN HOW TO MUSCLE TEST!

    I would like to add that I tried this method yesterday with sulfur 200c which I had used on my itchy-rash-son because that's what I had thought caused the itchy-rash. [After his threshold of cina had been reached, he started waking to have regular bowel movements at 5am. This, I found, was a telling sign of sulfur which I had on hand.] The rash did not disappear when using this method with that remedy. It was the other remedy I needed to antidote. So, if you're out there and it doesn't work and you are, for some reason, taking more than one remedy — move on to the next.

    Finally, Diane and Elaine, if you can try to answer a question — I know you probably need the whole story of the cina case to properly answer but I want to share that when I started seeing the goopy eye effect in these kids, I had just started a new bottle of remedy from a different supplier. TWO DAYS PRIOR (one day off because I ran out), they were both taking it with no problems only progress. I feel like there's got to be something about that particular sample that is not right to have prompted such turmoil? OR … maybe I just gave too much as has been already suggested to me. I'm a mom of two (ages 4 and 6) who started with homeopathy 3 months after the 4 year old was born. I bottomed out in every way; I found on the internet about sepia which SAVED MY LIFE and my journey into homeopathy began. I realize that most advice from professionals suggests to always remedy under the watchful eye of a homeopath, but I often wonder how? I mean — I'd go broke?! I can't tell you the things I've supported in my home, on a whim, with my collection of remedies. Sure, it might save me the hassle of finding the right one — BUT NOW I CAN TEST! :)))) Anyway — this is the first time I ever ran into a problem with a relatively low potency remedy … or any remedy for that matter.

    In this particular case, my 4 year old was anemic — his big toenail was the shape of a V, he complained of being tired and cold all the time and he was definitely irritable all the time. I gave cina with ferrum phos and his toenail, in 3 months time, is almost perfectly flat. The blue under his eyes is gone and whenever he takes it, he doesn't wake in the middle of the night to urinate (which was a constant, nightly bad event because he wasn't actually awake, but he stirred enough to never pee in the bed). For my other son, cina cleared a whopping-type incessant cough that nothing else would budge — I gave him doses of 5 tablets every 15 min for 1 hour one day and then proceeded every few hours for three days. The cough subsided in 2 hours to nothing, but he was left with a ringworm type rash on his arm. When he started this round of cina, the ringworm cleared but left us with this other mess!

    ANYWAY — I have rambled. 🙂
    I admire your work and thank you so much for sharing!

    • Lisa, sorry you had to wait so long for an answer, I only saw your post by accident just now! Yes, truly, you were lucky! What would those boys have done without the aggravation zapper? OMG! I can’t imagine! But, think of all the people around the world, using homeopathy, who know nothing about this method and must be suffering horribly! Listen, on another topic, since you’re new to this, go to my website and read my FAQ article and also read “Questions Patients Ask” for more information: https://ElaineLewis.hpathy.com .

  • So, just to clarify a little…I believe what Hanneman was doing and what all you are doing works great. I also believe it is not “anti-doting” in the classical sense and might be confusing to use this word choice. I believe it would be considered potentizing so as to clear a “stuck” aggravation when a potency is too low to move the patient through the aggravation properly. This is why we often will follow a 30c with a 200c when we find a 30c has created a reaction that the patient can’t seem to shake. However, rather than going to 200c, but putting the 30c in water and potentizing it, is so much easier and might i add, more efficient! Brilliant way to have some sense of control over your own case!! love it.

    • Dear Tess, maybe you’re right. Diane says that the way to antidote an aggravation from an LM is to give one dose of the next LM! So, one dose of LM2 stops the aggravation from LM1. I tried that once and it worked. But, I have also found (and this is what I used to do before meeting Diane) that taking a small dose of the exact same potency that aggravated would stop the aggravation. So, if I aggravated from Rhus tox 30C in a cup of water, I would take a tiny sip from the cup without first stirring; in other words, the exact same potency only smaller in quantity, and it has worked every time. But Diane’s method is good for hypersensitives, some of whom have to go all the way up to the 100th cup before the aggravation stops!

  • A Cautionary Tale
    I was so eager to start a wet dosing regimen, as recommended by the Joepathy guy and Joette Calabrese, that I mixed up a bottle of water and instead of waiting for the 30c Arnica to arrive I proceeded to sip from a bottle of water I impatentiently potentiated with 200C Arnica I had on hand. used up that smallish bottle and filed a 15 oz bottle with 3 drops of Arnica incture as prescribed. A few days into the regime I developed a galloping case of hives! After suspecting several things, including thyroid medication and stuff that was used to clean the counter top because of the timing of the outbreak) I intuitively suspected an arnica reaction. I DID muscle test and the muscle testing said it WAS the remedy and/but it also said the bottle of wet dose was safe for me. I just read your essay on antidoting aggravation, and when I got to the part about aggravation occurring from too high dosage in the midst of it I (finally) remembered I started with 200C pellets. Had already antidoted for the current 30c dose but dug around and found the 200C cylinder and am about to antidote for it again. Is it safe for me to resume the wet dose protocol with 30c Arnica once the hives have calmed down? Never mind – I’ll muscle test and ask my wonderfully wise old body.

  • I read, decades ago, about an ancient, Eastern yoga or religious practice (I forget which) called “drinking the heavenly water” which is done by running one’s tongue around inside one’s mouth and over one’s teeth to generate saliva and I had always wondered if that was like a natural little homeopathic remedy generator. And I would say that if one is going to use saliva, that they run their tongue around in the mouth to generate and dilute a good amount first. In the ancient practice, they simply swallowed it.

    • I think this was with regard to a “life extension” practice. I recall one of the other exercises was modeled after the tortoise, due to their long lives. IN that, you sit in a lotus position, relaxed, with your back straight, then extend your neck upward, then relax. There isn’t that much height in it, initially, but you can feel it in muscles you don’t often use and if you do it regularly, it is expected that one would be able to extend it further.

    • With regard to the “heavenly water”, anybody can do that any time. It only takes a few seconds and if it takes longer than that, then you’re dehydrated. Drink a glass of water (don’t “sip” it), wait a few minutes and try again. If one has any experience with homeopathy, one will recognize, right away, that they’ve had a dose of “something” and a “just right” dose, at that.

      The effect is immediate. Personally, I think this homeopathic effect is why hydrating has such a profound effect on those who are dehydrated, affecting so many repairs, all at once.

      Best way I’ve found to stay hydrated (as I’m so terrible at it) is to set a timer for one hour, drink a half or 3/4 of a cup of water, set it again, for another hour and repeat, every waking hour. That way you won’t even have to worry about “drinking more water” or whether or not you’re hydrated.

  • Hi Elaine, I recently got a really bad aggravation from Staphysagria and it’s been almost 2 weeks and hasn’t calmed down.

    I am being treated for insomnia and until I saw my homeopath again it had become much better and more manageable after a course of Rhus Tox. I was only getting one or two short wake-ups often around 3-4am.

    She precribed me 2 doses of Staphysagria for my repressed anger, which was super relevant. One dose to take at night, the second following morning. After the first dose I slept really well for 9 hrs solid (which is rare for me), felt amazing that day. But after the second dose all my old symptoms returned, anxiety, waking up at with palpitations and not being able to fall back asleep. I took some allopathic sleeping pills to manage my symptoms hoping it will eventually calm down, as I couldn’t work nor function on 3-4 hrs of sleep. I started feeling big improvements in my mood and anxiety. However for 2 weeks straight I haven’t been able to sleep more than 4 hours- and I mean every single day.

    I don’t want to antidote and lose all the benefits I had from the remedy but I also don’t know what potency she used to try your method. What would you recommend in this case?

    Thank you!

    • I am getting so sick of “homeopaths” who have no idea what they’re doing! Hahnemann is very clear in The Organon Of Medicine that a striking improvement means STOP DOSING!!!!!! But has anyone read the Organon???? Apparently not! Do you want to know what happened? The second dose you took antidoted the first! And you’re saying you don’t know what potency you took? Well, here’s my advice: buy Staphysagria 6C, take one dose. If that doesn’t clear everything up, you might want to email me at [email protected].

      • Yeah I don’t think she realizes how sensitive I actually am. I’m assuming it was quite a large potency previously. Feeling so much better mentally/emotionally though despite the aggravation.

        Thank you Elaine! I already have some 30c staph in my kit, would that work too?

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