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Are the frequent school shootings in America sporadic, unrelated events or is there a common thread to many of them? Most antidepressants, SSRI’s, mood elevator drugs list homicidal and suicidal tendencies as side-effects. Is it time to wake up?

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Alan V. Schmukler

Alan V. Schmukler is a homeopath, Chief Editor of Homeopathy for Everyone and author of ”Homeopathy An A to Z Home Handbook”, (also in French, German, Greek, Polish and Portuguese). He is Hpathy’s resident cartoonist and also produces Hpathy’s Tips & Secrets column and homeopathy Crossword puzzles each month. Alan is a recipient of the National Center for Homeopathy Martha Oelman Community Service Award. Visit Alan at his website: Here.


    • Elaine . If you study these media ”stories” ( sic ) in detail , they are evidentially just that : stories . IE: by definition : lies ; purely imaginative events .
      All mass media /most of social media is gov. generated propaganda for public agenda control purposes .

      • Penny, what are you claiming isn’t true? Are you saying that Phil Hartman was NOT shot by his wife and then she DIDN’T shoot herself, leaving her two little kids without any parents? That really happened!

        • I don’t know if it happened or not, nether does anyone else unless they witnessed the event first hand .
          Just as a matter of fact : If it’s a MSM story ( sic ! ) they always say ”story” themselves ! ) : the story IS pure fiction.
          Of course, any ‘medical ‘ industry poisons derange the person physically and therefore of course not least mentally, whether they are supposed to be psychotic or not .
          I am not familiar with this particular story , but I’m certain that if you read it with a sceptical eye you will find that the plot line is a positive gorge full of holes !
          I’ll take a look myself …hope you give it another go too . Cheers Elaine .


          • Penny, I hope you took a “look” and observed, that, yes, Saturday Night Live alum, Phil Hartman, was indeed shot for no reason while his wife was on Prozac, and then she shot herself. I never imagined that this news story could be considered controversial or suspect in any way. Why on earth are you suggesting that all the mass shootings in this country are staged by “the government”? They’ve spanned a number of administrations; so, what “government” are you talking about? Plus, people video these events on their cell phones nowadays. The Boston Marathon bombing was captured on security cameras stationed on rooftops. So, I know that corporate interests do, in fact, influence media coverage, and this bothers many of us a great deal (take, for example, how the media got behind the cheer-leading for the Iraq War– Shameful!) But that’s a far cry from asserting that “School shootings are staged by the ‘government’ and all the dead kids are actors and they’re not really dead at all.” Really? To what end, Penny? Why? Staging these “events” for what purpose? What’s the goal? Amusement? A good laugh? What’s the motive?

    • Elaine L. ……1. All ‘Gov.s ‘ are effectively the same ‘persons ‘ whether internally or internationally . ….2. Until the public EXPECT to :
      Elect POLICY and to ( nominate and ) APPOINT SACKABLE facilitators of the POLICY elected ;
      On the terms and conditions SET by the PUBLIC , their EMPLOYERS
      ………..No one should expect anything more than to get the insane nonsense they ask for ….
      Vis : ‘ The Expectation to elect PERSONS to do as THEY will ….
      To be the employEES not the employERS of the infrastructures that dictate the purpose of why and for whom we work and live ( or ‘exist’ as is the case in point ) ‘ .

  • Yes, it’s been going on a long time. C.E. Gant did a study of school shootings over 18 years and found that over half the shooters (that he could identify) were on prescription meds that had homicidal or suicidal ideation as a side effect. They never mention this in the evening news, because they’re focused on guns as the cause. Of course the news is sponsored almost entirely by drug companies, which is another reason drugs aren’t mentioned.

    • Alan , every single one of the ‘school shooting ‘ stories consist of ludicrously impossible and farcically contradictory details. They are staged ( very badly indeed ) theatre ; with a ‘yet more public fear generation and therefore yet more extraneous control acceptability ( not least by compulsive and enforced ‘medication)’ ‘ agenda .
      Totally agree with everything you said otherwise though !
      Actually, contrary to the MSM lies : it’s only surprizing that the stories aren’t true, and just how placid these children in fact are about being mentally coshed whilst being driven to restless insanity, by these horrific chemicals .

  • It appears that pretty much every show on tv is sponsored by Big Pharma! People from other countries don’t know, and would probably be shocked to hear, that prescription drugs are advertised on tv in America, even though the population can’t buy them! Nonetheless, to keep from being sued for damages, the commercials for drugs have to list all the side-effects–which is pretty hilarious in itself–and “thoughts of suicide” is often among them! They do not DARE say “thoughts of homicide” but if you have one, the other is understood! Imagine selling a product that puts people at risk for being shot! I would imagine it would be illegal, how would you justify it? Even that they’re allowed to market a drug that leads to suicide is somewhat incomprehensible!

  • Yes, it’s amazing that they announce these grotesque side effects in plain sight, and then state ” Ask your doctor if (drug name) is right for you. It’s not right for anybody. Often the drug is for something like heartburn or other minor discomfort, but the side effects include coma, death etc. I did this cartoon based on an anti-depressant that is one of the tops selling drugs in the U.S. The side effects are taken right from the drug insert:

    When will people wake up! When will doctors finally think…. “Maybe I should investigate other options?”

    • A case in point : Elderly person, never had cause to be ‘doctored’ ( sic ), heeds mass media advertizing advice to take aspirin daily ‘ because of statistical risk of stroke ‘ ……approx. a year later the documented ‘ side -effects ‘ of ‘aspirin’ ….acid reflux and corrosion of the stomach lining become permanent damage ….
      A medication is taken daily , whose ‘side -effect’ is to raise the blood pressure, and therefore also raise the risk of stroke ! … along with the aspirin, to control the reflux and sleeplessness caused by stroke ‘prevention’ poisoning …..
      thus facilitating the ‘ predicted statistical likelihood of age -related stroke’ !!! ……..the stroke duly occurs on cue …..!
      The ineluctably deemed ‘ sick by age patient’, should they have stubbornly survived the former ‘treatments for being a statistic’ ….. are then swiftly dispatched thereafter, with the prescription of ‘statins’ …”to lower the blood pressure ; raised by the refux med ; caused by policy of poisoning the healthy by reason of self-fulfilling poisoning DATA, not even any actual dis-ease.

  • I remember that cartoon! Yes, you’re right, they announce these morbid side-effects shamelessly, even though the “illness” may be minor or even non-existent, as in the case of their drug that helps you get off cigarettes, which had side effects that were much worse than smoking! The strange thing is, I hear that these commercials actually increase drug sales! I don’t know what people are thinking….

  • Yes, what are those people thinking! Maybe they think like soldiers in battle “It will be the other guy that gets it”.

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