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Tips & Secrets – February 2021

Tips for Nonprofessional Event Organizers
Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopathy tips from the masters and important news. Tips about Ivermectin in treating Covid-19, helping to save homeopathy in the U.S., Covid-19 variants resisting vaccines, tips from J.T. Kent and more.

Another Way to Save Homeopathy in the U.S.

Homeopathy on the Hill  – Meet with your U.S. legislators virtually to lobby for homeopathy.  Americans for Homeopathy Choice will show you exactly how to do it from your home!

Court Rules Against Debunker of Damage from RF Radiation

This is a must read article about an important court decision regarding research in DNA damage from non-ionizing radiation. One man on the payroll of industry discredited the DNA research for years.  The court finally ruled against him.

Certificate Course of Master in Repertory
Course Duration – 6 Months
Date 3rd March 2021
Days – Wednesday and Thursday
Contact – JK Homeopathy Academy
1. Conversion of Patients language into rubrics
2. Study of Mind rubrics with cases
3. Case peeling techniques and to understand the core.
4. Application of Delusion in cases.
5. Differentiation of rubrics in Cross references
6. To find Hidden factors in Case Taking
7. Build confidence in yourself before or during the practice.
8. Study of different repertories such as Phatak, Murphy and Synthesis repertory.
9. Usage of computer repertory.
For Registration click on the below link


Vaccines Far Less effective for Variant Covid Strains

The U.S. company Novavax stated that its vaccine was nearly 90% effective in trials done in Britain, the efficacy dropped to 49% in South Africa.  In South Africa the B.1.351 variant that emerged late last year and has spread to the United States and at least 30 other countries.

Johnson & Johnson stated that its new vaccine was 72% effective against covid in the United States, compared with 66% in Latin America and 57% in South Africa.

The vaccines used in the U.S. from from Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna trigger a smaller immune response to the South Africa variant.

Ivermectin found very effective in Covid – NIH revises rules on ivermectin for Covid-19

Dozens of clinical studies have shown significant benefits of Ivermectin in prophylaxis, early treatment and also in late-stage Covid.  The studies included 18 peer-reviewed randomized controlled trials (RCT’s) that used over 2100 Covid patients. The results showed that Ivermectin produces faster viral clearance, faster time to hospital discharge, faster time to clinical recovery, and a 75% reduc­tion in mortality rates, as compared with other treatments and non-treatment. Subsequent to the study, the National Institute of Health (U.S.) made using this drug an option for doctors treating Covid. Ivermectin was first produced in 1975 and used as an antiparasitic. It was so effective it earned the Nobel Prize in Medicine for its discoverers, Dr. William Campbell and Dr. Omura Satoshi.

Some Tips from James Tyler Kent MD

Individualization must be made through the patient. That is a principle that should never be violated. You may have twenty remedies all possessing a certain symptom but if you have a few real decided things that you can say about the patient, the manner in which he does business, the manner in which the disease affects the entire man, then you have something to individualize by.

Ambra is one of the most frequently indicated medicines in simple, nondescript vertigo of old men.  So dizzy that they cannot go out on the street.

Periodicity – I once had the privilege of tracing up a dog that had been bitten by the Cenchris and had survived. It was bitten in the neck, and in that region a large abscess formed every spring as long as that dog lived, until old age. The periodicity in the snake poisons is related to the spring, to the coming on of the warm weather.

Digitalis –  This drug as used by the Old School. Every patient who had a fast heart, or anything the matter with the heart, was given Digitalis. Instead of being indicated when the pulse is fast, the proving says it is indicated when the pulse is slow.

Iodine  – There is this peculiar circumstance also in Iodine, viz., that while the body withers the glands enlarge. That is peculiar and will enable you to think of Iodine, because the glands grow in proportion to the dwindling of the body and the emaciation of the limbs.

Impulses to kill –

Iodine has the impulse to kill, not from anger, not from any sense of justice, but without any cause. An overwhelming anger is often a cause for violence but the impulses are not of that sort in Iodine.

The Arsenicum and Hepar patients also have impulses to commit murder without being offended and without cause.  It is recorded under Hepar that a barber had an impulse to cut the throat of his patron with the razor while shaving him.

The Nux vomica patient has an impulse to throw her child into the fire, or to kill her husband whom she dearly loves. The thought comes into her mind and increases until she becomes actually insane and beyond control and the impulse is carried into action.

Kali carb Anxiety – A peculiar condition in Kali carb. is a state of anxiety felt in the stomach, as though it were a fear. One of the first patients I ever had expressed said, “Doctor, somehow or other I don’t have a fear like other people do, because I have it in my stomach.”

Kali Carb sensitiveness – A Kali carb. patient is so sensitive in the soles of the feet that the mere touch of the sheet brings a sensation of thrill throughout the body. Hard pressure is all right, it does not disturb.

Lachesis – In Lachesis the abdomen is so sensitive that the touch of the sheet is painful. I have seen Lachesis patients using a hoop to keep a light sheet from touching the abdomen.

Sepia – It is also common for the whole face to be covered with enormous freckles, great brown patches as in pregnancy, brown spots on the cheeks, brown warts, warts that have been red or pink become pigmented; liver spots on the face, chest, and abdomen.

Silica – A young man has studied for years and he dreads the final examinations but he goes through them all right. Then a fatigue comes upon him and for years he is unable to enter his profession. He has this dread of undertaking anything.

Ailanthus Glandulosa – Feels a rat or something small crawling up the limb and over the body. There seems to be constant loss of memory, even the things spoken of a moment ago go right out of the mind. Constant forgetfulness. All past events are forgotten. Past events are forgotten or remembered as belonging to someone else, or as matters read.

Alumina – Eyes – There is also disturbance of the muscles of the eye. Weak and changeable vision. The paralytic weakness, such as belongs to the whole remedy, will be found in certain muscles, or sets of muscles, so that it is with great difficulty that glasses can be adjusted.

Alumina Skin –The eruptions itch worse in the warmth of the bed. The skin itches, even when there is no eruption, when becoming warm in bed, so that he scratches until the skin bleeds.

Hellebore has a peculiar quasi-hysterical condition – a form of insanity. She imagines she has sinned away her day of grace. Like Aurum, she believes that she is doing wrong, that she is committing an unpardonable sin.

Hydrastis –  In this remedy the sinking empty hunger with loathing of food is striking, strange, rare, and therefore peculiar.

Alumina – Bladder – He must strain at stool in order to empty the contents of the bladder. That is a high grade symptom; it is a peculiar symptom, and may be called a particular of first grade.

Palpitation- We have plenty of remedies with palpitation, but worse lying on the right side are rare: Alumen, Badiaga, Kalmia, Kali n., Lil. t., Platina, Spongia. It is uncommon, strange, rare and peculiar.

General Symptom: When it is said that “I cannot eat a teaspoonful of sugar   without being sick,” it is always strange and peculiar, because it is not something that is only affecting the stomach, but it affects the whole patient. The patient says: “I become sick” and hence it becomes a general.

Alternation of States:  We find in Podophyllum the peculiar feature that the headaches alternate with diarrhea. In alternation of states, be sure, when a remedy presents one state, that it is clearly indicated in the other state, otherwise that remedy is not the simillimum.

Carbo veg – In this patient you observe coldness, rigor, cold breath, and even in the chill sometimes a cold sweat, and you say that it is peculiar that he drinks so much cold water. It is strange, it is uncommon, rare.

China – Dropsy runs through the remedy.  A peculiar thing about this dropsy is, that it comes after hemorrhage. In the anaemic condition, directly following the loss of blood, dropsy appears. This is the typical China patient.

Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica – James Tyler Kent,  M.D.

A Little Story from Barbara W. Baxter

My mother was in a near-fatal car accident at the age of about 20 (ca. 1937) Her pelvis was severely broken, and she had many other injuries as well. The physicians said that though she would probably regain the use of her legs, her mobility would be impaired, she could not risk having children, and might have life-long, wide-spread pain. Her mother wasn’t willing to accept that prognosis, so she brought a naturopath to the hospital (as a “friend of the family”) who undertook some treatments. When my mother was discharged to her parents’ home a homeopath completed her recovery. She was back on the golf course and playing tennis within a year. (I was born, full-term, by Caesarean section, in 1950.)

A Second Degree Burn – Paolo Campanella

On January, 12th 2020 a patient of mine, a 45 year old woman, developed a hot steam burn on the middle finger of her right hand while trying to lift a baking dish in her oven.  She applied cold water and an Aloe vera ointment over her first degree burn. On January 13th an evident blister filled with clear serum appeared on the finger.  On January14th, when I was consulted, I prescribed Cantharis 200 CH three globules once, and I suggested to dip her finger for a few seconds in a solution of the same remedy. I also suggested that she disinfect the blister with a solution of Calendula mother twice per day.

When she took the remedy at 3 p.m., the blister was very tense as it was filled with   serum.  Pain, as is usual in these lesions, was only mild. (Picture 1).

Before                                               After

Healing was simply amazing. Serum soon began to be reabsorbed, and the walls of the blister quickly drooped and wrinkled. Five hours after the homeopathic treatment the blister opened, and the remaining fluid totally drained off.

To my big surprise the blister’s walls quickly laid down and stuck to the derma, bringing to a complete restitution to the injured part. A homeopathic remedy was able to completely heal a second degree hot steam burn in one day, instead of the usual 15-20 days.

A case of bullous lichen planus

This was a 70 year old woman, was treated for bullous lichen planus by dermatologists for years. The bullous vesicles, bluish in color appear inside cheek, and on back, legs.  It was always there in any one of the parts. She was diabetic. Her skin complaints were aggravated by meat, milk. After giving Arsenic alb, Nat Mur, Thuja and some other remedies, I decided to give Bufo rana, due to the appearance of the lesion. Bufo rana  is a remedy for pemphigus, carbuncle , malignant pustules etc and its lesion is bluish black (Hering). Now it’s been more than 1year and there are no new lesions. It is the first time in her life she had such a long interval. Hoping for cure now.

Dr Jayakumar M Pannakkal, BSc, BHMS,MD (Hom)

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