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Miasmatic Treatment of Chronic Diseases

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Miasmatic Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Homeopathy in itself is a holistic therapy because the whole human being is concerned. Whatever potency is used, you reach the physical, emotional and mental level of a patient. Homeopathy is the only Western medical system based on rhythm. As rhythm is the essential expression of life, as everything in our physical body and every organ system has its own rhythm, homeopathy is so successful. Always keep  in mind, that the physical body is the perfect orchestra and produces the finest, most harmonious music of life. Everything in our body is in perfect composition, in perfect antagonism and balance.

We are no longer living in the 19th or 20th century and many changes have taken place in homeopathy. Chronic diseases have changed more to the destructive side and demand new approaches from us, the therapists. We need holistic concepts of healing which comprise the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. There is no rule on how to compose a holistic concept. We must be creative and keep in mind to include the whole man, woman, and child.

A lot of changes have to take place in our own minds. These include, more tolerance, more acceptance of other perspectives and types of treatment and more empathy for others’ experience. If we want to be successful in dealing with today’s severe chronic diseases, we need to put aside unnecessary walls between the different healing arts. There is the intense desire to understand the laws of nature and their correspondence in the human organism. The more we disregard them, the more destructive become the diseases of our time. Healing must be simple, the healing process well structured, and it must make sense to the patient.

To make my point more clearly, I start with a perception that sounds very simple and easy, but stretches its branches to any part of our treatment ideas: The patient´s healing takes place at home.

Can you feel what that really means? In our practise we present therapies to the patient, who gets relief for a while and can experience what is possible. But then he goes home to his normal life, reined in by inherited and established ways of thinking, feeling and acting. For some days our therapies may still vibrate in the patient´s mind. However, he got ill by his way of copying others’ arguments, behaviours and thoughts instead of living authentically. Many people die as copies, not as what they were meant for originally. Healing always aims at unfolding the patient’s originality. Of course, there are patients who feel that inner drive to change their life style, nutrition and conscious mind. But how often do we meet them in our homeopathic practice? Most of our patients need help to get out of their habits and way of thinking.

In miasmatic treatment we consider this reality and administer, beside good remedies, helpful exercises and little rituals which give a useful structure to the patient´s day. Otherwise the patient is stuck in her  disease, with her thoughts turning round and round about the disease. Healing means a change of mind and deep belief in self-healing.

The holistic concept

My holistic concept of treatment for chronic disease is comprised of the following items:

·Miasmatic homeopathy, following the logical self healing programs of the organism

·Creative self-expression of the patient (painting, music, singing, dancing, sculpturing etc.)

·“Healing nutrition” – A plan for 2 months

·Remedies to regulate cellular respiration, the intestines and the metabolism

·Breathing exercises

Miasmatic Homeopathy

We first have to explain a homeopathic concept. There is no doubt that homeopathy plays the most important role in cancer treatment, because it can remove the miasmatic activities. For that we need a clear and simple concept. You know Hahnemann’s concepts of psoric, sycotic and syphilitic miasms. Let us keep in mind: a miasm is not a disease in itself. It is the manifested collective conscious mind which calls forth the corresponding epidemic. Epidemics like syphilis, scabies or gonorrhoea, are not the miasms, they are only the perfect manifestation of the syphilitic, psoric and gonorrhoeal mind. It is the miasm that creates the disease. Mind and matter are of equal manner.  From Hahnemann we got the threefold miasm concept.

We come to the fourfold concept, born by the genius John Henry Allen, who discovered in the 19th century, tuberculosis as the expression of a new miasm. He considered the tuberculosis miasm as a merging or fusion of the psoric and syphilitic miasms. Today we know the tubercular miasm rests between the psoric and sycotic miasms and has a dramatic correspondence to the syphilitic level. In other words, in this miasm lies the germ for destruction, a syphilitic development. Tubercular processes can be become dramatic and destructive, as we know. In these cases we need to treat the sycotic centre.

Another branch of the miasmatic concept developed since the beginning of the 20th century is the cancer miasm. It is a combination of sycotic and syphilitic aspects.

Today we work with a sevenfold concept, enriched by the parasitosis, a new branch of the old sycosis. The parasitosis is the result of vaccination and the consumption of allopathic remedies with their side effects. On the sycotic level therefore, we often need isodes of the medical and chemical stuff or drugs.

See the drawing of the miasmatic concept.

The logical way of healing

Another important issue is the logic of the healing process. It makes sense to start on the most serious level of a disease and push it away from the essential body functions to compensating organs and then out to the skin. A chronic disease starts and ends on the psoric level. In between, other miasmatic levels are concerned. As therapists, we have to believe in the healing power of the organism. Often we only believe in the pathological aim of a disease, but don’t trust the self healing power (although in homeopathy we acknowledge the life force). A miasmatic treatment of any serious disease teaches us to trust the natural and logical self healing programs of the body. There is consciousness in each cell and we have to administer new healthy information. We have to speak the same language as the body, not any artificial intellectual language. The body is as wise as nature and its self- healing programs are extremely economical. The Simillimum for the body must be simple and economical. To deal with complicated matters and situations we cannot be complicated ourselves. We have to use an economical and simple concept. Let us consider the logical way of healing chronic diseases with the help of the following drawing:

If we follow this simple concept we establish a rule. From that starting point it is much easier to deal with the many exceptions in the individual healing process of a patient. A well chosen and clear concept functions like a red thread, a guide line.  The patient wants to understand what is going on, what the symptoms mean and what the unreleased conflicts are behind his disease. That is why I developed a simple drawing for the patient, which many colleagues use as well. The “House of Miasms”.

You see stairs from one level to the next. That is very important for a gentle treatment. Each step is represented by certain homeopathic remedies which can release the analogous state of cancer disease. It makes sense that there are not too many remedies of such power.

Representative remedies in miasmatic treatment

If the disease is very aggressive, we start on the syphilitic level and need the nosode Lueticum, or one of the Mercury combinations. In most cases I use Mercurius solubilis. The remedies are administered in the “plussing method” and we start with the C30, C200 or other potency. The remedy is given in 12 spoons of water, stirred and taken one spoonful of it at regular intervals (10-15 minutes), stirring before every dose. The last dose is kept for the next day, 12 spoons of water are added but no remedy. Again, every 15 minutes a spoonful of this changed potency is taken. This process of slightly changing the vibration and potency goes on for a week. Then the remedy is changed and taken in this plussing method for another week. Then, again remedy Nr.1 follows and another week with Nr.2. The result is wonderful because the patient changes the vibration of the remedy according to his own energy. The weekly change of the remedies brings movement to the blocked system of the patient. After 4 weeks the body tells us in which way it reacts and moves. The patient gets the order to watch the seven body orifices because there we can recognize how the body works. If rhagades or aphthae come back it discloses syphilitic activities. The next step is the separation between the syphilitic and sycotic level. The disease has to be pushed on the next higher level of sycosis. The best remedies are:

Nitricum acidum or Carcinosinum, the cancer nosode prepared from the diseased tissue of breast or lung or Staphisagria. All the three remedies help to separate the two merged miasms and to push the disease on the higher level of sycosis. They are administered in the plussing method. In most cases I combine one of them with the master of sycosis, i.e.:

Nit-ac +  Thuja


Carc + Thuja

Staph + Thuja

My experience is that the body understands these impulses and shows clear healing symptoms. The most important one is the return of vital energy, less rigidity, better appetite, more positive attitude, less pain and no more syphilitic symptoms. When the destructive roots are chopped off, the base of the healing process is done. During this period of one or two months, I don´t touch the emotional problems behind the disease. Emotions belong to the element of water and earth, i.e. the sycotic miasm. The syphilitic miasm represents the element of fire which creates dryness. From this point of view you will understand that the healing process must develop from dryness and rigidity to the movement of water which brings flexibility. This takes place on the sycotic level. The main remedies are Thuja and the nosode Medorrhinum. Many other sycotic remedies are available and should be selected according to their organ-specific efficiency. However to address the sycotic activities such as cell-overproduction, inflammation or growth of tumor or swellings of any kind, we need the most important remedy, Thuja.

It covers the three above mentioned levels:

  1. swelling, soft yellow secretions
  2. inflammation, pain, sticky yellow-green secretions
  3. creation of gravel, stones and tumors

We often combine Thuja with any other organ-specific remedy in the weekly change.

Special attention to the sycotic level

Although the cancer disease is in a healing process, most misunderstandings take place on the sycotic level, because the whole organism is in movement. A battle between the archaic and modern immune system seems to take place, emotions burst out, inflammation appears, pain during daytime creates unhappy feelings, and old suppressions come to the surface. Everything is in rebellion and change. During this healing process, we as therapists must maintain common sense, strong nerves and an unfailing view for what is going on. We can easily be lost in the hysterical state of mind of the patient. The most important thing is not to make any clinical examinations as long as sycosis is active. You get a wrong view and wrong results. Wait until the high waves of sycosis slow down. We want signs of change, we want healing, so please be patient, take the Bach flower remedy “Impatience” and trust  nature. The body is wise and knows what to do. Try to understand the process and don´t become anxious.

Keep in mind that from the lowest and most destructive level of the syphilitic miasm, all symptoms of sycotic character are signs of the proper healing direction. So don’t be worried, but follow the logical path from inside to the periphery, from the dryness to secretion. Look at the secretion. The colours of syphilitic symptoms are fiery-red and dirty-brown or black. You should be happy when the yellow colour of the sycotic miasm appears. The softer the yellow secretions become, the better it is and the higher the disease will be pushed.

Most of the healing work has to be done on the first floor of the house of miasms. Patients usually  look at the problem behind the disease, and they also perceive what has to be changed in their lives, what went wrong, and what are the new  points of view. We have to support this wonderful state of mind. The easiest way is to encourage their self-expression. Let them paint, write poems or short stories, or do something creative with the title “My healing process”. Let them experience feelings and thoughts in their own particular way. It is nourishment for the soul and of great healing power. Whatever they create should not be judged or interpreted psychologically. The patient must be free to show it to you or not. Perhaps for the first time in his life, the patient expresses herself, her innermost feelings. Let it be her little secret and joy.

The Sycotic miasm is creative. To do something artistically is the released sycosis. The negative aspect is the fixation. The greatest problem on this level of treatment is the fixation on the disease. The Simillimum to that state of mind is creative work. The patient’s focus changes subtly if you give her the task of expressing herself artistically, at whatever level. To treat the sycotic aspect of the cancer miasm requires the longest time. Take great care of this level as it is the base for further healing.

The tubercular level

From the sycotic level we need another push forward to the tubercular level. In our picture, imagine a staircase to the 2nd floor upstairs with many windows, much light, nearer to heaven. The proper remedies for the linking or transferring energy are Calcarea combinations, especially:

Calcarea carbonica or  Pulsatilla.

What happens in the body? What are the healing signs? You know them very well as they are tubercular symptoms: bleeding (nose, uterus, and haemorrhage), fever, pain, coryza with fluent discharges, reactions in the respiratory organs and intestines. We know the symptoms of tubercular sickness. In the process of healing cancer they lose their pathological quality. Coming from below, from the syphilitic and sycotic level, they are healing signs. The best remedies for this miasmatic level are:

Phosphorus and the nosodes Baccilinum or Tuberculinum

The best sign of healing is either a strong coryza with fluent, watery discharges, fever or influenza. If we call it a “disease” at all, it is a much lighter one than the chronic disease. We have to explain this to the patient because, at least in our country, patients get more scared by fever and influenza than by chemotherapy or surgery. They are so habituated to suppressing pain, fever and coryza and dependent on regular vaccination, that they lose any sense of proportion. On the tubercular, level with quite common symptoms, we can present a simple image of miasmatic treatment, such as the little house of miasms. It makes sense to compare the tubercular level with the floor upstairs. Open windows and fresh air allow better breathing. More light creates a friendly atmosphere.  I always prepare the patient for that level and encourage him to accept the bleeding nose, the diarrhoea or coryza. I explain that, “Now, you are fit for a more simple disease and immune training”. There is no need to fall back in old behaviours of suppression. The healing aspect of the tubercular level in treatment is easy to recognize:

1. The symptoms don’t stay for a long time

2. The symptoms don’t exhaust, they release.

Keep in mind: The same tubercular symptoms can be of completely different meaning. If they are the starting point of a disease, they are pathological. If they are the result of a miasmatic treatment, they are signs of a healing process.

According to the physical situation, add organ-specific remedies.

The psoric level

Last but not least, the healing process reaches the psoric level. In the picture of the house you find a staircase leading up to a room from where we get a wide overview in all directions. It is the room under the roof and the roof itself. It responds to the skin, where at last the disease has to be led. Psora is the base, the mother of chronic diseases in whatever shape and contents. From the Psora every grade of sickness can rise. To push the disease from the tubercular to the psoric level you need remedies like the nosode Psorinum or Scrophularia nodosa. These remedies help to transfer vital energy up to the lightest area of disease, to the skin. The body’s reaction may be coryza, again, with watery and slimy discharge. Old eczemas can come back and itching eruptions can arise. One typical and central symptom of the Psora will not arise when we treat cancer miasmatically: the psoric weakness. But something happens which looks like that.

Remember, chronic disease is based on permanent stress. Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system, i.e. the highest tension in the whole system. Healing includes relaxation and means the body must come down to the parasympathetic or vagotonic state. Only then can stress release take place. The patient feels tired and experiences for the first time in his or her life the feeling of indolence. Coming from the low level of heaviness, climbing up the ladder from the syphilitic level to the psoric is a constant relaxation which is of vital importance for the healing process. From this point of view, you have to judge the psoric indolence, listlessness or apathy as a necessary sign of healing.

Any serious disease starts on the psoric level because of a tremendous weakness. Without an exhausting prostration, a chronic disease is not possible. We see how beginning and end touch each other. Homeopathy is based on a circular way of thinking and a holistic medical system. When the patient  comes back to the psoric level, where years ago he started, he or she is no more the same. Beginning and end don’t touch exactly at the same point. The end is one octave higher and the patient sounds and vibrates one octave higher than before. In this process he starts with a keynote, followed by fundamental or overtones when the octave is to be heard.  For me a healing process is like a spiral.

On the psoric level we conclude the miasmatic treatment with Sulphur. In many cases of chronic disease we may follow the patient and stop treatment on the sycotic or tubercular level. In cancer treatments, please remain uncompromising. Cancer with its twofold miasmatic aspects can easily fall back into sycosis, if you don’t pay attention to the logical way of healing. Cancer is such a heavy disease that is has to experience the lightest level, i.e. the psoric one. Even if the patient feels absolutely happy and healthy, I administer Sulphur, perhaps with no reaction. But I know the organism understands this last stimulus.

I like to compare the healing process to a work from theatre: There is a beginning, and then dramatic events take place. Hopefully there is a happy end. A good story has at its end, a full stop and no open end. Never allow an open end in the treatment of a chronic disease. There must be a full stop, like Sulphur or Fagopyrum or Ignatia or any other psoric remedy of your choosing. I have seen many homeopathic cases over the years without real healing, because the therapy did not reach the psoric level and dropped again down to the sycotic level.

Miasmatic treatment of cancer needs a small collection of strong miasmatic remedies, and further on organ-specific remedies which touch the organism like a laser ray. I give you a small overview of the miasmatic remedies which are used very often:

Miasms and their main remedies

















Carc m








Carc b







































































Release of conflicts

In the holistic treatment of chronic diseases, homeopathy doubtless plays an important role. If we use the logical concepts of miasmatic treatment, the process can continue. The body understands perfectly the information and responds to it. We as therapists have to understand the physical development and administer the proper remedy. That means, beside the red thread of the miasmatic sequence of remedies, you can add whatever you like as complementary healing stimulus. The only rule you should follow is: less is more. Better a simple concept than a complicated one.

Of course we need some idea how to help release the conflict behind the disease. Each disease is organ-specific and conflict-specific. We cannot leave the patient with some granules and hope that he solves the very old conflict without help. The roots of the conflict are too deep and in most cases reach back into childhood or youth. On the other hand, a traumatic experience cannot be discussed intellectually. Most patients remember the traumatic events on the sycotic level. The syphilitic aspect leads to physical and emotional numbness. So what shall we do from the very beginning of holistic treatment? I always preferred the simplest way and have searched for creative solutions which touch the roots of the cancer disease. We need something that covers:

* self-expression

* physical strength

* vital rhythm

* stimulation of  lung and cell breathing

* regular exercise

We now come back to the beginning, the holistic concept. Although I give you my example there are many colleagues who use these principles and create their own methods. But one thing is clear: breathing and rhythmical movement are necessary. The exercises cannot be described but must be learned practically. In Germany we have extra courses for therapists where they learn how to teach their patients.

The second non-homeopathic healing stimulus to release the conflict, is creative or artistic work: painting, sculpturing, writing, singing, play of an instrument, calligraphy, ikebana, origami, gardening or whatever serves the self-expression. It need not to be evaluated psychologically, rather, it is nourishment for the soul. My patients are asked to call their creative work “My healing process”. Don’t judge it less important than proper remedies. The soul is sick and self-expression in most cases, never took place. What the patient has to say in the beginning, is beyond words. So let him express himself in colours, forms and shapes. That stimulates the flow of life energy and self-healing power.

Specific remedies for specific conflicts

I want to shed light on several specific treatments which have been necessary in many patients. These stimuli don’t disturb our main road of miasmatic treatment. For each problem I want to wind up with a specific remedy:

1. Lac humanum

2. Saccharum raffinatum

3. Cinis ligni

1. Lac humanum

Mother milk is more than a first nourishment of a baby. It is the message: “You are welcome. I help you on your first steps into life, into independence”. If a mother cannot nourish her baby with her milk she can, nevertheless, send her message on alternative nourishment. There is no need of trauma just because mother had no milk. The mental and emotional message is important, not the stuff in itself. Although mother milk is doubtless the best food, we can grow up in full health if we get an alternative food. In the vita of patients we often find the traumatic experiences of being not wanted at all by the parents. They were declared as an “accident”. Or they understood they should be a boy instead of a girl or vice versa. There was no welcome, even if mother milk was available.

What happens in such a conscious mind? He or she creates several strategies to survive emotionally:

  1. to adjust, to seek for acceptance
  2. to be invisible, to be not noticed
  3. to utter no wish, no need (requirement)
  4. to look first for others, not for oneself

There is a strong mental attitude: “I can do everything on my own. I do not need any help.”

The effect is a sycotic self- delusion, a constant lie of life. He or she “does as if…” The person opens her mind for other realities, looses the contact with earth, and lives in her own virtual world. She is always hungry and feeds others instead of herself. That distinguishes her from Ignatia who is selfish in her hunger. During miasmatic therapy, in most cases when the sycotic level is reached, the subject of  Lac humanum may be important and we administer it in addition to our miasmatic remedies.

2. Saccharum raffinatum

With the high consumption of sugar and sweets we touch another important problem of many chronic diseases. A high level of acidity in blood and tissue predisposes to an increase of cell-deformation or degeneration. Sugar and sweets supply quick energy. For a moment they make you happy, but then a feeling of emptiness follows. They compensate for loneliness, acceptance, and love. The heart cries for affection and is not heard. The person may live a normal life with family, partner and children. But there is this deep loneliness. Once a patient said: “I was like a cry in the desert, although so many people were around me”. The problem is that our patient has never learned to communicate in the proper way. He fails to give clear signals to be noticed.

On the sycotic level in the treatment such problems, they come quite often to the surface and can be helped by Saccharum raffinatum. The effect is to stop compensation and learn to speak about personal wishes and needs.

3. Cinis ligni

This remedy, the ashes of a tree of the primeval world, was proved in Europe only eight years ago. It has  become of the highest importance, especially in cancer treatment. It is “the fighter against wind mills”. The patient is fighting her whole life against many things: against family members, ideologies and cancer, of course. The fight never ends in victory, but in capitulation. This attitude represents conventional cancer research and cancer treatment. Everybody is fighting against an invisible enemy. We’ve been doing that for 200 years. We fight against all kinds of microbes, against fever, aches and disease. We produce tons of pills against all these enemies. The worst enemy is in us. So we create modern aggressive self-destructive diseases. It is a fight against wind mills which can never be won. We have to change the focus from outside to inside. There is no enemy at all in the outside world. Whatever we meet and experience is created by our conscious mind. We don´t like to hear that and think all the spiritual masters were wrong to say that from century to century. We think that as modern, educated, civilized people we know better. Cancer is the answer. I am my own enemy, we are our own enemies. Whatever the subject may be it is a kind of wall that the patient has created in his mind and spent his whole life trying to knock down. She   capitulates and falls first to a state of resignation, and then in fatalism. She has given up and is exhausted. Cinis ligni is the remedy needed to overcome that terrible state of mind. Cinis ligni is one of the best remedies to understand the essence of the cancer miasm.

There are many more remedies we can add to the mainstream of miasmatic treatment. Find them by watching the healing process, its signs and symptoms. Use the repertory, use the constitutional remedies as you have learned them. There is no right or wrong, no better or worse. There is only the urgency to know the inner intention and to be creative. In Germany we have established a large group of therapists who have the same experiences and achieve more healing successes by following a simple and logical concept of holistic treatment.

In these pages I can only present a rough idea. In my courses we always illustrate miasmatic work by live anamnesis with patients. If you want to learn more about miasmatic treatment, I am ready to give a 3 day seminar in English. Please contact the Narayana publishing house: [email protected]. You are welcome to my regular seminars, but the presentation is in German. See my homepage


Vitae of Rosina Sonnenschmidt, PhD,

  • Studies of music, indology and  ethnomusicology
  • 1979 PhD in ethnomusicology
  • Since 1984  training in mediumship and spiritual healing with English teachers (Mary Duffy, Margaret Pearson, Tom Johanson)
  • 1989/90 Certification as Three-In-One Facilitator and Touch for Health Instructor
  • Since 1993 leading our Modern School of Mediumship and Spiritual healing (together with Harald Knauss)
  • Since 1990 Concentration on Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy.
  • Since 1996 author of many books on holistic therapies
  • Since 1999 master of holistic medicine, own practise for homeopathy
  • Many seminars and trainings for therapists
  • 2006 and 2009 invitation to Japan, Royal Society for Homeopathy

About the author

Rosina Sonnenschmidt

Rosina Sonnenschmidt, PhD.
* 1979 PhD in ethnomusicology
* Since 1984 training in mediumship and spiritual healing with English teachers
* 1989/90 Certification as Three-In-One Facilitator and Touch for Health Instructor
* Since 1993 leading our Modern School of Mediumship and Spiritual healing (together with Harald Knauss)
* Since 1990 Concentration on Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy.
* Since 1996 author of many books on holistic therapies
* Since 1999 master of holistic medicine, own practise for homeopathy
* Many seminars and trainings for therapists
* 2006 and 2009 invitation to Japan, Royal Society for Homeopathy


  • I DR NK Garg congratulate you and salute to your great authority for such a nice elaborated miasmatic concepts. I read many articles on homoeopathy but never saw such a nice authontic in simple ways elaborated so deeply
    Wish you all fame and name
    DR NK Garg([email protected])

  • can it be possible say a person took lycopodium under the sycotic miasm and it pushes it to syphilitic??

    then that direction would be bad right?

  • I am very interested in your ideas on holistic treatment a for endometriosis. I found your paper by searching, “are the cells from herpes and endo the same.” I realize they are different diseases but they seem to act in a similar fashion, forming a lesion. I have both conditions as well as hpv and they always occur at the same time monthly with my cycle. I am I’m in good health, exercise regularly, am 37, and was diagnosed with endo after my third child eight years ago. I would really like to try holistic treatments. I believe deeply in your description of addressing an illness by it’s underlying issues. I couldn’t find your prescription in this paper, thuja? I would be willing to do anything to help with this cycle of illness I have monthly. I have already had laproscopic coterization, they tried to put me on hormones, which I refuse to take. None of it seems to address the underlying auto immune type disorder I have. Could you help, or recommend a holistic professional?

  • Cancer miasm is not a combination of Sycosis and Syphilis miasms, but a combination of four basic miasms. And it’s easy to check by treating someone with cancer with Sycosis and Syphilis (or Carcinosinum)

  • Hello Doctor,

    I just read your account of the Miasmatic Treatment of Chronic Diseases. I am very impressed n captivated.

    Please, explain the message below for my better understanding.

    Miasmatic nosodes

    The nosode for psora is Psorinum, and the main Psoric remedy is Sulphur.

    The nosode for sycosis is Medorrhinum, and the main Sycotic remedy is Thuja.

    The nosode for Syphilis is Syphilinum, and the main Syphilitic remedy is Mercurius.

    The nosode for the Tubercular Miasm is Tuberculinum, and tubercular remedies are
    Phosphorus, Nux vomica, Calcarea
    phosphorica and Calcarea carbonicum.

    The nosode for the Cancer Miasm is Carcinosin.

    Secondly, if psora, sycosis n tabere were seen during test, what would you recommend to flush them out or treat them?


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