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Midlands College of Homeopathy

Homeopath Kelda White announces the new Midlands College of Homeopathy which will be located in Worcester, UK. The courses will cover materia medica, anatomy and pathology, homeopathic philosophy and a wide range of approaches to homeopathic methodologies, clinical training and case analysis.

Malvern is in Worcester UK and has long been associated with different kinds of therapeutic treatments, from the Victorian water cures, to the setting up of a successful college of healing over thirty years ago.

It is now a base for many practitioners who provide services in various types of alternative treatments. Jeremy Sherr, who contributed much to homoeopathy with provings, teachings and writings was based here for many years and so it is exciting that the new Midlands College of Homeopathy will open its doors a few miles from Malvern in the spring of 2021.

Malvern conjures up a range of images; beautiful hills, landscape that inspired Elgar and Tolkein as well as the many places that provide healthy and pure spring water. It is the home of Morgan cars, Iron-Age hill forts.

Charles Darwin is one of the famous names associated with the town. He may have been sceptical about homeopathy but it seems unlikely that he would have survived to write his seminal work On the Origin of Species in 1859 if he had not received treatment from Dr James Manby Gully, a homeopathic physician who also used the local springs for his water cure.

Even though Darwin largely dismissed homeopathic principles, he experienced skin rashes during his treatment, followed by much improvement in his health (The Curious Case of Charles Darwin and Homeopathy https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2816387/ ).

The new Midlands College of Homeopathy is a dynamic collaboration between the former Principal, Christopher Hammond, Vice Principal Robert Duddell and core tutor Kelda White from The Homeopathy College, Birmingham.

They are joined by Mary Ellis whose team runs, the Southern College of Homeopathy in the UK and the School of Homeopathy in Iceland. This will bring together the best of tutors from the three colleges so that students will benefit from a considerable range of experience.

The course will cover materia medica, anatomy and pathology, homeopathic philosophy and a wide range of approaches to homeopathic methodologies. There will also be clinical training that focuses on cases analysis and management as well as the development of interpersonal and self-awareness skills. That will enable students to become confident and successful practitioners and ambassadors for the gentle art of homeopathic medicine generally.

Mary started the Southern Collage of Homeopathy in 2009 because she is passionate about homeopathy and wanted to be instrumental in helping others to practice homeopathy in a professional and successful way. She is committed to bringing the very best and inspiring tutors to the colleges who have a diverse range of skills and knowledge who can help the students develop their own practice and become competent and confident prescribers. Mary is also a trustee of Homeopathy Action Trust, on the panel of 4H 1 and a member and Chair of the HCPF 2 .

Chris Hammond was lured away from being a GP by homeopathy in the 1980s and thrives on facilitating growth in others, a role which enabled him to take on the role of Principal in Birmingham when David Howell retired in 2008. He has supported countless patients and students and brings a fresh perspective to the future of homeopathic education.

Robert Duddell, who is now living in Malvern, has been inspiring students for over 20 years and has worked as Vice Principle of the College of Homeopathy Birmingham and its previous incarnation as the Midlands College of Practical Homeopathy.

He has also been a clinical supervisor at both colleges as well as the North West College of Homoeopathy. He is currently completing the writing of books on the therapeutic approaches to the treatment of diseases. This is an ongoing long-term project to upgrade the therapeutic literature into the twenty first century.

Kelda White studied at The Homeopathy College and subsequently became a core tutor. She is very passionate about expanding the reach of homeopathy. She runs a practice in Malvern and acts as case supervisor.

This is a hugely exciting move – at a time when the homeopathic community needs to be bold about standing forward to offer effective health care. We are looking forward to enabling future practitioners to fulfil that role.  The Midlands College of Homeopathy is recognised as having attained Validation Status by the Homeopathy Course Providers Forum under the HCPF Quality Assurance Validation Scheme.

1- 4H is 4 Homeopathy which is all the associations in homeopathy working together to progress homeopathy in the UK and abroad. So its members are the Society of Homeopaths, the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, the faculty, the Pharmacys, the patients, the vets, Homeopathy Action Trust, and The Course Providers, so HCPF (now HT) is the forum for all the colleges in the UK.

2- HCPF (now HT) is the forum for all the colleges in the UK.

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Kelda White

Kelda White - I was inspired to study homeopathy 15 years ago after experiencing how wonderful, effective and life expanding it can be. I work with remedies, flower essences, nutrition and deep intuitive reflection to enable the transformative process which is so beautifully expressed through homeopathy.
With my feet in the soil and the basics of life, I also have a passion for supporting gut health, alternative ways of being well and reconnecting people to nature through plant wisdom. I studied at The Homeopathy College, gained experience in Mumbai and now have an online international client base as well as a practice in the lovely town of Malvern.

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