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World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2008

World Homeopathy Awareness Week 2008

Homeopathy – For Optimum Health in Sport

World Homeopathy Awareness Week promotes Homeopathy from April 10th until 16th, 2008.

Homeopaths and friends of Homeopathy all around the globe will be celebrating this unique therapy during one week in April. Five years ago Dr. Gabrielle Traub, practising homeopath and teacher from San Diego/California, had the idea of a world-wide “Homeopathy Awareness Week”, like the one that was already happening every year in the UK. Her students were so enthusiastic about it that the question arose: Why only here, why not around the world?

At the first WHAW in 2004 only a few homeopaths from four or five countries were participating; but just one year later, on occasion of the 250th anniversary of Dr. Hahnemann’s birthday, there were already activities on every continent. During the last years, Gabrielle Traub has built up an organization which promotes homeopathic awareness with the help of more than 50 co-ordinators from 37 countries and thousands of dedicated homeopaths.

The organization behind the WHAW is the WHAO (World Homeopathy Awareness Organization) which is currently managed by a board of directors, chaired by Christine Liebing-Gabel from Germany. The BoD is aiming to build up and strengthen a worldwide network of homeopaths with different backgrounds (doctors, practitioners, midwives, vets) to facilitate a smooth running of WHAW.  In addition to that it is also active in informing member countries about important issues in the area of homeopathic research and developments.

Every year WHAW focuses on a special topic. The theme for the year 2008 is “Homeopathy and sport”. During WHAW the public will be informed about the benefits of homeopathy in the treatment of acute and chronic sport injuries as well as the possibilities of improving chronic conditions (like asthma and rheumatic complaints) which often may prevent people from performing sports activities.

Activities of WHAW vary from country to country. They range from an “Open Day” in a clinic or school, poster stands and free lectures for the public to the participation in big events (e.g. the free delivery of Arnica to marathon runners at the Mercer Island Marathon; WA/USA).

Every participant dedicates his or her time and money, all the work is done voluntarily. But no matter how little the contributions and activities are, they have a great impact on the high profile of homeopathy worldwide.

Contact persons in member countries most often represent a professional organization of their country, which gives them the  opportunity to use a well established infrastructure and which has also the effect that a lot of homeopaths are easily accessible.

Everybody who is interested in participating in WHAW or supporting the organization is more than welcome! If you are interested in participating in WHAW, or want to know more about what is taking place in your region, please contact the contact person for your country on the WHAW website (www.worldhomeopathy.org) under regional contacts. Here you will find more useful information.

If your association wants to become a member of WHAO please contact the chairwoman Christine Liebing-Gabel [email protected] for more information.

Countries currently participating in WHAW

Armenia Australia Bangladesh
Belgium Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil
Bulgaria Canada Colombia
Croatia Denmark Egypt
Finland Germany India
Ireland Israel Italy
Japan Lithuania Malaysia
Nepal New Zealand Norway
Pakistan Portugal Romania
Serbia Slovakia South Africa
Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland
The Netherlands United Arab Emirates United Kingdom
United States

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