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Psora (The Psoric Child)

A child, who is in psoric phase, is born much more healthy, positive and constructive than any of the other phases. These children are born to healthy parents, and their growth and developmental milestones are usually normal.

When these formative years are handled well and with care and if no suppressive line of treatment is given during these years, then the child remains healthy for the rest of his life.

Each and every individual receives a number of influences throughout his/her life & every one reacts differently to each of these influences.

The reactions are mainly dependent on:

  • Heredity
  • Genetic pattern
  • The environmental influences that one experiences in every stage of one’s life

The life-cycle of a human being is broadly divided into four stages viz.

  • childhood
  • adolescence
  • adulthood and
  • old age

Each period and transition has its own characteristic problems and disorders.

However, childhood disorders claim greater importance because of their capacity to influence a person’s well-being later in life.

The study of the behavioral pattern of all the four Miasms is quite an interesting subject and of great significance in:

  • Understanding the child [patient] and his behavioral patterns and thereby the underlying miasmatic influence.
  • Deciding the remedy, disease diagnosis, remedy management, second prescription, prognosis, etc.
  • Understanding the reversal, i.e. Hering’s law of cure from the miasmatic study. This further helps in understanding the disease and its curability

To have better understanding of this miasm , let us look at it’s evolution in a child in a step by step pattern.

Our life revolves around :

1] World of facts

In Psoric phase, the children are quick to grasp what is being taught to them or even even pick up facts from the world around them easily.

They have an excellent memory for names, numbers, roads, places, important dates and people they have met, etc. They remember minutest details of not only the recent but also the past events.

Their concentration levels and moral values are very high.

Reaction to success and failure is quite positive. Thus, they do not accept defeat easily and always make an attempt to succeed or to improve.

2] World of perception

The images and perceptions are very clear in the psoric phase. The child has a good photographic memory, recalling everything very distinctly as if it had just happened yesterday. Perceptions are clear, acute and clairvoyant in nature. Because of their clairvoyance they are able to judge other peoples conditions and situations very easily.

3] World of imagination

Psoric children have a lot of positive imagination and creativity & these are the children who usually carry on their imaginations to reality and practicality.


Evolution of a Psoric child

A child, who is in psoric phase, is born much more healthy, positive and constructive than any of the other phases. These children are born to healthy parents, and their growth and developmental milestones are usually normal.

When these formative years are handled well and with care and if no suppressive line of treatment is given during these years, then the child remains healthy for the rest of his life.

Suppression at the physical or the mental level, if any, should be rightly treated with homoeopathic medicines, thus preventing further evolution into diseased phase.


Their laughter and smile is beautiful and divine like that of an angel. They even smile when they are sleeping and it is a pleasure watching such children. It is one of the best experiences one can have.


The sensitivity level of children belonging to this phase is high. Their reaction to any stimulus is quick and the input and the output is relatively proportionate. They throw up a lot of peculiar and characteristic symptoms during their sickness. In fact they throw nucleus, and core of their constitutional remedy. [Many times, you can give your prescription based on this original, unmodified picture]


A psoric child would admit his mistakes very easily. If their parents scold them, these children will listen and understand their parents, trying not to commit the same mistakes again. They are very well mannered and immediately respond to their parent’s orders [every parent would love to have at least one healthy psoric child !!]

If they fail, they strive again to either correct their mistake or improve upon their performance. They are always on the look out for growth and improvement.

Mind – Emotions

  • Psoric children are very sentimental, loving, content and happy by nature.
  • These children love comfort and they develop attachment at both mental and physical levels.
  • They are very lively and affectionate.
  • They have an intense desire to be magnetized.

Emotional Pattern

Very sensitive and emotional children, they are easily moved to tears, anger or any emotions. But there is a genuine cause to these emotional outbursts.

Anger in psoric children is sudden, lasting for a short while till the event is over, handled or expressed. They forgive and forget easily once the event is over. Feeling hatred does not come naturally to them and if they do hate somebody, it is for some genuine reason. However they do not keep any hard feelings for persons they don’t like. Revengeful attitude is not seen in these children.

Children belonging to this phase are fearless in the right sense, i.e. they will not be afraid of things that shouldn’t be feared. When they are afraid or anxious, then it is for a valid reason. [e.g., a mother is supposed to pick a child by 5.00 but does not arrive till 7.00, then it is natural for anyone to become anxious or afraid]

Once they express their emotions they come to normality very easily.


The children are intelligent with clear and acute perceptions. They are almost clairvoyant. They are able to judge people’s conditions and situations very easily.

These children have curiosity, and will usually go close to flowers or butterflies, to see and observe their movement, etc. Their curiosity is just out of the need to learn more. They have a lot of intuition because their sensitivity range is very high.

They appreciate good things in life & they love their play, study, hobbies etc. They involve themselves completely in every task. These are the children who are in touch with time and realities of life; they don’t succumb to external pressures easily.

Scholastic performance

Whether at nursery or in school they learn very easily. They usually do well academically and are the favorites of teachers. They can remember and reproduce the subjects very easily and logically. These are the children who get double promotions. These are the children who, even when sick, will prefer to go school !! [Same attitude is reflected in adults who are in the psoric phase. They go to work in all circumstances]

At school these children will take active participation in all Events. They play with a very healthy attitude and will have a positive approach towards the game. Children love painting or drawing. Paintings by a psoric child are clear, constructive with vibrant natural colors. Painting will show actual shapes without much of distortion, and a lot of positivity. Their paintings would be related to nature and natural colors.

They like to listen to stories of adventure, bravery, good deeds, of angels, heroes, etc. They watch good movies or cartoons and are easily moved to tears or laugher watching them.

Child at play

Psoric children play with all comfort, ease and all fairness. They will enjoy playing both outdoor and indoor games [They would play with sand creating houses or castles and would enjoy playing with natural objects]

Personal History

Children belonging to this phase will have a lot of strong cravings and aversions which even continue at a later stage and may be in all phases. This frames the important differentiating factor in deciding the correct medicine.


Their sleep pattern is very good. They can sleep very easily and when they get up, are refreshed.

Sickness pattern

Psoric children are usually healthy at the physical as well at the mental level.

There is a very thin line between a healthy state and an early psoric phase. The early psoric phase is very close to health and the children in this stage enjoy all the bliss and happiness. [Complete health is quite unusual in today’s world, most of the so-called healthy children fall into the early psoric phase]

Psoric children will fall ill depending on the external stimuli and factors like :

  • Physical [electrical thermal, chemical etc.]
  • Emotional [shock, grief, pleasure, love, hate, vexation]
  • Intellectual [performance, goals, success, memory, thoughts, reasoning, logic, rationality]
  • Subconscious [dreams, inner desires or inner worlds]

As the sensitivity level of psoric children is high, their reaction to any stimulus is quick, the input and the output being relatively proportionate.

The illness in psoric phase is …

  • ACUTE and
  • with a high intensity

During sickness these children throw out a lot of Peculiar and Characteristic symptoms. In fact they throw out the nucleus, and the core of their acute / constitutional remedy.

Since the sensitivity and susceptibility of psoric children is high, a remedy with a high/ HIGHER potency is required to combat the acuteness or the virulence of the disease.

Once the child is treated with an appropriate acute remedy, the child must be given a constitutional anti-psoric or anti-miasmatic remedy to avoid any relapses.

Transition from Psora to other phases

When the formative years of psoric children are very well organised, i.e

  • Their creativity and thinking is handled in the right way, and
  • Any illness [mental or physical] during this phase is treated with the right homoeopathic remedy

then the children remain healthy for the rest of their lives ……….

However, if suppressive line of treatment is carried out OR if the external factors are present for a long time [maintaining cause], then the child may slide into the sycotic phase or directly into the tubercular phase depending on his traits and inheritance. Once the suppression goes deep into the sycotic or the tubercular stages, one observes a series of changes in the behavioral and the disease pattern.

Behavioral Disorder

  • Anxiety separation syndrome
  • Early stage of ADHD may develop in later part of psoric state where there is enough suppression and there is a transition from psora to sycosis
  • Enuresis – from emotional disturbances
  • Encoperisis – from emotional disturbances
  • Selective mutism – from emotional disturbances
  • Early psychosomatic disorders like bronchial asthma and stress related diabetes fall in this category

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