Homeopath Atiq Ahmad Bhatti discusses his Homeopathy Health Radio Show, which he hopes to use to help promote homeopathy.

I have known Johann Ilgenfritz, the CEO and Founder of the UK Health Radio Network, for over 10 years now, both as a dear friend and professional in his field. In the early days of UK Health Radio, I was able to produce several ‘homeopathic shorts’ for radio, covering key homeopathic remedies alongside their indications, as a means of introducing homeopathic medicines to a wide audience.

Johann has built up an incredibly powerful talk health radio station that uses the tagline ‘real feel-good radio’, offering 42 health, wellness, and well-being dedicated shows with 47 experts in different fields of healing. In fact, it is incredible to see so many health professionals on one single platform, talking about all things health, supporting those in need, and introducing the healing possibilities of non-conventional medicine

Earlier this year, I was offered my own radio show on UK Health Radio, with a permanent slot four times a week, an exclusive show with full rights to the production, content, presentation, and subsequent editing of the show. An incredible opportunity has been presented to me, at what feels like the ‘right time’ in my life, and of course, I have siezed the opportunity by both hands. I am able to steer and commandeer the homeopathy show in a progressive exponential direction, promoting the healing benefits of a medical science that is, for want of a better word, dynamic.

Presently, the station itself is tuned in to by listeners around the world and is available to listen live, stream on-demand, and via global podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, Amazon Music Podcasts, iHeart Podcasts (USA/Canada), and JioSaavn Podcasts (India and Asia).

When I initially sat down to draft the show, two objectives came to my mind, and I knew that I was on the Siratul Mustaqeen (Arabic), meaning the right path. Both objectives form the path to collective success for Homeopathy, God Willing.

My show, the Homeopathy Health Show has two main primary objectives:

Firstly, it offers the unique opportunity to promote homeopathy and its benefits to a global audience, being able to provide an insightful look at the huge benefits and potential of homeopathy in the treatment of everyday health scenarios, and to empower listeners with the knowledge of this system of healing. With tips, advice, and my insight from over 25 years of professional practice, I am able to harness this platform to provide an interesting and realistic journey to health and well-being.

Secondly, it offers something that is very close to my heart, that of giving back. By tapping into homeopaths from around the world, the show provides them a platform and opportunity to share their insight, knowledge, expertise and experiences of homeopathy to a massive audience. It allows me to give a new angle to the voices of the community of homeopaths around the world, as well as an opportunity to help those who helped me in my profession, my learning, and my progress in this field of healing.  The show is timely, and pertinent, and is already making a huge impact, based on feedback received.

One homeopath cannot be successful on his or her own. Success is through unity and a strong powerful voice, all from the same hymn sheet. The Homeopathy Health Show enables me to utilize all that is best in the world of Homeopathy, the people, the homeopaths, and the cures, put it all together and present it for all to listen, acknowledge, understand, and find healing.

The show format has some standard segments to provide a steady mix of listening joy, namely, interviews with homeopaths and other experts from the field of natural healing from around the world, a time for reflection segment where poems of healing are read and a Q&A segment answering questions on homeopathy and treatment for ailments.

I am keen to have as many homeopaths on the shows as possible, without them, the show will not do justice to my principle objectives. I take this opportunity to invite homeopaths to contact me and come on the show to share cured cases, their research, and experiences.

Together, we can become a collective beacon for homeopathy, to and to see its uptake increase exponentially.





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About the author

Atiq Bhatti

Atiq Ahmad Bhatti is a 4th generation Homeopath and a Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy. He runs a busy clinic in the UK, treating patients from around the world. He is a seasoned radio and television broadcaster, writer, and blogger, and has been promoting the healing benefits of homeopathy for over 25 years. Atiq Ahmad Bhatti has presented several shows on homeopathy for television and is often asked for his expert opinion on the natural healing benefits of homeopathy alongside conventional medicine. He has authored several articles and delivers online workshops and talks on homeopathy and the many different modalities within this system of healing. Recently he has been offered his own radio show, the Homeopathy Health Show, on the UK Health Radio network, which broadcasts to listeners around the world online and through global podcast platforms. Atiq says that growing up in a family that has used homeopathy for personal use and professional practice since the 1920s has been an incredibly humbling life experience.

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  • Hi Atiq- it was a pleasure sharing some thoughts on Homeopathy yesterday with you. Thank you for your invite to chat on your show- I look forward to it! All the best in getting this on the road. Nimisha

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