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Movie Review: “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe”

Elaine and Shana see “Vaxxed” in Philadelphia, featuring a Q & A with the director and some of the parents who appear in the film

We have to begin the review with this headline:

Co-Author of Lancet MMR-Autism Study Exonerated on All Charges of Professional Misconduct

One of the parents of the autistic children Wakefield used in his study wrote the following angry letter to the British Medical Journal which allowed Brian Deer to do a hatchet-piece on Wakefield, et al:

“I am making a formal complaint to the BMJ for allowing Brian Deer to publish this article about my child and others. How can the BMJ allow a journalist without any qualifications in bowel disease to make these assumptions? My [child] suffers every day with [his] bowels and [is] in great pain. The bowel disease … has been getting worse throughout the years and other doctors who specialise in bowel disease have confirmed the disease. If it had not been for Dr. Wakefield, Professor Walker Smith and Professor Simon Murch I dread to think how my [child] would have coped. … What qualifications does Brian Deer have? How many lives has Brian Deer saved? Brian Deer did not have the courtesy to interview me … and yet he boasts about knowing my boys medical information. What information does the BMJ have to back Brian Deer’s complaints up with? I demand full disclosure.”


Ironically, one of the charges against Wakefield was that he abused the children in his research.  Apparently, the parents of those children don’t agree!  It appears that rather, they find Brian Deer to be abusive!  Just to clarify, John Walker Smith was cleared because his malpractice insurance was willing to cover the law suit, Wakefield’s was not.  However, Wakefield is suing Brian Deer for defamation and suing to get his medical license back.  

And now, here is the only “preview” of “Vaxxed” I could find:


It was a rainy night in Philadelphia, and who knew the holes in my boots would actually let water in?  Unperturbed, and with only one Spongebob umbrella between us, Shana and I advanced on our mission to see this important and daring film!  Let’s face it, Big Pharma has the entire world on lock-down where vaccination is concerned!  You are not entitled to have an opinion about it; if you do, keep it to yourself–especially if you’re in the public eye!  The only news that’s allowed to be reported regarding vaccines is that they are completely safe and effective!

When senior scientist, Dr. William Thompson, of the prestigious U.S. Centers For Disease Control, came forward to blow the whistle on vaccine safety fraud at the CDC, not a single news agency covered it!  This movie is all that there is, the only entity bringing this news story to the public’s attention!  It’s the only testament to the fact that the CDC did a study on vaccination safety demonstrating that the MMR caused autism!  You either see this documentary and become informed, or go blissfully through life believing that vaccination is perfectly safe until one day you unceremoniously wake up to find your life has changed forever and your child has been robbed of his future!

As you can imagine, producer, Del Bigtree and director, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, have literally stuck their necks out to make this movie!  They are traveling around the country with this film, appearing in Q and A sessions post-viewing, being very clear that this is not so much a movie as a movement!  

The vaccine industry knows these vaccinations are deadly, they know the vaccine schedule itself is deadly, but it’s so unbelievably profitable that they simply press on!  If you don’t believe it’s all about the money, ask yourself why you can’t get the measles shot by itself?  The answer is that the patent has expired on the individual shots, so there’s no money in them!  Pharma makes them, yes–you have to make them to make the MMR–but they don’t MARKET them, you can’t request them–because there’s no money in them!  What study has been done to prove that combining the 3 diseases together into one vaccine will be completely safe and effective?  There is no study, it’s based solely on assumption.

So, what is this movie about, exactly?  A senior scientist who worked at the CDC was in charge of a team of scientists who were given their marching orders in response to a congressional hearing on vaccinations that did not go well for the MMR, the CDC looked very bad in that hearing!  Their marching orders?  Prove the MMR is safe and doesn’t cause autism!  Well, they ran into a problem.  It seems their trial showed just the opposite–especially with regard to African-American males under 3–and the only way to get their study to come out “right” was to commit fraud! 

Dr. William Thompson was shocked that he had taken part in a fraud; namely, manipulating the sample size in the middle of a study.  Apparently, this is not something you just “do”.  He was afraid he might go to jail!  He informed the others, “I’m not going to jail for this!”  This caused the other scientists to start scrambling, destroying and deleting documents, but Dr. Thompson had made copies and handed them over to a law firm for whistle-blowers.

He called up biologist, Dr. Brian Hooker, who has an autistic son.  Dr. Hooker had been trying to contact Thompson for years, wanting answers regarding his son’s condition.  Thompson was avoiding him assiduously.  Years went by.  When Thompson did finally call Dr. Hooker on the phone, he was extremely apologetic.  He started telling Dr. Hooker everything he had done and sent him documents to back it up, all of which are included in this movie.  It’s only because of the phone calls between Hooker and Thompson that we have this movie.  In fact, the movie consists of the recorded phone calls between Dr. Thompson and Dr. Hooker.  Thompson did not know he was being recorded.  

Dr. Hooker told Andrew Wakefield about Dr. Thompson.  As I said earlier, Wakefield is a gastroenterologist whose studies in an English hospital showed there was something wrong with the intestines of a number of autistic children implicating the MMR vaccine.  I think the discovery was that he found measles in the intestines.

Wakefield was vilified for this finding and actually lost his license to practice medicine.  Wakefield tells Hooker, “You have to get Thompson on tape!  You can’t just talk with him off the record!  These types can disappear into thin air.  A month from now he’ll be saying he’s he never heard of you!”

So, Hooker starts recording the phone calls in which Thompson reveals how he and his team of scientists covered up a link between the MMR vaccine and autism and then published their fraudulent “findings” in the prestigious journal, Pediatrics; and every time someone in authority says the autism-vaccine link has been debunked, THIS is the “study” they’re referring to—the one in Pediatrics 

There are many parents of autistic children in the movie.  Parents of children who were perfectly normal before their child got the MMR, and they all tell the same story about their child’s descent into autism, despite being from all different parts of the world.  They want you to please hear their message, as all they can do now is help you, it’s too late for them.  

I’m sure many of you are thinking that your child was vaccinated and is not autistic; so, why should you have to see this movie?  Autism is simply the most extreme end of a spectrum of disorders.  The fact is that 54 percent of our children has at least one chronic disease which, in itself, is absolutely unimaginable.

And the trajectory of autism is on the rise; one out of 2 children is projected by the year 2032.

Do you know that drug companies can’t be sued for vaccine damage?  They are completely protected by law.  So they have absolutely no reason to stop adding more and more vaccines to the vaccine schedule, as they can’t lose!  And they have no incentive to spend money to make them less harmful either.  There is simply no down-side for them, no reason to change anything.  If a child is injured by a vaccine, the government has to pay for it.  And how did this set-up come to be?  Drug companies lobbied Congress.  This is why getting money out of politics is so important; it doesn’t serve the public, it only ensures that the narrow interests of corporations will be served–at everyone else’s expense. 


Shana’s And My Night At The Movies

Here is Shana at Phase-I of our expedition–The Chinese Restaurant!  (She can be seen below holding her chopsticks.)

Phase-II–The Movie!  Here you see Dr. Andrew Wakefield on screen explaining how the graph was plotted in the CDC study:

Here is Andrew Wakefield taking questions in the lobby of the Ritz-5 at 214 Walnut Street after the movie:

Here are Shana and I, live on location, in our capacity as professional journalists.  We look somewhat professional, don’t we?

Do you want to know why doctors are so unyielding about vaccines?  In the United States, the medical insurance companies (or HMO’s) give a multi-thousand dollar, year-end bonus to any doctor who can pass the “patient chart-review” survey.  A chart-review can fail if a patient is not fully vaccinated!  Clearly, unvaccinated children are costing doctors their year-end bonus!  Consequently, they’re not interested in hearing anything you have to say about vaccines! 

This explains why so many patients who don’t want their child vaccinated or want to spread out the vaccine schedule are kicked out of their doctor’s practice!  This is why parents who don’t want to vaccinate are told horror stories about so-called impending epidemics and deaths from whooping cough, etc., leading parents to come home with a vaccinated child, saying, “The doctor scared me.” 

How Can It Be About The Money…?

Find a holistic doctor!  You may have to drive a long distance, but it’s for your child’s own safety.


If anyone asks you how you know that vaccines cause autism, just tell them, “The CDC confirmed it and then tried to destroy the evidence; but one of the scientists made copies before the evidence was destroyed!” 

Go see “Vaxxed”!  (Click Below)

Vaxxed on YouTube


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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  • Thanks so much for this review Elaine. Everyone should learn about and see the movie Vaxxed. It’s the message Pharma doesn’t want people to learn about.

  • An excellent movie review! Seems (once again) the guilty project the blame upon the innocent, which accomplishes two things: the guilty manage to divert everyone’s attention away from their misdeeds, and the innocent (aka the truth-tellers) are wrongly punished! It isn’t easy to hold up the truth to those whose interests are financially/professionally vested in remaining blind to the facts. Hooray for the brave whistle-blowers!

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