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Vaccinations: Just Say No!

Written by Elaine Lewis

Vaccinations are like any other “religion”–-something people strongly “believe in” but know absolutely nothing about!

Where do you go with a mixed message like, “Vaccinations may be risky, but so is not vaccinating!”  This was my mind-set when Shana was born.  Shana, where are you?

In college?  You mean you’re not in your room? 

I had seen an unforgettable episode of “60 Minutes” on CBS in the ’80’s showing children whose lives had been ruined after being vaccinated.  Some were autistic, some had seizure disorder, others could no longer walk or sit up, the parents were devastated, and the pediatricians were saying, “Hey, don’t look at me!”


So, there I was, remembering all this, but still “believing in” vaccination and being pulled in two equal and opposite directions!  I gave in and allowed Shana to get the Hepatitis-B vaccine the day after she was born.                          

Then I read Dr. Robert Mendelsohn’s book, How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor which I wish I had read sooner and strongly recommend to everyone!

Suddenly it all became clear– “Do Not, get your child vaccinated!” said Dr. Mendelsohn.  He’s a pediatrician, by the way.  I might add that I later found out that there is virtually NO WAY your baby can get Hepatitis B!  


Why didn’t somebody tell me that?!  If only I had known that at the time, this would have been an easy decision!  Hepatitis B is a disease of needle-sharing and prostitution!

Fortunately, Shana is fine; BUT, she does have a math disability!  She joins the 1 in 6 children in the United States with a learning disorder!  Maybe I’m lucky that this was the only price I had to pay?  But, we parents should not have to pay any price for complying with doctor’s orders! 

A Religious Ritual

Vaccinations are like any other “religion”–something people strongly “believe in” but know absolutely nothing about!  Let’s look at the Polio vaccine.  Did you know that Jonas Salk himself said that from 1961 on, all cases of Polio in the United States were caused by the Polio Vaccine itself?1  (Washington Post, September 24, 1976)  It is very hard to find this quote now and I have found it in only one place, on facebook, and it could be taken down at any time, so, here it is:

“On September 24, 1976, the Washington Post reported Dr. Salk’s assertion that the Sabin live oral virus vaccine had been the “principal if not sole cause” of every reported polio case in the United States since 1961.

Salk repeated this accusation July 6, 1977, when he was interviewed on CBC television , saying: “We have known now since 1961 in the United States, and prior to that in other countries, that the live virus vaccine for polio does cause the disease itself.”


At the top of this Facebook page, it says the following:

“If Liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

-George Orwell


The CDC (US Centers for Disease Control) was a little more cautious in its remarks on this subject, saying that from 1979 on, the polio vaccine had been the major cause, if not the sole cause, of all cases of Polio in the United States.2  I can’t imagine what more you could possibly need to know to make an informed decision about the polio vaccine for your child!   

The vaccine itself actually caused Polio to sky-rocket after the immunization program began; in fact, Polio may have doubled in the US as a whole.6  Doctors and scientists at the NIH in the ’50’s knew the Salk vaccine was causing Polio.  Some called it “worthless and dangerous.” 7  The Idaho State Health Director, in response to a local outbreak, publicly blamed Dr. Salk and the vaccine manufacturers. 8 

Why, then, does just about everyone believe that the polio vaccine ended polio?  You can credit a massive pro-vaccine public relations campaign and secondly, “polio” was redefined. /9/  Prior to the vaccine, you were presumed to have polio if you were stricken with paralysis for at least 24 hours./10/  After the vaccine, you were not presumed to have polio until you were down with paralysis for at least 60 days!/11/  

So in other words, after the vaccine program got underway, rather than hearing, “You could have polio,” victims of paralysis might be told, “Hmm…paralyzed for 10 days now, you say?  Hmm….  Well, that could be anything, we just can’t think of a single thing.  That’s a tough one.  Paralyzed, you say….  Ten days.  Yeah, I don’t know what that could be.  Maybe you have meningitis.”  

In fact, previous polio diagnoses were now being relabeled “meningitis”!/12/   And the same thing is happening in India right now; polio cases are now being called “non-polio flaccid paralysis” (in other words, “it looks like polio, but it isn’t”) and because of this, the government of India can officially declare, “India is polio-free–courtesy of its aggressive vaccination program!”  (Not paralysis-free, but “polio”-free, as we are now defining it.) 

Meanwhile, as the vaccination program was getting underway in the U.S., polio was declining on its own.  It was down by 50% already./13/  It declined in similar fashion in European countries that had no vaccination program! /14/  

Some of you might think it’s impossible for a disease to go away on its own, and the proof of vaccine efficacy is the absence of the disease!  But tell me this, how did we ever get rid of Scarlet Fever and Yellow Fever without a mass vaccination program, where did these diseases go?  What about the Bubonic Plague, how did that go away without a vaccine?  On the other hand, the corollary to that is, with all the relentless decades of vaccinating against measles and whooping cough, why are they still here?  Why didn’t they go the way of polio?

7 points   

For people who are on the fence about vaccines as I was before Shana was born, I’d like to put your mind at ease and say to you what I wish someone had said to me:  

1. There’s no way your baby can get Hepatitis B.  

2. As I said regarding polio, according to the CDC itself, the only way you can get polio now is from the vaccine!  

3. Measles, Mumps and German Measles are relatively mild diseases as is chicken pox and not worth risking brain damage and autism over–even if you believe there is only a slight chance of it.  

I had most of the childhood diseases myself and they’re no worse than any of the other viruses your kids pick up at preschool and bring home with them; in fact, a lot less awful if you ask me because I caught most of them from Shana in kindergarten and they were the absolute worst!  

4. The flu is awful but people get it all the time and they get over it and I’m living proof of that.  

5. No one gets diphtheria anymore.  

6. Tetanus is extremely rare.  You are actually more likely to be struck by lightning than to be stricken with tetanus.  Lightning strikes 1800 people per year in the U.S., while the number of tetanus deaths hovers at around 10; you are 260 times more likely to die of tuberculosis than tetanus; in other words, this disease is blown way out of proportion! (http://www.puresante.com/infections–parasites/dispelling-the-fears-about-tetanus) 

7. Whooping cough:  the vaccine is worthless, see below:  

New research reported by Reuters reveals that whooping cough outbreaks are HIGHER among vaccinated children compared with unvaccinated children. This is based on a study led by Dr. David Witt, an infectious disease specialist at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Rafael, California.

Basically, you can’t weigh the benefits of vaccines without first asking yourself, “How serious are these diseases anyway?” and “What’s the likelihood that my child is going to even get them?”  You will find that most of these diseases are not that serious and a number of them are extremely rare if not out of the population entirely; but, the side-effects of vaccines are no joke and include seizures and death itself.  


Let’s have a shocking look at the Polio Vaccine

In 1959, Dr. Bernice Eddy, a scientist at NIH discovered an infectious agent in the Polio vaccine, a cancer-causing agent.  When she tried to make this finding public, she was demoted!15 

In 1960, two scientists from Merck, Drs. Ben Sweet and M.R. Hilleman, were credited with discovering this infectious cancer-causing agent, namely, SV-40 (Simian virus 40), a monkey virus whose kidneys were being used to grow Polio Vaccines.  “When we started growing the vaccines, we just couldn’t get rid of the SV-40…. We tried to neutralize it but couldn’t,” Sweet said. 16 

Apparently SV-40 survived the formaldehyde Dr. Salk used to kill microbes that contaminated his injectable vaccine.  (Yes, this is why vaccines contain formaldehyde.)  So, between 1954 and 1963, 30 to 100 million Americans got a cancer-causing virus in their Polio vaccine! 17  But monkeys are host to not one but really hundreds of viruses, and no one knows what any of them will do, you can only test for the ones you know!  “The Polio vaccine is a ticking time bomb,” said Harvard medical professor Ronald Desrosier. 18

In the 1980’s, SIV was discovered in the Polio vaccine–that’s Simian Immunodeficiency Virus.  This caused some researchers to wonder if SIV might be the precursor to HIV. 19  This vaccine was given to hundreds of thousands of Africans in the Congo from ’57-’60.  In ’59, Dr. Albert Sabin reported in the British Medical Journal that the Polio vaccine used in the Congo contained an “unidentified” cell-killing virus. 20  Thirty years later, AIDS was discovered in precisely this area of Africa.  Samples of this vaccine have been stored in the Wistar Institute, they could easily be tested, but the government won’t allow it. 21 

The origin of AIDS in the United States has been blamed by some on a trial of Hepatitis B vaccine in 1978 among the gay population in both New York and California.  What has been less widely reported was the use, in the same population, during the same time, of the Polio vaccine as a treatment for genital herpes! 22

This just in from Dr. Mercola’s Newsletter:

Contaminated Polio Vaccine Responsible for Human Cancer Cases

In 2002, the journal Lancet published compelling evidence that contaminated polio vaccine was responsible for up to half of the 55,000 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cases that were occurring each year.

What was it contaminated with?

SV40, a cancer-causing monkey virus. The puzzle began in 1994, when Dr. Michele Carbone, a Loyola University researcher, found the virus SV40, which had never before been detected in humans, in half of the human lung tumors he was studying.  Since then, 60 different lab studies have confirmed the results, and SV40 has been found in a variety of human cancers, including lung-, brain-, bone-, and lymphatic cancer.

At first no one could fathom how the virus had been transmitted into the human population.

But in the censored interview with Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Hilleman admits Merck’s responsibility in unleashing this virus via their polio vaccine, as well as the likelihood that there was an importing and spreading the AIDS virus in the same manner.

From monkeys, we shall now move on to cows (or should I say “moove” on to cows?) because cows are used in the making of vaccines too.  (And this should should concern us: the amount of animal sacrifice and abuse involved in the making of vaccines.  And I’m guessing you probably didn’t know that when a vaccine is injected into your bloodstream, animal material is going in too.) 

Cows also contain viruses.  One of them is Bovine Immunodeficiency virus, or BIV.  Added to this risk is “mad cow disease”.  Did you know that they will allow “downed” cows to be used in vaccine manufacture? 23  Another bovine virus, Bovine Visna Virus, is strikingly similar to HIV and is present as a contaminant in fetal calf serum used in vaccine production.  The inference of its being a possible factor in the cause of AIDS can easily be drawn. 24  During vaccine production, it is impossible to prevent contamination with Bovine Visna Virus.25

In 1996, Dr. Howard Urnovitz, a microbiologist and chief science officer at Calypte Biomedical in Berkeley, California, revealed to an AIDS conference that up to 26 monkey viruses had been found in the original Salk vaccine,26 including the simian equivalents of:

  • Human Echo virus
  • Coxsackie virus
  • Herpes
  • Adenoviruses
  • Epstein-Barr
  • Cytomegalovirus

Urnovitz proclaimed that he believed the Polio vaccine may have set up the baby-boom generation for immune system damage and neurological disorders; for example, he sees a relationship between the early Polio vaccine program and the sudden emergence of human T-cell leukemia, epidemic Kaposi’s sarcoma, Burkitt’s lymphoma, herpes, Epstein-Barr and chronic fatigue syndrome.  “Are we just a time bomb waiting to happen, waiting to develop Lupus, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease?” Urnovitz asked.  “What we are saying here is that there is a strong possibility that no human retroviruses existed before the Polio vaccine.” 27  (By the way, the polio vaccine is still being made the same way: monkey kidneys, antibiotics, calf serum, formaldehyde, etc.)

vaccine poster

If I had to describe the vaccination program, I would call it a “religious ritual” that people strongly “believe” in and participate in without giving it a second thought.  Shockingly, there have never been any double-blind studies where the control group consisted of unvaccinated individuals, proving that vaccines are either safe or effective; and furthermore, no studies to show that combining vaccines, or giving many vaccines all at once, changes the dynamic of vaccination or leads to a better outcome or an unintended consequence!  

BUT, there ARE a few studies comparing the health of vaccinated children to unvaccinated children with stunning results.  Here is a German study showing vaccinated children are more prone to asthma, allergies, hyperactivity, migraines, etc.; see chart below; the blue bars = vaccinated, red bars = unvaccinated:


nonsense.png (722×587)

That’s quite a comparison!  

I would also call vaccination a wind-fall for the drug companies and the pediatric profession as it guarantees a predictable and unending flow of office visits and constant sale of product!  I would call it unscientific, reckless, ill-conceived and dangerous.  (Actually, there was a seven month trial in 1955 and some doctors DID object to the fact that the polio vaccine contained monkey kidney tissue but nothing was done about it.  The trial, by the way, resulted in more cases of Polio in the vaccinated group than in the controls, but six drug companies sought licenses for the vaccine anyway!) 28

Homeopathy Cures These Diseases!

So you might ask, “What are we to do?  How can we protect our children from dread disease?”  Have you noticed that most of these diseases aren’t even in the population anymore?  For the ones that are, why not see a homeopath?  After all, this is what we do!  We are the original “like cures like” people, the people whose motto is: “What something can cause, it can cure in small doses.”  Isn’t that exactly the premise of vaccination?  But we manage this entirely differently–safely–without injections and toxic substances, and without abusing any animals! 

Injecting viruses and toxic substances like mercury and aluminum directly into the bloodstream is clumsy, reckless, bizarre and without foundation!  These diseases aren’t even contracted in the bloodstream!  They’re contracted through the mucus membranes of the nose, eyes and mouth; but, all the antibodies that inhabit those areas are bypassed as the needle goes directly into the bloodstream!  Consequently, you really have to wonder, are you protected by vaccinations?  And if so, to what degree?  It’s only tetanus that’s contracted in the bloodstream, where you might reasonably make a case for vaccination having some validity for that disease.  

We homeopaths have been “immunizing” in our own safe way for over 200 years, there are statues of Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, all over the world, including Washington DC, and for what reason?  For homeopathy’s success in treating epidemic disease, the very thing that vaccinations are given for!  Here is the Hahnemann Monument in Washington DC:

Samuel Hahnemann, MD

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln–and most of his cabinet, including General McClellen and Secretary of State Seward—all used homeopathic remedies?  You would be shocked to hear the names of people from history who used homeopathy, including Charles Darwin, John D. Rockefeller, Charles Dickens, Beethoven and, oh yes, Tina Turner and Paul McCartney!  

Let your child get his immunity from breast milk, and if he gets sick, see a homeopath; or buy an acute prescribing book like this one:

and a remedy kit from Amazon, and make a go of it.  More often than not, your child will come down with a virus if he gets sick and antibiotics are useless against viruses!  So, what can your pediatrician really do for your child anyway?  Homeopathy can actually cure these cases!

Let me give you an example of what treating homeopathically is like.  Shana, when she was around 2 years old, was sick with something, we thought it was just a bad cold, but all of a sudden she broke out in a rash!  I said,  “Oh my God!  Could it be the measles?”  I gave her Rhus tox 30C, which is homeopathic poison ivy.

Rhus tox

She got well so fast, I didn’t even have time to make a doctor’s appointment to find out what the diagnosis was!  The next day the rash was gone!  Now, isn’t this the kind of safe and rapid healing you want for a sick child?

For more information on homeopathy and children, read my article, “Homeopathy and Children”:

Homeopathy and Children

And in closing, always remember, to Just Say NO! 

Animal Study Shows Vaccines Cause Autism

This just in:

Atlanta, GA: Findings released today showed that infant monkeys given vaccines officially recommended by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) exhibited autism-like symptoms.  Lead investigator Laura Hewitson of the University of Pittsburgh and colleagues presented study results at the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) in London.  Safety studies of medicines are typically conducted in monkeys prior to use in humans, yet such basic research on the current childhood vaccination regimen has never before been done. /29/

This also just in:  August 27, 2014:  CDC senior scientist, Dr. William Thompson, admits to burying data showing that the MMR vaccine caused a 340% increase in autism in African-American males under the age of 3.  


This incident has been made into a documentary, which you should do a search for, called:




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