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Promoting Zero Residue Agriculture -Vote for Mark

Written by Mark Moodie

Mark Moodie has written about Agrohomeopathy for Hpathy, and now has entered a competition for business ideas, using Zero Residue Agriculture as his submission. If he wins, it will help him promote this concept in the UK.

I have written here previously about Considera which is a platform for the collection and distribution of knowledge about homeopathy in agriculture. You can find the materia medica and repertory at In response to requests for the preparations that have been used for soils, plants and composts the Considera initiative has expanded to supply the preparations throughout Europe. This has a web presence at

One of the UK banks is offering some very appetising prizes for good business ideas that could use a financial ‘leg up’. I have submitted this newer part of the Considera project for the competition. currently ticks over gently, but I think that it has potential for a much greater turnover and efficacy – in different languages, greater publicity etc etc. The financial prize would be
used for these ambitions.

This project has been accepted into the competition – Zero Residue Agriculture. Considera Limited: a small business providing potentised preparations for European gardens and farms.  The way the competition works is that people vote for the projects that they would like to see succeed. The most votes elects a winner.
So if you and all the friends you might like to contact were to go to

and ‘back this idea’ in the top right hand corner, perhaps we can assist this project to flourish. It is quick and free and would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Moodie

About the author

Mark Moodie

For 25 years Mark Moodie has been fascinated by holistic approaches to tending the land. He hosts the website Considera which provides a growing M.M and Repertory for plants and discusses resources for biodynamics and Agrohomeopathy The website allows the world community to contribute their experiences in planting. He has also published books by V.D. Kaviraj and other cutting edge thinkers through Mark Moodie Publications . Mark Moodie lives in the Forest of Dean as a satellite / parasite of Oaklands Park Camphill Community. He is co-inventor of the ES4 and AirFlush water-saving sanitaryware. He would like to bring scientific rigor to the study of the spirit.

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