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The Quantum Dynamics of Homeopathic Succussion

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Australian homeopath and researcher, Christina Munns suggests that succussion produces larger and higher energy electron shells, and that the information of the homeopathic substance is transferred from the water solution into the DNA of the organism.

This article is an excerpt from the paper – Theory of the Quantum Physics of Potentisation of Homeopathic Medicine – 3rd Edition – available here: http://viXra.org/abs/1806.0112

Succussion – SU(3)

At the quantum scale electrons exist in a series of configurations or orbitals. These orbitals exist in strictly pre-defined states that are able to house a specific number of subshells each of which house a specific number of electrons. The larger the orbital size, the greater the number of electrons that can be accommodated in that orbital.

The process of succussion involves the vigorous shaking of the dissolved homeopathic substance against a hard surface. Succussion adds air to the solution, and air contains oxygen which itself contains electrons. Thus the process of succussion acts to add more electrons to the solution through the addition of oxygen to it. This in turn causes more electron shells to be filled. As each electron shell is filled, the energy state becomes higher with each subshell.

I will now explain how the principle of succussion relates to electron configuration and Bohr’s postulates and how it increases the electron orbital size and thus volumetric informational space within a quantum field. The process of succussion also makes the bond length shorter between atoms and in this way the information in the higher electron orbitals are more tightly bound at the quantum scale.

Bohr’s second postulate is that “in an atom, electrons can change orbitals. On eachorbital, the electron has some defined energy. The energy of the electron is different on different orbitals. The bigger the orbital, the bigger the energy. If the electron changes from a higher orbital into a lower one, then it emits a quantum of energy that is the same as the difference of energy between the energy of the higher and lower orbitals. To change a lower orbital into a higher one, the electron has to absorb an adequate quantum of energy. The quantum of energy is proportional to the frequency of the emitted radiation.”i

Here is a diagram of this principle. It can be understood that the outward pointing arrow relates to the process of succussion – i.e. that the n number or energy of the electron is increased via photon absorption. Note the increased field size area, with each increasing orbital:ii


Figure 1 – Bohr’s model of atom

When I read this Bohr postulate regarding the fact that in order to change from a lower orbital to a higher one, the electron needs to receive an adequate quantum of energy, I recognised the fact that it is the process of succussion of a homeopathic remedy that provides the “adequate quantum of energy” for the electrons to go to higher orbitals. In homeopathic circles it is implicitly understood that when preparing a homeopathic remedy from a gross substance, it needs to be shaken hard many times (ten, twenty or one hundred times) for each succussion process. I propose that the succussion of over ten times gives more electrons to the solution, since shaking adds oxygen (air) to the solution which itself contains electrons. It is this increase in the number of electrons provided by the succussion process, that causes the electron shells to be filled and the electrons go to higher orbitals.

However, as the succussion process continues and more and more electrons are added to the solution, the electron shells become full up to the 5f orbital, after which the electrons exist in an excited state. It is these higher electron shell states that continue to be filled with sequential succussion. These higher orbital states have a more complex electron configuration pattern (l), higher energy (n) and hold greater units of information (ml).

Here is a description of the four quantum numbers of an electron:

  • l = orbital angular momentum = the electron orbital configuration pattern =describes the subshell (e.g. (0 = s orbital, 1 = p orbital, 2 = d orbital, 3 = f orbital, etc.).
  • n = energy of the photon = describes the size of the orbital (i.e. length of the Bohrradius)
  • ml= total angular momentum of the photon = describes the specific orbital withinthe subshell (e.g. d orbital contains 5 possible values of either -2, -1, 0, 1 or 2). It is the variance in the possible number of values in orbitals that creates the variance in the informational capacity.
  • ms= intrinsic angular momentum of the photon = describes the spin state of thephoton – i.e. spin up or spin down

Thus, it can be proven that the process of sequential succussion of a homeopathic medicine acts to fill electrons into higher and higher electron shell states by virtue of the addition of oxygen atoms and their associated electrons. Since the electron contains the four quantum numbers of the original substance being potentised, then it follows that the quantum numbers of the substance (i.e. its quantum signature of msmln and l) are sequentially transferred to higher and higher informational states with each subsequent act of succussion, as the electron subshells are filled via the succussion process.

Just as there is no limit to the number of electron orbitals (they can potentially go to infinity), so too is there no limit to the number of potencies of homeopathic medicine, since the four quantum numbers of ms and ml, n and l can exist in any electron orbital state. With each subsequent increase in homeopathic potency there is a concomitant increase in the size of the orbital of its electrons. Thus it can be stated that:

“A homeopathic potency represents a larger electron orbital size that contains higher n, l and ml states compared to the unsuccussed state. Serial succussion results in an increase in energy and size of the informational field. The higher the homeopathic potency, the higher the number of the n, l and ml states of the homeopathic medicine and thus the larger the size of the electron orbital and the larger the informational field size of the orbital”.

Electron orbital configurations come in different shapes and sizes which are described by the orbital angular momentum quantum number or l. This quantum number (l) describes the number of subshells in the orbital and thus shows the total number of electrons in each orbital. Each orbital has a particular number of subshells with increasing number of electrons as shown in the table below:iii


Figure 2- Table of number of electrons in s, p, d and f orbitals

Note that there is an increased l and ml number with each subshell. The ml represents the total angular momentum or magnetic quantum number which becomes greaterwith each subsequent subshell. Note too that the ml of the f subshell can contain a greater amount of numbers (i.e. a greater informational content – 7 possible values or “bytes” of information – -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, +3) than the p subshell which can only hold 3 possible values of “bytes” of information – i.e. -1, 0 and 1. Thus it is the case that with each increasing subshell, there is a concomitant increase in informational capacity as well as potential energy.

Here is a diagram of the Bohr model of the atom showing the increased number of electrons with each increase in electron orbital.iv I propose that it is the increased number of electrons that occur with each subsequent increased electron orbital number that represents a higher potency of homeopathic medicine.

Figure 3 – Bohr’s model of an atom showing increased number of electrons with larger orbital number

As the diagram below shows, the limit of the particle state is the 5f orbital, at which point the electron orbitals area not occupied by any ground-state electrons but exist only in the excited or wave state. It is this 5f orbital that is the limit of the particulate state or limit of materiality, beyond which no material particle states exist. This is the point of Avogadro’s number or the point at which no molecule of the original substance exists at all. Avogadro’s number is 6.023 x 1023 and corresponds to homeopathic potencies of 12C or 24X (1 part in 1024). I propose that this is the point of the 5f orbital or limit of materiality or particle state. It is beyond this 5f orbital (e.g. 6f, 7d, 7f, 6g, 7g, 6h etc) that the original substance still exists but only in the excited state. I propose that homeopathic medicines above the 12C potency level exist in the electron orbital states above 5f. This means that they do exist but not at a material level but only exist in the wave (n) and informational or wave function (ms:ml) state – i.e. the excited state. This is the reason why homeopathic medicine can be classifiedas “informational medicine”, since it carries the information of the original substance (i.e. its quantum signature in the form of the four quantum numbers) via the hydrogen bonds in water molecules.to the DNA molecule.

5f orbital = Avogadro’s number = point above which no particle of the original substance exists = above 12C

Figure 4 – Electron configurations of ground and excited state electrons

I propose that it is the higher energy state of homeopathic medicines above the 5f orbital that gives them the ability to operate at a quantum scale within organisms, since they operate beyond Avogadro’s number. I propose that this is the reason why homeopathic remedies are able to operate at an energetic level, since they not only exist at a material dose (i.e. below 12C potency), but also have the ability to exist beyond the material state of the 5f orbital into the higher orbital numbers and excited states (e.g. 5g, 6f, 6g, 6h, 7d, 7f, 7g, 7h, 7i etc) . In this way it can be explained that homeopathic medicines operate not only in the particle/ground state but also in the wave or excited state. It is the ability of homeopathic medicines to operate in the wave state (i.e. beyond 5f orbital) that renders them with the ability to operate in higher and higher energy or higher potency states. These excited states or larger orbital sizes are able to hold much more information than smaller radius ones due to their increased orbital size. This is the reason why homeopathic medicines of high potency (e.g. 200C, 1M, 50M) are so powerful since they operate at very high energy levels or very high principal quantum number (n) states.

3rdEdition – Since writing the second edition of this paper in May 2014, I have been pondering about the answer to the vexing question that several sceptics of my theory have queried that an excited electron cannot stay in a higher orbital state for long and must drop back quickly to the ground state after excitation. I propose that the solution to this problem can be found in the 1st Law of Thermodynamics – the principle of conservation of energy.Since, according to the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, energy cannot be destroyed in an isolated system, and can only be transferred from one type of energy to another (e.g. potential energy to kinetic or vice versa), then it follows that the energy that is introduced into the homeopathic medicine via the vigorous shaking of succussion during the potentisation process must be conserved. The energy input via succussion is conserved in the system. It is this principle of the law of conservation of energy that gives credence to this theory of homeopathic potentisation at the quantum scale. The energy in the system provided by succussion remains within the homeopathic solution. This is the reason why the electrons in the excited state in a homeopathic medicine do not drop back to their ground state, simply because there is an energy input which is conserved at thequantum scale, thus maintaining the electrons in their excited state.

I am convinced that under normal quantum laboratory experimentation, the solution would not be shaken vigorously and so, with no additional energy input, any excited electrons that arise would naturally quickly return to their ground state. This is the norm: that excited state electrons quickly return to ground state after excitation. However, if a solution experiences multiple succussions, then the energy of the succussion is transferred into the solution and this energy is CONSERVED due to the principle of the 1st Law of Thermodynamics and remains there.

I will go further with this theory and suggest to research quantum physicists that they explore the differentiation of electron orbital size between succussed and non-succussed solutions, to definitively determine if there is a difference between the two and thus prove whether or not my above statements are correct.

The ramifications of this discovery are yet to be fully appreciated. However, I believe that the theory that succussion actually increases both the energy and informational capacity of a quantum state must hold great promise and potential for all manner of quantum applications (not just homeopathic) in order to maximise energy and increase informational capacity and coherence.

Thus we can now appreciate that homeopathic medicines are able to retain their high energy levels (i.e. potency states) due to the 1st Law of Thermodynamics – the principle of conservation of energy. I believe that this new insight into the physics of the succussion process will further the cause of proving beyond a doubt that homeopathic medicine is indeed a valid system medicine, albeit based on the physics at the quantum scale.

Christina Munns, Dip. Hom.


10th June 2018


iv http://www.mysciencebox.org/node/634

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Christina Munns is an Australian homeopath, independent scientific scholar and meditator. She is the author of a series of seven books called Principia Unitas. Written in an easy to understand style, these books explain many of her discoveries including: the solution to dark matter/energy, quantum gravity, supersymmetry, cardiocentric cosmology and a Unified M-theory model. Thinking “outside the square" has enabled her to make the connections between ancient Indian wisdom and modern day physics. She is passionate about teaching the scientific community and the general public about Unified Field Theory and its implications for humanity.

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