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Homeopathy – How It Works and How It Is Done – 1

Homeopathy – How It Works and How It Is Done – 1

1.      Introduction

I have been asked by Alan Schmukler, Associate Editor of, to join in the ongoing debate over homeopathy. I am starting off with an Introduction. I shall not be able to deal with everything all at once. I shall have to extract relevant results from my research going back over the past 30 years. When I was a youngster, one of my favourite books was called “How It Works and How It Is Done”, I hope that these Chapters will likewise enthuse readers and practitioners of homeopathy.

In 1982, the problems experienced by chemically sensitive patients who had become hypersensitive to their electromagnetic environment came to find me. These proved to be the “Rosetta Stone” for the language of biocommunication. The symptoms provoked in them by the chemicals to which they had acquired hypersensitivity were identical to those triggered by specific frequencies in their environment. It quickly became clear that it was frequency that mattered and that frequency was patient specific. This led me to the development of techniques for the measurement of frequencies, first in patients, then in water and later in homeopathic potencies.

There is an endogenous frequency on each acupuncture meridian and chakra point. It spreads throughout the body on needling or acupressure. A therapeutic frequency can be applied to restore to normality the target organ or system such as the autonomic nervous system.

There is much work needed still to discover the detailed mechanisms involving frequency at organ, cellular and biochemical levels. Then the question arises, what can a frequency do to a chemical reaction if anything? One answer is that it can promote an isomeric change in a molecule, probably through the vicinal water which in turn could activate/deactivate enzymatic activity.

At this point the first link to homeopathy appeared.  I had one patient for whom a homeopathic potency had already been prescribed by a homeopath. The frequency pattern of this potency was exactly that which I had determined would be therapeutic for the patient from my frequency measurements.

Chemicals with a trace of water acquire a frequency signature which can affect sensitive patients. This frequency signature of the “Mother Tincture” is the starting point for a homeopathic potentisation. Its frequency pattern is modified by dilutions and succussions until it has become a similiter. Illnesses have certain general characteristics in all patients, so certain potencies should have a general application. In allergy therapy the potency of the allergen has to be specific for the individual.

The effects of a frequency are bi-phasic. They can either stimulate biological activity or they can depress it, sometimes even stop it completely. Thus we can compare the stimulatory effects of a proving to its therapeutic effects on a patient as an example of this bi-phasic phenomenon.

There are three important concepts to be introduced in considering how homeopathy works. The first is that of coherence. The frequencies involved in living systems are very precise, so much so that even the phase of a frequency matters.

Secondly for a highly coherent frequency in water or a living system, the parameter which matters is the size or length of the region or domain, over which the coherence persists. Here we are dealing with propagating waves of frequency and the equation for a wave says that its frequency times its wavelength equals the velocity with which it travels. But, if the wavelength is fixed by the size of the coherence region, then frequency becomes proportional to the velocity. Thus, any velocity that the system will support will generate its corresponding frequency. That is, the system has become fractal. It is this fractality which couples effects in the optical spectrum to microwave- to radio- to acoustic- to biological- frequencies. If there was not a duality between the chemical bond and frequency, spectroscopic analysis would be impossible. It is coherence which links the chemical to the biological frequencies and all the other frequencies and couples effects originating in widely differing parts of the spectrum.

The third concept comes from the theory of computer programs which can write themselves starting from nothing. For this, a minimum of two rules is conjectured: firstly the creation of a new symbol, secondly a proof-reading to check for anomalies and consistency with what already exists to ensure the necessary condition of ‘zero-sum'(nilpotency) is maintained.  It has been proposed as a model for the way in which living systems, DNA and particularly the brain develop. This effect seems to be present in frequencies measured from living systems, acupuncture and homeopathic potencies. Nilpotency provides a convenient way for living systems to get rid of used, or irrelevant bio-information.

Alan Schmukler has given me a list of questions regarding homeopathy which need to be explored. This includes the use of digitally prepared remedies, including their advantages and limitations, and whether remedies could be electronically transmitted; the use of electroacupuncture machines and similar devices to determine or confirm the remedy; methods of preparing a neutralizing frequency or otherwise anti-doting an unrelenting proving; the range of frequencies encompassed by various potencies and the implications of frequency in prescribing, storage and interaction between potencies.  Some individuals are sensitive to remedies and give proving reactions to almost any remedy given. What does this mean and how should one deal with it? Finally what is the relationship of the various homeopathic remedies and potencies to acupuncture meridians and other aspects of alternative medicine? Not only is frequency likely to be an essential ingredient of alternative medicine, but it may even contribute to allopathy through the effects of the frequency signatures of pharmaceuticals.

I shall endeavour to work my way through all the above in a series of Chapters, and submit them as and when I have time available. The following short CV will give readers an indication of the background from which I approach a theory of homeopathy. For those who need more information and need it instantly, I am appending my list of publications.

January 2008

Curriculum Vitae

Cyril Smith was born in London, England, in 1930. He started work in radar in 1947; he was a Research Fellow at ImperialCollege, London, from 1956 under Blackett and McGee working on Medical X-ray Images.  From 1964 at SalfordUniversity in the Electrical Engineering Department, his research activity included: Instrument Technology, Medical Electronics, Dielectric Liquids, Electromagnetic Effects in Living Systems and Water.  In 1973, his co-operation with Herbert Froehlich, FRS commenced.  In 1982, he first became involved with the diagnosis and treatment of electromagnetically hypersensitive patients. He was Secretary of The Dielectrics Society from 1972-1983. In 1989/90, his co-authored book “Electromagnetic Man” was published. That year he also took early retirement. He continues to be active in research and writing.

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Cyril W. Smith,

Honorary Senior Lecturer (Retired),

University of Salford, SalfordM5 4WT, England.

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About the author

Cyril W. Smith

Cyril W. Smith, physicist, is the author of countless papers on the effects of subtle energies and co-author of Electromagnetic Man. He is one of the world"™s leading experts on the biological effects of subtle energies. He was Research Fellow at Imperial College, London, researched electromagnetic effects in living systems at Salford University, was Secretary of the Dielectrics Society, worked with H. Fröhlich treating electromagnetically sensitive patients and acted as a scientific consultant for the Breakspear Medical Group Ltd.


  • Sir,
    The articles titled ,Homeopathy-How It Works and How It is Done,1 to 7.2,are truly interesting and informative.This should definitely remove the ambiguity of certain less knowledgeable personnel about homeopathy’s scientific theory behind.
    I would thank and congratulate Dr.Cyril Smith for writing the articles in Hpathy’s ezine.
    From the fact that potency corresponds with frequency,such potentised drug cures a disease in man ,then it must be logical to use a frequency generator to diagnose a disease in man and cure it.Of course,some systems of frequency generator,like Rrife,Dr.Hulda Clark’s,Voll’s, etc are available,which are said to diagnose and treat certain diseases.
    It is worth using such a system,if it can reduce the treatment period of a patient for sure.
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  • The science of understanding frequency, and any structured range of frequencies, will no doubt prove what was going wrong with double blind testing.

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