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WHAW World Homeopathy Awareness Week April 10th – April 16th

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Take part in World Homeopathy Awareness Week, April 10th –April 16th !

Every year from April 10th – April 16th people around the world celebrate World Homeopathy Awareness Week (WHAW), sponsored by the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization (WHAO).  Mark it in your calendar!

There will be free public events, lectures, media interviews, homeopathy first-aid at public events, free and reduced price clinics, informative handouts, announcements on Twitter and Facebook, articles in magazines and much more.  People in over 40 countries will be participating.

You can learn about the World Homeopathy Awareness Organization here:



What’s happening in your country?  Click on your country and contact the person(s) listed to learn what events are taking place in your country.



WHAO is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. It has been incorporated as a foundation under the law in the Netherlands since the November 21st 2008. (RSIN Number: 8201.33.978)

WHAO´s purposes are

  • To create a worldwide network to promote homeopathy
  • To co-ordinate an annual World Homeopathy Awareness Week
  • To provide the infra-structure of WHAW to facilitate participation
  • To share ideas and resources
  • To provide promotional materials on homeopathy
  • To facilitate public awareness avenues for participants
  • To collect reliable research to back up our science pertinent to WHAW themes
  • To support homeopathic organizations around the world

Organization policy:

  • Promoting homeopathy and informing the public about homeopathy through country representatives.
  • Payment policy – Board members work entirely on a voluntary basis.
  • Organization’s goals – to promote homeopathy all around the world.

Organization activities :

  • Organizing an international World Homeopathy Awareness Week
  • Creating & updating the website.
  • Keeping in touch with representatives on a regular basis by means of digital newsletters
  • Preparing promotional materials for Homeopathy Awareness Week

How WHAO began:  The World Homeopathy Awareness Organisation was initiated in 2005 by Dr. Gabrielle Traub from San Diego/ California.  While a national Homeopathy Awareness Week had already been taking place for a few years in some countries this was the first time that co-ordinated activities started all around the word.

Volunteer At WHAO – How To Get Involved: The WHAO consists of many volunteers who promote WHAW throughout the year. We welcome people who are willing to do administrative tasks, those with internet and web experience, those with PR and marketing skills and more!  If you have an idea to spread homeopathy awareness, please let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact :    Asim Shaikh – Chair at WHAO  [email protected]

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