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Taking the Case in Covid Times: A Reflection on the State of the Human Condition and the Homeopathic Perspective  

Written by Richard Pitt

Homeopath and author Richard Pitt takes stock of the current political and technological state of the world and how this will affect our consciousness and our lives.

This is partly a personal narrative and a reflection on where we find ourselves today in the world, both individually and collectively. It is an attempt to explore the world from a homeopathic point of view and the possible strategies that we can take both personally and as a profession.

When Covid-19 first came to our attention at the beginning of 2020, I was in Kenya, finishing off a five-year European Union funded public health project. I was Educational Director of the Kenya School for Integrated Medicine and Co-Project Director of a Public Health Project, sponsored by the European Union.

I left Kenya on March 15th to go to Eswatini (Swaziland) for some weeks and ended up being locked down there for seven months. I was lucky to be living in such an amazing place and did not endure much of what I perceived to be the insanity being imposed on the world. Locking down the world to stop a viral infection. It had never happened before, at least not to this extent.

Eswatini tried to impose some lockdowns, copying South Africa, but it did not get too serious. South Africa was much harsher, especially for the many living in townships and enduring draconian lockdowns. It has been estimated by Johns Hopkins University that over 400,000 more cases of tuberculosis could occur in the world, mostly in Africa, as a result of the lockdown strategies.

Other African countries had different responses. Kenya enacted stringent lockdowns, with serious police violence at times, whereas in Tanzania, President Magafuli ignored WHO recommendations to lock the country down.

He then died of a heart attack in March 2021. The President of Burundi, Nkurunziza, also died in June 2020 of a heart attack. He was seen as a controversial and authoritarian figure, but interestingly he expelled the national head of the WHO and three members of his team during a presidential election campaign, perhaps because of perceived criticism that the election was going ahead as the pandemic was growing.

However, on reflection, whatever the response of governments was to the pandemic, Africa was largely unaffected by the pandemic. Hospitals were not stressed more than normal, there was no crisis as such. Whereas in Western countries, it was predominantly the elderly and especially in care homes that were affected initially, the same situations did not exist in Africa.

The elderly mostly lived with families and in communities and were outdoors a lot. The type of Covid hot spots seen in the West in care homes amongst the elderly did not exist here and Africa has one of the youngest populations in the world, meaning that mostly they were not susceptible to the more serious symptoms of Covid-19.

Vaccine rates remained low. South Africa and Eswatini have official rates of around 25% vaccinated. It is likely to be less. The word on the ground was that people did not really trust the vaccines and knew the disease was not that serious for most people. Also, many Africans have other things to worry about.

My immediate response to the pandemic was that I did not really believe it. Like many homeopaths, I had followed the behaviour of organizations like the WHO, the CDC and FDA for some time. I knew the CDC had been called out in 2010 for manufacturing a pandemic over the swine flu outbreak which did not catch on.

I knew that the CDC and FDA in the USA were in thrall to the vaccine industry and were so compromised that they could not be trusted. The so-called regulators were infiltrated and funded by those they were meant to be regulating.

I had written an article in 2003 for Mothering Magazine in the USA on the propaganda around the flu vaccine and how in the USA, alone amongst Western countries, the flu jab was being given to people of all ages, including young children.

There was no science to back this up. The USA has some of the most stringent vaccine mandates in the world, which has only got worse in recent years and reached its apogee during Covid.  So, like many homeopaths, I had grave suspicions around the latest crisis that was being projected onto the world.

Facts and Fiction on Covid: Was there an agenda?

Therefore, I studied the data, I researched the figures, I watched what was happening and I felt that I had to write about it and document what I saw. This was as much for my own sanity and balance. It was what I thought I had to do. To me, my first thought is that this is the “Big One.”

This is the moment to face into the abyss, as it were, of an agenda being imposed on the world, to create a type of authoritarian control mechanism, with the pandemic being used as a smokescreen for its nefarious ends. Therefore, in using the mainstream vernacular, I immediately became a “conspiracy theorist.”

However, three years later, I am as convinced as before that what was rolled out onto the world, was essentially a lie. There was no real pandemic in the real sense of the word. There was a very unpleasant disease for some, mostly aged and vulnerable, with a viral condition likely to have come out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, leaked accidentally or otherwise, and then a planned lockdown and vaccine strategy was rolled out.

The Rockefeller Foundation had even produced a report back in 2009, called Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, which amongst other things, explored the “theoretical” “lockstep” scenario in which the world is locked down to combat a virulent virus outbreak, even though at the time it contravened WHO strategies to deal with any such scenario.

So, it seemed clear to me that that been an agenda or plan all along, as explored even in the Event 201 meeting in October 2019, supported by the World Economic Forum, Johns Hopkins University and the Gates Foundation which planned for such a pandemic just months before it came about.

How did they know? They wrote that it was merely a coincidence and simply a fictional representation that they would have a conference about a corona virus pandemic scenario 2 months before it occurred, but it beggars’ belief for many.

The fact remains, one way or the other, that a pandemic scenario was being planned for. Was the planning simply good public health or part of a larger agenda. Also, why was the very definition of a pandemic changed by the WHO from needing to see multiple mortalities due to some infection, to simply multiple “cases” in various regions of the world. It is a very different definition.

Therefore, my understanding is that the pandemic scenario has been a smokescreen for a “control agenda” by a group of technocratically inspired globalists who have immense financial and political power. As power has become more centralized and control of information has become ever more manipulated, this has perhaps been the inevitable reaction or strategy to be rolled out.

It is perhaps compounded by economic/financial challenges that Western economies have been facing for some time and that the “powers that be” have needed to employ drastic moves to maintain their power and control. A pandemic is a good strategy, in their eyes.

So, what I have written gives a background to my ideas and thoughts on the political realities of the pandemic roll out. Of course, people can have different views on this and different views of the merits or not of the vaccine, whether it has worked and whether it is safe.

My research and thoughts can be found on the following sites: covidwatching.org (from 2020 to middle of 2021) and talesfromtheroad.info. In the last year since March 2023 most of my writing has been on richardwilliampitt.substack.com.

My conclusions are that the vaccine does not work well at all, with a limited immunity for around three months and is extremely dangerous, more so than any other vaccine in history. There is ample documentation to back this up, even using the mainstream government statistics.

If individuals choose to be vaccinated, for any reason, then that is their choice and needs to be respected. The same applies for those who choose not to be vaccinated. While it is likely that many homeopaths would choose not to take the vaccine, others have done so and have concluded that this was the best thing to do at the time, for their own and others safety. They made a personal decision.

Even though those not vaccinated were vilified and threatened by the media and governments and the pharmaceutical industry, they stand vindicated in the light of the evidence now accepted by all: the “vaccine” does not prevent infection and does not prevent transmission.

Therefore, the only benefit it may offer is to prevent hospitalization or just a more severe attack. That is it. Therefore, it does not act like any other vaccine as it does not prevent infection. So, all the attacks, the threats, the manipulation, the suppression of evidence, the destruction of professional careers, the forced vaccination to maintain jobs, the forced vaccination of children and even babies, all of it, was based on either misinformation from authorities or a deliberate lie by those who really knew that the vaccines were dangerous and did not work but had their own agenda, mostly money and power.

All studies of the Pfizer research documents that they wanted to keep secret for 75 years, show that the testing was flimsy, manipulated and showed evidence of harm. Those harmed by the vaccine in the initial trials were eliminated from most of the conclusions.

There are many sources to check this. One source is the Daily Clout from the USA. Another is the book by Ed Dowd who by studying all the statistics he could, including Actuaries that look at insurance statistics, the evidence of harm from the vaccines seems incontrovertible. Recent evidence when doing autopsies on people shows that the vaccine really does seem to be the cause of many of the excess deaths we are seeing now.

 What does Covid reveal about the human condition and our responses to it: Acknowledging What Is.

If that is the conclusion we can draw, then what lessons are to be learnt here and what is it revealing about our individual and collective choices? How should the homeopathic profession respond to this? If we take the homeopathic case of the pandemic, we must address the larger dynamics that the pandemic has revealed.

As in any situation in life, we first to need to acknowledge the truth, the real facts. We must face the reality of what we have seen in the world in the last three years. It is like looking into the mirror and facing the realities of our own lives. In this case, it is the collective human experience being reflected to us, the larger gestalt of the times and the unpleasant truths it is revealing.

Also, as in taking the case of an individual, we look at the larger context, the gestalt of a person’s life. In the case of Covid, we are taking the case of the world, and especially of the global economic/political order that is pulling many of the strings.

Until we can acknowledge what is, we cannot address the situation fully, like having to face part of ourselves that we have not wanted to, our shadow side. We all want to think we are terrific and swell people, doing good for the planet and humanity. Even Bill Gates likely thinks he is doing good in pushing as many vaccines as possible onto humanity.

But we all have that shadow side individually and we must realize that the things which are not acknowledged and faced will be compensated, or will be projected onto others or even passed on to future generations. One cannot deny the truth. It will find a way out or will be compensated for.

Once something is fully acknowledged then appropriate action can be taken, whether it is some form of personal therapy, or to make decisions and take actions that can ideally remedy a situation. Therefore, appropriate action can only be taken when we have acknowledged the truth.

The same applies collectively within groups, nation states and the collective human condition. The identity of nations and cultures are often propped up by certain myths and symbols, that seemingly represent essential realities of said nation/culture.

All cultures have them to some extent and actions and identity are based on this. In the United States, there is a myth of being the “shining city on a hill,” a manifestation of the idea of American exceptionalism. The U.S. is the hope and the glory for all societies and countries to aspire to, in their eyes.

It is the pinnacle of human civilization. It is, as they say, “the greatest country in the world,” a common refrain heard in the country and on the airwaves. This is a necessary myth for the USA to have now. Other countries have their own myths and ideas. They serve to perpetuate fundamental ideas and can sustain delusions of superiority. Most cultural myths perpetuate ideas of uniqueness, especially with dominant empires.

 The Human Impulse to Control: Authoritarian dynamics in the human condition

So, in seeking to understand what is happening to the whole world in “Times of Covid”, we should seek to understand why those in power have embarked on such an agenda, if an agenda is what it is, and not merely incompetence based on ignorance.

In my opinion, all of what we have seen with Covid and the strategies employed since, including future plans like the proposed World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty, Digital I.D. programmes, “vaccine passports”, etc., are about CONTROL. The need for the powers that be to control the global population in ever more restricted ways. This is the zeitgeist we are experiencing and seeing in many countries, whether of a right wing or left wing bent, so-called democracy or openly authoritarian.

Most importantly it is being led now in western democracies and with the technology to back it up, in what can be described as the Western Empire. It was Western technology that helped the Chinese set up their surveillance system, perhaps a kind of rehearsal for what elites planned to do in Europe and North America when the time was ripe.

This empire is currently at war with the Orthodox Empire of the Russian Federation and its allies and is in a state of pre-war with the Asian Empire of China. Each of these empires though have their own increasing control agenda.

The West is in process of catching up with China and seeking to impose similar programmes to the Chinese Social Credit system that has been widely written about. It may seem farfetched for many to say this about our own countries but Covid has revealed how many Western democracies can embrace similar strategies.

Look at what happened in Australia with forced quarantine camps, police breaking down doors of homes for social media posts, millions in the U.S. being forced to take the vaccine to keep their jobs, Canada imposing mad lockdown restrictions and declaring a state of national emergency to deal with peaceful truckers resisting mandatory vaccines.

And then there was the extraordinary attempts to control and suppress any media and individuals that offered a counter narrative. Professionals were harassed, respectable scientists ridiculed and demonized, social media controlled and manipulated, government nudge units employed to manipulate behavior. It goes on and on, and this is in the heart of democracy.

Even though Covid is largely over and the WHO formally declaring the pandemic done, Western countries are still planning ways to control freedom of speech through organizations like the Trusted News Initiative, initiated by the BBC in the UK, laws being planned and passed in many countries to control “hate speech”, which is a euphemism for anything that challenges government/corporate narratives and many other similar strategies.

Why now you may ask? Because they can. Because the technology is here and ready to be used. During Covid and lockdowns, 5G technology was installed in many places. The infrastructure of digital technocratic control needs technology like 5G and then 6G and on, which will allow such control to take place.

This has been planned since the 1970s when Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter’s National Security Advisor, author of The Grand Chessboard and co-founder, with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission, wrote about the coming technetronic era when government reach will know and anticipate most things and “society will be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen…..”

This is now that time. By the way, the head of the UK Labour Party, Sir Keir Starmer, is the only sitting MP who is a member of the Trilateral Commission. Therefore, it is not a stretch of the imagination and the evidence is there to see that what these “elites” want to totally control are the actions, words, deeds and ultimately to monitor and control every financial and personal transaction. It may sound mad to some, that it is such crazy “conspiracy theory” but as homeopaths, let us look at the evidence. Let us “take the case”, for without an understanding of these impulses being expressed, we cannot act appropriately, either individually or collectively. Or as a profession.

Underneath the impulse and drive for such CONTROL is FEAR. In the case of the elites, it is the fear of losing their social position, a type of Veratrum album situation, but in fact it is deeper than this. It is fear of losing all power and the whole point of power is to maintain and protect it.

This requires control and to use fear on others. As Covid has shown, fear is the tool, the propaganda, to get people to do what they want them to do, to act against the own interests. The UK government admitted they wanted to manipulate people, using fear as a tool.

But the elites are also fearful. They may fear that because of economic realities or other dynamics of instability, there could be some breakdown of society, or the need to transition to another state of political affairs. They will need to control people to do this.

But essentially CONTROL is part of the individual and collective psyche and is expressed in all personal and political philosophies, often in contrast to the idea of freedom or even anarchy. Rules and regulations are needed to maintain cohesion but too many rules create congestion and stickiness, like a Kali bichromicum sinus infection. But in this time, when the established power structures are more fragile than one imagines, then control is needed to maintain hegemony, both within countries and on the international arena.

 The Transhuman agenda: technology, control, and genetic manipulation in the 21st century

However, today, we are seeing, in my opinion, a more deeply pathological expression of the need to control, which may have profoundly destructive manifestations on the planet for all of us. Not only are the elites seeking ever more powerful ways to control our actions and behaviour, they are also seeking to control our bodies and to also change the way our bodies work.

Genetic tampering and altering our DNA, with both vaccines and genetic therapies is messing with the very building blocks of life itself. The sudden fascination with Transhumanism (the man/machine integration which is the fuel for so much sci-fi) is potentially challenging the very notion of what it means to be human.

People are seriously discussing having chips in the brain to connect to the matrix of computer life. The body therefore never really dies. Transhumanism for some is to make machines more like humans. For others it is to make humans more like machines. It may be the latter that is that much more insidious.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also threatening to be used to control ever more the nature of human expression and consciousness. If this sounds far-fetched, then I recommend listening to the famous philosopher/author, Yuval Noah Harari, author of Homo Sapiens and Homo Deus.

He has often been speaking on forums for the World Economic Forum, and he is clearly saying that personal freedom is over, that “freewill” is gone and that the technology and philosophy of transhumanism will take over the planet and people’s lives. We will become part of the machine.

Even the transgender movement, that is taking up so much time and energy now in debates about its implications on freedom of expression and the right to be who you want to be is part of this larger challenge of autonomy, control, and the question of our very identity as humans, whichever position you take on the subject. Nothing is separate, it is all an expression of a movement in human consciousness with multiple expressions and implications.

There are other ways to look at what is happening, especially in the AI, Transhuman arena and that is revealing yet further movement away from what we can simply call nature, or a natural life. A growing reliance on digital technology to navigate even the most basic functions, a total reliance on a smart phone for all interactions, including paying for food, ever increasing urbanization of the global population etc., all reflects a greater separation from the earth and nature.

Human control in urban environments and ever more surveillance of all actions is the norm for many people, and not just in developed countries. Many in Africa rely on smart phones for financial interactions and economic activity. African governments are busy getting biometric data of all their citizens, often with support from Big Tech and International organizations like the United Nations.

However, this growing separation, especially in modern western countries, creates more isolation and ultimately disconnection from human life. It can lead to all sorts of psychological and social challenges which we are seeing in Europe and North America.

San Francisco, for example, has the largest homeless population in the country, with its downtown area a virtual ghetto while the richest tech companies on the planet inhabit buildings five minutes away. Humans need other humans and need nature and therefore forms of compensation are needed to avoid greater isolation and despair.

 Materialism and reductionism leading to inevitable authoritarianism and the cult of scientism: the homeopathic remedies needed.

One other way of looking at the issue is that the growing control mechanisms with their expressions in ever increasing authoritarian, technocratic and even dictatorial impulses, are maybe an inevitable consequence of a reductionistic, mechanistic model of life, a model that has been dominant in modern science and medicine for the last 100, even 200 years.

Science is the new religion in the West and that science is a reductionistic one. The underpinning ideas of the reductionistic model is an isolated universe, with no essential meaning, purpose, or consciousness. It is not alive on its own terms but only in what humans give to it. It is be analyzed and used as we wish. There is no intrinsic value or life in a rock! The universe is a machine.

The mechanistic model ultimately leads to this dead end of control. The philosopher Matthias Desmet, author of the book The Psychology of Totalitarianism has come to this conclusion and is currently writing about the implications of the mechanistic model and when it is bound together with the technology we are now seeing unfold, how it can lead to world of top-down control and totalitarian societies.

Another similar model is explored in the book, The Master and His Emissary, The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World, by psychiatrist, Iain McGilchrist. In this book, he explores how the over emphasis on the use of the left side of the brain, with its focus on abstract analytic, linear thinking is creating a profound imbalance in the nature of consciousness itself and its expression in all aspects of human life, including the scientific, political and social spheres. He warns that it could lead to deep and profound imbalances, if it has not already.

Homeopathy has always embraced the holistic, dynamic view of the universe – Everything is alive and its all connected. Of course, homeopaths are not alone in this understanding. Writers such as Rupert Sheldrake, with his theories of morphic fields and morphogenetic resonance have also made the same conclusions of the interconnectedness of all things, past, present, and future and how it is consciousness and energy in all its forms that makes the web of life what it is.

So, for us, as homeopaths when we now see the physical, material, social and political expression of the energetic impulse of the universe expressing itself in this way, with the growing impulses of control and fear, then we realize that there is an imbalance that needs to be addressed. Although we tend to work on each individual, we need to see now that there is a greater collective imbalance occurring because it’s all connected and cannot be separated.

It would be fair to consider that given the extraordinary times we are living in, and that the stakes are now higher and more intense than ever, then remedies are needed to address this degree of intensity and extremeness. From here it would fair to consider that some of the radioactive remedies of the actinides and lanthanides would need to be considered.

Issues of profound control and suppression, of mRNA technology, of transhuman, digitized beings, the very identify of the human animal being manipulated, controlled, merged, and distorted, it fits into some of the themes of Plutonium, including being half-human/half-animal, of fundamental identity and the power and violence of the plutonic forces of the world and universe at large.

I feel we are living in such times when we must address these forces, to shine light onto them and not simply deny or ignore them. This connection to the radioactive remedies and the broader remedies of the actinides and lanthanides is also reflected in the dire political crisis in Ukraine with the threat of nuclear war never being closer. The nuclear power station which is on the front line of the war between the two sides is being threatened to be blown up. Ukraine says Russia will do it. Russia says Ukraine will do it.

Another group of remedies to perhaps consider now during this time are the insects. Some homeopaths are seeing the need for more insect remedies and the remedy Buthus tamulus (a scorpion-based remedy) has been useful in treating damage from the vaccines.

Some writers have talked about snake venom being found in some vaccines. Insect remedies would also be indicated in looking at the transhuman agenda, where as mentioned, free will is suppressed, and the control mechanisms and surveillance lead to a culture of total conformity, where the collectivist globalist ideology imposes itself on everybody, all the time.

Autonomy and individuality are denied. As the Borg said in Star Trek, “resistance is futile.” Many insect remedies, e.g., ants and bees, are termed as eusocial animals, in that their roles are clearly delineated, often between those that work and those that breed and those that do not.

But the point is that individual characteristics are subordinated to the whole. Some human behavior can be said to be eusocial and some cultures, e.g., China, have more eusocial authoritarian dynamics inbuilt into their mythology.

However, due to the seemingly sudden imposition of technology such as A.I. and the control mechanisms through ever increasing digitization of our lives, and the evolution of genetic manipulation and transhumanism, the very definition of what it means to be human is being challenged. Hence insect remedies may be needed more and more as we attempt to navigate these changes.

 Attacks on Homeopathy and the time to stand up:

Homeopathy has been the target of “skeptics” to suppress, deny and control it, as part of the larger attack on “Alternative” medicines and healing arts for some years. What many doctors and healers – conventional and alternative- have been experiencing during covid for having the courage to stand up to the abuses of totalitarian “science,” have found themselves suppressed, censured, ridiculed and worse.

This is an extension of what homeopathy and other alternative professions have experienced for some time. The growing intolerance and medical authoritarianism have been very active in denying the beauty and legitimacy of homeopathy. That has made many homeopaths concerned and afraid to speak out, to stand their ground for their ideas and beliefs and reluctant to confront the forces of control and authoritarianism we are seeing now.

I think though that holding back and not finding common ground with those that are also fighting against this agenda to suppress and deny the natural healing power of the body and of the universe itself is a mistake. Now is the time to stand up and be part of the movement to address this and to confront the forces that seek to control nature and to impose their technocratic agenda.

During the pandemic there were “experts,” people in the WHO, who denied that natural immunity exists. Only the vaccine gives immunity, the body does not. This is frankly mad and yet it was said, in their urge to impose the vaccine onto the whole world.

We know this is insanity and we should say so. The homeopathic profession has been in the battle ground of this debate for 200 years. The body heals itself, we say. That is all homeopathy really is in the end, a system that works with the body’s natural energy and intelligence. We work with body and with nature, not against it. We all know this.

Therefore, we should take this opportunity that Covid is giving us to make this point and be willing to ally ourselves with those who are defending these principles and the ideas of freedom of choice, informed consent, and empowerment of the individual’s own health choices.

Our philosophical principles have practical political implications, which is to defend the right of people to have the healthcare of their own choice and to defend the principles of autonomy, self-healing and the wisdom of the universe, as opposed to the machinations of human design.

I say this is an opportunity because the energetic dynamics that Covid revealed must come out. They cannot be suppressed forever and so we must address this and treat it accordingly. The powers that be that are rolling out their agenda now and the growing authoritarian impulses were going to be revealed sooner or later. So now is the time to recognize this, to see what is happening and to therefore know how to react and act, both individually and collectively.

Even if homeopathy has been under assault for some years now, I feel that this is a time to stand up and act, to confront the forces of control and authoritarianism that have sought to suppress homeopathy and have imposed the covid pandemic onto us.

Covid has revealed many things, as mentioned, and the implications of this are still with us. We all need to do our part to address this and stay true to our philosophical principles. I believe Covid is a wake-up call and we need to act before it gets taken to another level. Let us all as homeopaths do our part to come together in solidarity and alliance with all others who share this vision.

Richard Pitt



About the author

Richard Pitt

Richard Pitt studied homeopathy in the UK at the College of Homeopathy from 1981-1984 and also studied in Greece and India. He practiced for 4 years in the UK and since then moved to the USA where he lived for over 20 years practicing and teaching homeopathy. He was director of a homeopathy school in San Francisco for 12 years and on the board of directors of the Council for Homeopathic Certification for 17 years. He also served on the board of the Council for Homeopathic Education, the California Health Freedom Coalition and the California Homeopathic Medical Society. He is editor of the California Homeopath, an online journal (www.californiahomeopath.com) and author of two books: A Homeopathic Study of Tobacco, and The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel and Home (www.thenaturalmedicineguide.com). He has been traveling for most of the last five years, part of that time living and working in Africa, in Ghana, Malawi and Kenya.


  • Thank you Richard for your well considered words on where things stand in our precious world. We can each take leadership and join with others who are committed to the self healing wisdom of the body. Your communications are helpful and bring hope and creativity to each go forward in our corner of the world.

  • Finally, a homoeopath who has the courage to speak out! All that hand wringing over the absense of a recognisable genus epidemicus when the answer was staring us i the face- What we were misled into believing was that a multitude of different respiratory issues were all covid.

    A cartoon at the time brought home to me the nature of the issue. A young woman is speaking to two elderly Amish gentlemen. She asks them, ‘Could you tell me why you Amish don’t seem to get Covid?’ One of them replies, ‘That’s because we don’t watch television.’

    Thank you again Richard. I deeply appreciate your warnings

  • Thank you for such a thorough and thoughtful article. Indeed, in the past almost four years, so many of us have lived though events that had never before been faced by humanity. We are all searching for explanations. We get only lies.
    I know a lot of people who, like me, refused to be jabbed for Covid. I personally, would never consider the possibility of getting vaccinated for anything; I had all my childhood infections. Nor taking any allopathic drugs unless I need surgery. Most of these people, interestingly, have the same perspective on the lockdowns and other government policies as you have presented here. And even though I also lived through that lockdown nightmare and was vilified and threatened for refusing to get jabbed—I have a completely different feeling about this entire cosmic tragedy that visited us. Control? Intelligence? Conspiracies by the power hungry elites? All I see is utter stupidity, chaos, and incompetence of both the ruling classes and the bureaucracy. They were just running scared and had no idea what hit them. Bureaucrats are ALWAYS incompetent and idiotic, it’s in the nature of their senseless job. And, of course, Capital naturally seeks hegemony and profit at any opportunity.
    I have no desire to either belittle you, Richard Pitt, or seek to appear as more knowledgeable and experienced. (I definitely have more experience with the inane bureaucracy, though). But look, just count the times you have printed the word ‘control’ in your peace here, sometimes even in all capitals. This is the way you see the world around you; perhaps, it is the way the world treats you, friend. May I suggest a dose of Carcinosin? 😊 Or perhaps another remedy from the Mind, Delusion, Persecuted rubric. Again, I am not trying to be even a least bit contemptuous; I really do admire your work and your courage, Dr. Pitt. Sometimes we just get stuck—as you know as a homeopath.
    BTW, there is no such thing as AI, it is properly called machine learning and it is entirely senseless. And not about to take over humanity. I also suggest you reconsider your view of Russia, China, and the rest of the BRICS countries as a threat to the world—I rather think, Russians are liberating all of us from the neoliberal corporate control/stupidity. And fascism. And the CIA.
    I had a week of very high fever at the beginning of whatever it was that they call “pandemic.” The test showed it was the Alpha variant. No respiratory symptoms, extreme restlessness and really bad muscle pain and even cramps. I could not sleep or even rest at all. I had a similar thing a few times as a teen with flu. Corona? This time, a single dose of Ruta cured (yes, it took that long to figure it out). The occasional chronic problem I had had before this infection improved about 70%. That’s fever for you. Just saying . . . .

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