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Paola Brown, founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, has a plan to treat and cure the epidemic of suppression of homeopathy.

I remember the first time I treated my son’s fever without the typical analgesics.  He was burning a high one, and all I used was hydration, hugs and Belladonna.  I’d like to say that I addressed the situation with great poise, but I was in a panic.  Today it’s comical how my anxiety over my son’s benign childhood fever caused me to feel so stressed, and the frequent dashes I had to make to the bathroom is a funny anecdote to the very real panic that I experienced. I have since learned that it is how we respond to the fever—hydration and perhaps the correct homeopathic remedy—that matters.  That’s what makes the difference.

The High Court’s resolve to back NHS’ decision to stop funding homeopathy felt like a punch to the gut, and I don’t even live in the UK.  As I look around the globe, there seems to be an epidemic where the powers that be are trying to suppress homeopathy from the market, eliminating consumer choice of this inherently safe alternative approach to health and wellness.  It seems that homeopathy has piqued into a full-blown fever.

But how has this disease—what I call the suppression of homeopathy—turned into such a wide-spread epidemic?  Well, if I were to ask Bechámp (1816-1908), the famed father of Terrain Theory, his answer would be that it is due to the weakened terrain.  In this case, it’s the “weakened terrain” of our global community that has provided the environment for such a virulent disease to grow in size and impact, in other words, for this fever to become so widespread.  The multifaceted, concerted effort by officials, agencies, and so-called medical experts to suppress homeopathy is becoming a more prominent symptom of our weakened societal terrain.  Béchamp would say that the weaker the terrain, the worse the impact an illness can have on the host.

It is my belief that fear has significantly contributed to the weakened global terrain, and I recognize that this fear is legitimate.  We live in a world where it feels like Child Protective Services is lurking at every corner, and so mothers are afraid to admit to their doctors that they will probably forego the antibiotics, opting for perhaps Hepar sulph. They are scared to admit to their friends that they are delaying or totally opting out of vaccines.  For one reason or another, some are compelled to keep secret that they are returning to real foods, including raw milk for their families. Homeopathic professionals also have legitimate fears and are often forced to silence the clinical advances they are achieving in their practices, simply because the conditions they are ameliorating are too “controversial” and “have no cure” (so don’t you dare say the word cure!).

The incredible homeopathy community—professionals, manufacturers and consumers alike—have been valiant in their efforts to strengthen the terrain.  Thanks to them, the research and clinical experience around homeopathy is always growing, despite medical prejudice. The information, clinical evidence, websites and overall witness about how amazing homeopathy can be has grown exponentially in recent years. But these helpful advances seem to be equally met with relentless challenge and attack.

However, I have good news.  I think there’s an antidote.

Mothers are the antidote.  Well, all consumers are, and especially mothers who have experienced the positive impacts of homeopathy within their families.  Just this week, as President of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, I was within the walls of the FDA leading a presentation with FDA officials.  In that meeting, I was told—point blank—that the FDA is more interested in hearing from the consumer than any other stakeholder in the homeopathic industry, even manufacturers and homeopaths.  And it seems that moms in particular have their ear.  I was thanked for coming and was invited back for what will be our third meeting at the FDA.

But I don’t think the FDA’s interest in the consumer voice is unique to just the United States.  A strong consumer voice may very well be the missing piece across the globe where the epidemic of suppressing homeopathy is at its worst.

The consumer voice must be a strong, intelligent and deliberate response to the forces attempting to suppress homeopathy.  And why not the mothers?  Today, we are raising the sickest generation of children that have ever lived.  This is evidenced by the steady stream of pharmaceuticals by which today’s children are propped up.  We as mothers are witnessing the bodies of our family members go down in flames, stoked in the fire of drugs and conventional medicine.  And we moms want to rise up, because we’ve had enough.

Americans for Homeopathy Choice is an organization made up of mothers and others who, in a short time have already created a strong, positive impact for homeopathy.  This impact was made potent through the support of amazing friends within the homeopathy community.  We have an incredible attorney—Jim Turner (more about how you can support our legal efforts below).  We have also benefited from the generous collaboration of other organizations, like the American Institute of Homeopathy, the National Center for Homeopathy (NCH), and many more.  To all of you who have supported the ‘mama bear’ we say thank you!

Your support has been invaluable in the overall promulgation of a cure to the epidemic suppression of homeopathy (yes, I just said CURE)…and dare I say that I have great hope that the fever will break here in the US.  I believe that if local groups and organizations around the world could help their local mothers become empowered to rise up and protect homeopathy, replacing fear with knowledge and courage, we would have a fighting chance against the pandemic.  I believe in the law of the minimum dose, and no matter how small your consumer group may be, if they are appropriately succussed (supported and encouraged), the smallest group can have a homeopathic impact on this epidemic.  It comes down to selecting the correct remedy, and I think consumer groups are this remedy.

How can you activate your consumer groups?

If you’re a homeopath who lives on planet Earth, I encourage you to activate your mama bears and consumer base.  I have some easy suggestions to get you started:

  • Send your entire client base an email and include a copy of this article,
  • Consider hosting a screening of Ananda More’s amazing homeopathy documentary Magic Pills. Click here to learn about how easy and affordable it is for you to host a screening—it can be as small as you want (think your living room, cheese, and kombucha) or as grandiose as you want (think about your upcoming homeopathy conference).  I myself have seen this documentary three times and it is so incredibly inspiring that we all gave Ananda More, the filmmaker, a standing ovation at the NCH conference this year.  Getting mothers and others together into a room where they can discuss this epidemic of suppression is a giant step in the right direction.
  • Consider supporting Americans for Homeopathy Choice Any donation of $20 or more will automatically make you a member of Americans for Homeopathy Choice. Although our attorney Jim Turner has been working for us pro-bono, we need to raise funds for Turner to help us mount an even stronger legal attack against the FDA.


If you’re living outside of the US, know that there are ‘mothers and others’ out there who want to start a consumer-based homeopathy movement in their own home country.  If you’re one of those people who wants to lead your mother bears, then please:

  • Send us an email via our website org (click on the ‘contact’ button) and tell us that you want to start a Homeopathy Choice chapter in your country.
  • We already have the beginnings of something stirring in other countries and we’re happy to share with you our advocacy story and inspire you to get started in your corner of the planet.


And what about those living inside the US? How can you support the mom’s movement on our soil?

  • Homeopaths and consumers should consider joining our “Homeopathy Action Team” where we are working hard to pair a consumer advocate with a homeopath in key cities throughout the United States. To learn more about what this team is all about and how you can get involved, then email us by visiting and click on the ‘contact’ button.
  • Finally, we invite all consumers to join our volunteer force. To join, visit our Volunteer Facebook page You must answer both questions before clicking the ‘requesting to join’ button, otherwise you will not be admitted into the volunteer group.

The time is now.  Never before has the field been so ripe with opportunity to defend homeopathy.  Sometimes it’s in the height of a fever that things seem to be at their worst, but I also see the fever as a beautiful show of the vital force around homeopathy.  This vital force is very real, even in the case of homeopathic advocacy.

Hugs and homeopathy to you,

Paola Brown

About the author

Paola Brown

Paola Brown is president and founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, the voice of a growing number of mothers and other homeopathy users who want to protect their right to choose homeopathy. Paola is a wife and mother of three who has previously taught many introductory homeopathy classes. She received a B.A. in English education and an M.A. in curriculum and instruction from Arizona State University graduating summa cum laude both times. She taught college English for 13 years and high school English before that. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, Paola was also a health instructor with Care for Life, a nonprofit organization working to develop sustainable communities in Mozambique.


  • Belladonna is one of the wonderful remedies that I have used for over 30 years with remarkable results. The ignorance and the prejudice stems from profit motive and anti-competition spirit of big Pharma.

  • I heartily agree with this article. As in 1906 with the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act, which later enabled the formation of the FDA, it was Mothers and Women’s Groups that were at the forefront of this movement: getting things done when the government had stalled and was paralyzed by conflicting interests. Go Americans For Homeopathy Choice!!! Go Moms!

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