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Preventing COVID19 – How Homeopathy Can Help

Written by Isaac Golden

Dr. Isaac Golden, discusses the Coronavirus in relation to homeopathy, including medico-political issues, evidence supporting the effectiveness of homoeoprophylaxis, and the use of nosodes, genus epidemicus remedies and complexes.

Deputy Chair and Research Consultant, Human Research Ethics Committee, National Institute of Integrative Medicine, Australia

Date Essay Received: Feb 28th, 2020


Preventing any infectious disease should always include methods designed to make a person as healthy as possible – constitutional treatment, good food, clean water, as well as sensible physical precautions like washing hands, wearing a mask if appropriate, mosquito netting if relevant, and so on.

However, prevention against a specific disease is maximised by using disease-specific preventatives of which there are two main options – vaccination and homoeoprophylaxis (HP). Both have been used since the late 1790’s. HP is non-toxic, and so the question regarding its usefulness comes down to evidence of effectiveness (there is no point using something that is safe if it doesn’t work), and this is dealt with briefly below.

This essay looks at how homeopathy may make a contribution to the prevention of the COVID19 virus. It does not consider treatment which others have already written about. Three aspects of this issue are considered below.

  1. Medico-political Issues

I consider myself fortunate in most ways to live in Australia. However, being a natural therapist, and in particular being a homeopath is increasingly difficult. In 2013, a pro-pharmaceutical lobby group named the Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM) was formed to attack natural medicine. They began by demanding that Universities no longer research or teach natural therapies. They have influenced Australia’s peak medical research body, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) who conducted fraudulent research into homeopathy, declaring that there was no evidence of effectiveness, and followed that with similar non-science claims against 16 other modalities.

FSM have the ear of politicians and Health Departments, and have promoted legislation against natural therapies, natural therapists, and against citizens who choose to use natural therapies and make independent, pharmaceutical-free, evidence-based decisions regarding their own health.

As a result, I cannot talk about how COVID19 could be prevented in Australia under threat of prosecution, which will explain my careful choice of words below.

Groups like FSM exist in most countries with varying degrees of influence. They cause most political leaders to remain ignorant of the true benefits of natural therapies, and the politicians in turn pass legislation which benefits the sponsors of these lobby groups, the international pharmaceutical companies.

This is such a shame right now because homeopathy has a great deal to offer in all aspects of dealing with COVID19. The drug companies are racing to produce the first vaccine, but imagine what a great help it would have been to the Chinese government to quickly immunise the entire population of the Wuhan region, or to the Italian government to immunise the regional areas which are experiencing outbreaks of COVID19. Imagine how immediate immunisation of all the passengers and crew of the cruise liner stranded in Japan would have brought that outbreak to a rapid conclusion. These things are possible right now with homeopathy, and we have evidence to support this claim.

  1. Evidence Supporting the Effectiveness of Homoeoprophylaxis

I published two articles in 2019 describing in different ways the use of HP in three countries in over 250 million people on an annualised basis, by mainly government agencies in those countries [1], [2]. One of the examples given is especially appropriate in the current situation with COVID19.

Readers may recall the Swine Flu scare which swept the world around 2009/2010. In my country it led to the Federal Government spending around $120,000,000 on vaccines, most of which remained unused. Billions were spent in the USA on the development and sale of the vaccine, and similarly in many other countries internationally.

However, the Cuban government had seen the remarkably successful HP immunisation programs against Leptospirosis in 2007 and 2008, and instructed the Finlay Institute (Cuba’s vaccine manufacturer which, under the inspired leadership of Dr Conception Campa Huergo (a real scientist) and her Vice President Dr Gustavo Bracho, prepared the HP interventions), to homeopathically immunise the entire population of Cuba over 12 months of age against Swine Flu – around 9.8 million people.

When Dr Bracho and I studied the 2010 data it became clear that we could not quantify the success of the program against Swine Flu because there were practically no cases, and it was not possible to say how many travellers entered the country carrying the virus. However, in the same intervention Finlay also immunised against Pneumococcal disease, and the published data shows a clear reduction in the disease in 2010, and a return to expected levels in 2011, and shown in Figure 1 [3].

Figure 1: Incidence of Deaths from Influenza and Pneumococcal Disease per 10,000 Residents of Cuba, 2000 to 2013

It appears probable that COVID19 is a potentially more serious disease than Swine Flu in 2010. However, this example shows how rapidly and successfully an appropriate HP intervention can be distributed across an entire country, at very little cost, and with no risk of toxic complications.

Do most political leaders around the world know of this intervention and the potential to use this methodology in the current crisis? – I expect not (India is an exception).  And this ignorance is due to their “quarantining” from this scientific evidence by pro-Pharma lobby groups like FSM.

  1. What HP Remedies Could be Used?

HP remedies are usually either Nosodes (remedies prepared from diseased material, past the point where molecules of viral or bacterial matter exists), or Genus Epidemicus (GE) remedies (remedies used to best treat patients suffering from the targeted infectious disease.

As long as the prescription satisfies the Principal of Similars, it is consistent with homeopathic principles. But which remedies are best against COVID19?

  • Nosodes: some practitioners/pharmacies began advertising a COVID19 nosode soon after the outbreak was declared in China. I am not aware of any description of how the viral material was obtained or prepared. We also do not know if the virus will mutate, and if it does whether the different strains will produce very similar symptom pictures (in which case one remedy will cover all strains) or very different symptom pictures (in which case different remedies will be needed).
  • GE remedies: many suggestions are appearing on the web regarding which remedies are most useful to treat COVID19. The CCRH in India, for whom I have great respect, have suggested Arsenicum Album and Prime Minister Modi is taking it (oh for a PM like that in my country!!). Bryonia and Gelsemium are both recommended. Eupatoreum Perfoliatum is always on the list. There are many GE recommendations, and they vary between immediate and later stage treatments.
  • A Different Approach: I always learnt a great deal during my 4 visits to Cuba from 2008 to 2014, working with Dr Bracho at the Finlay Institute. One significant lesson for a single-remedy prescriber like myself was the value of complexes. For example, when discussing the structure of their final Dengue Complex with Dr Bracho, we started with the Nosodes for each of the 4 strains of Dengue circulating in Cuba, and then looked at GE remedies. However, this is complex for Dengue because the first infection can produce mild symptoms (Eup. Pef. usually fits well), but then the second infection can cause Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever and be fatal (Phosphorous and reptile remedies were similar). Finlay Institute produced a combination remedy with the 4 Nosodes and a mix of relevant GE remedies from both stages of the disease. All these remedies had a similarity with Dengue in its various stages.

A similar approach could be used with COVID19, and given that there is some uncertainty regarding the Nosode and that there are many suggested GE remedies, IF I was preparing a combination remedy it would look something like the following:  Influenzinum triple nosode M + Pneumococcinum M + Bacillinum M + Arsenicum Album 200 + Justicia Adhatoda 200 + Gelsemium 200 + Bryonia 200 + Antimonium Tartaricum 200.

By no means is this the only possible combination remedy, and remedies like Eupatoreum and Mercury could be used. It is likely that the best GE list will be changed as more experience with treating COVID19 is published by experienced homeopaths. Once a confirmed Nosode becomes available, that could be used. Remember that all these remedies have a degree of similarity to COVID19, and once proved as an entity could be used in a “classical” way. However, the experience I have gained over 3 decades studying HP is that I would feel more secure right now using a complex similar to the above rather than a single Nosode or a single GE remedy, especially as our experience with the disease is in very early stages.

  1. Conclusion

Homeopathy could assist all Governments immediately, at a low cost, without any risk of side-effects, and make a definite impact on the progress of COVID19. In decades to come I expect historians to look back at recent decades of pharmaceutical aggression and their domination of many health systems, and measure the immense cost, and the damage to millions of lives caused by those who prevented decision makers from seeing the true evidence-based benefits of safe and inexpensive natural options.

God-Willing, some enlightened politicians will join Mr Modi and will be open to the use of HP to deal with COVID19. The potential costs will be minimal, the safety undisputed, the potential benefits will be immediate and significant, and right now only ignorance, pride and greed prevent the “scientific” community from offering an immunisation option which has proved itself over 200 years in hundreds of millions of people around the world.


[1] Golden I. Large Homoeoprophylaxis: Brief and Long-Term Interventions.  American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine. Winter,  2019; 112(1): 31-36.

[2] Golden I. Large Homoeoprophylaxis Interventions by Government Institutions. Similia. 2019; 31(2):14-19.

[3] Bracho G. and Golden I. A Brief History of Homeoprophylaxis in Cuba, 2004-2014. Homeopathic Links. 2016; 29(2):128-134.

About the author

Isaac Golden

Dr Isaac Golden Ph.D, D.Hom., N.D., B.Ec(Hon) Deputy Chair and Research Member, National Institute of Integrative Medicine Director, Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy. Isaac Golden has been a homoeopathic practitioner since 1984, and teacher since 1988. He founded the Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy in 1990. Isaac is a regular contributor to local and international academic journals, and is the author of eleven books on homoeopathy.

He is a world authority on homoeoprophylaxis - the use of homoeopathic medicines for specific infectious disease prevention. He was an Honorary Research Fellow, Faculty of Science, Federation University Australia from 2013 to 2016. He is the Australian contact person for Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis. He co-founded the Health Australia Party in July 2015.
Isaac was President of the Victorian branch of the Australian Homoeopathic Association - Australia’s largest national organization of professional homoeopaths - from 1992 to 1998. In March 1999 he was awarded the Association’s Distinguished Service Award.


  • Thank you for your guidance on very important topic. Yes Homeopathy have solution for this viral infection by prevention and also to heal. Most all Homeopath waiting to treat corona positive patients. After going through many articles few medicines are highlighted. For prevention Arsenic Album 30CH, Bryonia 30CH,Camphora 1M
    For treating affected patient group of medicines coming are
    Bryonia 30,Gelsemium 30,Eupatorium 30,Phosphorus 30,Antim tart 30,Argentum Nitricum 30
    Thanks doctor for your combination guidance.
    Abu Dhabi

  • Is it not possible to get this information out into the public arena , including radio, TV etc.

  • We find in Robin Murphy’s Materia Medica that Oscillococcinum:

    -meets all the physical/gross symptoms adequately (basically the triad: pyrexia, dry painful cough, dyspnoea)
    -has been mentioned in the materia medica SPECIFCALLY as a preventive and is for ALL influenzas (immaterial of strain etc)
    -has the important mental peculiarity of FEAR: of giving hand for fear of contagion

    May I have yr comments pls?
    Dr Mass. R. Usuf
    President – National Association of Homoeopaths & Affiliates
    Sri Lanka

    • Dr Usuf
      Oscillo is definitely a similar remedy, as is Arsen Alb, as is Bry, as is Camphor etc. I am just saying that at this early stage I am more comfortable relying on the Cuban approach which in a way covers more bases. Remember, if the complex was proven, it may have a symptom picture similar to Oscillo

    • I hear that many of my patients have decided to give themselves my ‘Jill’s Flu Mix 10M’ as a preventive dose – this consists of Influenzinum Triple Nosode, Bacillinum and Oscillococcinum, all 10M, and is a standard choice in my First Aid Kit Remedies list.

  • In Australia it is not – it would be regarded as advertising a prohibited product if a practitioner mentions it – but word of mouth is very powerful as well thank God – we would not want to have to reply on the media for a full and honest discussion

  • I wonder if some of these remedies can be gotten in America now that practically the whole country has shut down. Do you think it would be just as effective to make a combination of Arsenicum, Gelsemium, Bryonia, and Antimonium Tart? Possibly with the addition of Oscillo? Or would the HP only be effective with the other remedies included?

    • HP like homeopathy in general relies on the principle of Similars, so there are many possible preventative remedies. I have just offered a suggestion of one I believe would be very appropriate right now in the situation we are facing

    • It will depend where you live Beth – and you may not be able to get an exact match. So approach local pharmacies if you are a practitioner – or ask your local homeopath

  • A most interesting article. Myself and family could not live without homeopathy. We have relied on it for nearly 3 decades. Long may it reign. And shame on the people who damn it down.
    Carry on the great work and articles. Thank you.

  • Since the virus affects swelling of Kidney and later its failiure Apis and Apocynum may also be considered.
    As medicine prepared from Animal Poisons can go deep into the living organisms, that group of may be considered for HP.

    • It will totally depend on the circumstances in each country/region Julia. I would only dose weekly in a high risk situation, and not for too many doses, then spread apart

  • Unfortunately none of the above is homeopathy. It doesn’t satisfy the rules of homeopathy. Combining remedies is not logical. No remedy looks at all alike. So it’s not logical. Illness is an individual reaction And therefore needs individual remedy. Giving nosodes randomly with the hope it may have an effect is also illogical. The Cuba experiment did not use homeopathy. It’s was isopathy. It seems you have always confused the two.
    You cannot treat prophylactically with homeopathy. Without symptoms what to give??
    It’s nonsensical.

    • Appropriate HP selects remedies using the Principle of Similars and administers remedies according to the principle of Minimum Dose – sounds like homeopathy to me Andrew – or did Hahnemann get it wrong in 1798 when the selected Belladonna based on Similars to prevent Scarlet Fever – a lack of logic (according to you) that I greatly admire. Isopathy gives potencies of the patients own diseased tissues – clearly HP does not do that.

    • Andrew, it is well known that the sum of the total may be greater than the individual parts. Rest assured, combinations do work, and sometimes better than the single remedy. The energies of the individual remedies, combined, do produce a different final frequency, but the individual frequencies are still there in the mixture. Combinations therefore, can cover a wider range of individual people, and if you only need one of the remedies in the mix, it will still work just as well. The unnecessary frequencies will by-pass you just as tuning in on your radio only allows you one specific frequency and you are by-passed by the millions of others out there. There is no danger in combination remedies.

  • Your piece gave me hope that their will be a homeopathic remedy made from this virus, hopefully sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I can put together the combination remedies. Thank you for the history of Cuban homeopaths. Most Interesting! Please send more articles and information as you get it.

  • Dr. Golden, have you made these remedies as yet or where can public who prefer homeopaty purchase them for their personal use?

  • Thankyou for this information. Yes, we are dealing with a massive campaign against natural therapies. Let’s keep showing up, being authentic and that’s how people find the help they seek – one practitioner, one patient at a time.

  • Dear Dr. Golden, thank you for this. Your proposed prophylaxis looks very interesting. If only there was a COVID nosode…

    For an active Coronavirus infection, the remedies that you and others here have identified seem appropriate for acute work. I would like to ask your opinion on a few less common remedies. I am particularly interested in Squilla maratima or Senega for more severe cases. Also there has been talk about Forsythia, and many individuals presenting with the more mild symptoms of weakness, fever, cough seem to fit with Ferrum phos.

    • I have not seen a case here in Australia Andrew – so can’t really comment yet – it all comes down to what fits best when treating as I’m sure you know – so knowing a wider range of remedies well is an asset

  • I am also wondering if you have been utilizing the aforementioned prophylaxis and have any observable result to report? It retrospect, would you alter it in any way? I assume it would need to be repeated periodically (monthly for example) to maintain effect.

  • Andrew – if you read my article carefully you will know why I am not able to answer all your question. Our knowledge of COVID is work in progress, and so should remedy choices for HP. Repetition will depend on the likelihood of exposure – the higher the exposure the more repetition will be needed.

  • If you had the coronavirus nosode here in Melbourne, at what potency and frequency would you prescribe it. Would the prescribing be different for individuals, say for children or for aged people with chronic lung conditions.

    • IF I did Carmel I would first consider whether I would rely just on the Nosode anyway – given that CV is mutating significantly and Sx appear to be quite different, meaning relying on a single strain is problematical.
      The Rx would anyway depend on the risk level, as well as whether a person was frail or hypersensitive.
      I still favor a complex. The Cuban Govt is using a complex now, and the Indian Govt a GE remedy. All are OK based on the principle of similars.

  • Dear Dr. Golden, Thank you for your insights. I’ve been listening to your lectures on HP as well. I know that HP is designed for people who are well and who have not yet been exposed to the virus. Does this mean it is not safe to give a Covid HP to people who are asymptomatic but show positive results in the Covid tests? Thanks in advance.

  • Good morning my name is Melissa guerinoni
    A friend of mine and my naturopathic for me and my teenagers Louise callega from on healing wings in Sydney
    Gave me your email details for the purchase of the covid drops pls

  • Years ago, a friend put me in touch with Homeopathy, particularly Influenzinum 30X. As soon as CV19 settled in, I took this remedy as a precaution, since I’d never had the flu because of it. Happy to say, I’ve never had Covid either. Subsequently got 4 vaccines anyway, so I’m good.

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