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The Tree, the Boy and the Interconnections in Life

Written by Caroline Durieu

Dr. Caroline Durieu makes the case for the mysterious interconnections in life and mentions the nosode Johneinum and the lesser- known remedy Aqua pura/nova

The story starts a couple years ago, when a Liquidambar styraciflua, planted a few years previous, had to be moved prior to the garden reorganisation.

I was asked, when almost 2 months later, late June, the buds on the overall tree were at the same stage of development as buds on a broken branch barely hanging, remembrance of the relocation process and spring’s evolution that day.

That’s all I had, and I’m not even sure I was already treating my roses with homeopathy at that time, let alone the rest of the garden. But then…

That Liquidambar was planted at the birth of a boy, whose story proved to be very useful.  Besides lots of respiratory issues in the early life, successfully treated with Lycopodium, his main remaining complaint was recurrent abdominal pain, which was presenting in some melodramatic acute onsets, rolling on the floor from pain, though subsiding relatively rapidly.

I was looking for a nosode to unblock the tree, then the idea of a remedy with a bowel sensitivity, some trauma and also failure to thrive came up, and I went back to reading.

I stumbled upon Johneinum in the “Miasms and Nosodes” book from Louis Klein, a book which had been of invaluable help many times before with otherwise lesser known nosodes. When I had read about it and its use in IBD, I had a feeling it would be helpful and had ordered the remedy in 200C on occasion. So that’s what the Liquidambar got, once.

Within 3 days, it was back to life!  The buds started to unfold and the leaves had caught up with other year’s development within 2-3 weeks. The Liquidambar is now the masterpiece of that part of the garden, and if I’m writing about this, it’s because he and the boy are both thriving ever since.  And neither of them have been needing the remedy again – yet – which makes sense for a nosode.

I won’t be long about Johneinum here, as I couldn’t do better than Louis Klein in his book, but that story, along with one of my kids twice having fever the day after I had been too emotional, and the other one being the one improved after a remedy I had taken myself, really taught me how we are all interconnected in such a complex way, that only life can teach us.

Treating the tree did treat the boy. There’s this phrase in Walloon language (the ancient regional language of the French-speaking part of Belgium) “C’è todi lè ptits qu’on sprotche” which translates into “It’s always the little ones that get crushed” and indeed, when a system in losing balance, the weakest seems to be showing symptoms first, could it be a tree, a pet or… a kid.

I’ve seen many times that when parents postpone going to the doctor, as if mental health wasn’t enough worth it, it’s for their most sensitive relatives, namely kids in my practice, to somatize the distress and bring them up several days later. I keep thanking kids to bring me their parents, and luckily by treating one, you are helping out the others.

One of my homeopathy teachers keeps saying that “In homeopathy, we can’t be a fair judge for ourselves”, which makes self-treatment hazardous, but this story means that treating our surroundings is an alternative way to do so…

Alternatively, it is very hard to keep healthy plants in a doctor’s office, but again, this story means they’re also a way to watch over you. So have some, and treat them when needed.  It might also be why hypersensitives (top of which are people needing matridonal remedies) hardly have a green thumb.  Stop trying to catch every wave and they will too…

Follow-up of the boy?  Same themes, different individuality. He stills feels persecuted once in a while, but he’s doing great altogether, with definitely no digestive problem. Main thing left is a slight hyperactive and attention disorder, for which my latest remedy idea is Aqua pura[1]for multiples reasons, which again, I won’t develop here and rather send you to the proving and proving rubrics, so you can judge for yourself.

Though hard to potentize and maybe too obvious to consider, it is a remedy which is bringing me lots of hope in ADHD, but also in neurodegenerative diseases (NDD),

which are after all – homeopathically speaking – similar in symptoms.  I do believe that if we can address early signs of NDD, we could be slowing down the process.

NDD shows the more advanced extent of dehydration: some accelerated aging, visible on the outside as intrinsically wrinkled and dehydrated feeling, which no amount of water can tackle, but also in the inside, with the shrinking brain on CT scan.

Third part of dehydration is mentally: unstable and dependent on their environment, and everything evaporating, memories and thoughts. Earlier Alzheimer signs also involves loss of muscular strength, being unable to manage or understand time, space disorientation, … which are all in the proving, as are the restlessness and many rubrics suitable to the boy.

Aqua pura makes a marvelous blend of series 1 and 16 combined, both present in IBD and ADHD/NDD and all in all, the analogy with water, its phases and properties is incredible.

It wasn’t that long ago, but exterior people have quickly noticed a difference since the remedy in the boy, and counting. Furthermore, the world is definitely making sense around this, as so needed his mum… and his maternal grand-mother… “La mer”/“La mère”

With all my gratitude to the people who are making provings of new remedies,

Disclaimer : It does not mean that those 2 remedies can tackle everything and everyone, because it won’t, as homeopathy is about individualized vibratory resonance, and prescriber expertise. This is intended to awaken people to the complexity of life, to cheer on curiosity as the best teachers, and take you back to Einstein’s discoveries, still not applied enough.


Aqua pura/nova was proved in 2006 by Misha Norland, Peter Fraser & The School of Homeopathy. Keynotes are Merging – Outsider – Power – Electricity – Stabbing – Peacock blue – Confusion – Cyclical – Revolutionary – Squeezed. Jeremy Sherr repertorizes it in Carers and helpers.


About the author

Caroline Durieu

Dr. Caroline Durieu is a belgian medical doctor practising since 2008. She studied Tropical Medicine and International Health (ITG Antwerp) in 2010, than Sports Medicine, Nutrition and Mesotherapy in 2014. She got (back) into Homeopathy in 2016 for her first kid, and has been quite passionnate ever since, expanding research into bach flower essences, aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, mudras, ayurveda ... then covid helped developping superpowers to better advise patients offline as well as online. Children mental health is her priority, but globally treating patients from 0 to 100!
She is also doing a lot of mental coaching, summarized on https://www.instagram.com/carohmd/, and recently started another page (after writing about the first healed tree, and the many successes in plant treating since) https://www.instagram.com/hpp4all/, feeling it's another entry point worth using to raise awareness.

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