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CARA Comparison

A comparison of CARA Lite, Standard and Pro

x = Standard Feature
o = Optional Add-On

Lite Standard Pro

Combined Repertory 2nd edition x x x
Boericke’s Materia Medica x x x
Murphy’s Homeopathic Medical Repertory 2nd edition x x
Complete Repertory v4.5 o
Complete Repertory Mill Ed o
Classical Repertories Pack:
Adds Boericke, Phatak, Boenninghausen, Clarke
o x
Materia Medicas
Starter pack:
10 volumes of materia medica, including Organon, Materia Medica Pura, Chronic Diseases, Allen’s Keynotes, Kent Lectures, New, Old & Forgotten Remedies (Anshutz), Lilienthal Therapeutics, Boericke MM, Phatak MM, Reversed Combined Repertory
x x
Classical Pack Volume 1:
55 volumes of materia medica, including Allen Encyclopedia, Clarke Dictionary, Kent’s Lesser Writings, Lippe’s Redline MM, Boenninghausen Lesser Writings, Allen Handbook, Cowperthwaite Textbook, Clarke’s Prescriber, Clarke Collected Writings (20 works), Close Genius, Hughes Cyclopedia, Burnett’s Collected Writings (21 works), Farrington’s Clinical MM, Lesser Writings & Therapeutic Pointers, Roberts, Sensations as if
o x
Modern Authors
Sankaran, Vermeulen, Scholten, Sherr, Murphy, Mirilli.
Advanced Features
Search a repertory using up to 3 keywords x x x
Search options include: Find whole words, beginning words, any words/letters x x x
Browse the repertory just like the printed book. x x x
Search all repertories simultaneously x
Search all materia medicas simultaneously x
Use synonyms and cross-references when searching x
Search the repertory using Mirilli’s themes x
5 clipboards for storing and manipulating case rubrics x x x
Weight case rubrics to denote importance in case x x x
Combine rubrics in a case to create ‘meta-rubrics’ x x x
Mark rubrics as Etiological or Eliminative for analysis x x x
Dictionary of words, especially Mind rubrics x x x
36 repertorisation methods for case analysis x x x
Enhanced analysis methods.
Use Bar Charts, Miasm and Family charts, Advanced Repertorisation Methods, Expert System, Periodic Table Repertorisation, Analyse by Classification and Species of remedies, Analyse by Family
Make your own additions into the repertory x
Audio lectures of over 100 remedies:
over 7 hours material in total
Color photographs of remedies x
Make your own annotations to any materia medica and any rubric x
Easy access to all materia medicas for a remedy x
Patient Records Database x
Export data from Cara into other programs x

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