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Tidbits 30: What’s Wrong With Wheat?

Gluten-Sensitivity is becoming a big problem and people aren’t aware they have it.

Elaine Lewis is writing in blue ink

Caralyn Vessal is writing in black ink.


Caralyn at Expo

Remember when we interviewed Caralyn about her Vitamin C sensation, Sufficient-C?

Well, now she’s back with a warning about wheat!  

Hi Elaine, it has been a year since we last met at hpathy.com.

Has it been a year already?

Do you have any idea how many e-mails from Sufficient-C users I’ve received…

Um….Wait.  Don’t tell me, don’t tell me.  57!  3?  Am I close?

Wait a minute, you didn’t let me finish!  I was going to say, do you know how many emails I’ve received telling me great things about Sufficient-C lowering their cholesterol and curing and preventing Herpes?

58?  24?  Wait, Caralyn, hold on to your hat!

What hat?

I have another story for you!  Let me tell you what just happened.  About a month ago…. or maybe it was last week.  Yesterday…  

Elaine, is this story going to go anywhere?

I’m getting to that!  I was noticing a burning sensation in my bladder area.  I thought, “What the heck is this?”  Thinking it was the way I was sitting, or my belt being too tight, I ignored it.  I went down to the laundry room to turn on the dryer, and the pain was still there.  I mused over how strange it was.  What was it, a bladder infection?  That’s not how I typically experience them!   I went back upstairs, the pain was still there.  I said, “OK, it’s time for some vitamin C!”  The only vitamin C I have here is your Sufficient-C!  I opened the canister, took out a scoop of the powder, which I think is about 2 grams, stirred it into half a cup of water, drank it down because, of course, it does taste good, and in less than ten minutes, the burning was gone, I kid you not, and it never came back!!!  I mean, who knows what it was!  Or what it was destined to turn into!  A sobering thought!

As you will recall, Elaine, I had that same experience!

Just wanting to let our readers know, Sufficient-C really works!

These many stories just prove that a deficiency in a vital nutrient is easily remedied by taking said nutrient!

Hold on, I’m writing this down.

Sometimes we just don’t have to get fancy.

Wait a minute (…taking said nutrient…)  OK.

And by the way, Elaine, L-Lysine plus vitamin C also lowers cholesterol!  It works.  We have seen it work many times over.

I know, Caralyn!  Linus Pauling said so!  I found it on his website!  Let me guess, Sufficient-C also contains L-Lysine, right?  Isn’t that for scrubbing floors?

No Elaine, you’re thinking of Lysol!  I know that pretending you don’t know anything is part of your endless charm, but you know very well it is an essential amino acid!  

Lysol is an essential amino acid?  I am learning so much here!    

This combination strengthens and mends the blood vessels!  We know that vitamin C helps to reduce inflammation, which is one of the causes of high blood pressure.

I know, that’s what Linus Pauling said!

He was a genius and to this day he gets criticized.  He was certainly a mentor of mine.

He was my entree into alternative medicine!

In addition, the jury is back and Sufficient-C does a heck of a job eliminating Herpes sores as well, some of our customers are using the product for just that!

I never liked Herpes.

Well, enough about Sufficient-C.

I don’t want to spend the whole hour talking about herpes….

Didn’t we come here to talk about wheat?  I have a new product called “Glutenizer” to help people digest wheat, which is a big issue nowadays.

Isn’t that a person who can’t stop eating?

You’re thinking of glutton!  


No Elaine!  The full name is “GLUTENIZER Kiwi Strawberry Digestive-Ade”!


Would you stop writing????  I wanted to share it with you because there’s an important lesson to be learned here about wheat.  Just like I created Sufficient-C out of need because my mother had cancer, I created Glutenizer because of my son Daniel’s extreme health problems!  When Daniel was in middle school…

And now for a station break!  

What???  What are you doing?

Caralyn, you know how I hate to interrupt people, but, I have to start dinner.

Should I just keep on talking then?

If you can, please do!

Good.  So anyway, Daniel would periodically get sudden burning stomach aches that seemed to come out of nowhere!

Could you pass the vinegar please?

Which reminds me, Daniel loved vinegar!  He was an exceptionally healthy eater.  Unlike most of his peers, he loved salads and savory blends of natural foods.  It was not uncommon to uncover a generous stash of his Halloween candy uneaten, much to his brothers’ pleasure!

As you can imagine, I was quite puzzled as to what could have been causing these unpredictable, but extremely painful stomach episodes that, over the years, intensified in strength and frequency.

I know, I was there for one of them.  He couldn’t even join us for the seder!

How well I remember!  But there’s more!

Do you remember when your brother-in-law got mad because I wouldn’t eat the bitter herbs?

Elaine, can we possibly stick with today’s topic?

Which is….


Oh!  So that’s what we’re talking about!

Yes!!!  So, around senior year of high school, Daniel started breaking out in hives that made him look like a professional boxer after a brutal match.



Bout, they’re called bouts.

Boxing bouts?  No.  I don’t thinks so!  Fencers have bouts!  Boxers have matches!  (Oh great!  I’m starting to sound like one of the Marx brothers!)

Which one, Groucho, Harpo or Chico?

Actually, I’m starting to sound like you!!!  Anyway, his eyes were swollen slits; he used his brother’s backs as a mode of transportation within the house since he could not put any pressure on the soles of his swollen, itchy feet that soon became unfit for shoes!

So he had to be carried everywhere?

I remember that the only minor comfort he had was to lie perfectly still under his bed covers until the desire to rip his skin off passed.

Geez….  This must have been very distressing for you to have to watch, and feeling so helpless.

All the doctors who had been consulted prescribed a boat-load of antihistamines and warned that hospitalization might ultimately be necessary given his inflamed and puffy appearance.  I knew that antihistamines would only scratch the surface …

Ouch!  Good one, Caralyn!  Ha!  “…scratch the surface!”  

Maybe you should just concentrate on cooking.  I was trying to make the point that the medical profession is not high on getting to the root cause of anything!  This is a huge problem!  So, during Freshman year at college, these random hive attacks reached an intolerable level and now he felt fatigued, requiring a strategic mid-day nap to get through his classes and studying.  It seemed that every time I called him, he either had a cold, a sore throat or did not feel right. The hives went from being an every now and then nuisance to an annoying part of everyday life.

Good heavens!

At my insistence (which did not make them happy) his physicians ran every conceivable test, all of which returned a normal result.  While it is always nice to hear that nothing is wrong, something was wrong, and the standard explanation was…are you ready?

Oh boy, here it comes….

“Sometimes people just get hives.”

“Sometimes people just get hives”?  That was their learned opinion???

They were serious!

Caralyn!  All those years spent in medical school and this is what they had to show for it?  Where can I get an education like that?

Apparently, in Medical School!  I made an appointment with a medical doctor who practiced alternative medicine.  I shared with him that Daniel had always felt bloated and became full quickly. I also mentioned to him that from a young age, his front teeth had a slight marbleized appearance.  I recognized these symptoms as those found in Celiac disease and Gluten-Sensitive people.  However, since Daniel presented quite well and all tests came back negative, even the “natural” practitioner was in no way convinced that wheat was the culprit.  While all the “professionals” had agreed that Daniel’s teeth were slightly marbleized, I felt that they, more than anything, thought that I had lost my marbles!

Ha-ha!  Caralyn, that’s your second big laugh of the evening!  Would you like to come to work for me?  You could join my staff of writers.

Since when does a homeopath need a staff of writers?!  Anyway, these doctors just wanted me to bask in Daniel’s negative test results!

They’re ruled by test results!  It makes you wonder how much stock anyone should put in medical tests at all if someone that sick can be declared “normal”!

Exactly!  Since there never seemed to be a trigger that was obvious, I became convinced that his immune system might be reacting to something that had always been a staple of his diet.  Even without the support of the medical professionals, I was still wondering if gluten was the source of his symptoms.  Daniel was certainly eating more sandwiches in college than what he was accustomed to eating at home.

OMG!  Say no more, say no more!  The food in institutions, like college cafeterias, snack bars, hospitals, etc., is the worst!  All the things you try to avoid at home?  Like chemical additives, sugar, artificial ingredients, white flour, GMO’s, etc.?  They’re all there at college–any place that uses a “food service”!

I know!  “Out of the frying pan, into the fire!”  He was also consuming beer!  In moderation of course 🙂  All of which obviously contains gluten!  Could this be why his symptoms were continuing to worsen?

Tune in again next week…

Elaine, I’m not finished!


Knowing that a family friend had been diagnosed with Celiac disease, Daniel informed me that without a diagnosis, he had no intention of altering his diet!

Well, that settles it!  Excuse me while I check the oven.

Obviously, avoiding wheat is an easy way to determine if one has a gluten sensitivity, but Daniel thought the odds for him were slim and wasn’t willing to make that sacrifice.

I can’t say as I blame him.  Think of everything that’s made with wheat, Caralyn: Pizza, Spaghetti, Sandwiches, Cake, Pie, Donuts, hamburger buns, crackers… It means changing your whole way of life!

Ironically, Daniel’s diet was never big on carbs, but as you pointed out, gluten seems to find its way into everything and it truly is hard to avoid.  When spring of Freshman year approached, so did Passover.  Since Daniel never liked matzoh, nor was he a fan of any of the other commercial carbs made from matzoh, I couldn’t help but seize the opportunity for Daniel to go Gluten-Free during Passover!  

Great idea!

So for the next eight days it was rice and potatoes and fruit for breakfast until we reconvened.

At the end of Passover, Daniel had been enlightened!  He concluded that he was, in fact, gluten-sensitive!  Without gluten in his system he had more energy, his hives vanished and he was no longer bloated!

Get out!

Finally we had our answer!  And here is Daniel today–(standing next to me)–healthy and normal:

Caralyn and son Daniel

Which one are you?  Anyway, it seems people have to be their own doctor nowadays!

We all must advocate for ourselves and our children and trust our gut, no pun intended. 🙂  

Ha!  Another good one, Caralyn!

It was at this time that I also investigated various digestive enzymes on the market knowing that being 100% gluten-free is not easy.

Not at all!

Some brands were clearly more effective than others.  While Daniel does not have a diagnosis of Celiac disease and is able, in moderation, to consume small amounts of gluten, it is a slippery slope when he does.

Yes, I can imagine.

And so with that, Glutenizer® Kiwi Strawberry Digestive-Ade drink mix was hatched!

Glutenizer digestive ade

Born, Caralyn, was born.  For it to be hatched, you would have to have been a chicken.  But I love the design, don’t change a thing!  So these are digestive enzymes?

All you do is add cool spring water and stir.  It’s a powder.  Gluten is not only pervasive in foods that many have learned to avoid, it can be prevalent in foods that are often not suspected of containing gluten!  

Well great, that’s just great!

No one knows this better than the gluten-sensitive consumer!  While Glutenizer is focused on gluten digestion, we also made sure to generously fortify it with a full spectrum of proteases for the digestion of other difficult-to-digest proteins, since some people who experience digestive problems often blame gluten when gluten may not be the problem.  In fact, Glutenizer can be used as a general digestive aid.  I call it “flavor with function”!

How is Daniel doing now after Glutenizer, what can he tolerate that he couldn’t tolerate before?

Daniel still avoids gluten for the most part, but there are times when avoiding gluten is not always possible.  When he drinks Glutenizer with his meals he never has a problem!  He keeps a canister in his back pack and totes it around with him pretty much wherever he goes.  Just goes to show you that necessity is always the mother of invention!

Still, I have to admire you Caralyn; the average person would never consider doing this in a million years–creating a product; instead they’re counting on someone else to do it!  I consider YOU to be a truly remarkable person, one of a kind!

Thank you Elaine. I appreciate the compliment, especially because it came from you!

Really?  I think you might have me confused with someone else, like, I don’t know…FDR, or Batman or possibly Lucille Ball.

No one can compliment you, have you noticed that?  Another interesting “Tidbit”, if you will, when the gut is injured from eating gluten, other foods can become problematic to digest as well!  Enzymes can heal the gut more effectively than just eliminating offending foods!

Wow!  Who knew?  Thanks for that tip!  Can Daniel have what everyone else is having now?

In moderation.  I would like to make it clear that you’re not going to be able to gorge on gluten just because you’re drinking this drink.  Glutenizer lends support for those times when the gluten-sensitive person is not certain if gluten is present in the meal; for example, in restaurants, catered events etc., or when proper gluten free choices are not an option.  For Daniel, this added protection keeps him from breaking out in hives, bloating, becoming lethargic and has made him noticeably less susceptible to viruses.  However he still needs to be a mindful eater.  Being that Glutenizer offers 1200 mg. of vitamin C, he is also getting that extra immune boost throughout the day.  We have sourced a 95% pure organic Stevia for sweetness that really brings the strawberry and kiwi flavor to life!  It’s so good, we have upgraded to this stevia in Sufficient-C too.

In that case, I’ll be ordering more–not that I wouldn’t be ordering more anyway!  P.S. I have a client with severe constipation and bloating, could Glutenizer help her?  Does Gluten-sensitivity tend to cause constipation and intestinal gas?

Well, let me see, how shall I put this…YES!!!  We know that constipation has a few causes:

  1. lack of hydration
  2. lack of enzymes to aid in the digestion process
  3. a diet lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables thereby lacking enzymes and fiber
  4. and gluten-sensitivity (the ability to digest gluten adequately)

We also know that a diet that lacks Magnesium can also make one prone to constipation, but if adding magnesium to the diet does not help, it does seem prudent to investigate a digestive inadequacy.  Anyway, YES!  Additionally, it is important for the diet to contain an adequate daily supply of natural sea salt.  The chloride in salt is essential for the production of hydrochloric acid.  That is one reason why a lot of elderly people on a low salt diet often suffer from acid issues.

Wow!  Such a wealth of information!  Well, I said the topic today was wheat, so now you’re going to hear about it!   Celiac Disease is on the rise commensurate with the use of this stuff: Roundup! 

Do you know what Roundup is?


It’s a weed killer made by Monsanto, the infamous bio-tech company responsible for GMO’s in our food!

“Roundup-Ready Crops” are crops, such as corn, that have been genetically engineered to withstand an excessive amount of this herbicide without dying!  That means that you’re getting an excessive amount of weed killer when you eat GMO crops–like corn, soy, etc.

There is corn in everything nowadays because every processed food contains either corn syrup or high-fructose corn syrup!!!  You might imagine that innumerable diseases are on the rise because of this, and they are!  But it doesn’t stop there!  Roundup is now being used to KILL WHEAT, as bizarre as that sounds!!!!!  Do you want to know why?  It’s being used to kill the wheat crop so the new planting season can start earlier, which means more money for Agri-Business!!!!!

And yes, that means every time you eat your sandwiches, your donuts, hamburgers and spaghetti, you’re actually eating Roundup, because it’s been sprayed on the wheat–not to kill pests, but to kill the crop!

You just can’t make this stuff up!

According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff from M.I.T., the rise in Celiac Disease mirrors the use of Roundup on the commercial wheat crop to make the harvest go faster!  You can read more about it here:


So what does this mean?  It means you MUST buy organic bread and pasta to avoid eating Roundup, and you must start making your own food at home, from scratch, and bringing your lunch to school, to work, etc. because the diseases that Glyphosate (Roundup) is implicated in–including Celiac, autism, alzheimers and lymphoma–are worth whatever extra work or money is involved to avoid them!  

I’m within walking distance of a very large supermarket right in my neighborhood, but I will drive 10 miles to Whole Foods in South Philadelphia (which is where I should be right now!) to make sure I’m getting organically-grown, locally-grown food and avoiding factory-farmed meat, eggs, grains and dairy!

It also seems odd that chronic diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis are so much more apparent these days. You have to wonder why diseases that were so rare when we were kids are running rampant now.  Just as a side note there is evidence that gluten-sensitivity is also linked to MS!

Caralyn, you can always tell the diseases that are running rampant by watching the commercials!  For example, I’m sure you’ve noticed the number of ads for Alzheimers disease and cancer as if these are a normal part of life now!  All I’m saying is, support your natural food store, support your farmer’s market and organic farmers in general.  Know that the commercial food industry, with the help of government agencies, is trying to make it impossible for real farmers to stay in business with impossible-to-comply-with regulations!  Caralyn, how can people get Glutenizer?

Amazon has it.

Thanks for helping me deliver this very important message about what’s being done to the commercial WHEAT CROP!!!  Support your organic farms!  Buy whole grains!  Go out of your way to buy organic!  I hope everyone has learned something here today.

Can I just say one thing more?

Well, only if you can get your question in before the buzzer.

What buzzer?    

And there it goes!

As the mother of a college student, I can’t stress enough the value of having Sufficient-C & Glutenizer in the dorm; they are delicious drink mixes that offer Vitamin C, added immune support and digestive support for your college student.

Better than coke and pepsi, I’m guessing.

And Elaine, a word about white flour.

Right!  We can’t leave without reminding people that white flour is not a real food!!!!  It does not exist in nature; it turns to white sugar in your stomach, causes your insulin levels to spike, causes your blood-sugar to drop, can’t be digested, hardens into a paste in your intestines, contains no fiber and no nutrients.  So, remember to buy organically-grown WHOLE grain products and stay away from white bread, anything made with white flour and white rice as well.  The real rice is brown rice.

Thanks Elaine!

I have Glutenizer here, and I can vouch for its simplicity and good taste.  I’ve taken it twice today already.  Thanks, Caralyn!  Are you ready to take questions now?


A brief question/answer session:

Caralyn, if you take Glutenizer between meals, are you just wasting digestive enzymes?

No.  When taken between meals, the enzymes are considered proteolytic enzymes and they eat away at toxins and inflammation within the body.  However when taken in close proximity to a meal they work on digesting that meal.

Should you save Glutenizer for when you’re about to eat?

Right before, during, or soon after a meal will work best.  However it is prudent to drink within 25 minutes from mixing it up.  Once the drink mix (enzymes) are activated with water, the clock starts ticking.

Does it make sense to take Glutenizer before a raw meal like salad?

For people without any digestive issues, I would say that it might not be necessary, given a raw meal already comes jam packed with enzymes, as you know.  It’s cooking that destroys enzymes.  However, those that have a lot of gut healing to contend with may find dosing before every meal beneficial while they are trying to heal their gut.  Enzymes are known to be very healing.  

Should you take Glutenizer before and after eating?

No.  However, if after someone has eaten a meal that has caused them gastric distress, drinking Glutenizer will help them over the digestive hump by significantly reducing gastric distress.

Caralyn, I get a lot of complaints about GERD–acid reflux.

Elaine….I now talk a lot about indigestion, heartburn, dyspepsia of all sorts since food that is not pre-digested with ample enzymes will ultimately rot and ferment in the gut causing all kinds of gases that will push up uncomfortable stomach acid.  Often people associate this with having too much stomach acid.  We know that no one has too much stomach acid and it is a proven fact that as we age, stomach acid decreases.  Therefore, I focus on the inability to digest.  This applies to all difficult-to-digest proteins not just gluten.

Well, this is revelational!  So taking antacids, then, really misses the mark, wouldn’t you say?  Thanks for the education, Caralyn; come back soon!


Caralyn Vessal is a student at the British Institute of Homeopathy

email her: [email protected]

visit her website: www.sufficientc.com


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at [email protected]

Visit her website: https://ElaineLewis.hpathy.com

About the author

Caralyn Vessal

Caralyn is a student of the British Institute of Homepathy. She came to the realization that a well selected homeopathic remedy will do little good in conjunction with a deficient diet. After extensive research into the value of Vitamin C and its role in immune support, Caralyn created Sufficient-C, a high-dose vitamin C product that actually tastes good and can be served much as you would a pitcher of lemonade or iced tea. Caralyn can be reached at http://www.sufficientC.com/

About the author

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
Elaine is a graduate of Robin Murphy's Hahnemann Academy of North America and author of many articles on homeopathy including her monthly feature in the Hpathy ezine, "The Quiz". Visit her website at:
https://elainelewis.hpathy.com/ and TheSilhouettes.org


    • Hi,

      This is Caralyn. I know that Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine in mega doses and has been known to ease symptoms. It is not for me to say if it can totally cure a food allergy. I think an orthomolecular doctor would be better suited to answer this question.

      Thank you for your inquiry.

  • This article suggests that gluten-sensitivity is due to an inability to digest gluten adequately. This is misleading, perhaps because it suits your promotion of Glutenizer to give this impression. There are two kinds of gluten-sensitivity: coeliac disease, and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. Coeliac disease is an auto-immune disease where consumption of gluten triggers an immune-response resulting in damage to the lining of the gut. Coeliac disease has nothing to do with an inability to digest gluten, and cannot be controlled or mediated by a drink containing digestive enzymes. Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity may refer to gluten allergy or gluten intolerance. A gluten allergy is also triggered by the immune system, and symptoms may occur within minutes, before stomach digestion has even commenced. This kind of sensitivity also has nothing to do with an inability to digest wheat proteins, and cannot be relieved by taking supplementary digestive enzymes. The term ‘gluten intolerance’ usually refers to milder symptoms associated with the consumption of gluten, such as bloating and gas. The cause of this intolerance is still poorly understood and it is simplistic to assume that it is a simple digestive malfunction. The glyphosate factor mentioned by Elaine may even be involved. I am not aware of any research which indicates that taking a proteolytic enzyme such as the Bromelain in Glutenizer will alleviate the symptoms of gluten intolerance – but hey, if it helps Caralyn’s son, that seems sufficient evidence for Hpathy to indulge in such unashamed product promotion! It would have been professional to point out that Glutenizer is not useful for coeliacs and people with a gluten allergy. Also, since Glutenizer does not claim to be a vegan product, one may surmise that its other main ingredient L-lysine is derived from animal proteins. Many gluten-sensitive people are also allergic/intolerant to egg, dairy and seafood products.

    • Hi Peter,

      You make some interesting points, but I think where you went wrong was your attribution of motive: “perhaps because it suits your promotion of Glutenizer”. You don’t know Elaine, or you wouldn’t have said that. She has more integrity in her little finger than most people you know. Vitamin C has many uses whiich are still not recognized by the medical establishment here. In Russia it was used as an antibiotic in very high intravenous doses. It also acts to boost the immune system or make it work properly. A friend of mine had a kidney transplant years ago and was warned not take VIt C, as it could cause his immune system to to reject the kidney. Vit C is a powerful antioxidant and also a chelator of heavy metals. It has many detox properties in high doses. Years ago my dog ate poison and the vet said it was too late, as he had absorbed it already…nothing could be done. I rushed him to a holistic vet (Dr. Khalsa) who gave him IV “C” along with a few other things and he was restored to health. We don’t know the total mechanism of the diseases mentioned, but detoxing the body and balancing the immune system are a good bet to fix those or a host of other illnesses.

      • Alan, I did not make any comment about the product Sufficient-C nor the benefits of vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C has all the marvellous benefits you mention, but the only direct role it plays in digestion is in relation to iron absorption. It may boost the immune system generally, but as an aid for the digestion of gluten it has no role whatsoever. The subject of the article is “What’s Wrong with Wheat”, and the product presented to your readers as a gluten digestion aid and support for gluten-sensitivity is Glutenizer. In Elaine’s words, “So this is your latest invention? Digestive enzymes that you drink with your meal? Great idea!”. Well, its not a new idea. Digestive enzyme supplements have been around for decades. They have a role to play when the body can not produce sufficient enzymes of its own, usually due to pancreas malfunction; but not everyone thinks that topping up with extra enzymes is necessarily a good thing. Studies have shown that an excess of proteolytic enzymes may increase the permeability of the intestinal cell wall and facilitate the transport of normally non-absorbable substances, triggering an auto-immune cascade. [Transport of proteolytic enzymes across Caco-2 cell monolayers. Bock U, Kolac C, Borchard G, Koch K, Fuchs R, Streichhan P, Lehr CM. Pharm Res. 1998 Sep;15(9):1393-400. PMID: 9755891] Ironically, one of these substances is GLUTEN. So advising gluten-sensitive people to take extra proteolytic enzymes may have the effect of transforming gluten intolerance into gluten allergy or even coeliac disease. A product review, Shana, requires more than an uncritical endorsement of a product – especially when you represent a reputable alternative health ezine. Elaine, I am not used to Hpathy using its articles to promote products and when I saw the Hpathy logo endorsement on Caralyn’s website I did question Hpathy’s motives. I did not however intend to question your integrity and I am sorry if I gave that impression. I usually enjoy your articles and quizzes, and I have learned a lot about homeopathy from you.

    • Alan Said:
      You don’t know Elaine, or you wouldn’t have said that. She has more integrity in her little finger than most people you know.

      I absolutely concur with Alan on this.

  • Well, Peter, you can blame me. This is my column and my choice. Caralyn has been a long-time contributor to ezine articles–by me and Mati Fuller–and has brought me many quiz cases from her family; so, she’s a long-time friend of the ezine, and, as previously stated, MY choice to advance her product. I already know her Sufficient-C product is great because I use it and cured a bladder infection with just one dose of it. What I like about Caralyn’s products: non-GMO, not made in China, no sugar, stevia-sweetened, no artificial ingredients, tastes good. I think she deserves the space in my column for her ingenuity. As I said in the article, it doesn’t occur to your average person to have the nerve to invent something that’s needed, people usually sit around and wait for a corporation to do that, then criticize the corporation for only caring about profits and not people; so, my hat is off to her.

  • Dear Peter,

    We have never claimed that we invented enzymes. Enzymes are a precious gift from nature and provide tremendous health benefits and have been around for forever. We have just designed a different, tasty way to consume them that is much more pleasant than what is currently on the market.

    Also we do not target Celiacs with Glutenizer. We have been very clear from the start that Glutenizer can be very effective for the GLUTEN-SENSTIVE consumer who is having trouble digesting gluten. We have also touted the benefits of certain enzyme formulas already on the market, to which we have no ties, that have been effective for my gluten-sensitive son as well as many others. I can assure you that there are several manufacturers that have quite a successful business selling their formulas to which many gluten-sensitive consumers have found great benefit, just like my son Daniel.

    Additionally, we have never claimed that Glutenizer can address a gluten allergy. In fact we have claimed only to be a high dose vitamin C supplement that more specifically aids in the digestion of gluten and other difficult to digest proteins, yet can also be used as a broad spectrum digestive aid for those that need to ramp up their enzyme intake.

    Again, even though Glutenizer is not targeted at Celiacs, they can enjoy many of its benefits since celiacs , like non celiacs can benefit from digestive proteases unless they are consuming a totally raw diet.

    Just to inform you, there is no bromelain in Glutenizer. Bromelain is a wonderful digestive aid and has tremedous proteolytic value, but it was not an enzyme we felt compelled to put in Glutenizer. We offer full disclosure on the back of our canister so the educated readers at H-Pathy and our customers can see for themselves and decide for themselves if Glutenizer is a product that they would like to try.

    To address the H-Pathy Links that we boldy display on our home page…why not? We are proud that we have been featured by H-Pathy. If you look closer you will see that we have been featured by other publications as well and we have also displayed their logos.

    I share the sentiments of the previous posters as Elaine is one of the most ethical people I know. She is just sharing and I was the lucky recipient of her choice to share my products.

    Also just as an added tid-bit of information, Glutenizer is also vegan. All enzymes are vegetarian.


  • Also for the readers information there is no L-lysine in Glutenizer, however there is L-Lysine in Sufficient-C. Both products are entirely vegan and again, full disclosure is available on the back side of both canisters. All of the enzymes that we selected are vegan.

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