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A Case of Large Aural Haematoma in a Dog

Written by Archana Dethe

Dr. Archana Dethe shares a case of a dog with a large aural haematoma which yielded to a remedy in very high potency.


Arnica montana is popular as an “injury remedy” and has been in fact over applied for this purpose. While the effect of Arnica in injuries is almost magical, it can achieve this only in cases where it is indicated. For example, it is wrong to use Arnica where there is extravasation of blood. The indication of this remedy is in injuries where blood has not come out. Blunt injuries, where the pain is so severe that a person dreads anyone approaching the injured area, are amenable to Arnica’s effect.

In Hahnemann’s proving symptoms of homoeopathic remedy Arnica Montana from Materia Medica Pura, (vol. 1, 3rd edit.), he writes, “The symptoms of all injuries caused by severe contusions and lacerations of the fibres are tolerably uniform in character, and, as the following record shows, these symptoms are contained in striking homoeopathic similarity in the alterations of the health which arnica montana develops in the healthy human subject”.

Here I am sharing one such interesting case of a stray dog with a large aural haematoma.

Case report

The caregiver of the dog approached me to recommend this case to a local vet for surgery. As I had already treated two cases of aural haematoma in dogs with Arnica 1M and 10M respectively, I convinced her to try homoeopathy first.

She shared the photo of the dog. The haematoma was much larger than the previous ones I had treated. I decided to give 50M because of my previous observations in humans with contusion-injuries, and after studying from prof. George Vithoulkas’ teachings that Arnica acted rapidly when given as a single dose in higher potency compared to lower potencies.

Fig. 1. Large haematoma on the left ear and a smaller one on the right, at first consultation

Symptoms available for prescription:

There was an acute injury to the ears, cause was not evident. A larger haematoma had formed on the left ear and a smaller one on the right ear. The skin was bluish black, there was foul smell from the ear and the dog was in much distress and pain. He did not allow anyone to touch the ear. The left ear was significantly swollen and heavy.

Strategy: Keynote prescription: Based on the appearance of a haematoma that the dog wouldn’t allow to touch from fear of pain, prescription was made.

Prescription on 22/11/22: Arnica 50M, 1 drop used to medicate pills in ½ drachm bottle.

4 pills from this were dissolved in 1/2 cup of water and the dose was dispensed into the dog’s mouth with help of a syringe.

Follow up:

Date Symptoms Interpretation Prescription
23/11/22 Haematoma re-absorption was visible, the swelling in the left ear was reduced within 24 hours of administering Arnica 50M Good response Wait


The dog was active and eating well Good response Wait

(Fig. 2)

Hair growth and ear edge visible, ear warm to touch, pain reduced Good response Wait
28/11/22 Generally, dog was better, eating well and active, less discomfort, foul odour from the ear was reduced. Good response Wait

Outcome: The haematoma completely healed, and the dog was back to its normal happy self (Fig. 3 and 4)

Fig. 2. Haematomas healing

Fig. 3. Healing haematomas

Fig. 4. Haematomas healed and the dog is healthy


Arnica can help in large haematomas and restore general well-being.


The remedy was administered, and pics shared by caregiver Mrs S J and I am grateful for her help.

About the author

Archana Dethe

Dr Archana Dethe completed her BHMS from LMF's Homeopathic Medical College, Pune and her training in Basic Course in the Principles & Practice of Homoeopathy at ICR M.L. Dhawale. She secured the IACH-Diploma from International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Greece, and is practicing Classical Homeopathy at Holistic Homeopathic Clinic in Navi Mumbai since 2010 and from love for animals, she gives free homeopathic treatment for community animals.


  • My Bear (black Lab) got a multiple hematoma in one ear from shaking his head from an ear infection. I panicked and took him to a mainstream vet who fixed it with surgery…. They gave him various drugs and even offered “something to calm him down after the surgery”. The waiting room was full of drug posters and I got totally spooked out. I found a homeopathic vet 2 hours away that I now use for my 2 dogs. She told me that she routinely cures hematomas without surgery. Veterinary medicine seems to have more wanabee pharmaceutical distributors than actual doctors. This was confirmed when I asked the mainstream vet what the safest flea prevention was and he suggested the Seresto products which Congress tried to have removed from the market due to many complaints about deaths and seizures……

  • Good case Archana, may I just add some observations here from a veterinary perspective. High potency like that will resonate at a deep level of disturbance especially mental. This dog has chronic skin disease and maybe immune deficiency and as a potential “street” dog?? may also feel a bit “battered” in general. Given that it was able to cope with such a high potency it probably did a lot more than just fix the haematoma. The smell and discharge you describe is pyoderma/otitis and pus and Arnica is antibacterial.
    Nice case and good job…I have never used such high potency either so good to see.

  • Thank you! More than a veterinary case, I would like to stress on effects of Homeopathic high potency are observed within 24 hours of administration. Especially Arnica 10M and 50M in contusion-injuries.

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