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Written by Alan V. Schmukler

Homeopathy tips from the masters and important news.   Tips from Dr. Temple S. Hoyne and W.A. Dewey MD.  Tips on asthma, anemia, thrush, meningitis and much more.

 There is one affection in which we may confidently predict a cure with this agent, and that is fatty tumors, no matter upon what part of the body they occur. I have uniformly used Baryta 300, and have not yet failed to cure a single case.

and…Dr. Elias C. Price says: “I have cured a great many cases of small fibroid tumors on the eyelids with Baryta carbonicum.”


Thrush and Aphthae are two affections in which Cantharis often performs wonders. Burning or smarting vesicles, and canker in the mouth, great dryness of the mouth, constant desire to urinate, passing only a few drops at a time. In dysentery – Cantharis is valuable in all cases accompanied with severe tenesmus recti and vesicae. Hard, frequent pulse and parched dry throat and mouth; vesicles and canker in mouth and throat. Burning like fire in anus after stool .

 Hyoscyamus Niger

In meningitis  — Commencing with violent pains in the head, and soon followed by entire loss of consciousness , does not recognize anyone. Sees double, thinks that objects will fall over, uses obscene language.

In amblyopia. — Hyoscyamus is called for when there is strabismus or illusions of sight, and stupefying pains in the eyes.

In odontalgia – in very sensitive, excitable persons, is well met by Hyoscyamus.  Especially throbbing toothache appearing generally in the morning and almost always caused by a cold.

Stricture of the Esophagus from spasm yields to Hyoscyamus when solid and warm food can be swallowed best — liquids cause spasms in the throat, stop respiration.

In whooping Cough – Hyoscoyoamus follows well after Belladonna, when the paroxysms are worse at night, accompanied with great distress for breath, as if the patient would suffocate, with blueness of the face and protrusion of the eye-balls.

In retention of Urine, especially in children, occurring during the progress of various acute affections, such as meningitis, scarlet fever,  measles, etc., is well met by Hyoscyamus. Also retention of urine after labor, or in lying-in women


 Inflammation of the Middle Ear — Lachesis proves beneficial for roaring and drumming sounds in the ears, want of ear-wax, sense of coldness in the affected ear, dryness, especially of left ear.

Facial Erysipelas — Lachesis is useful in the erysipelas of old people, when the swelling is bluish-red.

Lachesis has tonsillitis of the left side, with difficulty in swallowing. Fluids return through the nose. Aggravation in the afternoon, after sleep and from the slightest touch. Cannot even bear the bedclothes to touch the neck.

Whooping-Cough – Lachesis should be thought of when, together with a relaxed uvula, there is a purplish look about the fauces, when the tonsils are swollen, when the windpipe is tender to the touch.

Clinical therapeutics Vol II  (1880) Temple S. Hoyne, M. D. – Professor of Materia Medica in the Hahnemann Medical College of Chicago – 1800’s

Tips from W.A. Dewey MD


When Ferrum is indicated the mucous membranes are pale and the patient is easily exhausted and constantly chilly. In very stubborn cases Ferrum phosphoricum may serve better than Ferrum metallicum.

Calcarea carbonica is indicated by the general symptms of the drug, by disgust for meat, craving for sour and indigestible things, swelling of abdomen, vertigo and palpitation on going upstairs.

Acetic acid suits anaemia of nursing women, with waxy skin and thirst .

Alumina is also a remedy for anemia from improper nourishment, such as occurs in some children brought up on artificial foods.

Arsenicum. takes first rank in cases of pernicious anaemia or in anaemias due to a malarial or toxic influence. Its indications are excessive prostration considerable oedema, violent and irregular palpitation, marked appetite for acids and brandy, extreme anxiety.

Secale produces a progressive general anaemia. It is shown by the peculiar cachexia of anaemia, pale, bloodless, jaundiced color.


Ipecac is a close homoeopathic simile to asthma, especially to the spasmodic variety where the symptoms are great weight and anxiety about the chest, sudden

wheezing, dyspnoea, threatening suffocation, aggravated by motion. The cough causes gagging and vomiting

Lobelia has the great oppression of the chest and a weak sensation in the chest which seems to come from the epigastrium, where there is a feeling of a lump.There is nausea, profuse salivation. The attack is preceded by a prickling sensation through the whole system.

Arsenicum has some similarity to Ipecac, but the time of attacks is just after midnight.  The patient has a great deal of anguish and restlessness he cannot lie down for fear of suffocation.

Grindelia robusta – The patient on falling asleep ceases to breathe and awakes with a start. Grindelia has been found clinically to benefit humid asthmas and acute catarrhal asthmas.

Nux Vomica – A good symptom calling for Nux is a constricted feeling at the lower part of the chest where there is much abdominal irritation present with much flatulence,

Carbo vegetabilis corresponds to the asthma of the aged who are much debilitated.  They are greatly oppressed for breath and are relieved by belching wind.

Kali bichromicum  – Attacks coming on about three or four o’clock in the morning, compelling the patient to sit up to breathe. He sits up and bends forward which relieves somewhat, as does also the expectoration of stringy yellow mucus.

Antimonium tartaricum -The great keynote for the remedy is the presence of fine mucous rales throughout the chest, finer and smaller rales than are found under

Ipecac. Inability to expectorate.

Practical Homoeopathic Therapeutics, W.A. Dewey MD

Type II Diabetes patients who fast intermittently may no longer need medication.

A new study reveals that an intermittent fasting diet may reverse type 2 diabetes without the need for medication.  Patients achieved complete diabetes remission after an intermittent fasting diet intervention. Complete diabetes remission is defined as an HbA1c (average blood sugar) level of less than 6.5% at least one year after stopping diabetes medication. The details were published on December 14 in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

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