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Tidbits 98: Arnica Not Working! What To Do Now?

“Princess Ann” slips on ice, falls on hip, and Arnica doesn’t work!

Claire contacted me, reminding me of an under-used remedy in injuries!  You all remember Claire, right?  She had the splinter under the nail?  Anyway, this is about her daughter:

February 7, 2023

Elaine, other than Arnica, what other remedies do we think of when someone takes a tumble?  We had a few mild days here so the iced-over spots are melting, and “Princess Ann’s” heel hit an ice patch and scooted forward like a banana peel …

Excuse me, but, isn’t Princess Ann Queen Elizabeth’s daughter?

You’re thinking of Princess Anne.  This is Princess Ann!

Oh!  Well!  That’s different!  Never mind! 

So, as I was saying… she hit this ice patch with her heel and she went sliding and fell on her hip.  She was not shaken or faint by the shock of it or I would have given Aconite (as I have in the past for her or myself); she was laughing and feeling sheepish and saying “Ow”.  I gave her Arnica 200.

Now, here it is, a few hours later and she is no better; she walks on her tiptoe on that leg when she has to walk, because there is a sharpness to the pain.  She said it built up to that gradually; it wasn’t feeling like that immediately after the fall.  She said something cool against it felt good.  She doesn’t think Arnica did anything in particular.  She used the words “stinging” or “pin prick”.  Should that be a clue?  Remedies that come to my mind (because there are no emotionals) would be Bellis perennis, Apis, Bryonia; Symphytum might be overkill… I thought of Rhus tox but that is a remedy that wants heat, no?

Yes, and it’s more of a muscle strain or sprain.  Is this a bone injury?  If so, I would think of Bryonia, Ruta or Symphytum….

I mean she says her hip; like the joint there; she fell on the deck, which is wood; as opposed to the ground which (though also hard) would still be a slightly easier landing.  I forgot about Ruta.  I tried Apis 30 because of the words “stinging” and “pin prick” but she noticed nothing.  She said, “It seems to get worse as the night wears on.”  I watched her favor her affected side as she walked gingerly after sitting for an hour, using the iPad.  I asked if it hurts more after sitting still for a while and then gets up to move, and she said yes.

Geez, maybe it is Rhus tox after all!

Not sure if that is a modality or if that is how anyone would feel after a fall?

Are you saying the more she moves the better but the longer she sits, the worse?

YES.  At any rate, it made me think of Rhus tox so we’re trying that now.

Bryonia wants to sit very still, or is better for staying still.

She has been on her feet for a little while now, looking for something, and said it gets better if she walks for a while.  That sounds like Rhus tox though she said she notices nothing in particular from the dose she took.

Oh.  So you’re saying you’ve already given Rhus tox and there’s no change?

Gave it at 9:40 pm.

Have you waited a decent amount of time?  Ruta gets worse the more they move.

Isn’t Sepia also like this?

Sepia is better for exercise because it tones up their lax organs and sluggish circulation.

Ah, ok.

February 8, 2023

Elaine, I have very interesting news; I gave Bellis perennis 30c at 11:23 pm while she was sitting down again.  At around 11:40, roughly 15 minutes later, we started getting ready for bed (repair guy coming early tomorrow so I have to be up early) and I noticed her marching around (she walks sort of rapidly by nature) getting the birds their food and water for the  night.  I brought it up to her and she said it did seem to hurt less.

What I noticed was that she was not favoring one leg, not tiptoe-ing or walking gingerly.  I think Bellis is really it!!!!

Looking up modalities on Bellis, I found “better continued motion” and “better cold (local)”, both were things she specified, something cold applied to the area felt soothing and once she starts moving around, things seem to ease a bit.  Another thing that’s like Rhus tox, worse becoming chilled when hot.  Also, Bellis is apparently worse hot baths and worse warmth of the bed.

Good work, Claire!  I think we’ve all learned something here today!  When it looks like Arnica should work but doesn’t, think of Bellis perennis if you see the “better continued motion” of Rhus tox but no amelioration from heat as you might expect; instead, they want cold.

Here’s a brief summary of Bellis perennis for you:

First of all, it’s from the same family as Arnica, both being daisies.  People generally know it for deep tissue bruising, like to be given after abdominal surgery, injury to organs, tumors of the breast after injury.  Sprains and bruises—they call it the “Gardener’s Remedy”.  Worse cold drinks after becoming overheated, like Rhus tox.

There!  That’s it!  Now, before I go, this just in from Maria:

Hi Elaine!  I have great news!  Homeopathy Plus has a remedy made from: combined GSM radiation; 3G radiation; 4G radiation; UMTS radiation; DECT telephone radiation; Cosmic radiation; TV radiation; WIFI radiation.
It is called “Poly Radiation”.
Also 5G remedy!
Also radiation exposure


Great news, Maria!
A lot of people will be ordering these remedies for sure!  Thanks for bringing them to our attention! 

See you again next time!


Elaine Lewis, DHom, CHom

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    Interesting Read. We never think of Bellis perennis, when there is a fall. But this is surely a new piece of information. Thank you so much.

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