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Veterinary Heilkunst

Veterinary Heilkunst

In the animal kingdom, a war is unfolding for the most prized treasure of all – health. Three noble knights are arrayed against the three assassins… and the battle rages. The assassins are destroyers of animals’ health and, true to their name, are often disguised as facts, necessity, acceptable sacrifice and political correctness. When the disguise is lifted, all that we find beneath is the false belief.

The Assassins’ Creed

We, the deceitful,

We promise health and truth,

Yet deliver nothing

Except the bitter fruit.

We remain hidden,

Bar those with the eyes to see.

Should we be discovered,

The time shall come to flee.

To change and repent,

We cannot.

Such is our nature,

Such is our plot.

The noble knights are defenders of health, they wield swords of truth, law and principle.

The Knights’ Pledge

The truth is our master,

The truth sets us free,

We live in principle,

That’s all we can be.

What makes Heilkunst a complete medical system is its firm foundation in principles, that is, understanding the laws of nature and when to apply them, and knowledge of the true nature of disease – it’s duality, hierarchy and jurisdiction – as well as knowledge of the true nature of the Living Power (see the main overview article for a full description of Heilkunst, it’s principles and philosophy).

There is more than one assassin plundering the animal kingdom and more than one knight is required to defend it (a deeper discussion of each continues below). It is not possible to rely solely on homeopathy to treat animals; it is by definition an application of the law of similars, one that removes secondary (pathic) diseases, according to their symptoms only. But what of the primary disease cause from which such secondary, pathic diseases spring?

Veterinary Heilkunst involves removal of the primary cause (tonic prescribing) and, if needed, any secondary disease (pathic prescribing) and the restoration of homeostasis along with therapeutic education for the owner. To create the chain of wholeness, all these rings must be linked; skip one and your chain is broken.

Here is how the natural laws apply:

* For the removal of the disease, use the law of similars

* For regimenal imbalance, use the law of opposites

* For therapeutic education, use the law of truth

Every problem must be treated in the proper jurisdiction and its cause must be removed. For example, to treat an animal that developed diabetes due to faulty regimen (a carnivore eating grains, for example), you must correct the regimen.

To simply prescribe remedies according to the symptoms and then leave the regimen untouched while hoping for the cure would be delusional. How about treating a diabetic animal that developed symptoms after losing its owner?

While we still have to deal with regimen, in this case the removal of grief disease will be mandatory. So the same condition can have different causes and it is the true physician’s duty to uncover and remove that cause.

The treatment of animals carries unique challenges. Causal prescribing is, I dare say, more vital for animals than humans. Animals do not describe their symptoms, modalities or aggravations, so homeopathic prescribing is even more limiting in their case.

Iatrogenic assault is massive, with all the vaccinations, drugs and chemicals used on a regular basis. It is not surprising that the development of isodes to deal with such primary diseases initially took place in the animal sphere, a fact that Dr. Hahnemann recognized in his writings.

It is assumed that Hahnemann was against the use of isodes, but in reality was only against the pretensions of Lux and others that this was a different principle (of equality) rather than simply another form of the application of the law of similars.

Most importantly, a willing and open-minded owner is necessary for change to take place. Often, two of the greatest battles we face as practitioners are persuading the owner to apply the correct regimen and to use alternative/scientific preventive care instead of inducing iatrogenic diseases. With those battles won, we can proceed on the journey towards wholeness.

The First Assassin – Genetic Interference

Tampering with the gene pool is one of the greatest constricting forces ruining the health of the species.

On the one hand, we have the creation of purebred animals which required closure of the stud books. Within this closed gene pool, animals quickly become interrelated. That means that every weakness becomes multiplied across the spread of generations. Desired features easily turn into liabilities. It is this meddling that turns animals into carriers of the miasmic load. In wild populations, miasms are almost nonexistent.

Another aspect of this problem is that the human decides who mates with whom. Nature has rules and rituals that bring animals together; nature also removes from the gene pool those individuals that are a detriment to the species.

Phenomenologically speaking, this is no different from the genetic engineering of foodstuffs. All of it is interference with the God code and there is a price to pay. We see it in genetic deformities, in loss of health and independence of particular species and breeds, in their declining ability to procreate on their own and in the lack of vitality of their offspring.

Diseases stemming from in-breeding are the hardest to remove (and are sometimes impossible) simply because of manifold physical changes and because the animal runs out of time before the burden of multiple generations can be lifted. This assassin appears immortal, and is certainly out of the reach of a single practitioner or a single generation.

On the other hand, mutilation of domestic animals takes place daily in the form of spaying and neutering. Again, it is humans who are interfering with natural selection, in this case deciding which animals should be taken out of the gene pool, and those decisions are certainly not geared to the benefit of the species.

Permanent and untimely removal of important endocrine messengers distorts and aborts life processes, exposing the animal to multiple health risks and serious diseases. Since this practice is enshrouded in political correctness, opinions are freely masqueraded as facts and remain unchallenged.

For example, it is a wildly accepted opinion that sterilization prevents cancer. It prevents the cancer of reproductive organs since without the organs, there can be no cancer. However, it does multiply the risk of other deadlier cancers, including quadrupling the risk of bone cancer. It doesn’t seem like a good trade.

Another false belief is that sterilizing young animals prevents pet overpopulation. First of all, this practice is widely spread only in North America and the rest of the world still hasn’t been overrun by the pet population.

Secondly, most of the people who sterilize their animals are single-animal owners and their animals would never have a chance to procreate anyway. You may have noticed that the infamous puppy mill owners are not participating in this program.

Thirdly, nature likes to keep the death rate constant. In the wild, most of the offspring won’t survive into adulthood. With domestic animals, it is the opposite. Adult pets are dying by human hand because of human actions: they have behavioral and physical issues that cause owners to abandon them (whether justified or not) and many of those issues are a direct consequence of early sterilization. And the death rate stays constant.

Reproductive hormones play many roles in the organism other than regulating sexual maturity: they affect cognitive development, bone formation, closing of the growth plates at the right time, immune function, cardiovascular function, etc.

So everything from cognitive debility to hip dysplasia to hypothyroidism to bone cancer is a consequence of early sterilization. For these reasons, no working dog is ever sterilized before reaching sexual maturity. Serious training, such as required by seeing eye dogs is not possible otherwise, physically or mentally.

The best thing an owner can do is leave the animal intact. That is not always possible, and most rescue animals are sterilized already. The next best choice is to perform vasectomy or a tubal litigation instead of fully removing the organs. That would leave hormones intact while preventing pregnancy. If neuter/spay surgery is the only option, it should not happen before the animal reaches sexual maturity.

As practitioners, we have to know the consequences of these procedures as well as the fact that every surgical intervention represents a severe shock to the animal that must be removed through tonic/sequential prescribing.

The Second Assassin – Faulty Regimen

In times older than these, inner wisdom guided the choices. This wasn’t a very difficult job, as only natural choices existed. The organism is hardwired to recognize the language of nature, but the unnatural choices that are offered today leave it stumped and vulnerable. Nature never predicted the fake, processed and dead foods that mimic the taste of nutrition, and so she never equipped living beings with the instinct to recognize and reject them.

In the wild, animals instinctively stay away from poisonous plants, but they have no problem eating, and dying from poisoned kibble. Human beings have a reasoning mind which can learn to apply the principles of good nutrition and regimen in general, but animals don’t.

They are at the complete mercy of their owners. This assassin plays on that fact and so it is the mind of the owner that gets tricked and enticed and in the end, the animal is harmed. We are told by so-called-experts that animals need every meal to be balanced and that animals prefer to eat the same food at every meal. They imply that if we love our animals, then we will do what they say.

The uninformed mind at first feels incompetent, because how does an ordinary person know what “balanced” is? Then it becomes afraid that the animal will be harmed if the “expert” advice is not followed. And then the assassin goes in for the kill – convenience. The uninformed mind surely falls for this one. The war over an animal’s health is, in reality, the war over the owner’s mind. This assassin tells the mind that it is okay to be dumb.

If an animal eats food with life energy content, it gets life; if it eats dead food, it gets… well, you know. The life energy content is dependent on two things:

1. How much life energy was in the plant/animal when the lifeline was cut off?

2. How was that content preserved?

The instant the plant is picked or animal slaughtered, the incoming life energy ends. Whatever was there in that instant will continue to drain away no matter what, but how quickly it drains depends on the method of preparation, preservation and on passing time. So obviously, fresh raw food has the most life energy in it, and that is what the animal would be eating if left to its own devices.

It is a useful exercise for all owners who trust this assassin to calculate the life energy content of pet food which has been processed and just sits in the bag, not spoiling for months or years, or ever.

The Third Assassin – Allopathic “Preventive” Care

The noble impulse of prevention has been kidnapped, distorted and trained as an assassin. Conventional vaccination is the main weapon, but not the only one. It now also includes heartworm and monthly flea/tick treatments.

Vaccination, like a castle built on quicksand, rests on one basic false assumption – that injecting multiple disease agents, along with toxins, has the same effect on the immune system as overcoming a natural disease. Being nothing more than a misguided attempt at applying the law of similars, vaccination maims and kills, as its proponents are ignorant of the fact that the law of similars in crude form is one of the most dangerous weapons of all.

Vaccination, like the Trojan Horse, penetrates the defenses and overtakes the immune system in a stealth attack. The humoral arm of the immune system, like sleeping soldiers surprised in the night, panics and fires aimlessly, running without direction.

The trampled generals – the cellular arm of the immune system – can no longer take control. If the soldiers are killed off, the animal will develop the disease it was vaccinated for; if they survive, they will continue to fire antibodies and chase after the enemy, and in the process, destroy the very land that gives them life.

The chase is futile, the enemy securely hidden within the tissues and organs as a permanent invader, and so the autoimmune disease begins. There is one more option – the surprised immune army, knowing that the battle is lost, self-destructs. We call that anaphylactic shock.

As if vaccination isn’t bad enough, the animal is also fed and dowsed with nerve poisons to keep various parasites away or to kill them outright. You know what? The organism can only take so much. Using his Table of Homotoxicology, Dr. Reckeweg has illustrated the process by which toxins overwhelm the system.

Initially, the organism deals with toxins through the regular paths of excretion. Once these pathways become overwhelmed, or cannot be employed, the organism will resort to inflammation. If inflammation is suppressed, the deposition phase will begin within the extra-cellular spaces.

Next, the toxins will begin to infiltrate the cells, to degenerate tissues and induce neoplasm. This process is called progressive vicariation. Once the cell impregnation has begun, the prognosis is dubious; that is when the biological divide has been crossed, from relative health into disease processes. Inflammation is the last truly healthy response of the organism and we must always strive to return the patient to it.

The allopathic so-called preventive care is the very agent that pushes the organism into progressive vicariation and across the biological divide of Dr. Reckeweg’s homotoxicological map, into a state of permanent weakness and agitation.

This is the practice of inducing iatrogenic shocks, pumping in the toxins while never taking them out, trusting the body’s natural healing process while at the same time suppressing the healthy inflammatory reaction (fevers), the main component of that healing process.

Of all the assassins of health, this one is the boldest and craftiest of all, claiming its actions are indeed for the greater health of animals, but instead this health is blocked at every turn, hampered in its actions and abandoned to its own devices.

Dr. Hahnemann admitted to a certain hopelessness when it came to patients who have been drugged by allopaths. Today, thanks to isodes, we can remove the generative shock of allopathic treatments and thanks to homotoxicology, we can reverse much, if not all, of the cellular damage. But to be truly successful, the allopathic assaults must stop.

And the rescue team?

The First Knight  – Therapeutic Regimen

He watches over sleep, hydration, exercise and nutrition. There isn’t much argument over the need for good sleep, fresh living water and adequate exercise. But the wisdom of correct nutrition has been veiled. Instead of lifting the veil, the ignorant have turned to the assassin who promised convenience and profit, the same one who told them that they can continue to be ignorant because he knows best.

They trust him over Mother Nature and over their own innate wisdom. The first knight fights for one thing and one thing only – the right action. Not the convenient action, not the one based in ignorance, but the right action, for the love of animals.

There are only two questions to ask when it comes to the correct nutrition:

1. What is the evolutionary diet for this species?

2.  How much life energy is contained in this food?

Answer them correctly and you reclaim the strength of the sustentive power. This is the power that sustains the animal in health and recovers it after the removal of disease. This is the Lady for whom our first knight fights. We know her as The Natural Healing Power.

She can be so powerful, enough to intimidate approaching disease and enough to make any recovery a breeze. Without her strength, the removal of disease is in vain, because who will return the animal to health? Homeostasis is her jurisdiction, and hers alone.

The Second Knight –  Medicine Proper

His Lady is the generative aspect of the Living Power, and she is his damsel in distress. Penetrated and impregnated by diseases of all kinds – pathogenic, homogenic, iatrogenic – she is no longer whole. All she can ever be is creation, but raped by disease wesens, she births her own destruction. She is like a harp with stones lodged in her strings; she can not remove them, so she continues to play, but the harmony is gone from her song.

It is our second knight who must remove those stones from the harp. If he did it all at once, her strings might break, so he does it one by one: the last one first, the first one last. As he travels with her back through time, easing her burden, removing her diseases, erasing her scars, she gathers vitality, and with each stone gone from her strings, becomes more whole.

Sequential treatment is the backbone of the application of medicine proper. The right remedy in the right potency and at the right time is its holy trinity. The remedies and diseases that unfurl across time, pairing up and extinguishing in each others’ embrace, are those of the cause, not of the symptoms. Variable pathic diseases might arise and sometimes they do have to be removed, but most of the time they disappear along with the cause that conceived them.

How do we know where to go, which events comprise the timeline, since our animals don’t speak? Hahnemann told us that nothing is hidden from the accurately-observing physician. It is our super-sensible organs that are participating with the patient, and for them there is no species barrier. The animal’s Living Power leaves clues as it rolls backwards through time and if we allow that expression to impress itself on our own wesen, then we know exactly where to go.

With the timeline events treated, the Living Power is then strong enough to tackle the miasmic load, and the miasms will line up according to the law of succession of forces as uncovered by the research of Dr. Elmiger, and expanded on by Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith-Verspoor. It is here that we tackle the first assassin – the burden of generations.

Throughout its entire journey, the animal is supported with regimen, drainage, detoxification and constitutional prescribing. The constitution, as Hahnemann stated, is a state of health, not of disease. Therefore, it is not something to be cured, but something to be balanced.

If we picture the constitution as a structural foundation then we want to strengthen and maintain it. Constitutional prescribing does not remove any disease, but acts to reinforce the living power for healing and health maintenance purposes. The constitutional remedy provides a healthy model for the organism to use when there is an imbalance and to stimulate it to restore balance according to the constitutional typology.

We can take this one step further and imagine someone hiding behind the wall, making clay pigeons. That someone is the primary (tonic, causal) disease and the clay pigeons are the secondary (pathic) diseases. As long as we let him be, he will keep making the clay pigeons and we will continue shooting the arrows, without much success, because a new pigeon will quickly take the place of an old one, as the cause is still there.

But if we banish the maker from behind that wall, we get to save the arrows and the clay pigeons stop appearing. That is tonic prescribing – aim at the deeper, underlying cause. Yes, you may still have to take down the clay pigeons that remained on the wall, but those that are unfinished will disappear along with their maker. And there could be more than one maker… and we have to banish them all.

Now back to the wall, or in other words, the constitution. To discern the constitution of an animal, we cannot just transpose the features of a human. Characteristic features of the species (first) and of the breed (second) must be subtracted from the features of the individual animal.

For example, “desires company” is not very relevant in the case of a herd/pack animal, but if a herd animal is a loner, it would be! “Nervous and fearful” are applicable to Arsenicum, but also to every prey animal. “Slow moving and stubborn” may bring Calcarea to mind, but are you treating a Basset hound? “Curious” in a ferret doesn’t count, neither does “independent” in a cat, or “desires meat” in any carnivore. In summary, we do not compare an individual animal to a human, but to the others of its kind.

The Third Knight – True Immunization

What’s in a name? Everything! Diagnosis, remedy and a preventive must all have the same name. In true science, achieving diagnosis means knowing the cure. At the same time, the only true prevention is the remedy which also acts as a cure, as Hahnemann taught us.

For example, an Arsenicum-like disease needs Arsenicum for its cure, and Arsenicum will prevent that disease in another still-healthy patient. Take a moment and consider allopathic vaccinations. Can they cure a full blown case of the disease? We could rest our case here.

In Hahnemann’s early period, the nosodes weren’t well-developed or well-understood yet, so you will remember that in his early phase he used Belladonna for the cure and prevention of scarlet fever, as the nearest pathic remedy. Today, we would instead use Scarlatinum to treat for the disease itself, the primary disease, but then possibly use a more individual remedy for the particular pathic disease that emerged or remained in the human organism as a result of the initial tonic or primary disease.

This would be true causal prescribing, as Hahnemann called for. Using only the pathic (homeopathic) prescribing would work to a degree, but would leave untouched and latent the original disease, even if there were no symptoms of its presence. As Hahnemann again underlined, lack of symptoms is not equivalent to lack of disease(s).

When a remedy is given, it always engenders an artificial disease in the patient. What happens then depends on whether that patient is suffering from a similar disease or not. If he is, the artificial disease (remedy) will annihilate the natural disease.

But if he isn’t, it is the sustentive power that must arouse itself to overcome this artificial disease. Being artificial, the disease will depart on its own anyway, but in this process of engenderment and arousal, the Living Power gets to know and remember this particular disease – the energetic signature.

So when it meets it in person, in its natural state, it will simply say: “I know who you are, and we are not going to tango.” And we all know that it takes two to tango. That is immunization at its finest – gentle, subtle and powerful. Disease must first penetrate the etheric body and this is where such gentle defense takes place. This is what empowers the cellular immunity… those generals, the masterminds of defense.

With annual and semi-annual vaccination assaults on our animals, we must educate owners, and offer a safer and more effective alternative to this barbaric practice. This is our most gracious knight, the true poet of medicine because the true master is not the one who wins the fight, it’s the one who stops it before it begins.

The Ruler

There is one being who holds power over the assassins and over the knights. The one being who can banish the assassins and put the treasure in the hands of the noble knights is an educated owner. Ignorance is what allows assassins to rob the kingdom blind. Ignorance is what leaves a vacuum that assassins fill with false beliefs. True knowledge stops the war. When the veil of ignorance is lifted, the assassins have nowhere to hide.

The ruler’s choice and power is what all three assassins have in common. There are plenty of things and events that can endanger the health of animals: natural diseases, disasters, accidents, emotional shocks, etc. But these three are a matter of choice.

Humans decide what domestic animals eat, where they sleep, how much they exercise, whether they step outside or not, whether they get vaccinated, and who treats them when they are sick. That is why we call them assassins – they are deceitful. The only power they have is the power bestowed on them by people, and the same people can take it away. The ruler who doesn’t know his power is no ruler at all.

The Advisor

Therapeutic education of the owner may be the most important role of a physician. When we treat the animals, we remove their traumas. When we educate the owners, we help prevent those traumas from happening.

The ruler may be well-meaning, but misinformed. He may be willing to seek the truth, but not know where to seek it. He may desire to do the right things, but still fear the assassins.

An animal is certainly not an island. Whether we are looking at a disease or at a behavior, we must immediately look at the owner. Many behavioral characteristics are a direct reflection of rules, boundaries and the state of mind of the owner. Diseases present in the owner almost inevitably become present in the animal.

As astral, soulful beings, animals are an embodiment of feeling; lacking the upper ego, they cannot willfully set the personal boundaries. In other words, they can’t choose not to participate with their owners. We may compare an animal to a kidney, filtering everything that goes on in the household – everything that evokes a feeling.

An owner who is willing to recognize this responsibility and be treated along with his/her animal, brings health more quickly to both of them. An owner who isn’t willing or able to do this may become the permanent obstacle to cure for the animal.

The physician must become the artful advisor who leads the owner to the place of responsibility without inducing either guilt or blame. The physician must bear witness to the truth, so the ruler may bestow power on the knights, so the treasure may be preserved.

Aude sapere.

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