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Tips & Secrets – September 2022

Tips from the masters and important news. Tips on cataract, gangrene, rabies, news on colorectal cancer, poisoning from lithium batteries and much more.

Some tips from Dr. Erastus Edgerton Marcy – 1815-1900

Ruta has been highly extolled as a remedy for rheumatic paralysis of the tarsal and carpal joints. It is also indicated in local paralysis, which has followed surgical operations, or which is owing to injury or pressure upon some particular nerve.

Conium and Cannabis may be employed where the cataract has arisen from a wound or other injury to the eye. Magnesia-carbonica, Pulsatilla, Digitalis, and Phosphorus, have proved curative in capsulo-lenticular cataract and also in opacity of the lens or capsule alone.  These remedies are useful when the disease  has  been  accompanied  with ophthalmia.

Phos Acid
Acid-phosphor  is specific in too profuse menstruation, attended with swelling and pain in the liver.

Camphor is the specific against dysuria caused by the absorption of Cantharides.

Nephritis can sometimes be cured by Aconite alone. In all cases this medicine should be kept in view, since the local phenomena are usually accompanied by a violent fever. (Kreussler, Therap., p. 105.)

Calclarea carbonicum
The specificity of Calcarea on the system of nutrition indicates its general usefulness during the general period of development, and in diseases accompanied by excessive emaciation or obesity.

Gangrene cured
A young man, whose tibia and fibula were crushed under a large grindstone, ankle joint contused and lacerated.   On the 7th day gangrene commenced with bluish purple vesicles, covering a dirty-ash-gray ground, and offensive odor.  Amputation now the only resource of surgery.   Lachesis 6 was tried in one dose.   In six hours, the nature of the case was entirely changed, in twenty-four hours the blisters had disappeared, swelling gone down and two days later the dead portions sloughed off.  The wounds granulated favorably and the foot was saved.

An instance is given in Hufeland’s Journal, in which a rabid man bit several others, all of whom died from rabies except two, who were treated with Belladonna.

This is a good remedy for  poisoning by vegetable substances;  sharp, acrid, burning poisons, which  cause inflammation and redness; in all cases of poisoning in which there are:  vomiting and diarrhoea and the patient cold as  ice, almost senseless.

Malignant disease of the eye
Belladonna has cured malignant disease of the eye, attended with violent pains in the eyeball, a red shining point in the posterior chamber, pupils dilated and immovable, unusual hardness of the substance of the eye, iris of a dark color, and covered with injected blood-vessels.   Malignant affections of the eye have also been cured by Conium, Carbo-vegetabilis,  Arsenicum,  Mercurius,  Acid-nitr.,  Calcarea carbonica, and Iodine.

The Homoeopathic Theory And Practice Of Medicine (Volume 2) – Dr. Erastus Edgerton Marcy – 1815-1900

Antibodies Instead of Vaccines May Protect Against Covid

Tel Aviv University (TAU) researchers have isolated two antibodies that neutralize all known strains of COVID-19 – including Omicron – with up to 95% efficiency and will strengthen the immune systems of people at risk.

These may serve as a substitute for vaccines, especially for at-risk populations and those with weakened immune systems, according to the researchers. By using antibody treatment, there is a possibility that the need to provide repeated booster shots to the entire population every time a new variant emerges will be eliminated.

Some Tips from William H. Burt, M. D. (1895)

Arum Triphyllum – Tongue red like a beet, with prominent papillae.
Aggravation: Mornings; lying down and cold winds.

Asafoetida –  Accumulation of gas in the stomach and bowels, constantly pressing upward, none downward.

Borax – Great heat and dryness of the mouth and fauces. The child cannot nurse, the aphthous inflammation is so painful. Sour, greenish diarrhoea.

Corallium Rubrum  –  Whooping-cough, with violent dry, teasing, spasmodic cough, so violent that the children grow black in the face and lose their breath; convulsive coughs; worse at night.

Fluoric Acid – Congestion of blood to the head; falling off of the hair, baldness, and great loss of memory.

Hydrocyanic Acid – Paralysis of the oesophagus; the fluid taken runs gurgling down, with cessation of vomiting and diarrhoea. Spasms of muscles of face and the body becomes of a bluish tint.

Nitric Acid –  In women, violent pressure, as if the womb would be forced into the world. Bloody leucorrhoea.

Crocus Sativus –   False, nervous pregnancy, with sensation as if something were alive in the abdomen.

Belladonna  – Peritonitis. The abdomen is swollen up like a drum; very sensitive to the touch, so much so that the bedclothing has to be removed, and the least jarring is intolerable.

Phosphoric Acid – Copious watery, painless diarrhoea, stools of undigested food,  much rumbling and great amount of gas. 

Colchicum Autumnale –  Subacute and chronic rheumatism affecting the muscles and joints; great muscular weakness; diminution of vital heat. Specific for gout.

Conium Maculatum – Vomiting that looks like black coffee grounds, in cancerous subjects, with much distention of the abdomen.

Cina – Child is constantly hungry and wants to eat all the time. 8. Belly hard and distended, frequent colicky pains; mucous stools, often mixed with lumbrici.

Secale Cornutum – Aggravation by warmth. Heat applied to any part of the body greatly aggravates, so much so that there is extreme aversion to covers; cannot be covered in fevers.  Amelioration in cold air, from getting cold from being uncovered.

Scoparius – Organic valvular diseases of the heart, with weak, irregular pulse, associated with dropsy and general anasarca. Angina pectoris and great depression of mind, associated with a great accumulation of gas in the gastro-intestinal canal.

Characteristic Materia Medica Memorizer – William H. Burt, M. D

Ultra-processed foods increase risk of colorectal cancer

The consumption of ultra-processed foods can increase the risk of colorectal cancer, a new study shows. The study, published this week in the medical journal The BMJ, analyzed the diets of over 46,000 men and 150,000 women to trace the correlation between what they ate and cases of colorectal cancer. Men who consumed ultra-processed foods in the highest fifth had a 29% higher risk of developing colorectal cancer than did those in the lowest fifth.,”

Ultra-processed foods include “prepackaged soups, sauces, frozen pizza, ready-to-eat meals and pleasure foods such as hot dogs, sausages, french fries, sodas, store-bought cookies, cakes, candies, doughnuts, ice cream” and more.

New Video from Dr. Radko Tichavsky!

In this video, renowned Agrohomeopath Dr. Radko Tichavsky explains Holohomeopathy, the more advanced method of agrohomeopathy:   (English subtitles)

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Homeopathic Nurses Association – Mentorship Program

The Homeopathic Nurses Association (HNA) is proud to announce the New Mentorship Program established to support HNA’s Vision and Mission. Learn from some of the best nurse homeopaths from across the nation. Mentors (HNA members) will be available to guide interested mentees who want to learn more about homeopathy and/or who desire expert guidance on their cases. Mentors will be able to assist all levels of needed support. Mentor Fee $100.   For detailed information visit:

Synthetic Embryo Grown from Stem Cells

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have created model embryos from mouse stem cells that form a brain, a beating heart, and the foundations of all the other organs of the body – a new avenue for recreating the first stages of life.

The team, led by Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, developed the embryo model without eggs or sperm, and instead used stem cells – the body’s master cells, which can develop into almost any cell type in the body.

Button (Lithium) batteries being swallowed by children

There are on average one battery related visit to an emergency room every 1.25 hours among children under 18. The batteries can cause severe internal burns. In one child, the battery burned a hole through his esophagus into his trachea and burned his vocal cords.

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