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Proving and Materia Medica of Helium by Jeremy Sherr

The following extract from Jeremy Sherr’s highly acclaimed new book is by permission of the Publishers and is not to be reproduced elsewhere. Copyright 2013 Saltire Books Limited Glasgow.

NOTE: Elements beginning with a small letter represent chemical atoms, while elements beginning with a capital letter represent their related remedies. Text in blue type represents proving symptoms.




Helium 12C: Physical affinities


Helium affects every part of the body and it will require many clinical cases to assess its main affinities. From the proving I have observed strong affinities with the head and hair, skin and itching, throat, eyes, female and hormonal complaints including pregnancy, labour and ovaries, digestion and metabolism, vertigo, extremities, muscles, respiration, back and neck. For a list of physical symptoms, please refer to the full proving text at the end of this book.

Improvements noted from clinical cases include Delayed labour, premenstrual tension, neck and back pain, wandering pains, joints pains

and digestive problems. For further reference see the chapter on cases.


Helium 30C: Generalities


Some of the main general themes in Helium are sensations of floating and lightness or conversely heaviness accompanied by weight gain. Extreme energy versus extreme weakness, fatigue and indolence. Great restlessness, clumsiness, incoordination, chills, colds and bouts of flu, sensations of heat, constriction and pressure, stitching and twitching. Other themes include periodicity (weekly, yearly), as well as noon, evening and midnight modalities.


Helium 200C: Emotional Essence


We will begin our journey into the emotional realm of Helium with the more predictable aspects of the remedy. As one might expect from a noble gas that forms no chemical bonds, Helium provers experienced a sense of aloneness or isolation. Many provers felt a strong desire to be alone and undisturbed, and yearned for peace and quiet. They found a variety of ways to avoid company and to cut themselves off from the world, often hiding behind a book or shutting all the doors and windows. Many provers experienced an intense aversion to talking, touching or engaging in any social interaction, with a definite aversion to talking on the telephone. The feeling was one of “leave me alone, I don’t need or want anyone”. This isolation was often accompanied by apathy. The Helium patient may seem introverted, cold and distant to others. A useful clinical symptom appeared in one prover, who had a strong desire to go to an island or convent, which also reflects the religious aspect of Helium. They may spend a lot of time praying or meditating, and may have an affinity to religious music and healing.

The sense of separation might manifest as a calm tranquility, as if not affected or touched by anything. A feeling of living in one’s own world, calm, relaxed and not bothered by external circumstances. Even stressful situations such as car accidents left provers totally unmoved. This excessive calmness can tip over into total indifference, patients not wishing to be involved in any of their usual activities or having no feelings for loved ones. At its worst this evolves into stagnation, apathy and extreme lack of initia- tive. They are stuck in the world of plans and potential, yet cannot manifest any of it into action. A polarity of this apathy is a desire to read exciting stories and see action movies. Another polarity is sensitivity to others opinions, a sensation that people can see though them, and concern of what they will think.

Alongside the strong inclination to be alone and cut off from society, Helium patients may experience an overwhelming sense of loneliness, rejec- tion and deep melancholy, a feeling that nobody cares. This may be accom- panied by a desolate and depressed feeling, weepiness or a sense of vulnerability. Like many remedy provings, Helium produces irritability. What particularly characterises this irritability is a tremendous aversion to being disturbed. Any intrusion that penetrates their tightly closed shell aggravates in particular noise. The following prover symptom serves as illustration:

Everything is irritating me, the way my friends talk, walk, eat, small sounds. Rage inside, wanting to hit everybody around me, to choke them. Everything inside me is grumpy, from my toes to the top. The grumpiness is floating inside me, as if boiling in my lungs; I want to scream at those around me. I want to be alone, not disturbed. It is a sour, deep, terrible feeling. (I am never normally irritated by anything.)



Figure 3.1 An amalgamation of typical Helium themes1


This irritability can develop into explosive anger over trifles. One prover had a desire to throw things, hit or even bite her child. Moods alternate between feeling positively cheerful and a violent, fighting rage.

An important theme is a great fastidiousness, especially regarding bodily cleanliness and in particular that of the hair. Helium patients may have an aversion to any dirt and possible contamination of their sterile world. Also prominent in the proving was a distorted sense of time, which seemed both fast and slow.


Helium 1M: Higher themes


An up-down theme is a common feature of most gases and Helium also shares this.


Fear of heights


Helium can produce or cure a fear of heights. Some provers experienced a desire to go to the mountains and many had dreams of mountain to mountains, falling from mountain tops and aeroplanes. An unusual (and clinically confirmed ) symptom was a desire to bounce up and down on a trampoline.

Floating sensation


Provers experienced sensations of floating and lightness, described by one prover as “a hydrogen feeling”, as if his feet were not touching the ground. Another described a feeling of being a champagne bottle where the cork was just about to pop, with a strong current pushing up the spine.

Helium and hydrogen make up the first period of the periodic table. Hydrogen is lighter than air, floating out of the atmosphere and up into space. This manifested in the proving as a feeling of the soul leaving the body on its way to meet God. Though heavier than hydrogen, helium is still lighter than air.


A feeling as if my head were lighter, as if I were floating out into the universe.

Feeling as if I see myself from the outside, and from above.


The floating sensation of Helium differs from that of Hydrogen. While Hydrogen has a sensation of the soul leaving the body, in Helium the head feels light and the body feels heavy, fat and flabby. This is symbolic of the beginning of the soul entering or leaving the body. Due to the heaviness of helium relative to hydrogen, in Helium it is the head that separates rather than just the soul.


I felt that my head was separated from my body: a very prominent feeling. Feeling of hard work to get my head and body to fit together again.

Dreamt I was going to the toilet which changed into an open lift. It went straight up and continued upwards, out of the building for hundreds of meters creating a tower as it went, then changed into a rocket. I only had a platform to stand on and I was very scared, afraid of falling. I could only look straight ahead. It felt like going straight up into the sky, to eternity. A force was pulling me by my forehead and the top of my head, so I felt elongated. At the same time a fear of the altitude in my stomach pulled me heavier and heavier down toward the earth. I felt a split between my head and body, located in the throat which was constricted, giving me a suffocated feeling with nausea as if I were going to die.

Dreamt one of my sons was walking on the edge of the veranda, there was no fence and it was a long way down. I was not afraid for him.


The eagle


A characteristic and strange expression of this upward theme is the distinct sensation of being an eagle.


I feel sharp-sighted, as if I can see through things. Like a hunting animal, an eagle. I can see details at a long distance, and as if from above, high up. I saw a sheep and thought about attacking it.


This eagle sensation was accompanied by a feeling of having acute vision and of looking at the world from above, both physically and emotionally. There were feelings of aloofness and superiority, a great clarity of vision, as well as the ability to penetrate or ‘see through’ others.


I can see the details of the surroundings very clearly, both mentally and physically. I feel that I can ‘see’ the children.

My eyes feel clearer and I can look at other people more directly. I feel my eyes penetrating when looking at others, while my mind is safe and secure. Other people can’t touch me. I have a very strong core.


Many mineral remedies have animal analogies hidden within them. This is why the doctrine of signatures approach (i.e. elephant sensation equals elephant remedy) represents an unsophisticated level of homoeopathy. Through provings we learn to see the correspondences that transcend kingdom classification. There are many similarities between gas remedies (such as Ozone) and birds, and Helium and the eagle are a particularly good example. Both are noble, both avoid mixing with the world, both feel superior and fly high up in the sky. The eagle is the king of birds, while Helium wears the crown of the periodic table. Both are associated with helios, the sun, and both remedies share the delusion that there are two suns in the sky. The circumscribed white head of the bald-headed eagle reflects the head-body split of Helium. Many emotional themes of Helium are remi-niscent of those of Haliaethus Leucocephalus: looking from above, a desire to be alone in the mountains, a floating sensation, indifference, tranquility, penetrating vision, alone and isolated, alternating moods and explosive anger. Even the names Helium and Haliaethus reflect the similarity.


I had an image of Thor Heyerdahl. He was an eagle, looking like an eagle, seeing things from above, revealing the pattern of how people travelled in ancient times. I thought he looked cold and I felt sorry for him. What would it be like to be so cold? I thought of things I have read about his childhood: that he felt separated from his environment, something in his upbringing, no play. His mother was into Darwinism and practical, down to earth things, while his father believed in God and told him stories from the Bible.


This image illustrates more about Helium than just the eagle. From the lofty peaks of the periodic table, Helium perceives the big picture yet remains detached from it all in noble isolation. The contrasting characters of Thor Heyerdahl’s parents reflect two of the contrasting polarities in Helium: being down to earth as opposed to deeply religious.i


God, healing and music


Spirituality and a yearning for God are important aspects of Helium. This is more of a spiritual longing then religious ritualistic behaviour. While Hydrogen has only just separated from God, Helium has taken the first step away from the creator towards earthly existence and the gap has widened. Meditating for long periods of time, chanting or praying in church were some of the experiences shared by the provers. From the original proving language you can sense the difference between Hydrogen’s universal soul and Helium’s individual soul, longing and praying for reconnection with the divine.


Longing to be one with God. I got palpitations like when you’re in love when I thought about it. It is a sad longing, a wistfulness. I sat down to meditate, but felt a stronger need to kneel down and pray, to send my wishes out. Desire to be in touch with God, near God.


Other aspects of Helium’s spirituality include a strong love of music, especially new-age, spiritual music, church music or Bach. Helium also has a remarkable ability to see people’s auras, as well as an intense capacity for healing and transmitting energy. Healing, whole, healthy, helios, Helium.


Feeling a strong healing power in my hands, starting to treat patients with healing.


Helium patients may have a desire to shave their head, which relates to the Helium effect on the crown chakra. It is as if they want their crown to be totally open to the sky.


Desire to shave all the hair off my head.

My hair caused constant irritation. I felt like cutting it off short-short. I had to tie it up into a ponytail to keep it away from my face.


The Helium desire to shave the head, pray, chant or go to a monastery indicates that Helium may be a good remedy for monks, Hare Krishna devotees and a whole variety of new-age disciples. This hypothesis has been clinically verified.

i Thor Heyerdahl is famous for the Kon-Tiki expedition. He organised and led a 1947 expedition from Peru to Polynesia on the balsa raft Kon-Tiki to demonstrate the possibility of aboriginal South American voyages to the Oceanic islands.


Obsessive compulsive disorder


As we might expect from a noble gas proving, Helium is prone to extreme perfectionism. Shaving the head is one example of this. Any hair that is dirty or out of place becomes a source of irritation. This perfectionism can easily become an obsessive compulsive disorder, especially regarding cleanliness, washing and germs. In opposition to this fanatical cleanliness are dreams of dirt. To Helium the physical world is filthy and polluted and they would rather remain in their own uncontaminated isolation.


I took a shower and took a long time to clean every single hair on my head and every part of my body.

Strong desire to have the house tidy and clean, feeling it looks dirty.

Feel a need to protect myself mentally from the germs in the breath of a sick child. I felt he had dirty, offensive breath, even though it wasn’t really. I didn’t want to have his ‘uncleanliness’ in myself.

I dreamt that my flat was very dirty (earth/mud), especially the bath- room. The bathroom floor was covered with beetles that were difficult to get rid of. They bit my big toe. When I touched them they were soft and like dog shit. My main feeling was: My flat is so dirty and I couldn’t manage to keep it clean.

As we already hypothesised, the noble gift of perfect existence is also Helium’s Achilles heel. Perfectionism wraps Helium in an isolating layer, preventing contact with the grimy joys of life in this world. The following are some symptoms that illustrate this pathology:

Dreamt that there was something wrong with my skin. An outer layer was sick and I needed an operation to get rid of it. But I found that I could peel off a thick layer myself, easily and without pain. Inside there was fresh new skin, all clean and perfect.

In the shower I had a revelation that things are not perfect, you can’t be too idealistic, you have to accept or else you get cold and cynical.


During the proving I was cold and observing. I felt no joy, My heart was not with things


Helium 10M: Spiritual themes


In Helium 10M the two prominent themes of Helium, that of being high up and that of purity versus filth combine into one idea. Living outside the body, or rather body in and head out, Helium cannot bear to enter a dirty and contaminated reality. The price she must pay for this purity is to remain out of touch with the world, a soul unwilling to undertake incar- nation.

A curious phenomenon in the Helium proving is that many of the dreams of dirt versus cleanliness take place on mountain tops, reflecting the pristine and lofty position of the unincarnated Helium soul.

In our cottage in the mountains I see a mouse crossing the floor. The place is not clean; it is untidy and not very well maintained. It doesn’t feel like a safe place to sleep in. Outside it is very green and nice with a lovely river.

Swimming in muddy water with an old boyfriend and my daughter in the mountains. It is unpleasant and uncomfortable. Then new clear water comes and it turns into a pool.

Dreamt of being high up in the mountains with a lot of snow. Three cows are coming up the side of the hill. A pile of newly washed clothes is lying in the snow. The clothes are white and green. My son was with me and I asked him to hurry, since I was afraid that the smell of the cows would contaminate the clothes.

Soon after the proving I was reading a book called Journey of Souls by Dr Michael Newton.2 Rather than taking his patients back to a past life, Dr Newton, a hypnotherapist, developed techniques to journey with them to the place between lives, documenting their impressions of the afterlife. While in a state of deep hypnosis, twenty-nine people recalled their experiences as spirits between incarnations on earth. Dr Newton believes that the hypnotic responses of his subjects concerning the afterlife provide credible information because of the consistency of their reports. Patients often used the same words and graphic descriptions. These descriptions include accounts on how it feels to die, who meets us after death, where we go and what we do as souls, different levels of souls, why we choose to come back in certain bodies and how we learn to recognise our soul mates on earth. More importantly, the subjects describe how souls learn from the mistakes of past lifetimes and consequently choose the setting and purpose of their next life.

Whether you believe Dr Newton’s findings to be fact, fiction, imagination or fabrication makes little difference. What is important for our purpose is that its collective imagery resonates strongly with the proving of Helium, helping us to understand the remedy’s inner nature. I have solved many cases with the help of this understanding, thus giving some degree of validity to this association.

For the purpose of illustrating the remedy, I will compare the Helium proving with accounts of the soul’s journey between incarnations as docu- mented by Dr Newton.


The soul’s journey


Books such as “Life after Life” by Dr Raymond Moody describe people’s accounts of near-death experiences.3 They tell of the soul leaving the body, floating upwards, travelling through a narrow tunnel and arriving at a place described as the “light of a million suns” or a meeting with God. Several remedies (such as Thuja, Anacardium and Sabadilla) have a sense of leaving the body, but these relate to the earlier stages of this journey. Descriptions of the end stage of this journey are more analogous to Cannabis-Indica and especially Hydrogen:


I felt odd, as if I was hardly in my body. Feel like my body is working on automatic but I’m not really there. Driving along I kept forgetting where I was. Now I feel I’m really more ‘absent’ than normal and feel quite afraid of losing my mind or having an accident. I feel my connection with the physical world is very loose, as though my soul were separated from my body. I have thoughts that this is a bit like dying – not unpleasant.

From the proving of Hydrogen


I felt in the presence of a totally pure energy, like meeting God and feeling totally unworthy or like meeting a lover and feeling unworthy – realising all the mistakes of a lifetime.

From the proving of Hydrogen


The light I was seeing was brighter than I had ever seen before.

From the proving of Helium


It felt as if my body had disappeared, I tried to feel it, but couldn’t. As if it didn’t belong to me, as if it wasn’t there.

From the proving of Helium


Now we venture one step further into the soul’s journey. The next step of the death process as related by Dr Newton is more analogous to the Helium proving. Hypnotised patients describe how souls float upwards, shining in different aura colours according to their state of spiritual evolution. Here are the Helium provers’ accounts:

I see light around people, the light is moving, sometimes flashing strongly, also colours.
I see things clearer, also a light aura around some people. Some are stronger than others and sometimes they flash all over the place.

I felt it was all about returning to the force of light. I kept seeing halos and auras, like everything was joined together and was all light, everything merged and no space in between.

Dreamt I wanted to give light to everybody.


According to Dr Newton, souls proceed to join their groups, which are clusters of energy that appear like transparent bubbles or translucent bulbs. They contain entities who often shared past lives.


Dreamt about old friends, meeting them and then losing them and ending up on my own. It was quite a nice time. I was in the mountains.

I went into a hotel and took the lift quite high up and went into a room where two ladies were present. All of us had the impression that we had experienced this situation long ago. We tried to find out when it could have been.

Dreamt I was back working as a tourist guide in Rome. Suddenly I saw an old friend standing outside, bathed in sunlight. I ran to her, and as we hugged and laughed I felt extreme joy and happiness, it was like being a child again.


Back to school


As a part of restoration after a lifetime on earth, souls enter a place of healing. This can be visualised as a school-type building, often in the form of a temple, where they are sent to examine their past lives together.


I had a vision of a golden temple with dark water surrounding it.

Dreamt about the cathedral in Oslo. It disappeared like a cloud dissolving and behind it appeared an older church or holy place built from yellow stone with many windows and portals, standing on a grass green hill.

Thinking for several days about my dream of ‘holy water’ and becoming initiated. What does it mean to my life right now? I get the feeling it is from long ago, from another life.


Dr Newton goes on to explain how all souls have a personal guide who may be with them throughout many lives. Soul groups usually have leaders or spirit guides of a more advanced level. A life review is conducted, first with the spirit guides and later with a council of elders. Here the soul examines its last incarnation and mistakes that have been made during the past lifetime. There is no sense of judgment or criticism, it is merely a process of reviewing and learning.



Figure 3.2 Kinkaku-ji or Temple of the Golden Pavilion (also known as Rokuon-ji) is a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan


As if I had dreamt I had done it all before. It felt we were never given more than we were ready for. Remembering and not wanting to repeat mistakes. Only fully loving if giving and receiving.

Dreamt about a beautiful black prostitute thinking about her life. I could see her thoughts. She feels like she has been cheating and treating many people badly, doing the same selfish things over and over again.

Suddenly I can see how I am similar to my father. I am aware of things in myself that I don’t like in him. I see myself in a very direct way, as if from the outside, with no holds barred.

I was really aware of the Star Brethren walking beside me – I could liter- ally see them as if they were physical! They were huge beings, 12 feet or so high, in wonderful white-gold robes. I could have stooped and touched their robes, and they were striding along beside me!

As souls learn and improve through their incarnations, they advance to higher and higher levels.


As soon as you accomplish one level, you are presented with another.

Dreams about finding the innate energy pattern of each person in order to help heal them or reactivate their energies. So having to delve beneath their symptoms and characteristics, and not be taken in by these, in stead seeking the deep, inner energy pattern. The whole dream was like an adventure; like seeking the Holy Grail and having to go through many tests and adventures to ultimately get to the Grail.


According to Dr Newton, souls go to a place of life selection to examine alternative future lives to lead. The coming incarnation is chosen according to what they need to learn.


I feel like I am going before the Great Lords of Karma and tentatively and nervously saying that I am ready to go forward to my next set of karmic tests, into my next human life.

As an individual, you make your choice and then you become part of the whole and lose your individuality.

Dreamt I was staying at some sort of huge conference centre with our usual holiday group. The entrance doorway was different to how it would normally be and I could not work out how to get through it and out. Then every time I did go through it, I came out a different way and went through different corridors. It was a bit like a maze really.

A sense that my work situation is returning full circle in order for that cycle to end fully and another one begin. As if it cannot be as it used to be and something new is required.


Won’t come in


What goes up must come down and eventually the soul must return to a body. However the Helium patient’s soul is reluctant to come back into life and to engage with all its difficulties. It prefers the comfortable and pristine environment of heaven. There can be several reasons for this. Either it is repulsed by the dirt, grime and imperfection of the real world or it senses its dangers. We can compare this feeling to that of a child from a privileged background on her first day at a school in a rougher area of town.


Sensation of being very immature, not yet ready to be in this world. It felt like my soul is reluctant to inhabit a body – a reluctance.

It felt like the world was not pure enough. Too open an impression to all possibilities so I have to withdraw. Too much impurity.

Dream of going to a house to adopt a beautiful baby girl. I noticed her falling in slow motion but it was a soft landing. As I picked her up, she said, “Hi”. The mother said my lap was too hot to put her on.

Dreamt that I was walking through a dangerous part of a big city at night, carrying a handbag and a heavy suitcase. I was in several dangerous situations over a long period of time. I could only trust myself, everybody else was a potential enemy planning to assault me.


Another reason for the soul’s reluctance to enter the world may be the fear of being criticised in the earthly realm. This stands in stark contrast to the heavenly state of examination without judgment.


It is like taking a new step forward and not being sure where that will take me and what people will think of it.

As if it is somehow about a Brave New Order and having to be brave to step forward, even though you are nervous about it because you haven’t attempted it before and what will people think.

It is like actually realising your dreams and fantasies, but in front of others somehow and worrying that you will be criticised.


One of the impurities of this world with which Helium struggles is any form of dishonesty. For Helium people, everything must be in direct alignment with the vertical axis of truth. It is impossible to flex into fabrication or deal with the impurity of lies. Even a white lie appears contaminated. As most of humanity exists on a diet rich in lies, avoiding them altogether can prove very difficult. To put it another way, Helium patients have no idea how to play the game of life.


Distress at seeing people lying (not telling the truth).

Felt I was unsure, I only wanted to write truth not duality and I was not sure I wanted to join in with life.

I didn’t want to be lied to anymore. I feel I have no true friends, no one is speaking the truth.

Felt I didn’t understand the rules of life – the game of life. I wasn’t sure whether I was here or just observing, not part of the game of life.


This reluctance to return to the body cannot keep the soul in a suspended state of preincarnation forever. According to Dr Newton, souls are not required to reincarnate, however considerable pressure is brought to bear on them by the spirit guides when the time is right. One part of the soul must join a new living foetus, while a dormant part of the soul remains in heaven during every incarnation.

Here is one remarkable dream from the proving of Helium:

While participating in the proving, I had a powerful dream that left a

great impression on me. I dreamt that I was climbing up a steep mountain path with a group of friends and a leader. When we reached the top we were supposed to jump off. It was very high, about three miles up. It was like jumping from a plane. I was scared but eventually I jumped. It was a beautiful scene. I floated down easily and it was very enjoyable. We ascended again and this time gathered in a small house on the mountain top where there were naked dolls – empty shells with some bits of dolls strewn around. We had to jump and I was scared again, but this time there was water rising from below. We could wait for the water to ascend to the top of the mountain for an easy jump, or just take the risk and jump now.


In light of Dr Newton’s findings, this dream may symbolise the ascendancy of a soul to a higher place of learning, followed by its descent to reincarnate on earth. The shock of incarnation is described as being more intense than death, so it is no wonder that jumping seemed so scary in the dream. Dr Newton goes on to describe how the soul can leave and re-enter the foetus’s body several times during pregnancy. In the dream, descending the second time was much easier because of the rising water, analogous to the water filling the uterus. The dolls can be interpreted as bodies which the soul can choose.

All this may seem strange and if it does not fit your belief system, consider it as a metaphor. However, it is interesting to juxtapose the aforementioned dream with the following symptoms from two other provers:

Dreams of old dolls in attics.

Dreamt I was on a grass-covered, pointed hilltop with my sister. She was falling down, but I got hold of her and pulled her up again.

Dream that my girlfriend and I were both pregnant, very visibly so. One of the party games was to climb ladders (like gym wall exercise ladders).


Coming in


Eventually the Helium soul has no choice but to incarnate and undertake the journey back into the body. From a ‘healthy’ noble gas standpoint, the return of the soul to its body will be ideal, resulting in a perfect being.


A beautiful dream full of shining light and love in which I gave birth to a baby boy. Holding him in my arms I knew that the love I felt for him was endless and unconditional. Everybody came to see him; everybody loved him because he was pure goodness. He started to talk and we all knew that he was a miracle, like Jesus Christ. He had a pure shining glow around him. When I woke up I had such a feeling of happiness that I was almost floating.

I was in some Japanese-inspired surroundings. An egg-shaped pond with ice-cold water, and a thin layer of ice on top. I didn’t know if it was muddy or full of plants, fishes, other creatures or anything dangerous. I undressed completely and jumped in after a short hesitation. The others around thought it was a great, impressive, respectful thing to do. My body broke


the ice as I jumped into the pool. The water was ice-cold but clear. I went all the way to the bottom and then rose slowly upwards. The sun was shining through the water making all the bubbles glitter. I had to take a deep breath while still under water and found that I could breathe in the water. When I broke through the top it was like going through a membrane. I rose from the pond feeling like a new person, a cleaned person, actually more ‘me’ than ever. I was in contact with all of myself, and felt very whole. It felt like an initiation and I was met with deep respect afterwards.


For most souls, however, the process of leaving the source is a sad and painful one. While we all go through this process once a lifetime, the Helium patient remains stuck in this grief-stricken place.


More and more awareness about us all being souls of light and that we come down into the narrow structure and restraints that incarnation and karmic conditions bring.

Sadness at having to be born again, sad leaving where I had come from. As if I am preparing for something that I haven’t done before.




As Dr Newton’s patients testify, just prior to incarnation family, partners, friends and enemies are chosen (reminding us of the children’s game: I’ll be the Daddy and you can be the Mummy). They agree on identifying signs with which to recognise each other (i.e. you will come off the bus wearing a red hat or you will have a crooked little finger). Once the souls incarnate into life they must keep in contact with their group and play out the game.


This remedy is about re-grouping into a group with people you really want to be with and who are really on the same path as you.

I have an image of a school sports team and choosing the sides you want to be on, and changing sides at the last minute as you realise you would in fact rather be on the other team. A sense that this is the eleventh hour when you finally have to choose where your allegiance lies and whom it is with.

Question: Was I ready to honour the pact I had made in my previous lifetime?




We now arrive at the crux of Helium’s spiritual characteristics, one that has guided me to prescribe this remedy in many cases with excellent results.

When the soul has finished its learning process, it decides how to spend its next lifetime and the purpose of its forthcoming incarnation. When in health, our life mission will be clear and will be achieved in the course of our lifetime.

As our fontanelles close and harden, we lose our direct (vertex, vertical) connection to heaven and our purpose is forgotten. Most people go through life oblivious of any sense of purpose and hence are merely surviving. Of the few that remember a sense of purpose and can recognise what it is, only a handful can claim they have achieved it fully. In health our life events are experienced in the right sequence, time and place. We die and are reborn in the time and place of our destiny, we live our purpose without dwelling on it and we achieve our life’s mission.

One of the main characteristics of the Helium patient is a constant dwelling on life’s purpose and destiny. It may be an awareness of having lost touch with their mission in life or a grief over not having achieved it. While the great majority of people will remain mostly unaware of this issue, it is a prominent and recurring obsession with Helium patients.


I have been thinking a lot about my destiny, where I belong, where my place is. I feel I haven’t yet reached it.

Feeling hopeless about my future, that my work is of no use to anyone. Dream: A friend’s husband came home. I felt afraid that she did not need my help any more. My feeling was one of loneliness, and I wondered about the purpose of my life.

Dream: A glass of holy water was standing on the table on my right. I was going to drink this to be initiated to start my mission. Before drinking it I hugged my dear boyfriend who looked like Jesus. We both had tears in our eyes, knowing that now my mission was the main thing in my life.

It felt like everybody forgot the game because they were so absorbed that they forgot their purpose.

My way of praying changed from “God, please do this . . .” to “God, please help me to accept what happens”.

My feelings of being alone with it all are uppermost or magnified. How being a homoeopath basically means you are alone with a lot of responsibility. Feeling that I am not doing enough for some of my patients, that I do not deserve to have a good reputation.

Again this lonely feeling. It’s about the purpose of my life. Things come to the surface. There seems to be something I’m finishing in my life. The remedy opens up and closes down. I now feel very good.

It made me realise that I feel I have achieved all my dreams and desires and do not have anything else to strive for at present. I have desired to be a spiritual, intuitive person from an early age. I have desired to be a healer and a homoeopath, run my own practice and make a living from it. I have desired to have kids; I have desired a settled, loving relationship. All the things that I have desired and striven for, I have achieved. But now where do I go? I feel I have come to a full stop. I have no more dreams, hopes or fantasies left, and my life as it is now no longer feeds me. My work situation no longer feeds or inspires me.

I feel as if I don’t want to waste any time. I only want to do important things, no unnecessary conversation. (curative)

Much less bad conscience about what I do and what people think about me. I don’t have to do things. I feel much more free to make my own choices, so I am not so tied up by all the ‘musts’. (curative)

I see more clearly what is my responsibility and what is other people’s. (curative)

Maybe I am at the stage of letting go of desire, of my will. I am going through the process of following my heart and working more from the will of God; the experience, not just the knowledge of spiritual truth. Yet it is still all to do with work, direction, life purpose and what you achieve as an individual. (curative)


Hahnemann: a sense of purpose


The Helium preoccupation with life’s mission reminds me of our great master, Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopa- thy. Hahnemann is one of the few people who not only realised his purpose in life, but through hard work, genius, devotion and love, achieved his noble mission. The following two aphorisms from the Organon show this.4


The physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed (§1).


In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force (autocracy), the dynamis that animates the material body (organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence (§9).


And the following from Chronic Diseases:5


If I did not know for what purpose I was put here on earth – to become better myself as far as possible and to make better everything around me, that is within my power to improve . . .

Finally on Hahnemann’s grave, the short yet poignant epitaph: Non inutilis vixi (I have not lived in vain).




In the disease state the Helium patient is out of alignment with his mission, not fulfilling life’s purpose and thus cut off from the source of energy and enthusiasm. Consequently he is left feeling empty, inert, directionless and confused:


I felt that I wasn’t able to do things I was supposed to do; a feeling of failure. The heavy feeling prevented me from doing it, I neglected my duty.

I don’t grab the opportunities the day brings. I want to withdraw from all duties, also from all spiritual work.

I felt very tired and did what I had to do without joy and enthusiasm. I don’t have much enthusiasm for anything. I’m bored, heavy and just want to sleep.

I’m considering whether my usual way of doing several things at the same time could be the cause of my fatigue and stress.

Stasis, stasis, stasis. Which is the worst thing for a Gemini like me! I wish I could break free. Everyone is moving and changing except for me.

At work I feel very bored and flat about it. Is this all my life is going to be?

I am just extremely bored and disinterested with work. I always love the ‘chase’ of finding a remedy, but I am also bored. Day after day of this sedentary occupation listening to other people’s stories.


Helium patients can become quite wearisome, even to themselves. They exist in a constant state of potential without the ability to translate thoughts into action. They may have difficulty manifesting any plans. Some examples I have seen in practice were an architect who designed the perfect house but never built it, or a writer who was full of ideas for books but never wrote any. They may be stuck in a loop of thought that goes round and round in their head in an obsessive way, for instance counting the number plates on cars.


Never feeling like I’m quite ready. It feels like the ‘how’ is missing. I need to create rather than passively observe. Time for action really.

During the proving it feels as if I have more thoughts and less instincts. I feel like everyone is a potential friend. Passive with potential but no action as yet.

Realisations that help you see more clearly about a situation, so that instead of being frustrated and impatient, you know that you have to wait or know what action you need to take.


In this inert state, disconnected from his soul’s purpose and lacking enthusiasm, Helium lives in a meaningless and apathetic state. He exists in potential intention, unable to manifest his destiny. The only way to galvanise this inactive noble gas into action is by pumping it with electrical energy. Thus the Helium patient may crave action to revitalise his missing spark.


One night I drove through a red light several times (which I have never done before) and only felt excited and in control, the king of the road!

Feeling like doing something exciting like checking into a hotel under a false name.

I wanted to sing and dance and do something crazy. I drove the car like mad, singing at the top of my voice.

I wanted to do something crazy, to run and dance but not together with my boyfriend.

I wanted to watch an action movie so I rented one. I never wanted to do that before but it happened several times during the proving.

I went to see an action movie at the cinema. Not enough action for me, I wanted more. I wanted to see another one straight away.

Saw an action movie and thoroughly enjoyed it, I found it refreshing. I spent the evening reading a book for young teenagers. Exciting, action, I couldn’t stop reading. I had palpitations from the excitement.

I only want to speak about important matters. I don’t make telephone calls to my friends. I’d rather help them through actions rather than words.

I am getting lots of things done quickly. Reflecting on this it seems to be that the weight of dragging around so much stuff that is not of the present moment slows things down.


I initially wondered how the electrical current that lights up the noble gases would surface in the proving. The desire for action in Helium could be analogous to the spark of energy that galvanises us into life.


Conclusion to Helium 10M Spiritual level


It is important to understand that while we have described the soul’s journey of incarnation as an analogy to the Helium proving, in practice this will manifest as pathology, meaning that the Helium patient can

become stuck in any one of the phases of soul evolution. A healthy living human being should not be seeing himself from above, living in ‘stuck’ perfection, or constantly musing on the purpose of his existence.

Just as Helium is the only element that cannot become solid even at absolute zero, the Helium soul cannot incarnate into a physical body. Helium patients cling to their lofty position on the vertical line of static perfection, avoiding the reality of life. They refuse to lean forward and take the plunge into grimy existence. One cannot live life to the full by avoiding its contaminated reality. Rather we should engage with our grubby, lie infested world, and through faith, love and hard work transform it back into purity. If we remain at home because of a fear of school, we will never learn.

Some salmon never leave their birthplace in the cool, clear mountain springs, never swim downstream and out to the salty seas. The dangers are simply too great. However they will never experience the great journey, or realise their destiny by struggling upriver to spawn. In order to potentise ourselves to a higher level of being, it is not enough to enjoy the dilution of the noble gases. We must experience the painful succussion of life as we struggle upstream towards our noble quest.



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This chapter is extracted from Sherr J. The Noble Gases – Helium
Glasgow: Saltire Books Limited 2013

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