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A Cured Case for Kids – Sparky

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Written by Heather Hawthorne

A brief case written for kids, of a cat who needed Lycopodium.

Sparky is a 6 year old striped cat who lives with his two sister-cats, a dog, and his people family. Sparky is bigger than his sisters and sometimes thinks he’s the boss. He will gobble up his food and then push them away from their dish so he can eat more. He’s always hungry, and meows a lot when it’s supper time!

Sometimes he will try to push his sisters off the cat tree so he can have a snooze in the sun. But, Sparky is definitely not as big or as brave with the dog.

Sparky loves to go outside into his cat-run, smell the fresh air, and watch birds and bugs. His family has noticed that he can have bladder trouble if he gets too chilly outside.

Sparky is very attached to his favorite person, Justin, and is happiest when Justin stays home all day and spends a lot of time carrying him around. When Justin goes to school or out to see his friends Sparky feels left out and grumpy.

Sometimes Sparky’s right eye will get itchy and then get very irritated when he rubs it. Other times his skin gets itchy, and he can quickly develop a painful and itchy deep sore on his neck or chin.

When Sparky is feeling out of sorts, or has some bladder or skin troubles, he takes the homeopathic remedy Lycopodium which resolves his symptoms quickly and completely.

Lycopodium clavatum

MIND/Forsaken feeling
BLADDER/Urination/urging to urinate/frequent/cold, after taking

A Few Keynotes:

  • < right side, symptoms move from right to left
  • chilly, < chill Photo credit:
  • desires fresh air
  • < 4-8 pm
  • canine hunger
  • irritable & peevish
  • affinity for urinary and digestive systems

From the Greek words “lycos” (wolf) and “pous” (foot), Lycopodium is also known as club-moss. The homeopathic remedy is prepared from the spores of this small, low growing evergreen. The spores are highly flammable and were once used in flash photography, fireworks, and stage lightning in theatres. The plant was historically used as a medicinal herb for treating kidney and bladder problems. The homeopathic remedy is prepared by trituration.

Lycopodium is a remedy that we think of when we observe a person who is dictatorial or bossy with those who are weaker or smaller, but timid and fearful with those who are larger and stronger. It is also a remedy with a strong affinity for the urinary system. When they get sick they are usually quite irritable. Often people needing Lycopodium will have symptoms worse on the right side.

Cured Cases for Kids is a collection of stories for the child in all of us. We have volumes and volumes of cured cases in homeopathy, but most are written in a style most interesting to fellow homeopaths. There are growing numbers of children raised with homeopathy eager to hear stories about other children & their pets who are also enjoying the benefits of our safe and gentle remedies. Cured Cases for Kids are true stories and include photos and illustrations that connect you to the characters. Beyond just a good story, “Cured Cases for Kids” shares basic information about the remedies in a short engaging format. It is our hope that the stories will spark a passion in our next generation of homeopaths. Enjoy!

Illustrator: Jenna Pennington has been reaping the benefits of homeopathy since before birth, and is a talented budding artist who is passionate about drawing and cats.

About the author

Heather Hawthorne

Heather Hawthorne RCSHom, DiHom(Pract), DWHHom, is a homeopath in Alberta, Canada with a houseful of kids, cats and dogs. She has been practicing and studying classical homeopathy since 2000. While exploring a variety alternative health practices, she discovered a deep connection to homeopathy. Heather completed practitioner training with the British Institute of Homeopathy along with a specialized diploma in homeopathy for women and children. Professional development studies with expert homeopaths such as Will Taylor, Jeremy Sherr, Alastair Gray, and Joe Kellerstein allow for her continued growth and improvement as a practitioner. Growing from a firm commitment to pro-active health strategies, Heather has recently started the *I AM* Girls and Healthy Mamas programs.

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