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Join the 2019 Global Proving

Join the 2019 Global Proving

Dr.Chetna Shukla and Harry van der Zee invite homeopaths worldwide to take part in a global proving “to stimulate the awakening of humanity”. Provers from around the world will simultaneously start proving the same substance. The Global Proving project originally involved – HimalayanCrystal Salt, Natural Silver and Terra Indiana (Arizona Red Clay).

Dear supporter of homeopathy,

We would like to invite you to join us in a new Global Proving, one that promises to give relevant information for planet Earth and the future of humankind. Be part of a most exciting journey to the information of a substance that could prove to be very meaningful in homeopathic practice as well as a tool for awakening for yourself and those with whom you wish to share it. Please read the text below and then decide whether you wish to embark on the proving with us.

Much love

Chetna Shukla & Harry van der Zee

The first Global Provings

In 2005, Dr Harry van der Zee discussed his idea of a global proving to stimulate the awakening of humanity with the late Dr Jürgen Becker. After consulting with a clairvoyant as to which substance should be used, the ‘Global Proving’ project started. Provers from around the world simultaneously started proving the same substance. The project ultimately involved three substances – Himalayan

Crystal Salt, Natural Silver and Terra Indiana (Arizona Red Clay) – proven in respectively October 2005, January 2006 and April 2006. The idea of using a proving not only to get to know the substance but also and primarily to bring about a change in the collective was new in homeopathy and this global proving was a first experiment. Following Hahnemann’s statement that participating in provings has positive effects on the prover, adding to that the observation made in many provings that a wider circle of people can respond besides those taking the substance, and the happening of meaningful synchronicities during a proving, we may assume that the simultaneous participation of larger numbers of people in a proving organised around the globe may have positive effects on the collective.

Himalayan Chrystal Salt     Natural Silver                    Terra indiana

Publications on Global Proving 1-3

The results of the provings of Himalayan Crystal Salt [1] and Natural Silver [2] and Terra Indiana [3] were published in Homœopathic LINKS between 2010 and 2018. These provings were collated by Dr Chetna N Shukla and edited and proofread by Dr. Harry van der Zee.

Arizona Red Clay was taken from below a Hogan (Native American dwelling) where Eileen Nauman (homeopath and Native American shaman) trained many shamans and conducted many shamanic journeys. A special article on Terra Indiana, drawing the parallels between the proving and these shamanic experiences, has been penned by Eileen for Hpathy.com and is expected to be published in the Spring of 2019.

  • – Chetna Shukla & Harry van der Zee. The Global Proving of Himalayan Crystal Salt. HomœopathicLINKS(2010) Vol.23(2):85-90
  • – Chetna Shukla & Harry van der Zee. The Global Proving of Natural Silver. Homœopathic LINKS (2014) Vol.27(4):238-240
  • – Chetna Shukla & Harry van der Zee. The Human Experience of Mother Earth: Homeopathic Proving of

Clay from Sedona, Arizona. Homœopathic LINKS (2018) Vol.31(2):148-155

Himalayan Salt Mine         Medieval Silver Mine          Red Rock State Park

A New Substance Emerged

On completing the analysis of the last substance, the depth and significance of the three proven substances touched us deeply. Quite ‘coincidentally’, just around the time all three provings had been fully analysed and published, a fourth substance emerged. Having witnessed the marvel and the beauty of the effects of the first Global Provings, we feel inspired to organise a fourth Global Proving. The substance announced itself, following the previous provings in such a beautiful way, that we are very excited to experience how it will reveal itself in an upcoming proving. We look forward to your participation in the 4th Global Proving. Your contribution by sharing proving information after immersing yourself in its energy is very welcome.

The Proving Plan – Note June 5th in your diary!

When different individuals and groups around the globe simultaneously take the remedy, we will be able to determine, using homeopathic methodology, what the information carried by this substance can reveal, not only in individuals, but also in groups and in the collective. We can think of mankind as one organism of which we are all members – each being like a single cell in a larger organism. We know from our homeopathic experience that once a dynamic force touches a few cells of an organism, all cells of this organism will be influenced by it via the dynamis (Lebenskraft) of the entire organism. So the basic question of the Global Proving will be whether we will be able to observe a dynamic impulse in the entire organism of mankind.

Let our role be that of unprejudiced participants and observers, open to witness and receive the message this substance carries on an individual and collective level.

We therefore would also want this to be a blind proving, so the name of the remedy, the source, the person and process involved in choosing the substance to create the remedy etc. will only be revealed to the provers after the proving has been concluded all over the globe.

We welcome your enquiry. Your participation and contribution by sharing your proving information is highly valuable to us. Write to us and we will send out the remedy to you by post. Kindly e-mail us your postal address, e-mail address and telephone details before 29th April 2019 to enable us to send you the remedy in time. Your identity will be confidential. You can write to: [email protected]

The decided day of commencement of the Global Proving is 5th June 2019 –earlymorning between 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. your local time. After your application we will send you the proving protocol by email.

We believe and trust that nothing is an accident or chance happening.

Chetna N Shukla (India)

Harry van der Zee (Netherlands)

  1. the proving remedy and protocol will be mailed to you from India, so please send your application to the practice of Chetna Shukla: [email protected]

Homeolinks Publishers  Postbus 68 www.homeolinks.nl       9750 AB HarenNetherlands

About the author

Dr Chetna N shukla

Chetna N Shukla is a homeopath with over 30 years of experience. Evidence based homeopathy has been her path. ‘Provings’ as a tool to recognize and experience the quintessence and also the individualizing qualities of the source has been her forte. She has conducted 30 provings, Lac assinum, Pavo Cristatus (Peacock), Python, Oxygen, Cedrus odorata, Corvus Splendens (Indian Crow), Rose, Snow-flakes, Sea-horse, Python, Indian gray Mongoose, Mangifera Indica, Ayahuasca, Armadillo hide, Sacrs-Cov 2 Nososde (SCN) are but some of them. Most of her provings are included in the RadarOpus. She has been collating Global provings- Himalayan Salt, Natural Silver, and Terra Indiana, already published in Homeolinks and Hpathy.com. She has been working on the book on her concept of ‘Curability Quotient’ in homeopathy. She has published her book on Food Similia: Individualized Diet that is about advising an individualized diet to a patient in alignment with their disposition to ensure rapid restoration to health along with the Simillimum.

About the author

Harry van der Zee

Harry van der Zee MD is an international teacher and has presented seminars world-wide. From 1996 to 2018 he was editor-in- chief of Homœopathic Links. He has investigated the importance of the birth experience in homeopathic case-taking and published two books on the subject – ‘Miasms in Labour’ (2000) and ‘Homeopathy for Birth Trauma’ (2007).. Together with Christopher Johannes, he published ‘Homeopathy and Mental Health Care’. Since 2004 Harry has been involved in projects in Africa to enhance the homeopathic treatment and prevention of epidemics for which in 2007 he co-founded the ARHF (Amma Resonance Healing Foundation). ARHF has trained health professionals in many African countries that now independently treat epidemics, trauma and chronic diseases using so-called Source Resonances. He co-edited and published Peter Chappell’s book ‘The Second Simillimum’ (2005), has written ‘Amma4Africa Manual’ (2009, 2014, 2018), ‘Amma4Trauma Manual’ (2013), ‘ARHF Volunteers Manual’ (2014, 2018) Together with Peter Chappell he wrote ‘Homeopathy for Diseases’, a book on how to treat epidemics, trauma and chronic diseases by integrating an individualised approach with a disease-specific approach (2012). In Africa he currently researches the efficacy of the Source Resonance PC1 for HIV/AIDS (2017-today) and the efficacy of the Source Resonance PC240m for malaria prevention (2014-today).

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