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Steps to Repertorisation – Selection of repertory and repertorisation proper

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Selection of repertory and repertorisation proper

After  the totality has been erected, the case becomes clear to the physician. He should look for  one of the following points in the case:-

1.        Generals : Mentals/Physicals.

2          Particulars:  Location




3          Pathological generals.

If a case is full of generals, Kent’s repertory would be the best selection. If it has got pathological general, Boger’s repertory must be selected. If the case has got particulars with Location, Sensation, Modalities, Concomitants with a few mentals, therapeutic pocket book is preferable; however, Boger’s repertory can also be used.

Synthetic repertory can be used for  the Kent method  to refer to more Generals. It has also many pathological generals, but no particulars.

Once the repertory is selected, a major part of analysis and synthesis of the case is done. The next step is to rearrange the totality according to the repertory selected. Rearrangement of the totality in terms of repertory selected  is called Repertorial Totality. Thus, a well arranged totality is worked out.

What follows next is to convert the symptoms into rubrics which requires an acquaintance with the repertory. The symptoms obtained from the patient may not be found in the repertory in the same form; so the physician must know the construction and arrangement of the each repertory.

Rubrics should be arranged according to hierarchy, reason, and page number. The final out come  is written as follows :-

Symptoms               Rubrics               Reason               Page No.

1                                    –                          –                         –

2                                     –                         –                          –

3                                     –                          –                          –

and  so on.

No, at this stage, the case is referred to the repertory, worked out, and a group of  medicines with markings is arrived at.

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