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The Human Experience of Mother Earth

The Human Experience of Mother Earth  – The Homeopathic Proving of Terra Indiana (Arizona Red Clay)

Homeopathy and shaman Eileen Nauman shares the story behind the proving of Terra Indiana (Arizona Red Clay). Eileen states that the remedy is for people who may be in spiritual crisis and need to ground fully back into their physical body.

Eileen Nauman

Part 2 : Parallels between Homoeopathic Proving & Shamanic Journey of the

Terra Indiana(Arizona Red Clay)

Summary:The story behind the story of Terra Indiana

It’s rare to know the ‘story behind the story’ of how a remedy is sourced. Usually, we never know. For example, what’s the story of how the venom of Lachesis muta was gotten? It is important to know because the whole of material substance is reduced to vibrational energy.What were the epi-dynamization events- was the snake threatened, or being killed to gain the venom?Was the snake captive or living a free natural life?That ‘threat’ energy, that ‘ captive’ energy can be transmitted into the remedy ifthat information were transmitted in the venom itself at the time of taking the crude substance to make a remedy. Regardless of the potency, that remedy carries the ‘memory’/ ‘information’ or ‘vibrational energy’ from the source it was derived from. When I was drawing the parallels between the experiences of my shaman students standing on the earth of Red Arizona Clayandthe exhibited symptoms of the provers of the potentised earth, I came to realize, that the earth was not only imbibing but also recording all along what all the shamanic students felt and many years later and expressed herself through the voices and minds of provers through this Global proving.

Keywords: Proving, Red Arizona Clay, Terra Indiana, Mystical, Homeopathy

I suggest to the readers that they read the Part 1 of this article published in Hpathy.com April 2019issue prior to reading the part 2. This will give them a multi-dimensional picture of this remedy.

Part I: https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/the-human-experience-of-mother-earth-the-homeopathic-proving-of-terra-indiana-arizona-red-clay/

Dr Harry van der Zee discussed his idea of a global proving to stimulate the awakening of humanity with the late Dr Juergen Becker (mentioned in Part 1 of the article). A main issue was how to decide what to prove. Who are we to know what needs to be cured in the collective? Juergen suggested to ask a clairvoyant woman he regularly worked with. She suggested to prove three substances in a specific sequence and at specific times: Himalayan Crystal Salt, Natural Silver and “clay held in the hand of a (Native American)”.Regarding the third substance, Harry asked me (Eileen Nauman), homeopath and shaman with partial Native American ancestry (1/6thEastern Cherokee) to select some clay soil frommy property, where since 1993I have been teaching students from around the world to be shamans. I was directed by my chief guide to dig up a teaspoon of red soil that was found just outside my Hogan(the teaching dwelling for shamans).The Hogan is situated on the slope of House Mountain, a dormant volcano in the Verde Valley of Arizona. This shield type volcano was created 13,000 million years earlier and it is the largest of six in the valley. When birthed, every volcano automatically creates a huge vortex, the energy of which can be a mile or more wide in radius. Now, 200 provers later, the red clay that was sent to him in Europe, has gone through proving. The red clay at the hogan has been given the name Terra Indiana, Indian Red Clay.

I believe that informationon the sourceof the remedy should also be part of the ‘picture’ ofcomprehending and understanding it.With Red Arizona Clay I can provide information to elaborate, widen and deepen the understanding of the proving symptoms of this remedy. These parallels will give a clear picture and enable the homoeopath to prescribe this as a simillimum more effectivelyand easily.The more information we glean from a remedy, the easier it is to discount it or choose it for our patient.


The hogan (photo enclosed) was built in the center of a circle of nine Mesquite[1], a tree found in the American Southwest which is hardy and enduring desert conditions and thriving.As a family-lineage shaman through my Eastern Cherokee heritage, I went into training with my father from nine years old through eighteen years old and thereafter I have been training students from all over the world to become shamans. On examination of the rubrics, themes and proving notes I can say that many of the proving symptoms connected to Terra Indiana directly mirror and reflect the training[2]I imparted to my students along with their experiences.

My husband, David Nauman, built the hoganper my instructions.There were 9 double-terminated quartz[3] crystals (anywhere between 12-24 inches long, and 2-3 inches in diameter),sourced from thequartz fields of Cortina, Brazil (near the city of Governador Valadares, Brazil).I selected particular gemstones to be placed beneath the tip of each large crystal to draw in the energy of a particular compass direction (8 sided hogan, 8 directions — 4 major north, south, east and west—plus 4 minor directions).I placed a goose-size rose quartz shaped egg (sourced by me from Sao Paulo, Brazil) in the CENTER of the circle to focus the swirling counter clockwise energy of a female vortex that we built the hogan over.All these crystals and gemstones were placed a good 3-4 feet underground and below the eight 4×4 wooden posts for the hogan[4].

Hogan in Echo Canyon


To impart the fire element to this crystal pattern Ibuilt a sacred fire (utilizing myApache training by my teacher, Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf).I along with my mother Ruth are personal pipe carriers[5] and we conducted a ceremony with herbs and smoke to seal/impress the energies onto the crystals.Each stone and crystal is passed THROUGH the fire after I had ‘breathed my breath’[6] and my intention into it.As an example:When I called the North energy being (called the great white buffalo), I breathed HER essence and the North direction into the quartz crystal[7] and passed my hand holding it, through the sacred fire to “fix/seal” the intent.This was done for all the 19 gemstones and the double terminated crystals without burning my hands.

My mother knelt and breathed the sacred smoke of the pipe she carried across each crystal and gemstone (rough or tumbled) to be placed first in the deep hole.I would place the gemstone in the hole first and then Dave would put six inches of the clay, burying it.My mother would then perform the pipe ceremony on the double terminated quartz and it too, would be buried by myself and the red clay soil put into the hole to bury all of it by Dave.

This sacred ceremony was performed to direct and enhance the energies of the female vortex that existed in this place so that the students could imbibe and be influenced by this female vortex energies during their training.She (female vortex) whirls counter-clockwise and is ‘awake’ and operational from dusk to dawn. At dawn it powers down its speed, but thefrequency and vibration are there and available at all times.During the daylight hours this vortex is still whirling but is passive, which is similar to being on “idle mode.”She then comes “active, online” at dusk and invigoratesand energizes the area during the darkness/night hours.The vortex does this ceaselessly ever since House Mountain, a dormant volcano exploded into being(we lived on the slope of it).It is a SHIELD volcano and the only one in the Verde Valley where we live.In the creation of a volcano, there is the major vortex that is also created at the throat of the volcano, but then, it will create one or more smaller vortexes (male, female or androgynous) on her flanks or slopes.

Where we bought the land in 1989, very evident on the property wasa circle of nine Mesquite trees. This is a definitesignof the presence of a vortex thathad been created by the volcano.Trees, bushes, stone or plant circles often indicate there’s a vortex within the circle.That was where we built the hogan.The magnificence of the energetics of the Hogan was in the placing of the South American crystals, dug out ofits birth place, thered clay soil ofBrazil (Cortina), and later brought to North America to beburied in RED CLAY of our land(Arizona).This act of transplanting/relocating from one place of earth to the other ensured the full utilizing of the energies of the crystals.I find it synchronous that the crystals, while leaving one country for another, are re-deposited in the SAME type of soil that they were originally birthedwithin.


The reasons for the crystals and gemstones was to build a hogan (Navajo/8-sided structure) that was designedto DIRECT the energy of all 8 directions, plus Mother Earth, INTO the whirling counter clockwise energy of the female vortex.By doing that, it instantly created a multi-dimensional world within it as well as AMPLIFYING the female vortex energy/frequency within the hogan.It was designed this way to help my students learn to “shift” or “slip”into the other dimensions in order to easily achieve real time picture of the client on all levels, including their aura, moving into their past lives and being able to see where and what to extract from their physical body, as well as retrieve energy lost through past or present life.This process avoided the use of having to take natural herbs, such as peyote,or man-made hallucinogens (LSD, cocaine, heroin, etc.).The only tool used in the hoganis me beating a drum during their journey.The sound of the drum mimics the heartbeat of all our relations(plants, animals, etc)and our mother earth herself. The drumming is conducive to launching my students into the multi-dimensions that they must travel in for their client.This was done on aconscious andcontrolled basis.It is proven through experiments[8] that reaction to drumming ishard-wired into our biological, social and spiritual DNA that even preschool children as young as 2.5 years appear to be born with the ability to synchronize body movements to external acoustic beats when presented in a social context, revealing that drumming is an inborn capability and archetypal social activity.

When inside the hogan, my students sat cross-legged on the carpeted floor and would lay down to journey while I beat my huge elk skin drum or my 237year-old shamanic Bonpo shamanic Tibetan drum (that had been secretly taken from a Lamasery in Tibet to protect it from the Chinese who were destroying such ceremonial items, then taken to India, and then on to the U.S. where it was given to me as a gift by one of my mystical friends who bought it for me.)

Between the VIBRATION of the drum’s energy and the combined FREQUENCY of the crystals working in sync with the female vortex energy, it helped all students, who were taught how to GROUND their physical body, but open up their CROWN CHAKRA at the top of their heads in order to travel with their ASTRAL body (the energy part of us that leaves each time we sleep at night) and move easily into the 4th dimension, or other dimensions to start their work and learn how to operate CONSCIOUSLY in such spaces for their client.

Bottom line is this:the soil used for this proving, just outside myhogan ABSORBED not only the energy of the hogan, but also RECORDED[9] every thought, emotions, verbal and non-verbal communication of the students as also their spiritual actions/reactionswith me or other students during their 5-day training.I can confirm without exaggeration that all mental symptoms that Dr. Chetna Shukla created for the repertory, came directly from our work in the hogan for seventeen years.The soil/clay wasgathered in 2005 to prepare the remedy,so it has recorded every experience and events from 1993-2005, 13 years.


This remedy has so many applications.This is but one of them:It is for people who may be in spiritual crisis, who may feel more “there than here,” their reality shifting and changing.It wouldhelp them ground fully back into their physical body and stabilize them.It’s also for a person,to explore the other dimensions for their own inner enlightenment in the most dynamized way and thereforefully controlled fashion and without drugs(like peyote, ayahuasca, kamboetc).This remedy would improve upon anymeditation or spiritual practice.It would increasea deeper understanding of ourselvesWhen one is self-aware.Utilizing such a remedy only enhances what you have at this moment, opening you up like a flower blooming into her or his fullness of being for this lifetime.In my opinion it can be utilized as a tool to harness the vital forcesuch that the individual can live a life that is in alignment with their higher purpose existence (as Dr. Hahnemann writein his Organon). This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, on who should be utilizing this remedy.Word length constrictions for this article does not allow me to go into many of the specific rubrics and make comments that would be elucidating to a practitioner who wants to intimately understand this remedy on a far deeper basis.Readers can always email me with their questions, insights or comments.

Here are some of the rubrics (MIND) that Dr. Chetna Shukla repertorized from the proving that directly correlate.I’d say looking at the MIND rubrics ,90% of them qualify for my hogan students and training.

I had a student who possessed this particularframe of mind, had experienced one or more of these emotions, experienced a shift in their spiritual reality, and/or had verbal discussions with me about different topics they were wrestling with.

I taught Soul Recovery and Extraction (SRE)[10]from 1993-2012.I would have 6 students at a time, usually 1-2 times a year.98% were women and 2% men.I had LGBTQ as well as heterosexual students


THEMES and shamanic connection comments with each one by Eileen Nauman


Observe (v.)[11] : late 14c., “to hold to” (a manner of life or course of conduct), from Old French observerosserver “to observe, watch over, follow” (10c.), from Latin observare “watch over, note, heed, look to, attend to, guard, regard, comply with,” from ob “in front of, before” (see ob-) + servare “to watch, keep safe,”

Comment:As a shaman, one of our main duties is to do exactly this: observe.When we receive permission from the client to perform a shamanic journey for them, we observe where we are sent, what we see, any dialog, symbols, colors or anything else that we take back with us, including the piece of energy stolen or locked into the trauma the client had suffered through.


  • It’s like a quantum shift in consciousness for all. I guess it’s like when you’re at the temple with the monks you do feel a lighter energy and consciousness.
  • The manifested, the quantum or potential/energy level; and the unmanifested which is like the Void or Source.
  • I kept seeing everything as quantum We’re just a bubble in the foam.
  • If it’s all just the quantum foam having fun being a universe, then that makes total sense. If the only thing that matters is how we view things, then we’re free to view them anyway we want to.
  • Seeing everything as all quantum foam and we’re one of the bubbles shifting and changing. Shifting parallels and possibilities. Need to stop resisting it and go into it.
  • I was thinking about the last MAJOR trust issues I had and it was when I was reading all the quantum physics books and discovered there was no God.
  • I believe that language cannot express these experiences of the Isness. I think the mind usually just glimpses them because it’s beyond the realm of the usual mind. In fact, it’s being outside the mind, a quantum

Comment:A shaman may have her or his body in 3D (3rd dimension) but the rest of them are in 4D (4th dimension) or beyond.A shaman is a citizen of all life and all dimensions.They work in 4D and beyond, without the rigidity of 1st, 2nd or 3rd Dimensional organization.There is a huge energy difference between the two.Words used in the Quantum theme all coalesce around what we experience in the journey.


Earth (n.)[12] : Old English eorþe “ground, soil, dirt, dry land; country, district,” also used (along with middangeard) for “the (material) world, the abode of man” (as opposed to the heavens or the underworld).

The theme of Earth that is elicited in the proving includes this spectrum from ground, soil, and land to country. Earth as ground/soil is a place to be buried (desire to), is a land under dispute (illegal immigrants), is a source of nourishment (borrow resources), is a being that is tolerant and has been polluted by us humans and become an unsafe place to live. A need to create a New world is kindled; a heavenly paradise on Earth by stopping the pollution and fulfilling the promise that we as humans made before being born on this Earth.

Comment: Shamanism has been an active healing agent since the dawn of humankind on this Earth.It is of this Earth and She is recognized as being a living, working partner in shamanic traditions.We recognize the lower, middle and upper worlds, as described by the provers.


Life (n.)[13] : Old English life (dative lif) “animated corporeal existence; lifetime, period between birth and death; the history of an individual from birth to death, written account of a person’s life; way of life (good or bad); condition of being a living thing, opposite of death; spiritual existence imparted by God, through Christ, to the believer.”

The theme of Life is elicited as a continuum from the past life (recall, memories) into this present life. Living the unfulfilled experiences in this life from the past life to living this life thinking as if it’s all about ‘me’ (acting like dinosaurs) by creating boundaries, living with the idea of ‘me versus you’ and disregarding the fact that all life is One

Comment: A shaman sees some of the most brutal, inhumane, ruthless carnage that Man can bestow on another human or on the Earth where he lives.We see many deaths.We see dying.We see torture.Shamans journey into the past lives of their clients.And the journey isn’t always to or on this Earth.It can be in any dimension, any universe.When a piece of energy is brought back to the client, there are always past memories from it that come forward consciously in them.On a more philosophical slant, shamans understand the gift that life is.There is a renewed appreciation for it.


Being grounded means that you’re present in your body and connected with the earth, allowing you to feel centered and balanced no matter what’s going on around you. You are impassive (like the angels) and have evenness of mind and calm temper (equanimity).

Comment: One of the first techniques I train my shaman students is how to ground themselves (their astral body/emotional body) into their physical body.If you can’t ground, you can’t make the SHIFT into 4D to perform the duties of a shaman.The connection with Mother Earth is essential, and in this way, She helps us perform our duty for others.


We are born out of earth and the sky” – Spiritually the Earth is our mother and the sky our father. Our biological mother through whose flesh we are born represents our earthly mother. Everyone needs a mother, nothing is going without mother. Mother is the energy of flowing love behind all creation. A child spiritually, physically and nutritionally is connected to the mother in the womb with the umbilical cord and is born out of the mother’s womb onto the Mother Earth. The biological mother breast feeds this child initially who is later fed by the Mother Earth till s/he integrates into the Mother Earth. The Mother Earth is a giver and sustainer of all children.

Comment:As I said above, Mother Earth works WITH the shaman.She helps them remain grounded in order to perform our duties for others; therefore, a shaman is a healing agent of hers for “all her children” that live on or under her.Shamans have, for millennia, been tied to our “mother,” and revere and love her.


We understand time as a continuum, so time is linear. Our memories link the moments of the past and our imaginations draw on the patterns of our memories to project the future. Time flies when the experience is joyful and pleasant. This happens when our spirit is in perfect alignment with that experience. Our spirit loses track of the linear time and we are connected to our real self and real time, which is (we are moved into) Spiritual time.

Comment:Time does not exist outside the first 3 dimensions.When a shaman enters the 4D and beyond, it is no longer pertinent.


The tradition of the Native Americans was based on the culture of Animism. Animism is a religion based on the spiritual idea that the universe and all natural objects within the universe have souls or spirits. Animism believes that not just humans but also plants, animals, trees, rocks, thunderstorm, sun, moon, rain, geographic materials such as mountains, caves, rivers, oceans etc. also have soul or spirit. Therefore, all of Nature was sacred to them and worshipped.

Comment:Shamanism and animism are one. Shamans have always worked with animal spirit guides, mythological beings, icons and beings that have never been seen on this Earth.The Tibetan Bonpo drum is made of wood, a tree giving permission to have it removed from its body so it can be created.A goat has given permission to take its life so that the skin may be stretched on both sides of the drum.The drum beater is always a twig whom a bush has given permission to the human to take so it can be drummed.


In the Bible, Genesis 1:3 states “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.”

In John 1: 1-3 it also states “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.” He was the Word, a spoken form of sound. That is Aum of Hindu Vedas. In the Hindu Vedas. Aum is the primordial sound that creates the universe. It is also called the ‘adipranava nada’. It is the seed of creation.

Comment:A shaman is vividly and continually aware of sound, even if they can’t hear it, they can FEEL it.The universe was created on sound. And what is sound but vibration and frequency?During travel in 4D and above, shamans are continually awash with different vibrations and must remain aware of them.Sound, whether heard or not (a dog hears things humans don’t, but not hearing a sound doesn’t mean the sound doesn’t exist, because it does), changes every time the shaman pierces another dimension.It can be felt bodily and this is good because our focus is on retrieving the energy pieces for the client.

Here are some rubrics I’ve picked out from the MIND section that Dr. Shukla has put together, to show the connection between where shamanism was taught by myself, to my students from around the world from 1993 through 2012.


  • Accept; time, ‘Everything has its own’(P5)(students are taught acceptance of one’s own learning pace in the training.Not everyone accomplishes the demands equally, at the same time— EN)
  • Acceptance; ‘Accept your destiny’ (P5)
  • Acceptance; aversions without (P2)(you cannot be a shaman and judge anything or anyone…we talked a great deal about this in every class — EN)
  • Acceptance; flow go with the (P2)(this is called learning to TRUST self/ mother earth/ god one of the biggest hurdles the students had to deal with.Once they did, they were able to SHIFT into the other dimensions with controlled ease—EN)
  • Acceptance; people choices of, make (P2)
  • Acceptance; sadness remedy for (P2)
  • Acceptance; viewpoint different give see to (P2)
  • Accepting; mistakes her own (P11)(one of the greatest lessons learned in the hogan was humility and it is one of the basic demands on a shaman.There cannot be an over inflated Ego and do this sacred work – EN)
  • Accepting; others as they are, judging without (P11)
  • Accepting; self, as she is (P8)
  • Alive; sunset after, come (P2)(this is directly attributed to the female vortex coming online at dusk/sunset—EN)
  • Amazing Grace’, singing (P5, P8)(we had one student group who sang this beautiful, haunting song in the hogan and it was so heart-filled that we were all crying before it was fully sung—EN)
  • Analysing; self, honest not she is (P13)
  • Analysing; self, improve life, way live to, must (P13)
  • Analysing; self, pretend be to, better than, she is (P13)
  • Anger (P2, P4, P16)
  • Anger; childish (P16)(I had one student who I asked to leave the training because she could not rise to the level that is required of a shaman.She used tears, anger, manipulation and being a victim.None of which I’ll tolerate if one is to become a heart-centred shaman – EN)
  • Anger men at (P2)
  • Anger; people at, talk about things, they know nothing, about (P5)
  • Anger; people against, certain (P8)
  • Anger, sudden surge of, unethical persons at (P11)(Early in my training of students, 1994,I had a Brazilian sorcerer infiltrate my class as a student.He fooled me completely. A good sorcerer cloaks themselves and no one knows who they are, but he didn’t fool my spirit guides, who attacked him one night and sent him running off the property.I was mad as hell at myself for not picking up on who and what he was…but again, this shows we are all terribly human and do not see or know everything.Fortunately, my guides do.Since that incident, no other sorcerers have infiltrated my hogan – EN)
  • Anger tired from (P2)
  • Anger; unrelated, anything to (P16)
  • Anxiety (P4, P12, P11, P16)
  • Anxiety; administration home at, do to (P11)
  • Anxiety, adrenaline rush (P2)
  • Anxiety; anticipation from (P11)
  • Anxiety; commitment / deadline about (P2)
  • Anxiety; cope cannot if (P11)
  • Anxiety; despair alternating with (P4)(I had many women students who went into this spiral and wanting to quit or give up, but we would talk and they would continue to try and eventually be successful in the demands of the training. This built confidenceand trust in themselves.They were just too hard on themselves, demanding perfection, which they could not give.They also were ingrained with Patriarchal “perfection” that impresses upon women in our society.I worked with many of them with just this issue – EN)
  • Anxiety; fruitless, “not getting things done” (P12)
  • Anxiety; son for, ritualistic behaviour of his, from © (P16)
  • Anxiety; too much to do (P11)
  • Anxiety; travel tomorrow about (c) (P11)
  • Appreciate; eachone, important that they are (P5)
  • Appreciate; each one, special qualities that they have (P5)(by the end of 5 days of training, my students had a deep, deep appreciation of their OWN shamanic abilities, their unique skillsets and great confidence where they had none before – EN)
  • Appreciation; blessed that she is (P2)
  • Arrogant (P18)
  • Assertive (P2)
  • Attitude; matter of fact like (P5)
  • Attitude; sober, strength gives despite insecurities/ fears/ frustrations (P5)
  • Aura; energies, clean desire to (P2) (all students were aware of our auric fields, knew them intimately. In training they begin to perceive and understand the aura on a whole new level, in particular a skill called a “Tune-Up” of the aura. In this shamans are taught to clean out our chakras and our fields so we can operate at maximum.Put another way?Dealing with a client’s dirtied up aura it is the job of the shaman to “clean it up,” and they are taught how to do this – EN)
  • Aura hurts (P2)
  • Aura; people, around see can (P2) (many of my students gained a new level of sensory or visual awareness of other people and later, the clients they worked with.You can perceive the aura and what it looks like, the colours, etc., or actually see it with your 3rd eye/brow chakra.The more my students performed SRE journeys for clients, the more psychic and clairvoyant they became – EN)

Word length prevents me from going on and making comments about the rubrics.Fortunately, Dr. Shukla and I are going to be writing a book together on the proving.That way, homeopaths will not only learn from the rubrics, but also the background information that paved the way for it:shamanic training.

[1] The Mesquite tree (Prosopis glandulosa) belongs to the leguminosae family or pod bearing trees. Long before the first Anglo settlers came to Texas, Native Americans used mesquite in its entirety, seeing it as an integral part of their culture. They made sewing needles from the thorns and used the inner bark to make baskets and fabric. The bean pods served as food and were used to make medicinal tea.

[2]It took 5-7 years of training to becoming a shaman, and students would visit the Hogan for further training off and on during throughout these years.

[3]Quartz crystal immersion is made from a clear quartz crystal from King’s Bluff in South Australia. It is a medicine for the ego, be it exaggerated or diminished. It is for those looking for recognition, those who have great ambitions be they intellectual, spiritual or physical. The resolution of this state is the healing of the tension that arises with these feelings and the realization that even the small in this world is an indispensable part of the universe. He learns to go with the flow. This medicine brings great visionary and inner wisdom and connection with the spiritual path: Book by Peter Tuminello on 12 gems homoeopathic provings- Twelve Jewels

[4]You can also set up this same crystal/gemstone pattern in a room in your home where you meditate and increase your ability to go even deeper and wider within yourself than before. You can send me an email, to get (free) my article and drawing on how to set it up.

[5]The sacred pipe, often referred to mistakenly as the ‘peace pipe,’ is one of the most powerful and sacred objects for Native Americans. In its most basic form, a pipe is simply a bowl and a stem, which together can be used to smoke an herbal preparation.

[6]Shamanic breathwork is an art of breathing done by highly skilled shamans who know how to hold space for the powerful emotions that arise during the sacred ceremony. It can bring one to profound insights and into higher realms of consciousness/ higher dimensions that is frequently talked of in this proving.

[7]Twelve Jewels: Gemsin Homeopathy by Peter Tuminello is a wonderful book on provings ofgems/ crystal immersions. In his words “This material in this book is a development of our understanding of the gems through an experiential process over ten years.” The chapter on Quartz crystal immersion gives all the information needed on the remedial qualities of the Quartz along with other 11 gems. I suggest the curious reader to read these provings.

[8]Magdalena Babiszewska, Anne Marijke Schel, Claudia Wilke, Katie E Slocombe. Social, contextual, and individual factors affecting the occurrence and acoustic structure of drumming bouts in wild chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). Am J Phys Anthropol. 2015 Jan ;156(1):125-34. Epub 2014 Oct 18. PMID: 25327570

[9]Accepting the premise that our Earth is an organic living being, the question arises whether we are living/proving the quintessence of our Mother Earth, orshe is recording what we feel and think ? In either case I (as the prover and as a student of shamanic way of living) am the medium. In my opinion Our Mother Earth, the Vortex being her Soul (heart) was/is orchestrating this marvelous phenomenon. It is She who decides whom to draw unto her and when to draw unto her to carry her message unto others. This depends on how aligned we are with our universe at that time. Therefore it would not also be incorrect to say that we are recording/living/voicing the quintessence of our Earth. The clay from the Vortex or close to the Vortex will exhibit an intense state as it is energetically less contaminated by human intervention.- Chetna Shukla

[10]Extraction involves removing a negative energy from the person such as cleaning out a chakra, removing a weapon from a past lifetime, or trauma held from another past life. It is psychic surgery. Shamans are able to remove these unhealthy energies so that better homeostasis is gained by the client, afterward.



[13] https://www.etymonline.com/word/life

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