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Tidbits-Part 2

Written by Elaine Lewis

More of “A little of this, a little of that….”

Breast Cancer

The top two remedies are–Phytolacca and Conium.


If you see a super-keynote of a remedy, like Bryonia’s “pain, worse least motion”, in a case; throw everything else out and give the remedy!

Causticum and Nat-mur Get Divorced

Causticum has an element of resentment, they feel betrayed. In a Causticum divorce, they’re angry. In a Nat-mur divorce, they feel guilty and sentimental.

Don’t Do Drugs!

Find out what drugs your patient is on! You may find the whole case right there in the side-effects! And what’s the remedy? The potentized drug!

Getting Off Drugs

1. Avena sativa tincture, 5 drops, three times a day

2. Kali phos. 6X 4 pellets four times a day as per the instructions on the bottle

3. Make a 6C remedy out of the drug (see my article “How To Make Your Own Remedy” https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/how-to-make-your-own-remedy/) and take two or three times a day

4. Slowly cut back on your drug.

This May Come As a Shock….

…but the stronger the shock, the less individualization has to do with the case; so, everyone gets the same remedy! This is why everyone with blunt trauma gets Arnica and everyone with ailments from electricity gets Phosphorus, and so on.

So Many Symptoms….

An auto-nosode for when there are so many symptoms, no one remedy fits the case; also, for multiple allergies and candida. (See my article, “How To Make Your Own Remedy” on my website: elaineLewis.hpathy.com)

What Can We Use Calendula 30C For?


Cuts and scrapes

After surgery

Never Well Since Surgery

Bladder leakage since surgery

Bladder leakage since hysterectomy

Bladder leakage since childbirth

Never Well Since Catheterization (cutting pains)

Don’t Be a Wet Blanket!

Electric blankets can antidote remedies! And I hear they can cause cancer too, especially leukemia, so, here’s an idea: Turn the electric blanket on before you go to bed, let it warm up the bed, then turn it off, pile on the goose-down comforter, and get in.

(Shana made me put this picture here! It’s an electric blanket that seems delirious. All the more reason not to use them.)

Spotting Phosphorus

Thirst goes up, hunger goes down.

Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS)

What a shame Lou didn’t know about Lathyrus sativa. Also, don’t forget about Lathyrus for hind-leg paralysis in dogs.

Pathology Comes and Goes

When the pathology comes and goes, give the constitutional remedy–which may precipitate the pathology! Then give the remedy for the pathology. When the pathology is resolved, you can return to the constitutional remedy if need be.

Return of Old Symptoms

According to Elizabeth Wright Hubbard, return-of-old-symptoms may not be to the original site! You may have to interpret a coryza, for example, (a “compensatory vent”) as return-of-old-symptoms.


Carbon monoxide poisoning–Carbo veg.

Take Ledum With You to the Hospital

…for bedsores and black and blue marks from IV’s.

Interestingly, Ledum is cold but worse heat.

…and Nux vomica too!

Irritable bed-ridden patients; toxic, demanding, complaining–Nux vomica.

Ulcers that don’t heal–

Fluoric acid

Dizzy On Rising



Collapse, weak pulse, wants warmth, ice cold drinks, cold sweat on forehead, diarrhea –Veratrum album.

Worse Since Childbirth

Sepia–depression and fatigue

Caulophyllum–depression, fatigue and discharge

Helonias–exhaustion, uterine prolapse, bearing-down pain, discharge

Bloated Remedies

Kali carb, China, Nat-carb, Carbo veg, Mag-carb, Lycopodium


Arsenicum album, Natrum muriaticum, Natrum arsenicum

Like Twins

Nitric acid and Arsenicum are very close: pessimistic, bitter, irritable, nit-picking… but Arsenicum is more restless and anxiety-ridden.

Remedy Aggravates with No Amelioration

Could be right remedy but out of order. Check to see if another issue needs to be treated first.

Symptoms Constantly Changing

Medorrhinum, Carcinosin, Mercury, Pulsatilla

The Signs of Health

These are the things you’re supposed to look for after giving a remedy:

1. Energy improves, spirits are lifted

2. Person relaxes, feels more like himself again–he may fall asleep!

3. Pain lessens or is more easily tolerated

4. Mind clears

5. Person stops procrastinating

6. Person more easily adapts to change

7. Sleep is better and more refreshing

8. Appetite returns

If you see any of the signs of health, don’t change the remedy to something else because the patient says, “The remedy didn’t work!” These signs mean that it did! Be sure to give the remedy less and less often as the patient improves. We don’t want him proving it.

Bellis Perennis

Injuries to the internal organs (they call Bellis a “deeper” Arnica), periosteum, back injuries from lifting and straining (the gardener’s remedy). Aching and stiffness.


Aches, nerve pains, shooting pains, burning pains, better heat.


Twitching, formication, pricking sensation, sharp radiating pains, electrical pains. Hypersensitive.

So True…..

“Kent’s Repertory is a structural enigma. 30-70% of course time is wasted trying to explain it.”–Robin Murphy

Robin actually did something about this!  He revamped the repertory, putting it entirely in alphabetical order, updated it and added new chapters.  He deserves our eternal gratitude for taking this on!

Murphy's Repertory

Calcarea phos.

Osteoporosis, brittle bones, break easily.

Cancer of…

the stomach, pancreas, colon, liver, rectum and esophagus–Hydrastis


Cancer for smokers–lung and throat.

Broken Bones

Arnica–swelling with aching pain

Bryonia–swelling with sharp pain

Ledum–swelling with blue discoloration

Symphytum– to heal after bone is set

Calcarea phos.–When Symphytum doesn’t work

Calc-fl.–When bone is decaying


Sweet man becomes mean and vicious when drunk–Lachesis.


Numbness and tingling, raw burning pain, contractures, claw hand, emaciation of single parts, paralysis of single parts.

Most Schizophrenics Are….

Stramonium, Anacardium, Lachesis

Symptoms of Liver Disease

1. Unrefreshed sleep

2. Gas and bloating

3. < 4-8 pm

4. < on waking (irritable)

5. Craves sweets

6. Sugar, protein and fat aggravate.


Carbo veg.

from emotions–Ignatia

from fright–Aconite

Dehydration or Person Has Stopped Eating

Rub cold-pressed virgin olive oil on the body, especially the bottom of the feet.

Remedy Reactions

1. No reaction–wrong remedy; or, right remedy but too weak, raise potency.

2. Mild improvement–stay with remedy, increase frequency and amount.

3. Aggravation–stop dosing. An improvement may follow. If not, it was the wrong remedy or right remedy out of order. If aggravation doesn’t go away, use the Aggravation Zapper: https://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/the-aggravation-zapper/

Ambra Grisea

Weakness and vertigo in elderly patients, faint easily, get out of breath in warm room, cramps in legs, hands and feet.


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

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  • Thanx again Elaine! Learning a lot from you. I wish other homoeopaths would have the same urge to share knowledge … It’s my firm belief, “The more you give the more you get”. Wishing you more and more.

  • Thanks for sharing your experience Elaine. Also, I enjoyed your paper on diet. Like many places, poor diet and obesity are also a big problem here (Australia).

  • You might have guessed correctly the patient’s constitutional remedy; but, he needed an acute remedy first, or maybe a remedy for his pathology. So, in a sense, the remedy you gave first had no “way out” because of what was sitting on top. It could only aggravate and not ameliorate afterwards. When that happens, look to see if a different remedy is needed for a more recent occurrence.

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